The Gang (The formation)



The gang started with four memebers, 3 black and one white. All four met 10 years ago when they worked at McDonald’s, and now they were all managers of different ranks, and had become good friends.

Carl the unofficial leader and brains of the pack was 33, married with four young children. Dave 32 also married with 2 teenagers was as smart as Carl but did not command the same respect from the others. This was something he resented, and could make him hard to control. Dave was very good looking, and had always been the one to get the good looking girls, so much so his marriage was in trouble, as she was sure he was cheating. Bill was the biggest of the the group, although not tall, he was very muscular, and strong as an ox. Whenever he had any free time he would be working out, and the results were evident. Bill was divorced, and had 2 children. Vern the last of the four was single and the only white member, although not bad looking he just had so much trouble talking to women.

It was the night of the company Christmas party, and the four stores in the group were all having it together, and there would be loads of crumpet there that they did not know. Before they left for the party, they drew straws to see who would be driving. The fact that Dave had lost, meant that tonight was going to be a life changing day for all of them. The company had a particularly good year, and the supervisor had arranged a free bar for the first hour. After that the girls would be looking for another way to get free drinks.

Dave was extremely bitter at losing. Having to watch his mates get rat ass and generally having a great time just pissed him off more. Dave spent the night standing around getting more and more bitter.

It was bad luck that Katie was the one to catch Dave eye. In fact she was so hot she was catching the eye of every bloke at the party. Long golden hair coming down to her shoulders. She wore a black dress with a v shape open neck line, showing off ample amount of chest. The dress short showing off the greatest pair of legs he had ever seen. This woman was absolutely gorgeous. Dave noticed man after man hitting on her, buying her drinks, and he knew her type. She was out to see how many guys she could get to buy her a drink.

Yet another guy had just got the brush off, when Dave make his move. He knew his looks would give him an advantage, as well as being one of the few guys not to be drunk. He kept the wedding ring on which would make her feel more secure. He managed to strike up a conversation with her, and Katie was her usual flirty self. He needed to get her alone, and said he needed to have a ciggie. He got lucky, when she said she would like one as well. As they went downstairs he talked about his kids, giving the impression family was his life. Once outside he gave her a ciggie and slowly kept walking, Katie was breaking one of her own rules, and was soon out of sight of the entrance.

Katie finally realized her mistake and stopped, looking around, not seeing anyone else around. Dave played it cool.

“whats the matter”

“I should go back” she replied.

“Oh” Dave said, as if just realizing her predicament. “Tell you what, my car is just over there, let me get my wife coat, and then I’ll walk you back.

Katie did not want to wait on her own, not dressed as she was, and walking back alone was not a option she cared to entertain. She reached for her handbag, to get her mobile, and was shocked to realize it was still hanging over her seat at the party. Dave closed the gap between them, and with a smile thumped Katie in the stomach, knocking the wind clean out of her. As she crumpled over holding her stomach, she looked up at him in shock. Dave hit her again, and she hit the floor out cold.

Dave looked up, there was no one around, he put her in the boot of his car. Dave heart was beating faster then he had ever known, half from fright at what he was doing, and half from the thought of fucking this absolutely gorgeous woman. He had to improvise and tied her wrists and ankles with a pair of jump leads. He then got in the car, and removed his under ware, using them to gag her with. It would have been easier to use hers, but he wanted her to wake up with the taste of him in her mouth, so she would be use to it when she got the real thing.

Once he had her bound and gagged her, Dave felt a lot better, his breathing slowed down, but then it hit him like a bolt, what was he going to do about the boys. He figured Carl was the key, get him to go along and the other two would surely follow.

He rushed back to the party, and spent ten minutes trying to drag his mates out, making up a story about one of his kids. Once they were on the road, plan after plan went through his head. Should he include the others, or keep her for himself. He asked Carl carefully leading questions, trying to gauge what his reaction might be. The choice was taken out of his hands, when there was a loud thud in the boot of the car.

Vern asked “What the hell was that”

All three men looked at Dave, who was nervously holding the steering wheel. Before he could answer, There were three more thuds in quick succession, intertwined with muffled screams. The next thud went straight in to Bill’s back. The men all looked at the back seat.

Carl, not being stupid, put Dave questions into context and knew what Dave had done, although he did not wanted to believe it. Dave was desperately looking for a quiet area to stop. The banging in the boot continued, getting louder, the muffled cries becoming louder too. All three men knew now, someone was in the boot, and it was clearly a woman.

Carl ordered Dave to stop the car. The guys had not even realized they were nowhere near where they should be. They were on a very quiet road in Hackney marshes, where few cars drove past at this time in the morning, and certainly no pedestrians. Carl pulled the boot latch and everyone jumped out and what they saw left them speechless. The trussed up woman, with her skirt having ridden right up her legs revealing her panties to their gaze and her big chest rising and falling rapidly as she breathed.
The men sobered up real quick, Carl wanted to kill Dave, but he noticed the lust on Bill and Vern’s faces, as well as the raging hard on both were sporting.

Kate was screaming in to her gag, her eyes wide, looking at the four men. She instantly recognized Dave, who she gave a look of pure hatred. Looking at Bill who had yet to move his eyes from her chest, which she could do nothing about as she struggled to pull her skirt down, to cover her modesty.
Vern was almost dribbling, and of the four men, she knew Carl would be her best hope.

‘Dave what have you done?” Carl asked. And what the hell has she got in her mouth?

“That’s my shorts mate.” Dave answered.

Katie looked down at the cloth sticking out of her mouth, and to her horror she realized he was telling the truth. She tried spiting it out, but could’nt. The taste was awful, but she had thought it was something from the car, in the dark she could not see. She felt violated, like he had already been in her mouth.

Carl moved to untie the woman.

“WAIT” Dave shouted.

“Wait? What for? Carl asked.

Katie screamed into her gag looking at Carl pleading for him not to listen to the madman.

“If you let her go, I’m going to prison.” Dave said.

“Just what were you planning to do with her then.”

I was going to fuck her, but I’m quite willing to share her. Katie could not believe what she was hearing. When Katie woke, and found herself in the boot, she had thought he planned to take her somewhere and rape her, but now there were four men around her, and a gang rape was too much for her mind to take. Carl and Dave now heated discussion was interrupted by a high pitch muffled scream. Bill had his hand up her skirt feeling her thighs, making rapid headway towards her crotch, while Vern followed with a hand inside her dress feeling her breasts.

“Bill“ Carl yelled.

“I want to fuck her” Bill answered before Carl could say anything else. Carl knew Bill was too big for him to take on alone, and Vern and Dave were clearly going to do this as well. Katie eyes pleaded with Carl, the only thing now standing between her and being gang raped. Tears well up in her eyes as the probing hands went further and further. Vern had a boob out, and was closing in with his mouth as he bent over Katie in the boot.

Bill had moved her panties aside, and was rubbing her now exposed pussy. Katie screamed into the gag and closed her eyes, crying, praying someone would help her as she felt Bill’s finger entered her. Carl may have been willing to send one friend to prison, but all three? He could not, besides he was losing the battle in his pants as well. His dick was rock hard from watching the woman squirm around in the boot.

Carl now took control.

“Listen up woman, Were gonna take real good care of you, and in return your gonna take real good care of us, cause if you don’t then well. I just let you think about that.” Carl said.

With that the boot closed. Katie knew her last hope had gone, the journey lasted twenty minutes, but that was twenty minutes of sheer hell, as Katie mind went mad with thoughts of what these men wanted, intended to take and make her do. None of them appeal to her in anyway. It got worse when she heard them talking about the disgusting things they wanted to do. Bill had opened the flap in the back seat, which allowed access to the boot, making sure Katie could hear them, while he reach in and felt her up. Katie co not get away from his hand, and cried when she heard them talking about her ass, and who would be first to fuck her up her ass. Dave said he wanted to ram his cock down her throat and watch her sweet body as it squirmed around on it.

In the car Vern, Dave and Bill chatted about what they intended to do to her, while Carl mind worked on an exit plan for when they had finished with her, he knew she had been seen with Dave, so the only option now was to convince her not to report it when they eventually let her go.

Carl decided they would do her at Vern place, as he lived alone, in a detached house with a garage. The walls being detached meant the neighbours would not hear her, and the garage meant it would be easy to get her in without being seen. Also she would not be able to describe the outside of the house.

Once in the garage, Bill and Vern lifted Katie out of the car, she kicked and squirmed as best she could, tied as she was. They took her to the cellar, and threw her on the floor. Kate looked up at the two men, who were clearly eager to get started, but had been told to wait. Dave arrived with a double mattress, Carl next carrying a video camera in one hand and a set of kitchen knives in the other.

Bill undid the gag around Katie mouth, while the others clear space for the mattress. Katie knew what the video was for, but sick as the idea of filming her rape was, the knives frightened her beyond comprehension.

“What’s the knives for.” She asked. No one answered, and she repeated the question, almost shouting.


Carl turned and smiled, there for if you don’t play along, there the last thing you’ll ever see.”

Katie’s arms and legs were free now, but she did not try anything, she just curled up into a sitting position crying and watching as the men undressed.

Dave said, “I wanna taste that pussy” He grabbed Katie by the arm, and threw her on the mattress.

“No, please. She cried

Dave threw himself on top of her, wrapping his hands around her thighs stroking up and down them, as he tried to kiss her thighs. Katie in turn was kicking her legs, while her arms pushed down on his head, trying to stop him, as he progressed up her thighs.

Katie was doing a half decent job of defending herself, after all she was frantic, desperate, and Dave was not trying too hard, he knew eventually he would get to his target. She had one hand on his head with her arm locked straight, and the other on his wrist preventing progress up her skirt. Dave free hand was stroking her outer thighs, but then Katie’s problems trebled as Bill and Vern grabbed her arms and yanked her top up over her head. The sudden new attack, took all of her attention, and before she could regain her composure Dave had her legs spread and was kissing his way up her inner thigh.

Vern and Bill, were now man handling her dress, and Dave had reach the hem of her skirt, which had ridden way up her thigh. He could see his target now, as Katie squirmed and rolled beneath them. Vern and Bill had twisted her arms beneath their bodies and Kate could not resist anymore, she was defenseless. She saw Carl aproaching with one of the knives, and her eyes opened wide, wanting to know what he was going to do, not even acknowledging Dave rapid progress up her dress.
She screamed “NO!”

But Carl flicked the knife under her dress strasps, and her tits sprung free. She looked down at her now free tits, and back at the man who had done the dirty, as if shocked that he would dare. Before she could say anything, she felt first the warm sensation of Bill’s mouth on one, quickly followed by Vern’s on the other. Carl continued cutting at her dress and soon Katie was in only her panties with two men sucking on her tits, and a third about to start on her pussy.

“No please I’ll do it with you, anyway you want,” she gulped. “Please, not with all of you, please.” She began to cry.

Suddenly she screamed NO! And her back arched. Dave had cut away her panties and his lips were in contact with her pussy. Her legs stiffened straight out, as she tried to move away Dave tongue penetrated her.
“Ugh you fuck ugh,” Stop it.

Katie was writing around like mad as the three men continued to eat her.

“Why me? Why me?” Kaite cried. “Stop it please! please stop.” Her eyes closed not wanted to see the men eager faces slobbering all over her.

Dave found her clit, inducing another cry from Katie, as he flick it continually with his tongue. Vern had opened his trousers and slid Katie hand inside his boxers. She did’nt react at first, so engrosed was she in what Dave was doing to her.

“Stroke it baby, stroke my cock, and maybe you won’t have to fuck it if you can make me cum.” Katie opened her eyes, for the first time ackowleging that it was a hard cock filling her hand. She looked at Vern who was looking up at her from the breast he recently reaquired. His hand still locked on her wrist, holding her hand in place.

“Please don’t!’ Don’t make me do this.”

Katie saw out of the corner of her eye that Carl was now completely naked, she knew he was going to have sex with her, Escort but the sensations of the three other men, did’nt allow her to say anything. Carl had been setting up the video and now that it was rolling he wanted some too. Carl knelt by her head, and held her cheek, kissing Katie full on the lips. When he released her lips, she begged him.

“Please stop them, I don’t want… aagh this.” Katie was panting, the constant attentions of three men taking it toll on her body.

Carl went back to kissing her. The four men spent the next ten minutes eating Katie body, playing musical chairs. Every two minutes or so moving to the right, so the men on her pussy and mouth, then moved onto her tits. Katie was panting, forced to return Carl kisses so she could control her breathing, the men having her so wet against her will, she could do little else.. Finally the men stopped and Katie laid on the mattress gasping.

Vern and Dave stood up and began undressing, Bill strangely did not. Carl moved between the crying woman’s legs, she looked up at him. Her eyes pleading with him not too, but she said nothing, as she felt him lower himself on top of her. She could feel his cock rubbing up her inner thigh as his hands roamed all over her body.

Then he snaked a hand between them and position his cock at her entrance. Katie found a space in the corner of the room and stared at it, not wanting to see his face. Carl eased his cock in to her, and Katie body tensed up, she opened her legs to make his entry less painfull. She put her hands on his shoulder, preparing to push back if got too rough.

Carl groaned his pleasure. “Aaaaarrrggh You are afraid and that’s only natural, but you got a lot of fucking to do tonight, cause I myself plan to have many goes with you. His words had the desired effect, bringing Katie out of her frigid state. She began to struggle with the man who she allowed on top of her, and was now fucking her. Carl fucked the woman like he always wanted to fuck, but no woman would let him, He plough into her hard and fast.

“Urgh, too urgh hard Aargh Your hurting me.ugh!”

Carl took no notice and continued to bury himself into Katie with total disregard for how she was feeling. Katie was clawing at him, trying to throw him off, but he was pressed down on her, squashing her breast into his chest, driving into her open legs furiously. He was fucking so hard, the mattress was sliding along the ground with the thrusts.

“Oh baby that’s it ugghh. Oh honey that’s nice ugh fuck me baby, fuck meeeeeeee!”

Katie on the other hand, never stop begging him to stop.


Katie had never been taken this way, and she could’nt believe how long Carl fuck her for. Finally after nearly half an hour of raw fucking she felt him tensing and his hands on her waist holding her from squirming away were digging in to her flesh painfully. She knew what he was getting ready to do.

Please urghDon’t urghdon’t cum in me.Please I’m begging you.

Katie got her answer when Carl managed to find energy from somewhere, and increased the speed he was fucking her at.

“Here it comes baby, Here it comes!

“No…No P-Pl-pleaseee” she whined. The body of the young woman jumped and her body went rigid. He was flooding her with his cum, and she began to cry again at this new violation. Carl kept his cock deep up inside Katie, giving her short sharp thrusts, each accompanied by a shot of love juice.

Carl grinned. Katie’s eyes were filled with tears, she wanted to push him off, but one of the others had held her arms above her head the whole time.
“Please get off me.” She begged. Carl was so hot for this woman his cock refuse to sofen. Hekept it deep inside her lifted up on his arms, and did a circular motion with his pelvis on hers. She sighed, realizing he was not finished, closing her eyes not wanting to see the smug look of satisfaction he was sure to have. Finally after another minute, he gave her 3 deep thrusts, separated by a couple of seconds each. She opened her eyes and looked up at him, to gage his intentions. He gave her one last almighty thrust, forcing her to arch her back, and then pulled out and rolled off her.

She wanted to crawl up into a ball and cry, but Dave was on her in seconds. Laying on top of her with one leg between hers, keeping her from closing them. He tried to kiss her, but she kept moving her head. Dave pinned her cheek down, licking her with his tongue as she tried to claw at his face. Dave had a hand on Katie outer thigh of the leg which was not trapped by his legs. His hand roamed freely up and down Katie leg.

“Oh God stop, please! Katie cried. Please stop.

Dave’s hand was moving towards her inner thigh, and now up towards her pussy, surprisingly unopposed. Katie was more concerned with his tongue, which she felt was washing her face in spit.

Let me go Please.Guys come on stop this, I’m begging you. You can’t do this to me.

Then Dave’s hand reached her crotch and he cupped it, roughly. Katie screamed, and fought to get a hand down to stop him. She managed to get a hand on his wrist, but could not stop him from doing whatever he wanted. Worst still, with only one hand blocking her face, he now founds her lips. She still struggled, but he closed in on her lips as every second passed, until he locked them in a kiss.

Once Dave had Katie silenced, he slip his finger into her moist pussy. Katie had kept her eyes tightly closed, her lips refusing his kiss, but now her eyes flew open, her mouth screaming into the ever persistant and rough kiss.
Dave pulled out his finger and released her lips. Katie watch him as he repositioned himself between both her legs. Katie knew he was getting ready to take her, and for the second time she found a spot in the room to focus on as now Dave entered her and began to fuck her. Dave too fucked her hard, not caring if she enjoyed it or not. Dave was a good lover, and quickly learnt how to press Katie buttons. When he got close to cumming he would stop, and hold himself deep inside her, allowing his prick to calm down.

The third time Dave did this, Katie caught on, and could feel her her own bodybuilding towards a orgasm, she was horrified to think that this could happen with these rapist, especially Dave of all of them. She knew she was moaning everytime he thrust into her, and if he kept it up much longer she would come. Dave was still holding his dick inside her taking a breather, his weight on her rubbing her clit not giving it any rest.

She looked at him with hatred, but began bucking her pelvis fucking herself on his cock. Dave was close, and would not be able to take much more. Katie did not care anymore about him cumming, she just did not want him making her come. Sure enough Dave exploded inside Katie, with a large roar. Katie felt him dumping inside her, and realize her efforts had been in vain, because as his cock jumped inside her, it set off her own orgasm. Her hands came up digging into Dave’s back, clawing away at him as she was lost in a large orgasm of her own. The three others watched amazed as Dave and Katie fucked themselves to a standstill.

When Dave had finished with Katie, Vern took his turn, not giving her anytime to rest at all. Vern thamkfully was not very experience and was done within ten minutes, much to the others amusement. By the time Vern deposited the third set of cum inside her, Katie had been fucking for over 90 minutes without any breaks. Her pussy was sore as hell. She was completely defeated, and she lay on the mattress, waiting for the last one to take his turn.

“No more, please no more. Just let me go please. Katie whined.

Bill was taking his time, and the room went silent, as he undressed. All three of the other men knew what Katie was about to find out. Finally Bill was down to just his shorts, and Katie whimpering, stopped completely. The men stood around her amused at her face. Katie face was locked on the bulge in Bill pants, it looked enormous. Her facial expressions, went from stunned, to shock to realization. Whatever was in those shorts was heading her way, and was not going in her.

Bill lowered his shorts ever so slowly. Katie eyes transfixed, hoping it was not true, that it was some sort of mental torture they were playing on her. Then his cock was free and erect, ready to do some damage. It was truly massive, It looked as thick as a bottle of beer, and at least eight inches in length.

Katie stumbled up, and headed for the stairs screaming. “No way! No fucking way”

Carl and Dave blocked her way, Katie knees bent and her eyes pleaded with them to let her go. Then Bill came up behind her and picked up the desperate woman, carrying her back to the mattress. Katie did not try to fight, she was exhausted.

“Please… I cannot do this anymore.” Katie cried as Bill lowered her onto the mattress, Staring at her wonderful legs as he stroked his dick. God please you can’t do this, it too big.”

Bill positioned himself at her entrance, as Katie continued to plead for him not to.
“NO!Katie screamed, as Bill began thrusting in to her, even though she was well lubricated from the previous rapes, Katie Pussy was struggling to accept him.


The other men were roaring their approval, goading Bill on to force his way in. It took a while, but Bill started to make progress.

Oh gawd!Argh!Pleaseeee! Argh!Stop!ARGHSTOPPPPP!

Bill only had a few inches in, but he was causing Katie great pain, and she opened her legs as wide as she could, hoping to ease the pain. Her nails dug into the man’s shoulders, trying to prevent the constant thrusting into her. This went on for about five minutes until with one almighty thrust Bill rammed all the way into Katie.

AAAAAAQARRRGGHH! She cried, when he thrusted all the way in for a second time, her mouth wide open, her lips curled up around her teeth, her whole body tensed, as she was inplaled on Bill’s fuck stick.

Once inside Katie, Bill gave her no time to adjust to his size, and proceeded to fuck the woman, hurting her terribly.

Katie tried everything to stop Bill, she pleaded with the others to help her, she offered them favours, anything they wanted to stop him. Finally just as she thought it could not get any worse, Bill big cock started to Jerk inside her, knocking up the pain to a new level. He was getting ready to unload, and she knew that meant more pain.

‘Please stop I’l…AAARGH OH! No more ple…urgh

Then with a deafening grunt, Bill came, filling Katie with her 4th dose for the night. Bill, laid down on the woman when he finished, getting his breath back, but crushing poor Katie into the mattress. Katie, pleaded with him to pull out, her pussy still massively stretched.

“Please take it out, it hurts, please it hurts so much.”

Bill stay on top of Katie, listening to her whining, her hands were flat on his chest, weakly trying to push him off. Finally went his cock started to deflate, he slowly pulled out. Katie screamed again, as even the slightest movement hurt.

“Please let me go now, you all had your turn.” She cried.

Carl took charge again, sending the others to get some beer, before answering Katie.

“Katie, you see we have a little problem, the guys don’t want to go to prison, and want to get rid of you.”

“ Oh God.What do you mean?”

Carl let his words sink in.

“Oh no,are you going to kill me” Katie scream.

“They will, but I think I can talk them into something else, if you play along.”

“Oh god don’t let them kill me.”

“Then you need to help me, persuade them.”

“How?” Katie asked naively, unaware what Carl was leading up to.

“How?” Katie asked again anxiously, desperate to stop them from killing her.

“I think if you agree to two things, then I can persuade the guys to let me kill you alone, and then I will let you go. So long as you don’t go to the cops, they will just think your body was never found.”

“Yes, yes. Anything.” Katie eye lit up for the first time since she woke to this torrid nightmare, eager to save her life.”

Carl continued. There is something else you will need to do Katie.”

“Anything, God anything” She enthused.

“We will need to be able to say that you came with us willingly, that you fucked us all freely.” So where gonna need pictures and film of you fucking us.”

Katie mouth dropped, and her face turned white. She looked up at him, he was deadly serious. They had forced her and fucked her brains out, and now they wanted her to help them do it all over again.

“ But you already have the video of me”. Her voice went all croakey as the sex came back to her.

“As great as the video is Katie, it shows you being gang raped, now we need eviedence of you taking part in a gang bang.

“A what? Are you mad? Katie asked. I can’t do that.

“You have to my dear, otherwise they will kill you here for sure, if you do this they will be much easier to convince.”

She wondered What was going to happen to her. Were all these guys going to fuck her at the same time? She dare not ask, she did not want to give them ideas. Could she live through that? Could she live through another attack from Bill? She wondered.

“I can’t, NO I won’t. Do you know what you are asking.”

“Katie the guys will be back any minute. You have to decide now.”

“Oh God, I can’t have anymore sex, they’ve made me so sore.”

Carl turned up the pressure. “Katie you need to decide and you need to decide now.”

“Please there must be another way, just let me go, I won’t tell a soul. I promise. Katie pleaded.

Carl never answered, just looking at his watch for effect.

“O.k.” Katie said in a whisper, her head bowed in total defeat.

“What was that Katie.”

“Yes. YES!. Yes I’ll do it.” Katie mind could not believe what she had just done. She was to have sex with all four of her rapist, and had to make it look like she was a willing participant.

Bill, Dave and Vern nearly gave the game away, they had been outside the door listening, as Carl put his plan into action. His plan to get Katie to fuck each of them willingly. They had no intention of killing her, but they knew Carl was smart, and while the gang rapes of Katie had been going on, he had formulated the plan. Now the boys were to come back in to the cellar, and play there part.

Carl had allowed Katie to get dressed with a skirt and top that they found in some old boxes, and as soon as the boys came back into the room, Carl took them aside, and pretended to tell Escort Bayan them his and Katie plan. Katie waited desperate to hear if they would go along with it, and found herself lying seductively on the matress, as Carl had told her to do. Showing leg, and trying to smile at them as they ogled her with their eyes.

Vern was the first to approach.

“Have you ever given head?” he asked her.

Katie nodded her head. Although she was not a fan of it, and would always refuse to swallow.

Vern stood right in front of her, his erect again cock ready to use her body again.

“Let me feed you with some tasty cock then baby.” He said. She kept shaking her head no.

Carl stopped the video and reminded Katie she had to play her part, if she wanted to get out of this, and if it did not look right they would have to reshoot the scene.. Katie nodded and promised to try harder, although she could do nothing about the tears.

The men gave her 5 minutes to compose herself, before Vern went and laid down next to her on the mattress, He was naked, and Katie without being told began to rub his cock. She knelt over him, his penis in her face. He smirked and guided it towards her mouth, at the same time, pulling her head down. Katie felt disgusted and tried to get up but Vern forced her to stay. Katie closed her eyes and swallowed, knowing she had to do this.
“I don’t want to ughmmppph…” She started to say, but Vern forced his cock deep into her mouth.

Vern set a steady rhythm, pulling Katie head, down, gently at first, allowing her to get use to it. Katie for her part, continued to gargle her protests, at having a cock in her mouth. Vern began to increase the pace, and push his hips up to meet the downward sucks of Katie mouth. He was going much deeper now, and when he hit the back of her throat for the first time, he scared her. Katie panicked and began to struggle with the man. She kept one hand on the ground to support her body, and the other was trying to release her head from Vern’s grasp.

Not only was he going deeper now, but the pace had picked up as well. Katie was not an experience cock sucker, and when Vern’s cock began to stiffen in her mouth. She did not notice the signs, and continued to try and get up.. But when the first shot of cum hit her mouth she opened her eyes and squealed. Vern was in seventh heaven, loving every second in her mouth. She dug her nails in to his thighs, she could not believe how much cum, he was shooting into her mouth. Finally it ended, and Vern released her. She sat up coughing and spitting, trying to get the vile taste from her mouth.,
“Good girl, Vern said, as he got up. You’ll do better next time!”

Katie looked at him with disgust, and was about to fire back an insult, when her hair was pulled. It was Dave.

“My turn baby, and don’t forget your on candid camera.”

Carl said. “That was good Katie, but where gonna need some film of you swallowing, and try not to struggle so much when he deep throats you.”
Katie nodded her head dejectedly, out of all of them, Dave was the one she hated the most, but she saw Carl with the camera, and her mind sent her messages of survival. Dave was ready to go. Katie was kneeling and moved closer, and just took him in her mouth, her eyes closed, she did not see the rye smiles shared amongst the four men at her obedience.

She did not want Dave doing what Vern had done, and worked harder to please him, so he would not become so rough. Katie sucked Dave for about fifthteen minutes, but she had learned her lesson well. Dave was content to let her keep going, as she was taking him as deep as she could without gagging. She sensed he was close, and pulled back so only the head was in. Dave was not having that. And he grabbed the back of her head, and tried to force his cock all the way back in.

Katie pulled back, but Dave stepped forward, forcing her to lean backwards, and her hands went down automactically to the ground to support herself from going over. Dave took advantage in the uneven struggle, and rammed in, his cock being bigger then Vern’s, was probing at her throat. Again Katie eyes opened wide in fear. She could’nt bring her arms up to defend herself, and Dave was fucking her face like a madman. Then with a almighty thrust he went into her throat. She gagged and wretched, but he had his whole cock in now, and her lips were held to the base of his cock. Katie brought her legs forward from a kneeling position, freeing up her hands. but then she felt the cock begin to twitch. Her eyes seem to get even wider. God she thought he can’t mean to cum down my throat. Vern was bad enough when he came in her mouth, but now Dave was gonna do it down her throat. She shot her hands up, desperate to break free, but Dave had used the time when she was leaning backwards to get a firm hold in her hais and head. She was going nowhere.

With Dave holding her head tight to his groin her hands flew up to beat at his chest. She was desperate, she could get no air, and….then she felt it, wave after wave of cum, shooting down her throat. Her hands moved to the side of his hips trying to pull back, as she continued to swallow all he could give. Finally Dave’s cock stopped twitching, and he let her go. Again Katie laid on the bed gasping for air, she was losing track, she knew they would all want a blow, but she could not remember if there was one or two left to go.
Katie felt someone on the mattress, when she looked up, it was Bill who was approaching her, with his enormous dick. Katie looked towards Carl, as he had been the only one to show any sighs of tenderness, she hoped he would help her.

“Don’t worry.” Carl said “Billy’s going to do you. He going to eat your pussy. So lay down and spread them for the camera.”

Katie was so pleased he was’nt going to put his oversize cock in her again, she found herself willingly spreading her legs, as Bill eagerly climbed between them.

Bill began, to lick his way up Katie thighs, getting closer and closer to her honey pot. As he reached his goal, Katie put her hands down on his head, and rolled her hips around his head. Her thighs going up and down rubbing the side of his face, with her soft skin.

“Wow look at that.” Vern said. Shock at how quickly Bill seemed to be getting this beautiful woman off.

Dave and Carl looked at Vern as if he were a idiot. They both suspected that Katie was prepared to do anything to stop Bill from putting his cock in her mouth or especially her pussy. On the mattress Katie was behaving like a little whore, which was great for the camera, but Carl was not happy and stepped forward.

Katie had her eyes close, and was moaning as Bill continued to lick at her pussy. As Bill ate away at her more vigoursly, she had her feet planted in the bed pushing away from him, Bill followed the pussy where ever it went. This meant her neck was hanging off the edge of the mattress, and with her mouth open wide moaning she was a easy target.

Katie, had not even noticed Carl kneeling at her head, and by the time she realised he was there, he had rammed his cock into her gaping mouth.
“Suck it Katie! suck it! she gagged. Carl pulled it out and she coughed…

Katie opened her eyes in shock, her mouth tried to close, but only susceeded in sealing his cock in her mouth. Her hands came up to stop him from going deeper. Carl was much too strong, and at the angle her head was, it was oh so easy for him to push in until he hit the back of her throat and she gagged again. Katie panicked, for the first time their were two men having sex with her, and Bill was having such an effect, in her attempts to get away from his mouth, she ended up taking Carl deeper, and deeper as her body arched on her heels and shoulders.

Katie was trapped between Bill eating her pussy, and Carl’s cock deep in her throat. Carl would hold it down as deep as he could get for about ten seconds, and then pulled out for five seconds, watching her breath in as much air as she could, knowing he would to do it again.

Whatever Bill was doing between her legs, was causing her to lift her hips of the bed, and the resulting angle of her body meant she would mesh her lips to Carl groin. Her head held in a vice like grip, now and again she managed to turn her head halfway to the side, but Carl just adjusted his angle, to keep the penertration.

“Take it.” He said and pushed again, even though he was already all the way in. Her resolve slowly crumbled, she had no choice but to take it. Tears ran down her face and mixed with her spittle, each time the dick slipped out of her throat. Carl began to deepthroat her longer and longer, before he pulled his dick out of her.

“Suck it…come on! Suck it!” Carl cried. She knew, he was not pulling out tell she did. Katie started to suck, she tried her best, but Bill was making it real hard, the way he was attacking her clit with his tongue.

“Good, that’s a good girl…yes…that feels great! He looked down on her and saw his large pulsating cock vanish into her mouth once again. Dave and Vern were totally excited by the events unfolding in front of them, and both dived on a breast each. Both sucking hard on the poor girls, already sore boobs. Katie hardly noticed this new attention, so engrossed was she in dislodging Carl and Billy.

The four men kept at her for a good ten minutes, Carl insistent cock making her feel exhausted, and Bill lapping tongue causing her legs to ache from her constant struggling.

Bill finally stopped licking Katie pussy. Winking at Carl, Carl pushed in and held down. Katie tapped on his thigh to signal she could,nt breath, but Carl pushed at her again to let her know he was’nt pulling out. Katie began struggling, but ending up driving her boobs deeper into the waiting mouths. She dug her nails into his thighs, her body twisting each way madly.
Dave and Carl made way as Bill was now making his way up her body her legs still spread out. Katie was aware of him, even more so when his mouth locked on to one of her breasts, and began to suckle it, but she was in a struggle for life with Carl’s dick.

Carl whispered to her that Bill was going to fuck her again, Katie not realising what Carl was saying continued to struggle. Carl pulled out, and Katie gasped. Then as if someone had punch her in the stomach, it hit her who Bill was, Bill was the one eating her the one which hurt her so much. She began to struggle madly against both men, but Bill was already in position and her pussy was well lubricated from all the attention. He drove into her, causing her whole body to tense like she was being electrocuted.
Katie was gritting her teeth, showing the pain she was in. Once Bill had gained entry, she started to beg for mercy, but was cut off when Carl return to face fucking her. Katie struggles caused Carl’s new sensations and he knew he wasn’t far from his orgasm.

“Here we go. Enjoy…” he shouted, and with one hard thrust he buried himself in her throat. Take it…aaaaahhhh!” he cried. Katie’s body shook when his dick entered her with full force, and almost immediately started spurting cum down her throat. She was now fucking herself on Bill’s dick without him having to move. Finally Carl pulled out, and Katie began to cough repeatedly.

Katie was still under attack from Bill, and the damage his massive dick may be doing was her main concern. He was thrusting at her madly, hurting her terribly. Katie knew pleading was useless, but she tried anyway.

“Please don’t urgh! be so rough, Uurgh! pleaseeeee! Uurrgh! Your hurting me, PLEASE! Uurrggh!
Before Katie knew what was happening Bill sprayed her womb full with his thick semen. His dick pulsating as he shot deep into her.

“You are such a great fuck, baby!” Bill said. Katie just curled up crying, hoping that they had finished with her.

“O.k. Get dressed, time to go home.” Carl said

“We are not finished yet.” Dave said ‘I want to fuck her again.”

Katie sighed

“I want to fuck her ass?” Dave said.

“No ‘ Katie screamed. “Never.”

Dave had always wanted to fuck a girl in the ass, but they always protested too much.

Vern was grinning. “Great idea, me too”

“ You ever had it up the ass.” Dave said.

Katie did not answer, just looking at him with pure hatred.

He grabbed her and smeared his and her juice around her butt hole. She started screaming,

“No, no, don’t”. She offered to take his cock into her mouth; not a bad idea, he thought, she’s an exceptional little cock sucker—No, not this time, he mused, I want some ass

“No! Please…No!!!” Katie screamed and begged him.

“Please No,” she said as he was forcing his way into her. She squealed when he broke her anal barrier; she cried out when his cock slowly descended to the depths of her rectum. He stopped when he hit bottom. His right arm circled her waist and he palmed her left breast before kneading it
He whispered in her ear. “You ready,” He could tell she was lost in the feeling he pulled out slowly, held it there, and then pushed back in. He squeezed the breast in his hand. His left hand stroked her ass.

Katie felt like she was getting ripped apart. Her breasts juggled beneath her when she tried to move away on all fours. But Dave held her firm around the waist and inserted his penis further into her tight butt hole. He slowly moved his dick in and out, so that she could get used to it. “His cock going balls deep in her ass.

Relax and accept it. I’m going to fuck your ass and I’m not going to stop until I dump a load in that tight little rear of yours.” She whimpered, moaned and protested but much of the fight had gone out of her, all thoughts of stopping him now abandoned. Dave’s other hand slid off her ass to cup the other breast. Now he had more leverage and pulled her back onto him by her tits as he lunged forward. The rhythm was fixed and he pushed into her over and over again.

“Yes…Katie! Tell me how you feel…tell me how you like it!” Dave roared as he steadily increased the speed. Katie’s body being shaken by the incredible force. His dick filling her up, taking all the space inside her. Dave fucked her hard but not too fast. He rammed his pole deeper and deeper into her, never stopping, never slowing.

“Come on! SAY IT!” Her body rocked, but still he didn’t stop. Her hips were pushing back, pleasing his dick even more. Her sexy body bent, raised and rocked together with him in the same rhythm.

“AAAH… YESSSSSSS” She screamed. Carl set up some music to drown out her screams.

“Yes, what Katie?” he said and paused his movements. Although he had stopped she continued to push back into his dick.

“Let me suck you…” Please let me suck you.”

Dave returned to fucking her ass but now he fuck Bayan Escort her hard and fast. He fucked her ass longer than he ever thought he could last inside that excruciatingly hot, tight velvet like canal.

“I will come in you in 5 seconds.” he said.

“5,” he said thrusting into her hard. “4.” “3.” He could feel her start to spasm. “2.” He squeezed her breasts hard as he pulled her back against him.
“1.” She felt his cock expand in her.

“CUMMING,” he shouted shooting into her backside and feeling her ass contract around him in turn. She dug her nails into her palms. Together they exploded in orgasm and he collapsed on her. His dick twitching inside her, spurting out another load of sperm into her.

“O God, O God,” she moaned over and over again. He was exhausted, but found the energy to keep giving her the odd hard thrust. She was jarred forward every time he crashed into her from behind. The pain in her breasts became pleasure just before her orgasm hit but the pain returned as she came down the other side. When it was over, she felt his weight on her back and he pulled her over on their sides. Still quivering, she started to cry.
When he could move, Kyle slid out of her and sat back on the couch. He watched her all curled up on her side in a ball. Her breathing was returning to normal and she had stopped crying. The others all wanted another go at but were in a state of shock at how rough Dave had been.

“Clean me off,” he said.

“Uh?” she responded turning to him and raising bleary eyes.

“Clean me off.”

“You can’t mean…?”

“Do it now.”

Katie looked at the other three, again no one looked like they were gonna help so she crawled over to him and not believing this was really happening to her, she took his cock into her mouth. The taste was rancid, but not as bad as she thought it would be. After tonguing it for a minute she let it slip from her mouth. He ran his fingers through her hair for a few minutes. This gesture of affection bothered her more than anything else he had done. It was easier to hate him when he was forcing her to obey his commands. He was arrogant, barbaric, with no thought for her wellbeing.

“Please can I go now” she said

She got her answer when Carl grabbed her head, and dragged her back to the matress. Katie for the first time notice the trail of blood on the floor, and realize it was coming from her ass. She wondered what damaged he had done back there. Her mind was taken back to the present as Carl had pushed her on her back and was mounting her for his second go. She wanted to scream at the top of her voice, but knew it was pointless. Carl made no introductions, just lining up his cock and pushing in. Once he had got all the way in, he laid down on her, letting his cock enjoy the feel of her pussy while his hands enjoyed the feel of her body.

Her hair look a bit wild, as did her eyes. Carl began fucking her now, slowly at first, bur gradually building up speed. Katie was grimacing, her whole body ached. And his weight was unbearable.

“Ple… Please let urgh me get urgh on top.” Urgh “Please”

Carl looked into her big blue eyes. “What?”
Please I’ll fuck you but let me get on top.”

Carl smiled at her, and new this would great on tape, her fucking one of them, so rolled over, dragging the weak body of Katie until she was on top of him. Katie was about to lift herself into a sitting position when Carl grabbed her round the neck and pulled her to him. He kissed her deeply, and although Katie did not return the kiss, she did not fight it either.
Carl began to fuck up into her as hard as he could, Katie pulled her lips away, but Carl held her neck in a vice like grip. Her neck was right by his mouth now, and he dug in like a vampire, biting her as he screwed up into her body. Katie grunted with every hard thrust.

Katie did not see Vern moving behind her. Carl did and winked at him as he moved in on her still distended asshole. Carl used his free hand to grab her arm, bending it behind her back. Now all she had was one arm free to fight with when she became aware.

Vern tooka gentle hold of heist, and Vern slowed down his fucking into her,Just given her one hard deep stroke every 5 seconds or so. It still did not register someone was behind her, but as soon as he started to enter her ass, the pain registered. She shot her head back, and saw Vern feeding his cock ever so slowly into her butt.

She screamed “NO!”

It was too late, he was in, and because his cock was smaller then Dave’s he was making smooth progress. Her ass had, been slowing returning to normal, but now this new invader began to stretch it again. Katie begged them to stop but Vern pushed all the way in, until he bottomed out. Now she was impaled on two dicks, both holding deep inside her.
Vern was groaning his pleasure at this never before savoured feeling. Carl had released her arm, but still held her around her neck preventing her from pulling up. Katie was crying, and repeating the same sentence over and over.

“Oh, please don’t” please don’t. God please don’t. I’m begging you don’t
Her begging only excited the two cocks in her more, and Vern slowly began to withdraw. Katie gasped with relief, the pressure inside her body finally eased.

“Oh thank god” Aaaargghhhh NOOOooooo”

Her relief was short lived, as Vern began to pump her rear end slowly at first, but building speed all the time.

Argh “Ohh ugg unnnnnnnn, God uh. Awwwwwww stop!”
“Nnnnnnnn! Oh oooohhhh shit agggg stop, stopppp uhhh!”
“Ssstop ppleaseeee!” “Ugggggg shiiit ah, stop, ah! Pleaseee!”

Katie screamed repeatedly, every so often grunting when Vern really hit home. She could not believe it hurt as much as her first anal rape. Her problems soon double as Carl resumed fucking her pussy. The two men bufferting the woman between them for about five minutes.

“You bastards,” she screamed

Dave had thought he had enough, but watching Katie with her mouth wide open screaming for the two men to stop, had him with yet another hard on, and he knew just where to put it.

Again Katie did not see the cock coming her way. Again Carl did and took Katie breast in his mouth and bit down hard. She scrunched up her mouth, one hand shooting up to try and free the tortured nipple. He released it and began sucking on it, Katie responded to this less painful stimulation, and Dave guided her open mouth onto his cock.

When she realized there was a third cock in her, she screamed out a protest around it, but Dave had a strong grip on the back of her head, and Vern was thrusting her whole body forward, forcing her to deep throat Dave.

The three men fucked the woman relentlessly, all using her as if they were the only one fucking her. Calr noticed Bill getting real impatient to join in so called a halt to proceeding. Neither Dave or Vern really wanted to stop, but they knew Carl could be real imaginative.

When all three men had pulled their still hard cocks out of Katie’s holes, she collased to the ground completely exhausted.

“Please no more, ple!please I’m begging you! No more! Please!

The men stood above her in a huddle, discussing something, clearly please with their nights work. Carl bent down and whisper into the girls ear, not really sure whether she could hear him.

“Katie you been a great fucking lay, and we got just one more thing to do with you before we let you have a rest.”

“Rest? I want to go.” She replied.

O.K. we let you go if you do this one last thing with us.

What? What is it you want from me?

You’ll see, just go with the flow and we will be as gentle as we can.”

“You promise!”

“Trust me.”

Katie had little choice, they had hurt her terribly already, and she had no energy to put up any resistance, so they basically could do what they want. At least this way she would not get hurt.

“O.k. she said.

Carl winked at the others, who were all standing around stroking their cocks.

Katie har assumed the fetal position, which was just perfect for what Carl intended. He got behind her, and as per his promise he started to ease himself into her twice raped ass. She protested not really wanting to do that again, but Carl was easing his way in. He had his arms around her waist pulling her onto his cock as his hips pushed forward. She groaned, but his entry was the easiest of the three. She laid there with her arms across her chess feebley trying to protect her breast which were being groped by Carl now. Carl was all the way up her ass and his pelvis was rubbing up aginst her smooth bum cheeks.

Carl thought to himself it does not get much better then this, she felt great. Bill was next, laying down in front of her, he eased his big dick to her well lubricated hole.

Carl whispered to him “Go slow.”
Bill nodded, and Katie moaned, as she felt her pussy being stretched again. Bill was almost all the way in when she started to resist him.

“No stop, your hurting me.” Carl bit down on her neck, at the same time twisting her nipples, and just for good measure giving her a couple of ass thrusts. While these new sensations had her distracted. Bill had used the time to fuck his cock all the way in. Katie was now sandwiched between the two men, groaning, trying to find a comfortable position.

“Oh God, ahh, ahh no no too ugghhh!”

With Carl still mauling her tits, Bill grabbed her head and kissed her deeply, he wanted to keep kissing her, but in her stupor she was returning his kiss, and he felt like he was going to blow right there without even fucking her.
Vern now moved in with his cock still dirty from fucking her ass. As soon as it passed her lips she retched and pulled away, but Vern had he hair twisted round his hands and she was going nowhere. Her struggling was causing her to fuck herself on the two cock in her pussy and ass.

Carl and Bill rolled her over on her back so she was lying on top of Carl. Her legs were well spread around Bill waist and her feet hit the ground. Dave quickly jumped aboard, and mashed his dick between her tits. Finally all four men were ready to go.

The four cock began in earnest, with each man trying to out do the other three. They treated Katie like a piece of meat, and they were the pack of lions. After ten minutes Katie passed out, but the men only stopped to check if she was alive, and on confirmation of that the pounding resumed.
Each of the men came in their respective holes within a five minute period of each other, Debbie oblivious to the whole thing. The men wondered how long she would sleep for, because all of them were exhausted and needed to get some sleep.

Vern was given the first shift, watching over Katie, making sure she did not wake, and make good her escape. While all slept including the passed out Katie, she suffered yet another assault. Vern rolled her on her back and had another go at her pussy. Taking his time he slowly fuck the unconscious girl, happy when he got the occasional groan from her.

By the time Dave came to relieve Vern Katie had only an hour sleep, and she could tell by the look in Vern eye he intended to fuck her again as well.
“Plesae no more, I can’t take anymore Pleaseee”

While she was pleading Dave was undressing, his eyes locked on Katie gorgeous body.

“God, we had a deal” Let me go or I’m going to the cops.”

Those were the words Carl had brief the boys on, Dave now knew what to do.

“O.K. I let you go, but no cops, or the whole world will see that video.”
“Whatever” she said. “I know you fucking pervs are gonna watch, I don’t want anyone else seeing it. She yelled.

“O.K. then put these on and I drop you home.

On the way home, Dave made Katie blow him, she did not want to, but his threat to take her back to the house and keep her for the rest of the weekend had the desired effect. He play with her nipples and she played with his balls, wanting to get it over as quickly as possible. The combination of sucking and fondling sent him over the edge. She sucked him tell her mouth was full of his cum, then she raised her head and continued to bring him off with her hand, not wanting to swallow anymore cum.

She opened the door to get out, but he grabbed her arm, She tried to talk but it ran down her chin. Dave pulled her back in on top of him and as her stomach hit his knee, cum was spat out all over Dave.

“You bitch, why did’nt you swallow it.” I should make you lick it all up.” But it was already soaking into the material.

Katie looked worried, Carl was angry and she figured he could not cum again for ages no matter what she did.

“I’m sorry.” She whimpered, not really believing that she was apologizing to her rapist. He was really scaring her, and before she realized what she was saying blurted out the words.

If you give me another chance I’ll give you the best blowjob of your life.”

“What?” Dave said his anger almost immediately calming.

Katie did not want him hurting her and she repeated what she had said elaborating on what she would do for him. Not waiting for his answer, she slowly lowered her head, seductively licking her lips as she did.

The next twenty minutes Katie spent slaving over Dave cock, so scared of him, she dare not take a break. She concentrated on making him cum, nothing else mattered. It was hard work but she felt a certain amount of power in feeling him get harder and harder in her mouth. Finally she felt his hand taking a stronger grip on her head, a sure sign he was close, and when his dick started to jump in her mouth, she knew. She steady herself for what was to come, and sure enough within seconds of her thinking it Dave was shooting of in her mouth for a third time.

Dave held her head down, he was intent on making sure she swallow this time. When Dave finished cumming he slowly released Katie head, but to his surprise she did not rise, instead she carried on sucking his deflating cock. When Dave was cumming he was bucking his hips up into Katie mouth, now he was sort of twisting away from her. His hand shot down under her head, trying to pull her up.

“Stop it hurts” Dave said.

Katie kept sucking, quickly realizing his discomfort and a chance for some payback. Her mouth ached but she began to suck harder, prompting Dave to pull at her head with force. She held onto his dick stretching it as he pulled her head up.

“Arrgh. Bitch stop it now.” The car was rocking, as Dave tried to escape the craze woman locked on his cock. His cock was so sensitive now, he could not take it anymore. Finally Katie released his cock and sat up. The look of anguish on Dave face was a small piece of satisfaction for what he had done to her. She knew she could not report it, the tape would be so embarrassing. With that she got out of the car, smiling at Dave’s words ringing in her ears.

“Bitch, bloody bitch.”

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