The Full Weekend Pt. 02


Following the mammoth shagging session of the previous night with Linda, I slept late on Saturday. I went out in the evening for a couple of drinks; I tried chatting up a barmaid, but she had heard it all before, so no luck there. I decided to call it a day and hit the sack, which was not a bad idea as it turned out that I would need all my energy for the next day.

I awoke to a lovely sunny day, which is unusual most of the time in Hull, the city where these events took place. My sister had some friends around by the time I got downstairs, and one of these was Theresa, whom I was about to get to know intimately that day. However, I had never met her before.

Unlike Linda, she was younger than me by about five years. Though she was not overly attractive, there was something about her that garnered my attention. Her face would not win any beauty contests, but she had a nice petite body.

We talked, and Theresa mentioned that she liked history; being a fan of history myself, I suggested a trip to some of the local museums, including the home of William Wilberforce. He was a former member of parliament for Hull who had fought ferociously to end Britains slave trade. Theresa was very open to this plan, and so after breakfast, she and I headed off to Wilberforce house. It was an enjoyable visit, and I spoke to her about the things that Wilberforce had achieved.

After visiting Wilberforce house, we walked along the banks of the River Hull. Once a bustling area for ships bringing goods into Hull from around the world. Lately, however, it had been mostly abandoned. As we were walking along the river, I thought to myself if it had worked with Linda; I wonder if it would work with Theresa, so taking the plunge, I raised her in my arms, but she beat me to the kiss.

We stood in the doorway to one of the abandoned buildings and began to kiss once again. I undid the zip on Theresa’s jeans and placed my hand inside to find out that she was going commando; WOW! I thought what a pleasant weekend this was turning out to be.

We found an entrance into one of the former warehouses that had once serviced this area and soon found our way to the top floor. It did not take long before we were both as naked as the day we were born. I laid Theresa on what at one time must have been a very nice desk and raised her legs over my shoulders; I then got ready to work on her with my tongue.

I find it astounding that every woman has her own incredible taste and unique musk down below. I have always enjoyed fellatio (pussy eating to the uninitiated) and relish every chance I get to indulge in it.

From time to time, I have been told that I am amazingly good with my tongue when it comes to oral, and as I worked on her fanny with my tongue, Theresa began to writhe. Her moans rose to a crescendo echoing within the walls of this ample and open empty space. I felt her labia begin to quiver on my tongue, knowing that she would soon orgasm, but still, I carried on. It was not long before she let out a sigh, arching Yakacık Escort her back before laying it back down on the desk.

Her body went rigid for a moment and then limp with the force of her orgasm. Her cum was so sweet to the taste as I licked it from my lips.

We resumed kissing once again. As we did so, her eager hands searched out and took my cock into them. She started to gently stroke it, bringing a sense of excitement to my mind and body; its intensity made my legs feel weak. Next, she drew my member closer and started rubbing her labia and clit with it as she was not yet ready to place it inside her waiting garden of delight. This rubbing brought her to another climax whilst I was yet to have fulfilment though I could feel it was not far off for me either.

Whilst she was still reeling from the last orgasm, I pushed forward and entered what was now a very wet and welcoming pussy. On entering her, I could still feel the pulsing remains of that last orgasm.

This girl sure knew how to fuck and to get pleasure out of it, and as I began pumping her, she brought her legs behind my back, gripping me like a vice. She gave me only enough room to move to the beat that she now controlled. My climax was quite near, yet she was now in total control of our movements with her legs.

Her breathing rate had accelerated, and as I burst forth in her, her body shuddered to echo that of my own body. My legs began to give way beneath me with the excessive strength of my orgasm and ejaculating cock; as I grabbed hold of the desk to stop falling, I wondered what would come next.

There are times during sexual encounters when you just know that, for at least a few minutes, you are indeed spent. I knew that I needed a small break with that last cum cocktail and the still-hot memories of Friday night.

I had my camera with me, and I asked Theresa if she would be my model for nude photos. She replied positively that she would be delighted to do so; I swear the girls in Hull are the best because they can be so uninhibited. But, of course, that is never a bad thing.

This was before digital cameras, so I was still using a 35mm film camera. I think it was an old Nikon I had bought whilst in Gibraltar with the navy. Unfortunately, this meant that we would not see the photography session results, at least until I could get them developed later on.

We were now both ready to get back to our screwing; we thought, however, that we heard voices in the building so quickly dressed and made our way out and back into the street. It turned out to be the correct decision. As we exited through one doorway, we saw what looked like a surveyor and a workman entering through another door.

We decided the next stop on our history trip would be the former Humber lightship. It was now retired from service and moored up at the new Hull Marina for visitors to do what visitors do, and that is visiting.

The curator welcomed us aboard and then allowed us to explore the vessel on our own. Yakacık Escort Bayan There did not seem to be any other people looking around, and we soon found ourselves in what must have been the crew dining room in days gone by. Theresa told me that she was feeling horny again; she asked me to take her from behind; she dropped her jeans to her ankles and, spreading her legs, begged me to fuck her.

This girl could not fail to make me hard; I undid my trousers and let them fall to the floor as I entered her from behind. The fact that we might have been caught in this delicate position at any time only heightened our pleasure as we relished the danger of it.

Theresa was a noisy lover, and I had to hold my hand over her mouth to stifle her screams. Screams which would indeed have brought not only the curator but passers-by to discover what was happening. We soon climaxed, dressed, and left.

We went back to my sister’s house hoping for a good British cuppa; her other friends were still smoking joints and drinking. Theresa and I joined in the conversation having a few laughs and drinks too. The discussion was funny and friendlier by the minute; one of the other girls there by the name of Annie had an apartment on the same street as my sister’s. It was a half-mile down the road, and Theresa was staying with her for the weekend.

As the afternoon dragged on, Theresa said that she would like to go and have a shower back at the other girl’s place. I offered to walk her there, and Annie gave me a wink and said, “Don’t dirty my silk sheets,” she had already supposed that Theresa and I had already fucked each other.

Theresa and I walked hand in hand to the apartment, looking to the whole world as if we were a couple in love. I had actually given up on love after the breakdown of my marriage. I was now very much just a hunter of pleasure, especially of the sexual kind.

As soon as we got into the apartment, we kissed and removed each other’s attire; it did not take long before we were naked once more and we resumed exploring each other’s bodies.

We had a quickie in the good old tried and tested missionary position, alternating who was riding who. We just did not go slow for this one. To this day, it surprises me the bed did not collapse as we both banged each other vigorously with a sexual hunger that needed to be sated. Just like what occurred with Linda, we orgasmed concurrently with a euphoric and tremendous flush of release.

I reminded her that she had returned, stating that she wanted to have a shower and that perhaps that was what she should do. I had already noticed it was big enough for two, so we went in and adjusted the temperature to just tepid and commenced to kiss under the cascading water.

Our next move was to soap each other down; soon, we were more than ready to get at it again. Turning her around, I took her from behind under the shower’s tepid cascading water. After I had cum inside her, she said that she wanted me to cum over her. Turning Escort Yakacık around again, she knelt and put my cock between the valley of her breasts, not resting with her titty wank until I was shooting my cum over her breasts and face.

As we exited the shower, the girl who lived in the flat returned, seeing us there naked and with a wanton look on her face, saying that she knew what we had come back to the apartment for. She asked if it would be ok with us if she joined the fun. I just did not know how much more I had to give or how long it would be before my cock died of overwork, first with Linda and then Theresa, and now Annie wanted a bit of me too.

As I laid down on the bed, yes on the silk sheets, which were black and very comfortable, Annie began removing her clothes and stated that she wanted to try my cock. Theresa decided to ride my face, and that was something I had always vowed – as long as I had a face, a girl would always have somewhere to sit.

My tongue was soon at work on Theresa’s lady parts. Darting in and out, continuing with a slow suck on each of her labia before commencing long and deep thrusts and flickers on the most tender parts of her genitalia.

Annie was doing a slow, gentle rising up and down on old Willie, timing the strokes to her own rhythm and boy, she was tight and so, so wet. My shaft felt so good; I sensed the already rumbling movements in my balls that signified it would not be long before the very last residuals of my love juice would be expended.

Theresa turned herself around, and I had a lovely view of her derrière whilst she reached forwards and began stroking Annies very full breasts. Soon they were kissing and allowing their tongues to search each other. I knew that if I was spent, then at least, I was in for a pretty good show as it was apparent they were not averse to the supply of each other’s needs. Something told me they were more than just friends and were both bisexual regarding their sexual orientation.

As I looked forward to the show, I just knew that this was not the first time they had enjoyed each other’s bodies. With the double pleasure that Annie was receiving, she soon shook and orgasmed with mine following mere seconds later.

I then told the girls that I needed a rest, but they should carry on having fun. I did not think that I would get another raise after the constant shagging of this weekend. Still, I was much younger then than I am now, and watching them sixty-nine each other soon had my cock hard again.

With an erection, it was time to get involved in the fun again. My mind was unsure, but hey, with us guys, it is always our cocks that rule the roost and not our minds.

Both girls took their attention off each other, reaching out for my once again stiff stick. I moved forwards, and they both began to fondle me, working in unison with both hands and lips. This soon brought me off again, spraying both their faces with my cum, which they then proceeded to lick off each other.

We then laid down and fell asleep exhausted, with me in the middle of the bed, my hands on two different pussies, and two hands on my cock. So, sadly apart from waking up with morning wood and having that taken care of by Annie, whilst Theresa made breakfast, that was the end of the full weekend.

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