the first time I wached my wife


This is a true story it happened around17 yrs ago. It is the story of the first time I watched my wife Kim fucking another man. The story you are about to read is exactly as I rememberit. The diion is somewhat detailed because even after all these years its like watching a film playing in my head. It is the incident that opened up the world of wife sharing to us


I do not consider myself to be a true cuckold, or a wimpy husband, I am quite the opposite very much a Alpa male. But the fact is, I love watching my wife have sex with other men. For some reason watching my woman being pleasured by another man is a massive turn on for me, Dont ask me why, I have asked myself that question many times over the years and I cant answer it.All I know is that, it is what it is, and has become a very big part of our sex lives. Over the last 15 years my wife has had four long term lovers and a few one nighters with different men during the time that we have enjoyed this lifestyle.

This is the story of the first.

We had just moved to another part of town, and were getting settled in our new home. When disaster struck and I had a accident at work that put me in hospital for 6 long painfull months. My wife Kim had her hands full trying to look after me and two young kids and, work full time as well.

When I eventualy got out of hospital I was on crutches, and wasn’t in a very good state of health at the time. I had a nasty back injury and a badly broken leg. Doctors told me that it would take time before I got back to something like normal.

Before the accident Kim and I had a very active sex life. But when I got out of hospital we were not able to manage anything more sexual than masturbating each other due to my injures. We did try to have sex a couple of times but, I found the pain in my back to much and had to stop before we had really got started, which was very frustrating for us both.

So basically Kim and I had not had any proper sex for 6 months and I could tell that she was missing it. There wasnt a lot that I could do about it at the time because of my medical condition.

Kim was 30 yrs old at the time this happened, she was in her sexual prime and was a dam sexy looking woman {and still is}. She had a figure to die for, was very pretty and turned a lot of heads. However as I mentioned earlier it was a huge fantasy of mine to watch Kim have sex with other men.

I had asked her to try it over a period of a few years, she did seem intrested in the idea at first, but in the end always said no. She said she didnt want other men, she only wanted me. Which I found very disappointing but accepted it, but I always held out hope at maybe one day. I did however tell her that if ever the opportunity rose and she wanted to take it she had my permision to do so,as long as she was honest and told me about it latter.

Anyway, I was discharged from the hospital then about a month latter Kim asked if I minded if she went out that evening with her friends. I couldn’t go because it was a girls only thing.And I didn’t really feel up to it even if it wasnt, I said yes it was not a problem, being that she was only going down our local pub. Plus she needed a break after looking after us all. She said great and said that she was going to get ready to go out. After a while she came downstairs dressed in a short skirt that was about 5 ins above her knees and a sleeveless top that showed off the shape of her slim waist and pert breasts perfectly.

It was a warm evening so she didn’t wear a jacket I looked at her whistled, and said your going to pull tonight, she laughed and said maybe I will, who knows? I joked well if you have a chance of some cock you know have got my permission to get some, as long as you tell me all about it latter {little did I know} .

She said that she would be home by 11.30 or 12.00 and if I needed her to phone the pub and off she went. So myself and the two little ones settled down for the evening with the TV.I sent them up to bed about 8.00 and I nodded off to sleep in the chair


I woke just after midnight, Kim wasn’t home. I wasn’t too bothered, I thought she wont be long, she must be having a last drink. 1.00 came and went and she still hadn’t come home. By 1.30. I was starting to get a little worried, and decided to ring the pub.I thought that they must be having a lock in which was a normal thing for a Saturday night.

I spoke to Mike the landlord who told me that it had been a fairly quiet night for a change, and he was just closing up, and Kim had left about 1/2 hr ago. I though strange the pubs is only a 10 min walk from the house,maybe she had called in her friends house on the way home.

I phoned her friend Alison, she seemed a little hesitant and elusive when I asked if she knew where Kim had gone. It was as if she knew something but didn’t want to say too much. She told me that she had left Kim in the pub talking to some people and didn’t know where she was.

It was now 1.45 a.m’ so I decided to hobble down the road to see if I could find her.I grabbed my crutches and made my way out the door it was unusually quiet there was no one about.

I was making slow progress down the road then about a 100 yards from where we lived, when I heard people talking and a woman giggling in a quiet back lane that ran between two rows of houses. It was a short cut back from the pub that we used.

So I quietly made my way down to the entrance and peeped around the corner. I could see two people, they where on the Acıbadem Escort opposite side of the lane to me about 7 or 8 yards away standing under one of the lights that lined the lane.

It was my wife! and with her was a guy that I recognised Alan, I had seen him in the pub a few times. I didn’t really know him that well, but had been told by friends that he had a reputation with the local ladies as a bit of a stud, and from what I had heard on the grapevine a few of his conquests were married women including Kims friend Alison

Aparently Alison had been fucked by this guy on more than one occasion while her husband was away golfing, but it had stopped when her hubby gotten wind of it and all hell broke loose. I was about to call out to her when I thought to myself. No,hang on a sec, lets wait to see what’s going on here.

Alan was standing facing her with his hands placed on top of her hips. Kim was rocking back and fro, she had obviously had a good drink. I thought what the hell is he doing. And what the hell was my quiet and normally sensible wife doing in a deserted lane with a man she hardly knew, at this time on a Sunday morning.

As that thought went through my mind something strange happened. Through the tinge of jealousy that I felt, I could also feel a stirring down in my loins as my heart started to pump faster, and my prick hardened at the thought of my loyal wife being intimate with this man. I decided to stay where I was and watch. I had a excellent view of them, and they couldnt see me in the shadows peering around the corner of the wall that hid me from their view.

They continued talking for a little while when I noticed that one of his hands had strayed from her waist up to her breasts, and he playfully squeezed them. She giggled! and made what appeared to be to me a half hearted attempt to wriggle away from him. He moved closer to her, and he gently walked her backwards until her back was up against the brick wall that lined the lane and he kissed her.

Should I stop this now? all I had to do was call out her name, or make a noise. I was surprised at what I was watching, but at the same time for some strange reason my prick was nearly busting out of my pants.

Alan continued to fondle her breast then he slowly started to undo the first few buttons on her top. Kim pushed him away… No. no. stop! I really think its time I went home she mumbled. He said ..why, what’s the big rush? and kissed her again. Again she attempted to push him away, then seemed to give up, and allowed him to continue to kiss her.

As they kissed Alan’s attention went back to her top. He slowly undone the remaining buttons and slipped a hand inside and pushed her bra up over her breasts. Kim let out a little yelp No……. stop it, and tried to wriggle away from him. He held her tight to his body. After a few seconds she seemed to stop struggling and calmed down, he lowered his head to her breasts and started to kiss and lick her now harding nipples, a little moan of pleasure excaped from her lips and she pulled his head tighter to her breasts.

I watched his hands move down her body to the bottom of her short skirt and start to slide the hem slowly up the outside of her thighs..

Alan lifted her short skirt up onto the top of her hips exposing her panties. She was wearing a pair of small, skimpy, see through black thong type panties that sat above her hips and exposed most of her ass.They were still kissing when I noticed that one of his hands had moved around her back and onto her ass, he squeezed her ass and pulled her into his groin.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but I really wanted to see just how far my wife would go with this guy. Kim had clearly had a lot to drink, and I knew just how horny she became after alcohol,and this guy seemed to be pressing all the right buttons. And after all this time without any sex, this could be a real test for her.

His hand moved from her ass around to the front of her panties and started to gently rub her pussy through the thin fabric. She let out a little moan then I heard her plead No…no…please don’t! Really we cant do this, I’m married.

Alan said nothing, he kissed her again and leaned his weight against her until her back was pinned against the wall . He pulled gently at the top of her panties, and slowly pushed them down just enough to get a couple of fingers onto her clit.

He started to softly rub that special little place. A place that I had always thought of as my own. A place no other man up until now had touched for the whole of our courtship and 10 years of marriage. She was responding to his gentle caresses, I heard little moans of pleasure escape from her lips, and watched as ever so slowly, her thighs opened a little wider for him. Her hands clenched tightly against his back when she felt his fingers part her dampning pussy lips.

She let out that little moan of pleasure {that I knew so well} when she felt a finger slip inside her pussy. Her head moved forward onto his shoulder, she moaned quietly and I heard her whisper, Ho.. God… no … no … dont.

He ignored her pleading and continued to finger fuck and kiss her. He unziped his fly and undone his belt and the top button of his jeans, then took Kim’s hand and pushed it gently into his pants. Her eyes widened when she realized what he was doing and she jerked her hand back when she felt his hardness throb against her hand.

Alan tried again, he held her hand up against the front of his pants. She seemed to hesitate for a moment then she pushed her hand inside. She explored his shaft for a few moments then, she started to pull it out. Her eyes widened when she looked down at what she held in her hand.

His prick from what I could see must have Acıbadem Escort Bayan been about 8 inches long and looked very thick, she paused for a moment then pulled his forskin back exposing a huge purple knob.

The light above them shone down and I noticed that the back of her hand was smeared with his precum. She curiously moved her fingers back and forth along the thickened length, he moaned with pleasure as her fingers eagerly ran along his shaft.

Alan pushed his jeans and pants down below his ass. I watched him guide his long shaft into the warm softness between her thighs. He crouched down and thrust his hips in and out, pushing his prick hard against her pussy.

Kim felt his knob push against the entrance of her pussy through the shear fabric of her panties. She drew her breath in sharply when she felt his knob rub up against her clit.

He paused for a moment took a step back, hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her panties and she allowed him to slip them over her hips and down her legs. Kim lifted a foot out of them and kicked them away onto the grass. Then lifting her leg she put one foot against the wall and slowly opened her legs, finaly exposing her silky wet softness to him. My heart skipped a beat. It was then I knew that she was definatly going to fuck him. Once a woman has allowed her panties to be taken off, she has commited herself to having sex in my experiance.

He held underneath the leg that she had placed against the wall, lifted her onto his waist, and pushed his hips between her opened legs. She held onto his shoulder’s and wraped her legs tightly around his body I heard her mutter, Oh God.. what am I doing? Her eyes widened when he started to lower her down onto his waiting shaft,and she felt the hot firmness of his knob push eagerly against her most intimate place.

Kim felt his knob part her pussy lips as it slipped along its wet length, then felt it probing its way towards the entrance, searching for the opening that would willingly part for him and let him inside her. Alan grunted when he found it, and with one small thrust of his hips he entered her. Her eyes opened wide when she felt his knob stretch her pussy then slip inside her.She drew her breath in sharply, and let out a little moan when he pushed his hips upwards. She felt his hard thick length start to fill her. Kims grip tightened around his neck, she was breathing fast and gasped …we really,really shouldn’t be doing this

To late,we are not stoping now, Im inside you, he whispered back. She looked at him and said nothing, then sighed loudly as if she had resigned herself to what was going to happen to her, she closed her eyes and wraped her legs tighter around his waist. He started lowering her down slowly, gradualy he eased all his shaft into her tight neglected pussy.

Kim let out a low moan,when his prick was fully inside her! He started fucking her slowly at first, then gradualy as she got more used to his size he built up the pace, and with every inward thrust of his hips, a little cry excaped from her lips


Kim was not by any means a virgin before I met her and she had three or four previous relationships in which she had been fucked on a reguler basis. I felt no jelousy or resentment towards any of her previous lovers because really speaking if you think about it. It was her former lovers that gave her the experiance and the confidence that turned her from a girl into the sexualy confident woman that I married, but from what she told me later { yes we did talk about it but thats another story } none of them had a prick that felt as large as the one that had filled her that night, and judging by her little moans and gasps of pleasure it defiantly seemed that she liked it.

From where I was watching I could smell the musky aroma of they’re love making as it wafted in the warm night air. I was mezmerised at what I was watching. All the feelings of jealously had gone. I stood there watching another man fucking my wife against a wall, something that in my wildest dreams I though would never happen. I can say honestly that seeing my wife give in to another mans advances was the most erotic thing that I had ever felt or seen in my life. Thinking back I was very surprised at how little time it had taken him to seduce her, it had taken just 15 minutes from him kissing her to him having his prick inside her.

They continued fucking like this for about five minutes or so, then he stopped. I guess it may have been getting a bit uncomfortable for him to hold her up and fuck her in that position.

Kim put her feet back on the ground, I caught a glimpse of the dampness of their love making smeared against one of her thighs. She turmed towards him and tugged and pulled at his jeans until they fell around his ankles.Her hands eagerly went to his cock and start to stroke it. She knelt down in front of him, looking up at him she smiled, then licked along the length of his prick and around his balls. His eyes closed when she put his knob in her mouth and enveloped his long shaft.

Kim moved her mouth back and fro along his length. After a little while he moaned as she brought him close to orgasm. Alan quickly pulled his prick out of her mouth and said, I want to cum in your pussy not your mouth. Lifting her to her feet he turned her around to face the wall. He told her to bend over, she placed her hands on the wall, bent over, and spread her legs.

He lifted her short skirt up on to her back, Kim turned her head and looked back over her shoulder. Her eyes seemed to glow with a lust, and anticipation that I hadnt seen for a long Escort Acıbadem time. She was eager to feel that prick inside her. She wanted to feel it pumping seed into her pussy after six months of forced celibacy. Alan pressed his knob against the wet entrance and pushed, there was no resistance, it opened and eagerly accepted him, his prick slipped into my wife.

It was at this point that I noticed the look of pleasure and satisfaction on his face. For some reason for me, that was the most erotic moment, I think it was because I knew exactly what he was feeling as his cock entered her, the warm wetness and the feeling of her tight pussy enveloping his shaft.

Again he started fucking her, I could hear his balls slapping against her ass as he drove his prick into her. Kim moaned loudly with pleasure as she felt his prick pounding inside her. She started pushing her ass back into his groin every time he thrust his shaft deep into her pussy.

Then with a loud groan she started to orgasm she gasped I’m Cumming don’t stop… dont stop. He pumped harder into her pussy she moaned loudly and shook, her finger nails scrapped at the wall, her head went back, her eyes closed as she enjoyed her first proper orgasm in many months.

I watched as he continued to pound my wife, then suddenly he moaned and his whole body stiffened, he held onto Kims hips tightly and with one final groan he pushed his prick as far as he could into my wifes pussy, spraying his hot seed deep into her womb, flooding her, with his cum. Kim could feel the warm flow inside her as he continued to pump out the last few drops from his balls. Finaly spent, he lay his head breathless on my wife’s back.

As he pulled his still hard prick out of her I caught a glimpse of his cum dribble out of her pussy and run down the inside of her thighs. Kim turned away from the wall to face him. She had that smile on her face, the smile that I knew so well, the smile she always had on her face when she had been well fucked.

She picked her panties up off the floor to clean his cum off her thighs. After she had cleaned herself up she put her soiled panties into her bag. Alan kissed her again and she held his half hard prick and ran her hand up and down his shaft. I was amazed I could actually see the thing growing again, he had only a few minutes ago shot a load into my wife and he was getting hard again.

He started to groan as Kim brought him back to his full hardness. He put a hand between her legs and felt her cum soaked pussy and sliped a finger inside her. then told her that he was going to fuck her again. She smiled at him, and said, come on then do lt. He slipped her top down over her shoulders and it fell to the floor, then pulled the shoulder straps of her bra down her arms. My wife was now practicaly naked in a deserted back lane with a man who she hardly knew and had only a little while ago allowed him to fuck her up against a wall. This wasnt the wife that I knew, as she would never have done that with me.There was obviously a side to her that I hadnt yet discovered.

He told her to lay down. She laid on the grass, Alan knelt next to her. She lifted her ass up for him as he pushed her skirt up onto her belly. Kim opened her legs wide for him as he laid his body between Kims thighs, He held his prick against the entrance to her pussy and thrust forward


She let out that little sigh of pleasure, that I recognised so well when she felt him enter her again. Her already used pussy allowed him to slip into her with ease. He started to fuck her slowly , he seemed to be enjoying the sensation of my wifes spunky pussy enveloping his shaft as he pushed his self deeper inside her. Kim moaned loudly as he started to pump his shaft into her faster .his pelvis ground down hard onto her clit. Again Kim felt the familiar tingling feeling build in the pit of her stomach, she felt it growing stronger and she gasped out every time he ploughed his shaft into her.

She cried out as she exploded into the ecstasy of her second orgasm. Alan kept on fucking her, she wraped her arms around his back and lifted her legs and wrapped them tightly around his back. She felt the urge to feel him seeding her again, she wanted to feel him pump his cum as far into her belly as he could.

I heard her gasp out, fuck me, fuck me, cum inside me. The muscles in his buttocks tightened, he pushed his prick deep into her and held it there. He let out a loud moan,then pumped out stream after stream of hot sperm, and he filled her with his seed again. Alan lay on top of her,catching his breath and soaking his prick in their love juices. When he did finaly get off her she didnt move, she laid on the grass, her legs still open wide, another mans spunk running out of her pussy. She had that big contented smile on her face again.

It was then I left quietly, I didn’t want them to see me, then it occurred to me that they had not used a condom. And with the amount of cum that he had put into her there was a good possibility of him getting her pregnant. I knew between one thing and another she had forgoten to take her pill while I was in hospital. It wasnt relevent at the time because we were not having sex, and she hadnt yet started taking it again as far as I knew

. went straight to bed when I got home a worried man but with the biggest hard on I had ever had in my life.I lay awake and waited for her to come home. She came home about a half hour after I got in. I heard her wash in the bathroom and a few minutes latter she came to bed. I could still smell the musky scent of their sex on her as she laid down in our bed naked next to me. I pretended to be asleep, It wasn’t long before she fell into a deep contented sleep. I turned and put my hand on her pussy, it felt swollen and puffy after the pounding that she had received that night, and I felt the last of his cum dribble out of her and run down between her thighs onto the bed sheets.


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