The Enlightenment of Rose_(1)


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Greetings and thanks for checking out my stories. This is my first submission and it is a work in progress. My work is entirely fiction and intended as adult entertainment. If you are under-aged, please exit this site. I don’t include children in my erotic work and I don’t write for children. R/S

February 16, 2009

The Enlightenment of Rose

Rose was having great difficulty staying focused in her biology class. The teacher was one of those artifacts in the educational system who seems to be a permanent fixture. Rose imagined that old Mrs. Garner was teaching the same class during her grandmother’s school years. She felt a giggle escape when this thought popped into her head.
Judy, the cute black girl sitting across from her glanced her way with a quizzical look. Rose shook her head to convey that the giggle was meaningless. Rose continued to gaze at Judy, though she had returned her attention to the incomprehensible drone of Mrs. Garner lecture. Rose had known Judy for over 10 years. They had attended the same schools throughout their childhood and teenage years. She had long been aware of a peculiar fascination she held for Judy. It was a feeling that Rose had tried to dismiss as innocent curiosity, though recently she wondered if this was her brain or her heart speaking.
Growing up in a strict religious home, Rose had suffered the typical lack of sexual enlightenment from her parents. The word “sex” had scarcely been heard in her home, except for the vague explanation of “what you should expect on your honeymoon” speech from her mother. This lack of information had only served to magnify Rose’s curiosity on the subject.
Her parents were scholars and both had achieved advanced degrees in their chosen fields. Rose had inherited this intelligence and motivation for learning. She did not, however share her parents prohibitive few of sex and bodily functions. On the contrary, Rose discovered that she was irresistibly drawn to all things sexual.
She found herself continually horny. She spent hours at the library perusing the available reference materials on the subject. When the Internet became available in her school, Rose utilized the library’s computer in her searches. However, she soon found that her searches were very limited due to the library’s censorship policies and practices. This discovery greatly enraged Rose and only made her more determined to continue her quest.
She was familiar with the basics of sex. Through her research, Rose had the general concepts of intercourse, oral sex, and what the experts considered to be the most successful way to achieve orgasm in the shortest time. She felt she had as much book knowledge on the subject as anyone.
She had climaxed many time by masturbating in the privacy of her bed and sometimes while taking a shower. Following an orgasm, Rose experienced a brief period of satisfying relaxation. This would only last a few minutes, however, before the intense urges returned.
What concerned Rose the most about these insatiable longings was that they became most powerful when she was around other girls. Her fantasies always involved females. When she first began touching herself sexually, she found that she could not become aroused if the subject of her fantasies was male. At the time, she was too young to perceive the implications of this. In recent years, however, Rose had began to wonder if she was a lesbian.
Her upbringing had placed very definite taboos on this lifestyle. Her ambiguity concerning sex and dating had no doubt contributed to the fact that she was still a virgin at 19. Though she had felt no attraction to the opposite sex, Rose believed that her sexual urges were stronger than the typical teenage girl. Otherwise, why would her inclination to pursue knowledge on the subject have become an obsession?
Rose was familiar with the “locker room talk” when she was attending high school. Most of the girls would be chatting about guys who were “hot” and how they hoped so and so would ask them to the dance. She had never felt a part of the group. Rose recalled that while these conversations were going on, she would be watching with interest but not because of the topic. She had been gazing at the others girls as they dressed and undressed.
When one of them was describing how her boyfriend had kissed her or touched her, Rose had sometimes imagined herself as the boy. It occurred to her that this was probably unusual and at times she felt embarrassed about her thoughts. There had been a few occasions when she had been caught while watching other girls.
Once she had noticed a beautiful Hispanic girl named Marcie, as she sat in one of the toilet stalls. Marcie apparently was experiencing some difficulty in her efforts. Rose stood in a shower stall and watched her as she periodically grimaced and uttered grunts and moans that to Rose sounded more like sounds of ecstasy than pain.
This was the first time she had witnessed another person engaged in such a personal act since bathroom behavior at home had always been extremely private. In fact, Rose found the girl’s presence on the toilet somewhat remarkable, since girls as a rule were very shy about the act of pooping in a public place. She was so enthralled by the display that she failed to notice that Marcie had began returning her gaze. Rose looked quickly away, then hurried from the room. She felt her face grow hot and her heart pound as she made her way down the hallway from the girls gym. She felt totally humiliated but also extremely horny!
She realized that if word got out about the incident, she wouldn’t hear the end of it. School life would be even more hellish than it had been previously. To her knowledge, Rose’s sexual preferences were not yet part of the grapevine of school gossip. Her classmates suspecting that she was a lesbian was something that she could conceivably live with. However, Rose felt certain than this recent incident far surpassed the realm of acceptable behavior among her peers.
During the remainder of the day she continually replayed the event. Though she remained embarrassed, a peculiar fact begin to emerge concerning Marcie’s reaction. Her expression as she met Rose’s gaze hadn’t conveyed anger or disgust, which one might expect. It occurred to Rose that her own shocked embarrassment had temporarily blinded her to the fact that Marcie had been smiling at her. In fact, the more Rose contemplated this, it seemed to her than the smile had seemed almost flirtatious. This realization caused Rose’s heart to began pounding again but for a totally different reason.
The Marcie incident became another piece of reality that added substance to Rose’s erotic fantasies. The scenarios which she imagined during her self-pleasuring sessions changed substantially. As she touched herself, she would visualize a girl, sometimes with Marcie’s face, but not always. The girl would be sitting on a toilet making exaggerated grunting noises while in the act of defecating. Rose imagined herself watching the girl, unseen, though in close proximity. In the fantasy, Rose approached the girl, drawing close enough to touch her.
Some of Rose’s dreams were similar in nature. During these, the faces changed places. The girl on the toilet was often Rose, while the one in hiding became that person. Soon it became very difficult for Rose to have an orgasm without visualizing this fantasy or something similar. She was perplexed about this, particularly since she had not been familiar with the idea of sex and anything associated with the act of using the toilet. She had seen no references to it in her research on the computer.
What was it about this solitary visual that touched on Rose’s primal urges to such an extent? Nothing had even come close. It both concerned her and fascinated her. One evening while she was using the bathroom at home, she found herself reaching between her legs while on the toilet and touching a piece of firm shit as it pushed out of her. She grasped it with her hand and brought it out to the light. Without thinking much about it, she brought it to her mouth and Eryaman Escort touched it with her lips. She thought that, if it weren’t for the fact that it was her shit, she would like the way it felt. It was very warm and soft, kind of like the clay she sometimes worked with in her art class. She was intentionally trying not to smell it, since she was aware that the odor was disagreeable and she knew that things often tasted much different from the way they smelled.
She loved vegetables when her mother cooked them in the steamer but they smelled awful, Rose recalled. Keeping this in mind, she carefully placed her tongue against it and held it for a moment. As Rose, suspected, the taste was far from what the smell conveyed. In fact she rather liked it. It was a green, earthy taste that produced a sense of nostalgia in Rose. This feeling was followed by an intense warmth and euphoria so pleasurable that an involuntary whimper escaped from her lips.
She began to lick the brown log, cautiously at first, then with greater fervor. With each taste, her ecstasy increased, until she was scarcely aware of her surroundings. At some point, she ceased using her tongue and began biting off pieces with her teeth, chewing and swallowing each mouthful with the enthusiasm of someone devouring a delectable piece of chocolate. Suddenly she was empty handed. She had eaten the entire piece of shit!
Rose felt as if someone else had been in control of her actions. It was like she had been dreaming during the past few moments. She clearly remembered coming into the bathroom, unbuttoning her jeans and pulling them and her panties down. She vaguely recalled beginning her bowel movement. At this point, Rose had seemed to move outside of her body. It was as if another part of her had assumed control. It was this other Rose that had performed the disgusting acts of which she was only vaguely aware. As if in a trance, Rose stood and pulled up her jeans. She moved slowly to the mirror and gazed in disbelief at her reflection.
A chocolate colored smear coated her lips and surrounded her mouth. She drew closer to the image and saw that her teeth were no longer white. They were the same color as her lips and Rose saw tiny chunks like brown corn, stuck between them. How could this be her reflection? She was looking into the eyes of a depraved creature who bore very little resemblance to the teenage girl that everyone knew as Rose.
Suddenly she was reminded of a story she read about a group of boys who had been stranded on an island. After being separated from civilization for awhile, the boys began to behave more like animals than humans. The author hadn’t included shit eating as part of the boys regression but Rose would have found the story more interesting if he had.
She realized that she had become horny while thinking about her version of the story. What was wrong with her? It occurred to her that she had been in such a daze, she had pulled up her jeans without wiping. This didn’t astonish her as much as realizing that she was getting wet thinking about the crack of her ass being dirty.
It was the nastiness that she found such a turn on. The “old” Rose was apparently being submerged, as “new” Rose was surfacing. It was the only way she could rationalize what was happening. Rose had always been highly sexual, physically and mentally. As long as she could remember, however, this part of her had been stifled by her parents attitudes. Rose knew enough about psychology to realize that this kind of suppressive upbringing could make crazy kids. It was what the experts thought caused multiple personalities. Rose often felt like she had different personalities.
Her sexual fantasies usually focused on toilet behavior but she had never considered eating her own shit! She thought, “what would it be like to taste another girl’s shit?” This thought began to make her very horny and she wondered about ways to make it happen. Marcie had continued to be the subject of many of Rose’s fantasies.
The incident at school led Rose to believe Marcie might be attracted to girls. She considered some ways that she might explore this possibility. It was the first time that Rose had considered implementing a plan to bring about one of her fantasies and she was terrified but very excited.
The following day, she searched anxiously for Marcie but didn’t see her in the hallways or during gym class. She casually mentioned her absence to one of the other girls in gym but the girl just shrugged.
After school, Rose walked slowly toward home, gazing down at the sidewalk as her mind churned on the many confusing thoughts going through her head. As she past the park, she was so deep in thought that she didn’t hear her name being called the first time. “Rose”! A girls voice yelled. Rose looked up and saw a girl sitting alone on the grass under one of the weeping willow trees. Realizing it was Marcie, her heart skipped and she felt her face become hot.
She tried to reply but she had forgotten how to use her voice. “What’s wrong with me”? Rose thought. Finally, she heard a croak, resembling her voice, “hey Marcie, missed you at school”. “Really”? Marcie gave a shy smile. “I’m surprised you noticed I wasn’t there.”
Rose replied, “uh, yeah. I was kinda looking for you.” “How come?” said Marcie. Rose’s face felt as if it was on fire.
“Oh, I dunno. Guess I’ve been thinking about you.” A look of genuine pleasure came over Marcie’s face.
“REALLY? I’ve been thinking about you a lot! ever since that day I saw you watching me on the toilet.” Rose gulped and laughed n
She blurted a lame response, “Oh that, I was taking a shower and we just happened to look up at the same time.” She couldn’t meet Marcie’s eyes as she said this. When she glanced up she saw the same look of amusement she recalled seeing that day from the shower.
Marcie began nodding slowly and said, “Ok”. Do you normally take showers with your clothes on?”
Rose was so embarrassed that she covered her face with her hands and moaned, “Oh my God, you must think I’m a freak!” Marcie replied, “wanna know something? I was kinda hoping you were.”
This comment stunned Rose and she was silent for several moments. Then Marcie spoke again, “that was a dumb thing to say Rose, it just came out. I hope you didn’t take me wrong. ”
It was Marcie’s turn to be embarrassed. “Its just that I knew you were watching me and I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I’ve noticed that you watch the girls a lot and I figured you were gay. I’ve known I was a lesbian for a couple of years. It really made me hot when I saw you watching me using the bathroom.”
Rose said, “do you have a girlfriend, Marcie?” She shook her head. “I’ve never kissed a girl or anything. No one knows how I feel about girls except you. Since I normally don’t hang around other kids much, I don’t think anybody suspects. Do you date someone?”
“No,” replied Rose, “but I don’t think my sex preference is as much a secret as yours. I’ve heard talk and noticed the way some of the kids look at me. I’ve never had lots of girlfriends cause I would end up having crushes on them that I couldn’t hide. Also, I don’t think I’m a typical lesbian cause I hate sports and guy stuff. The problem with that is that it keeps me from having friends that are boys too.” The girls were both quiet for several minutes. Suddenly they both turned toward each other and kissed, very gently on the lips. Rose pulled back and looked around nervously. “Should we be doing this here”?
“Shhhh”, replied Marcie. She took Rose’s face in her hands. Looking directly into her eyes, she reached out her and licked Rose’s lips. A shudder ran through Rose as her eyes closed involuntarily. Marcie began using her tongue to bathe Rose’s face slowly and deliberately. Rose let her body relax as she laid back on the soft grass. She felt Marcie move over her. She was aware of Marcie’s breasts pressing against her own as she continued the tongue bath.
Rose felt her mind relax as well. She imagined Marcie’s tongue on other parts of her. Suddenly she realized that Marcie had stopped. Rose opened her eyes and looked Eryaman Escort Bayan into Marcie’s eyes, which were only inches above hers. Marcie seemed transfixed as she gazed back at Rose. “I want all of you. I want to take you inside of me and be inside of you at the same time. Let me eat and drink you Rose.”
Rose was moved but uncertain about the meaning of her words. She replied, “I want you too, Marcie. I think about you all the time.” She felt herself blushing hotly. “I’ve even had dreams of you.” Recalling the context of many of the dreams, Rose looked down in embarrassment.
“What’s wrong?”, said Marcie. Rose hesitated, then replied, “some of those dreams were, you know, pretty, uh, vivid.” Rose had a sudden desire to be totally honest with Marcie. The “new Rose” that had withheld these longings had finally found another enlightened soul. Rose realized that perhaps Marcie was indeed the kindred sister she had unknowingly been seeking.
“If I share something with you will you promise not to hate me?” Marcie gasped, “Rose, I could never hate you. Unless…well, I mean, unless you were a big Country and Western fan.” As Marcie said this, she gave a look of exaggerated horror. Rose realized she was teasing and they giggled.
“Seriously, Marcie, this is very personal and embarrassing. I know you’re going to think I’m a perv but I don’t care. It’s been a big part of my life for the past several months.” Rose was silent for a moment, then said softly, I’m just going to say it, ok? Please don’t look at me or say anything until I’m finished.” Marcie nodded in assent. “Ok, here goes.” Rose took a deep breath, then began. “Ever since that day in the locker room, I’ve been dreaming and fantasizing about you. At first it was normal. I mean, just kissing and touching and stuff. Nothing, you know, ‘kinky’.” She paused, “shit this is hard. Ok, after awhile the dreams became kind of weird. Like, sometimes you were in the bathroom on the toilet.” Rose heard Marcie gasp softly. “I know, it’s sick but something about you using the bathroom is incredibly exciting to me. The thought off you straining and pushing on the toilet is enough to make me come at times.”
Marcie touched Rose’s arm and she jumped. “Sorry baby, I didn’t mean to surprise you. I just think that’s so hot.”
Rose looked at her for the first time since she began talking. “Are you serious? Don’t you think it’s sick?”
Marcie replied, “well, yes, it’s very sick. But it’s also so fucking hot! I’ve read about scat but never heard anyone talk about it like this. I guess I didn’t think it was real. You know how you read about stuff that seems too outrageous to be true, exaggerations and shit.”
Rose started, “scat? You mean it has a name? I thought I was the only one who thought about it!” Rose realized that maybe she wasn’t such a sicko after all. “Well, I guess it’s a little different but at least I’m not alone in my weirdness!”
Marcie giggled, “not at all baby. The idea that you think me taking a shit is a turn on, well, that is a huge turn on for me! Is there something else in your dreams that happens?”
Rose paused, then nodded sheepishly. “Are you sure you want to hear this”? Marcie exclaimed, “hell yes! I’ve never been a sex object! She giggled excitedly.
Rose began with her recent experience in the bathroom at home. She thought that it would be hard to talk about but once she started, the words tumbled out with little effort. She shared the feelings of being another person and becoming disconnected from herself.
Rose even talked about her long obsession with “perverse” sex, particularly involving the toilet. “I’ve felt that there was something wrong with me. Do you have any idea what’s its like to feel like your the only person in the world that thinks a certain way? I mean, my god, Marcie. I ate my own shit and got turned on by it! How sick is that? Not only that but I fantasize about other girls peeing and shitting!
You want to know what my deepest darkest fantasy is?” Rose paused for a moment, not sure if she could actually tell this to Marcie. She glanced at her friend, who had been listening intently, her eyes conveying total concentration. Marcie nodded eagerly in assent, voicing a barely audible, “uh huh”.
To herself Rose quipped, “why stop now? She already knows I’m a sicko.” To Marcie she said, “Ok, this is something I’m even embarrassed to tell myself, let alone someone else! In this fantasy, I’m in the girl’s bathroom in a public place, like a park or something. I’m sitting in one of the stalls watching the women as they come in and use the bathroom. It’s like I’m waiting for one in particular. Finally, this beautiful Hispanic girl comes in. She’s wearing shorts and a tank top and is real sweaty, like she’s been running or working out. She goes into the stall next to mine. I can see her because there’s a hole in wall between the stalls. The girl is big but not fat, you know?
Did you ever watch any of those road movies with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby? Their favorite female star was Dorothy Lamour, who was a gorgeous brunette. She had an incredible, full figured body. I think she was so sexy. Anyway, that’s the kind of body the girl in my fantasy has.” Rose was quiet for a moment, then said, “I love your body Marcie. I wish I had your figure. I’ve always been too skinny.”
When Marcie didn’t respond, Rose glanced at her and noticed she was looking down, seemingly deep in thought. “Is something wrong Marcie?” She reached out and touched the girl’s hand softly.
Marcie replied, “Oh no, not really. I’m not used to compliments I guess. No one’s every told me they liked anything about my body. I always thought I was fat.” She looked up and smiled sweetly at Rose. “I always thought you had the perfect body.”
Rose thought a moment, then said, “Isn’t it weird how we both hate our own bodies?” Marcie replied, “yeah, kinda, but I think it’s pretty normal for girls to hate their bodies. My sister told me she used to think she was a big fat pig. Funny thing is, she’s the hottest thing in panties I’ve ever seen. She’s had offers from modeling companies all over. You want to hear something sick? I’ve had fantasies about her since I was like 13.” I don’t think I could ever go through with it, even if she was gay and I was really drunk.” Rose quipped, “what if you were gay and she was drunk?” They both giggled. “So finish telling me your fantasy,” Urged Marcie
“Shit, I was hoping you had forgotten,” Rose replied. She took a deep breath and asked, “ok, where was I?” “You were in the outhouse lusting over Dorothy what’s her name,” said Marcie.
“Lamour, oh yeah, I remember. Anyway, I’m being really quiet while this girl goes into the stall next to me and pees. Then I can hear her making these, you know, grunting noises. Not really grunting, more feminine than that. Imagine Marilyn Monroe grunting. Like that.”
Marcie looked puzzled, “who?” Rose shook her head, “never mind, its not important. Anyway! I suddenly hear this wet plopping noise. Once, twice, then a big ‘foosh’, that sounds like she let the air out of a balloon, then a big splash, like she poured soup or something into the toilet. Are you grossed out yet?”
Marcie replied, “definitely, but horny as hell. Don’t stop.” Marcie did look very turned on to Rose. Her eyes had taken on a glint that Rose hadn’t noticed previously. Also, to Rose’s amusement, Marcie had begun licking her lips frequently and her mouth hung open slightly.
Rose was aware that her delay in relating the fantasy was deliberate. She had always been very private and expressing the “toilet fantasy” to another person was something she was not prepared for. She felt very exposed. Though Marcie’s acceptance seemed genuine, Rose couldn’t’t dispel the fears of embarrassment and ridicule regarding her sexuality. “Thanks mom,” thought Rose grimly.
Marcie regarded her curiously, “are you ok”? Rose jumped, “oh sorry Marcie, I went somewhere for a minute. I’m back now.” She shook her head slightly, murmuring a silent, “fuck you mom”, before continuing her narrative. “Ok, so believe it or not, this chicks having diarrhea and It’s Escort Eryaman making me hot.” She ignored the rising heat in her face and continued. “I quietly leave my stall and knocked on the door to her’s. I hear her gasp softly but not say anything. I knock again and say ‘please’? In my fantasy, the girl understands and opens the door. She asks what I want and instead of answering I enter her stall and close the door.” At this point Rose realized that her eyes were closed and she was slipping into the visualization of her fantasy. She found that she could control this to an extent. She was able to remain present with Marcie, while allowing another part of herself to be in her fantasy. It occurred to her that this “other self” might be useful if she became familiar with it instead of fearing it. She was silently congratulating herself on this “revelation”, when a hand touched her arm.
Marcie was looking at her with concern. “Are you OK? You just went away again. That was weird. You went into your fantasy, didn’t you?” Rose nodded. “That was at least partially true”, she thought. “Where was I?”, she said.
“In the stall with the Lamour chica”, replied Marcie. “Sorry Marcie. This is hard for me. I’ve never talked about myself like this. Guess I’m stalling.” Marcie said, “hey girl, say no more. You can stop if you want. I have to go real bad anyway. The restrooms are over by the pool, I’ll be right back.” She started to hop up then paused. She grimaced slightly and muttered, “jeez, I hope I make it. Mom fixed her juevos y frijoles this morning and they’re getting loud.”
Rose looked puzzled, “oh, you had eggs and beans?” “Si, I mean yeah. It’s her speciality, with lots of chili’s. You know, jalapeno’s!” Marcie replied with a grin. “ooh. I’ve got to go, ahora! Seeya soon!” She walked quickly toward the pool, then broke into a halfhearted trot.” Rose grinned back. Suddenly, she had a thought that seemed so perverse that she giggled nervously and tried to ignore it. The thought came back with such intensity that her face felt on fire and she realized she was having trouble breathing. She was, in fact, gasping. “I can’t do that. It’s crazy. What would she think?” The next thing Rose knew, she was hurrying after Marcie. New Rose was in charge again!
Marcie had no sooner yanked down her shorts than she felt the familiar hot squirt from her ass. She quickly plopped onto the toilet and sighed in relief. “Oh mama,” she thought out loud. “How can they taste so good and hurt so bad”? This frantic rush to the toilet was typical behavior for Marcie, for whom spicy food was a family staple. Because of this “cultural phenomenon”, she noticed the location of the nearest toilet whenever she left home.
Marcie thought about Rose. She was beginning to really like her, though this was the first time they had even had a conversation. Rose was definitely unique, in a way that Marcie found incredibly sexy. Rose’s sexual proclivities were one of the primary turn-on’s for her as well. Like Rose, Marcie was sexually precocious. However, their familial experiences could not have been more different. Sex was a popular topic in Marcie’s household. Nothing was taboo. Her mother’s views on this had been expressed numerous times; “if you can’t ask your mama, you’ll want to find out some other way. That’s when you get into trouble.”
Marcie heard someone open the door. She waited to hear someone enter the other stall but the sound never came. Then she heard a soft knock on her stall door.
She heard a familiar voice whisper, “Marcie”? Marcie said, “yeah baby, you ok”? “I’m fine. Let me in,” replied Rose.
Marcie was momentarily puzzled. “Is something wrong”?” “Please open the door Marcie”, Rose said. Marcie heard an insistence in Rose’s voice that seemed almost like desperation. With a shrug, she leaned forward and unlatched the stall door. She sat back down and watched as Rose stepped into the stall, turned and latched the door. Marcie remained puzzled until a light finally came on in her head. When her eyes met Rose’s, the confirming look sent a chill through Marcie that felt like an electric charge. Her knowledge of Rose’s intentions brought her such feelings of lust that she could scarcely breathe. She was simply unable to get her mind around what this beautiful girl apparently wanted to do to her. As incredibly horny as Marcie was feeling, she remembered that, thanks to Mama’s spicy breakfast, her diarrhea had been especially nasty today. She suddenly felt very self conscious and reached for the toilet paper.
To her surprise and dismay, Rose gently grasped her hand. “Let me darling. Let me service you. I want you to share my fantasy.” Rose helped Marcie stand and turn around to face the toilet. She then whispered, “lean forward baby. Put your hands against the wall.” Marcie obeyed silently. At this point her breathing had become gasps and she felt somewhat faint. She had no idea what to expect, since her experience in sex of any kind had been limited to watching Internet porn and fantasizing. Even her fantasies hadn’t encompassed this. Then she felt soft hands touching the cheeks of her ass and gently spreading them. Looking down into the toilet, she saw the brown, liquid mess that been inside of her only moments before.
Self consciousness came over her again and she was about to protest when she felt Rose’s warm, wet tongue began slowly licking the inside of her upper thigh. Marcie heard soft whimpering sounds, then realized they were coming from her mouth, which had opened involuntarily. The thought that this was the most wonderful feeling she had ever experienced passed through her mind.
At this point, the exquisite tongue entered the crack of her ass, following one side all the way up, then down the other side. She was conscious of Rose pausing at the top of her ass to swallow, before reversing the direction. The part of Marcie that had wanted to protest was nowhere to be found.
“Come on, Marcie, sit on me”, she heard Rose whisper. She felt herself being pulled down and backward. Not being prepared for this, she felt herself falling. Her shorts being around her ankles didn’t help her dilemma.
Rose’s determination gave her amazing strength and Marcie was completely within her control. She was pulled down onto Rose, her ass planting directly on her face. She had attempted to squat but was unsuccessful. Therefore, her full weight was on Rose, each of her legs outstretched on either side her lover.
She was worried at first that she might be hurting Rose but the tongue overwhelmed her senses, obliterating any thoughts of protest. She felt Rose’s probing member plunge into her filthy hole, penetrating deeper than Marcie had ever pushed her own finger while masturbating. A loud gasp escaped from her lips as the tongue somehow pushed even deeper, seemingly entering her bowels. Rose’s lips surrounded Marcie’s ass and began slurping and sucking loudly, as the tongue continued its explorations. Marcie screamed with pleasure. She grasped Rose’s shoulders and began pulling herself downward until Rose’s face was completely submerged into her crack.
Marcie felt such intense pleasure that she had the sensation of leaving her body. She had a sudden vision of herself as she sat astride Rose. However, in this perception, Rose’s entire head was inside Marcie’s ass. It occurred to her that Rose couldn’t possibly breathe. This thought was replaced by the awareness of a need to shit. The urge was too great to repress, so she relaxed and let go. Marcie was only vaguely aware of a powerful whooshing sound as she felt a huge amount of liquid being expelled. By this time, Marcie was so controlled by her lust that Rose’s welfare was not foremost in her mind.
Instead she became strangely concerned about making a mess. In desperation, she grasped Rose’s shoulders and forcibly pushed her spewing asshole between the girl’s waiting lips. She felt Rose increase her sucking and swallowing to a frenzied pace. Though she couldn’t see it, she imagined her disgusting shit juice filling the girl’s mouth until she was forced to swallow. Marcie lost count after 10 mouthfuls.
When at last, Marcie was emptied, she reached down and patted Rose gratefully on the tummy. She felt wonderful. The stomach cramps were gone and thanks to her new friend, diarrhea might become something to look forward to.

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