The Dream Interview


Tom was exhausted.He looked down at the list of applicants and saw, with relief, that he had only one more interview. Why was it so hard to find the right candidate? They either had the skills but didn’t agree to the terms, or would accept the terms but didn’t have the skills.’It’s just Excel!’ he screamed inside his head as he called out, “Next!” with a bit too much frustration in his voice.Looking down at the list in front of him, he felt his eyes grow heavy. He fought through blurred vision to catch the name: Janet Pierce. Would she be the answer to his dreams? Would she know how to type, know some basic Excel, and be available every day from 9:00 to 5:00? Or would she ask what the company chef prepares for lunch and answer ‘no, but I learn quickly,’ every time he mentioned a required skill set?And finally… maybe… just once — not that he could ask this out loud — but wouldn’t it be nice if she was easy on the eyes? Tom raised his head to see an apparition.  A delightfully cute young woman wearing a short grey skirt and a tight white tank top that clearly outlined her beautiful large breasts.  A light blue blouse hung open from her shoulders Bostancı Escort and was gathered at her midriff.  Ostensibly there to add a touch of modesty, the blouse merely framed and drew attention to Janet’s impressive assets.Janet wore her dirty blond hair short and in a casual disarray that reminded Tom of a 1980s music video vixen. Her skin was pale and a single mole at her collarbone highlighted just how clear her complexion was.  Her skin was smooth and young, and his eyes became glued to the small amount visible in her cleavage.Tom’s mouth suddenly felt dry, and he spoke hesitantly and with difficulty. “How familiar are you with Excel?”The routine question he’d been asking all day seemed to echo in the gulf between them.Janet’s answer began with a self-deprecating, ‘not much,’ but as she described her experience and mentioned various functions and shortcuts she used regularly, it was clear she was well suited for the position. Regarding the salary and other terms of employment, Janet seemed willing to accept the company’s initial offer.Tom smiled to himself.  She may just be the applicant of his dreams.  Looking again Escort Bostancı at Janet’s chest, noting how her nipples had hardened and pushed against her tank top, Tom realized he could be setting himself up for a sexual harassment suit.  How sensitive was this woman?  He had to address the elephant in the room, but how?”Tell me, Janet,” he began, “why did you leave your last job?””Um, I’d rather not get into the details, but there were some personal issues that came up with my boss.””I see.  And are you pursuing legal action regarding these personal issues?””Um, you mean like sexual assault charges?””For example.””No, nothing like that.  If anything, it was the other way around.  I — this is a bit embarrassing.””Part of the job description is to bring to management’s attention any staff complaints, including those of a personal nature.  I need to know that you can comfortably discuss these issues with me.””Oh, OK… Well, I became, um, sexually involved with my immediate supervisor and his wife, but when she left him for my boyfriend — who was in his fifties (he liked to watch) — I felt a bit conflicted and thought it Bostancı Escort Bayan best to move on.  Everything ended amicably. You can speak to my former manager if you want a recommendation.”Tom looked Janet straight in the eyes.  Did she really say what she just said? She wasn’t even twenty-five years old. Was this the new normal?She was positively pornographic. Janet returned his gaze, her eyes beseeching ‘What next?’.  She bit her lower lip nervously waiting for a response. Tom felt this to be a now-or-never moment.She was the right hire.  She could do the work.  But there would be a level of sexual tension in the office that would torture him — perhaps pleasantly — but torture all the same. On the one hand, he wanted to offer Janet the job.  On the other hand, he wanted to fuck her brains out.  What should he do?Looking back down at his list, Tom saw that there were at least three others he could reasonably call back.  Not ideal, but he could fill the position even if Janet walked out. Plus, he was tired, beat, and exhausted after a long day.Carpe Diem.”Show me your tits,” Tom mumbled.“What?” Janet asked with more curiosity than shock.“Show me your tits,” Tom stated firmly. “Now!” he practically shouted.Janet stood, then leaned forward over the desk, her arms stretched out to either side of Tom. Her breasts hanging down, stretching the tank top’s thin material, she invited Tom’s gaze to look past her neckline.

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