The Doctor is In Pt. 07



I have been used by two Viagra fueled Pakistani brothers in a variety of sex positions for most of the evening.

Now, the two brothers are driving me to their friend Asif for non-disclosed reasons.

I am naked, in the back seat, with no idea where we were going.

We pick up as they approach their destination.


I guessed that it was around 10:30 p.m. when we pulled up to a tattoo parlor in a sketchy part of town. Maalik turned off the ignition and the lights and looked back as I sat naked in the back seat.

“Let’s go,” Maalik said, as he opened his car door, “I want you to meet someone.”

We exited the SUV, and I followed them as we walked toward the tattoo parlor. My hard cock bounced between my thighs as I walked naked across the parking lot. I now enjoyed being naked in public, the exhibitionism had also become an aphrodisiac. It was as if I wanted people to know I was a deviant slut.

Being naked in Maalik’s backyard was a little risky, but now we were in the city, and we were entering a public business. I was certain that others would see me naked. Rather than being embarrassed, I was excited and aroused to have people see me naked with my two owners. I felt like I was free from the rules that pedestrians had to follow.

As we entered the parlor, I could see four figures. There were two tattoo artists working on two clients as they sat watching themselves get tattooed. All of them looked up as we walked in. My nearsightedness prevented me from seeing their facial expressions, but I could hear one of them laugh. I assumed it was because I was stark naked and sporting a hard on.

Meeting Asif

“Is Asif here?” Maalik asked the crowd.

Another figure appeared from what I assumed was a back room.

“Welcome Maalik,” said the man I assumed to be Asif.

Maalik and the man embraced. Asif also embraced Haakim. I stood near the middle of the room. Everyone in the room was looking at me, I could hear whispers from the group as I tried to make out their faces. I assumed Asif was a friend of my new owner, Maalik. I wanted to impress Maalik with a display of submission, so I dropped to my knees at Asif’s feet.

“I am Maalik’s boy,” I said, while kneeling at Asif’s feet and looking only at his crotch as I had been instructed, “may I pleasure you according to your needs.”

I heard the female customers say, “Wow,” under her breath. I figured that tattoo parlors late at night are likely filled with a more edgy clientele than most public venues. I assumed that this woman may have liked the perversion being displayed.

“Is this offer authentic,” Asif asked Maalik.

“It is, Asif, this boy is without limits in his submission,” Maalik answered.

Without saying another word, Asif Fikirtepe Escort started undoing his belt.

“Holy shit,” I heard the female customer quietly say.

Asif undid his fly and lowered his pants as I knelt in front of him and watching him reveal his Pakistani cock. As he stepped out of his pants, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Asif’s cock was at least 10 inches long. His balls had metal rings that started near the top of his scrotum and extended down 7 or 8 rings. His ball sack had been stretched and his balls were surrounded by tight skin about 7 inches below his crotch.

Asif stood with his hands on his hips, proud to display his massive manhood. I dipped my head so I could get the end of his cock in my mouth and started to suck him until he was erect. I heard the audience talking and what I assumed was their chairs being turned to watch the live sex show of which I was the star.

“This is incredible,” I heard one of the audience members say, “he’s blowing Asif right in front of us.”

Asif’s cock was now fully erect, I had never seen a cock as large in real life. I was buzzing with arousal as I fellated this hung Pakistani in public with a small audience. I took a deep breath and made my first attempt to take Asif balls deep. I thrust my face forward and watched as his large bush got closer and closer. I felt my throat having trouble when I was about 2 inches away from his pubic bone. I felt Asif’s hands grab the back of my head and pull me down the rest of the way. I had his 10+ inch cock all the way down my throat.

Show of Submission Gets Very Public

“That’s not possible,” I heard the female customer gasp.

“He’s a total slut,” I heard another say, “Can I be next?”

Asif was taking long strokes into my throat as I remained on my knees. I put my hands behind my back to show my submission as this hung stranger fucked my face in front of a group of on lookers.

“You have trained the boy well,” Asif growled, as he fucked my mouth, “I’ve never had anyone take my entire shaft like this.”

I was as aroused as I had ever been in my life. I loved being used like an object in front of an audience. I could feel a massive orgasm building in my loins.

“This guy has absolutely no gag reflex,” The woman laughed, “How many cocks do you have to suck to be able to take that kind of face fucking from a 10-inch cock.”

“Can I video this with my phone?” she asked, “My friends won’t believe this unless I film it.”

“Of course,” Maalik answered, confidently, “This boy is a complete deviant, he won’t mind.”

The idea of being filmed was too much for me, I could feel myself going over the edge. I kept my hands behind my back while Asif continued to use my head. I started moaning loudly Fikirtepe Escort Bayan as I felt my cock spasm. Rope after rope of cum shot from my hard cock and landed on the concrete floor at Asif’s feet.

“He’s cumming!” the woman exclaimed, “He wasn’t even touching his cock.”

The Boy Takes Submission to the Limit

“This pervert must really like sucking cock,” another voice scoffed while laughing, “I’d like to see him try to take that giant cock in his ass.”

I heard Asif laugh as he pulled his cock from my mouth.

“Get on all fours, boy,” Asif said, “Let’s see if you can take this in the other hole.”

“Fuck me, Asif,” I said, as I got on all fours, “Maalik, can I please feed from your cock, sir?”

“This can’t be real,” the woman, said as she continued filming with her phone.

“Move him to the Persian rug,” I heard Haakim say.

The men pulled out their cocks and moved me as Haakim directed. I was completely lost in my deviant lust.

“I want all of you at the same time,” I heard my voice say to the three men.

“Haakim, if you lie on your back, I can mount you, then Asif can join you in my ass while I feed from Maalik’s cock,” I said, offering to allow myself to be triple penetrated in front of the group.

The room was completely silent as I climbed on top of Haakim’s cock and looked over my shoulder to watch Asif try to wedge his cock into my ass at the same time. I felt the pressure build as Asif kept pushing and then suddenly, I felt a sharp flash of pain as a few inches of his cock made its way inside. Maalik grabbed my head and thrust his cock back down my throat.

Public Display Becomes Obscene

“This isn’t right” I heard one of the male voices say, “I’m not sure I can watch this, but I can’t look away.”

“This can’t be legal,” the woman theorized as she continued filming, “We should lock the door so nobody else sees this.”

“I’ve never seen a guy take three cocks at the same time. Not even in any of the porn I’ve watched. Are you still recording this Jill?” asked one of the male spectators.

I was being stuffed by over 2 feet of cock at the same time, and I was doing it in front of a group of spectators. One of the spectators was recording the scene, I was certain it was going to end up on the internet.

“He just came, and his cock is already hard again,” the woman noticed, “he must really like this abuse. I should be disgusted but I’m started to get really turned on.”

“This is a freakshow,” the male voice said, “are we all catching this with our phones?”

I heard keys rattle and the click of the front door being locked. My three molesters continued to plow away at my mouth and ass. I honestly couldn’t believe the depth Escort Fikirtepe of my own deviant behavior. I was flush with arousal, I almost felt like I could orgasm again.

“Feed boy,” Maalik commanded, as his orgasm began his release.

“He’s cumming down his throat!” the woman exclaimed, “I can’t believe we’re seeing this.”

Maalik emptied his balls down my throat and then pulled his cock back so I could suck on the end and clean him before he pulled out. When I had cleaned him, he walked over and put on his robe. Meanwhile Haakim and Asif were still taking alternating strokes pounding my ass.

Without saying a word, Haakim pulled out of my ass, got to his feet, and walked around in front of me. I opened my mouth and let him shove his cock in up to the balls.

“He’s sucking the cock right out of his own ass!” one of the men said.

“I’m going to hell for watching this,” the woman moaned.

Haakim was driving his cock into my face so hard that I felt my head snapping back and forth on my neck. Meanwhile, Asif was taking full strokes into my ass with his 10″ monster. The room was silent except for the wet slapping sounds my body made as my molestation continued.

“I’m going to breed this bitch,” Asif growled as his cock started pumping his semen into my virgin ass.

Feeling Asif’s warm semen flooding into my gut pushed me over the edge and I had my second public orgasm. I heard only gasps as a very small amount of semen was ejected from my spent cock. Asif was still spearing his cock into me as he drained his balls in my ass.

“Swallow slut,” I heard Haakim moan, as he started pumping my throat full of cum one more time.

“This is just surreal,” the woman laughed, “they’ve filled him up with cum. If I were alone, I’d be playing with myself right now.”

Asif was finishing in my ass as I sucked the last of Haakim’s semen. Maalik appeared from the back room with a butt plug, waiting for Asif to withdraw his cock from my gaping ass.

Asif grabbed the large butt plug from Maalik and quickly replaced his cock with the plug as he pulled out of my ass. I rolled onto my back and looked up to see the blurry crowd still filming around me. I reached down and started stroking my soft cock to show them the depth of my depravity smiling as I did.

“Anyone else want me to pleasure them?” I asked, as they all continued filming.

“There’s something wrong with him,” the woman said shaking her head.

“Let’s get him in the chair so we can mark him as you wish,” Asif said.

“Will you let him blow me after you’re done with him,” I heard one of the men ask Asif.

“I am not done with him yet either,” Asif said, “he still owes me for the tattoo were about to ink.”

As I sat down in the chair, the woman returned to her chair to have her artwork completed.

“Can I ask what kind of tattoo a guy like that gets?” the woman asked.

“Maalik’s consult,” Asif answered, “I will write it in Urdu script on his pubic bone right over his little penis.”

“Fitting,” the woman scoffed sarcastically.

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