The Cure PT 1


The Cure PT 1Sharon was the head of cheer squad and took pride ln never missing practice or a game. Coach notices she is off her mark and performing poorly . The plucky cheer girl reluctantly confesses to women pains . Coach knows the Çeşme Escort school nurse is very good at sports medicine but rumor has it she takes advantage of the prettiest girls . The little Çiğli Escort cheerleader found herself in the bright examing room. Nurse kelly joyously brought out a stainless steel tray containing Foça Escort an anal speculum , buttplug , and lubes. She dimmed the harsh lights and told sharon that they were going to try several relaxing techniques . After positioning her body in a spooning pose the nurse inserted a bullet shaped aspirin into the tightly puckered asshole. Nurse kelly smoothed sharons hair and cooed motherly assurances while the suppository melted. The young girl became very compliant getting into a doggie style ass up face down position

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