The Cuckold’s Reward – Larry’s Story – Part 4


Ginny slipped into the bath not long after breakfast. It was noon and there were just two hours to go before Pete would be arriving to take her away. Larry let her settle into the water and then reached for her sponge and shower gel. He still couldn’t believe that he was actually acting out his fantasy, neither could he quite grasp that all this was for real. Forty-eight hours ago life seemed so sane. He ran the soapy sponge over her back at first and then moved around to her front. The air was still and silent, except for the sound of water falling from the sponge and the sounds of their breathing. He pushed his hand beneath the water and between her legs. Ginny looked up at him as his fingers made contact with her sex. “Would you mind running the razor over me again down there please?” she asked, breaking the silence. Larry shook his head. “No, no of course not.” Ginny stood up as he reached for his razor. Once again stillness fell upon the room and the only sound was the gentle scraping of the razor against her flesh. When he finished she ran a finger over her mound and then ran it up and down between her pussy lips. “You’ve done a good job there, darling,” she told him. Larry half smiled and nodded. alsancak escort He couldn’t bring himself to speak even though he had lots to say. He grabbed the bath towel and helped her out of the bath before drying her body. Ginny stood there in silence allowing him to dry her. From time to time she would move a part of her body to give him greater access. Larry knelt on the floor as she opened her legs wide to allow him to run the towel up and down the inside of her thighs. Are… are you nervous?” he asked breaking the silence. “It’s more of a nervous excitement, I would say,” she responded. “Reminds me in a way of the first time with you. I knew that I was going to let you have sex with me and I was nervously excited thinking about what was about to happen.” “W… will you make the first move like you did with me?” Ginny shook her head. “No,” she said. “I won’t initiate anything. I will leave that to Pete.” “Will you… will you go down on him?” “Maybe,” she said. “I will just take things as they come.” Larry fell back into silence. He was nervous. “What if… what if I asked you not to…?” “Asked me to not go with him?” Larry nodded. Ginny looked down alsancak escort bayan at him. “I think we both know the answer to that, don’t we.” Larry sighed. He knew that even if he wanted to stop things now he couldn’t. Ginny was mentally prepared for it now; resolute. She wanted sex with Pete. The full reality of what was about to happen was sinking in. The next part of his fantasy was to help her dress but Ginny wanted to do that herself. There wasn’t much to do anyway; Ginny would be wearing jeans and a top along with a red, lacy bra and panty set. There would be no stockings and suspenders. Larry sat on the bed watching her finish dressing. From time to time Ginny would look up at him and smile nervously. When she had finally finished she got up and came to the bed, where he sat nervously on the edge. The scent of her perfume filled his nostrils as she rested her hands on his shoulders. “When Pete comes, will you go straight upstairs please?” she asked him. He nodded as he looked up at her and then looked down at her crotch; she was wearing her very tight pair of jeans. Larry lifted his hand and traced the outline of her camel toe. Ginny stood for a escort alsancak few minutes enjoying the touch of his fingers through the thick denim material. Larry knew that she was deep in thought; he had no doubt where those thoughts lay. Ginny looked down at him and then kissed him. “I do love you, you know,” she told him. He nodded. “I know,” he replied. “You just be careful and also make sure that he wears a condom; he’s been around.” She kissed him again and hugged him. “I know his reputation too,” she told him. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that he has one on.” He didn’t want her to let him go. He wanted to feel the closeness of her body as she hugged him, but there was little time left. Pete would be arriving in ten minutes. In ten minutes time he would be arriving to pick up his wife and take her away to his bed. As Ginny pulled away he grabbed her hand and went downstairs with her. They had hardly reached the bottom of the stairs when they heard the sound of a motorbike outside their house. Ginny rushed to the lounge window and looked out. “It’s Pete,” she told him. “He’s bloody eager.” Larry was already heading back upstairs before Ginny started to tell him to go. He left their bedroom door ajar and stood almost behind it as he heard Ginny opening the door to him. He heard voices and laughter and then heard them talk some more before he heard her footsteps on the stairs. “Do you need a hand?” Pete’s voice boomed out from the bottom of the stairs. Ginny laughed. “You stay there,” she told him.

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