The College Experience Ch. 02


Thomas woke up to the sound of his alarm beeping. He rubbed his eyes, trying to shake off the drowsiness. As he lay there in bed, he couldn’t help but think about Alex, the handsome stranger he had hooked up with a few days ago. He remembered the way Alex’s lips felt on his, the way his hands roamed over his body, and the way he whispered dirty things in his ear. His hole was still a little sore from the pounding he gave him, but he still couldn’t help but smile. It was exhilarating and a little bit scary at the same time.

But as he lay there in bed, his thoughts soon turned to Keith. The handsome student had been on his mind a lot lately, and Thomas found himself wondering if there was something there between them. He couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous at the prospect of pursuing something with Keith, but the idea of being with him was also thrilling.

As much as he enjoyed his time with Alex, Thomas couldn’t stop thinking about David, his physics professor. He had helped Thomas with his assignment, and even though he was stern and demanding, there was something about him that Thomas found incredibly attractive. He wondered if David felt the same way, or if he was just being friendly.

He gets out of bed and starts to get ready for the day, but his mind keeps drifting back to David and Keith. He wonders if it’s possible to have feelings for two people at the same time, and if he’s just fooling himself by trying to pursue both of them.

As he gets dressed and heads out of his dorm room, he resolves to try to focus on his studies for the time being and deal with his feelings later. But he can’t shake the feeling that his love life is about to get even more complicated.

On his way to his first class, he passes by the university quad, which is bustling with students chatting and enjoying the beautiful weather.

In his first class, Thomas pays close attention to the professor, taking meticulous notes on the material being covered. The lecture is dense, but Thomas is determined to understand it all.

During his break between classes, Thomas walks over to the campus cafeteria to grab some lunch. He looks around for a table to sit at but all the tables are occupied, so he decides to sit alone. While eating his sandwich, he can’t help but think about Keith and David, remembering their conversations from the previous day. He tries to push these thoughts aside and focus on his food instead.

After lunch, Thomas attends his next classes, which are equally challenging but fascinating. He finds himself getting more and more interested in the subjects he is studying.

As the day comes to an end, Thomas packs up his things and heads to the campus library to study for his upcoming physics exam. He finds a quiet corner and starts going through his notes, trying to absorb as much information as possible.

As he works, Thomas can’t help but think about the two men that have been on his mind all day. He wonders what they are up to and whether they are thinking about him too. He shakes his head, realizing that he needs to focus on his studies right now, but the thoughts linger in the back of his mind.

Thomas continues to study, trying to focus on his work, but his mind keeps wandering to thoughts of Keith and David. He’s so absorbed in his own thoughts that he doesn’t even notice when someone approaches his table.

“Hey there,” a voice says, pulling him out of his reverie. Thomas looks up to see a cute guy with a slim build and sandy blond hair standing in front of him, a smile on his face.

“Uh, hi,” Thomas replies, feeling a little taken aback.

“I noticed you studying over here and thought I’d come say hi,” the guy says, pulling up a chair and sitting down across from him.

“Thanks,” Thomas says, a little shyly. He takes a moment to study the guy, noticing his bright blue eyes and the way his hair falls across his forehead.

“I’m Matt,” the guy says, extending a hand.

“Thomas,” he replies, shaking his hand.

“So, what are you studying?” Matt asks, leaning in a little closer.

“Uh, biology tandoğan escort and physics,” Thomas says, gesturing to the stack of textbooks in front of him.

“Wow, that sounds tough,” Matt says, sounding impressed. “I was always more of a humanities guy myself.”

They continue to chat for a while, bonding over their shared interests in music and movies. Thomas finds himself relaxing in Matt’s company, enjoying his easygoing nature and quick wit.

Before long, Matt checks the time and realizes that he needs to go.

“I don’t want to keep you from your studies,” he says, standing up. “But hey, listen, would you like to grab dinner with me tomorrow night? My treat.”

Thomas is a little surprised by the offer but also intrigued.

“Sure, that sounds great,” he says, feeling a small thrill of excitement.

“Awesome,” Matt says, grinning. “I’ll text you the details. Nice meeting you, Thomas.”

With that, he’s gone, leaving Thomas feeling a little dazed but also kind of happy. He shakes his head, trying to clear away the fog of his thoughts, and goes back to studying.

Thomas heads to his biology teacher’s office hours to seek some help for his difficult assignment. However, much to his disappointment, the teacher doesn’t offer much assistance, leaving Thomas feeling a bit down. As he’s leaving the building, he runs into David in the hallway.

David notices that Thomas looks upset and asks him what’s wrong. Thomas hesitates at first, but eventually opens up about his struggles with the assignment. David offers to help him out and invites him to his office.

Once inside David’s office, Thomas feels a sense of comfort and relief. David explains the difficult concepts to him in a way that makes sense, and Thomas feels like he’s finally starting to make progress. As they work through the assignment together, Thomas can’t help but feel a growing attraction towards David.

David seems to sense the tension between them and suddenly ends the session, leaving Thomas feeling a bit shaken and confused. He’s not sure what to make of their interaction, but he can’t deny the intense chemistry that seems to be building between them.

After his meeting with David, Thomas decides to hit the gym to clear his mind. He works up a good sweat and heads to the locker room to take a shower. As he walks in, he sees Keith already there, his muscled body glistening with water.

“Hey man, what’s up?” Keith greets him with a friendly smile.

Thomas nods back, feeling a little self-conscious about his own body in comparison to Keith’s. They chat a bit about their workouts, and Thomas can’t help but sneak glances at Keith’s impressive physique.

“So, how’s it going, man?” Keith asks, lathering up his hair.

Thomas responds, “It’s going all right. Just trying to keep up with all these assignments, you know?”

Keith nods, “Yeah, I feel you. I’ve been swamped with training and everything. Speaking of which, did you see the game last night?”

They talk about the game for a while, and then Thomas asks Keith about the girl he was seeing.

Keith rolls his eyes, “Ah, that was nothing. Just a one-night thing. I don’t plan on seeing her again.”

Thomas nods, “Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s hard to find someone who really clicks with you.”

“So, any plans for tonight?” Keith asks casually.

“Yeah, actually. I have a date,” Thomas admits.

“Ooh, with who?” Keith raises an eyebrow.

“His name is Matt. We met in the library yesterday,” Thomas replies, feeling a little embarrassed for some reason.

“Maybe you’re gonna find that someone who clicks with you then”.

“I don’t know, he seems nice but… I don’t know. ” said Thomas before thinking “He isn’t you.”

“Nice, man. Good luck with that. And don’t forget to use protection,” Keith adds with a chuckle, giving him a wink before exiting the showers.

Thomas can’t help but feel a little flustered by Keith’s teasing, but he tries to shake it off and get ready for his date.

Thomas tunalı escort takes his time getting ready for his date with Matt, carefully selecting his outfit. He opts for a dark button-down shirt and black slacks, paired with a pair of sleek dress shoes. As he enters the restaurant, he spots Matt sitting at a table by the window. Matt stands up as he approaches, and the two shake hands before sitting down.

“Thanks for coming,” Matt says with a warm smile.

“Of course,” Thomas replies, returning the smile. “This place is really nice, have you been here before?”

“No, actually this is my first time. I heard good things about their steak, so I figured I’d give it a try.”

As they peruse the menu, they make small talk about their lives.

Matt: So, how was your day?

Thomas: It was pretty busy. I had a lot of classes and an assignment due.

Matt: Ah, the joys of student life. What are you studying?

Thomas: Biology. What about you?

Matt: I’m in law school, actually. It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy it.

Thomas: That sounds really interesting. What kind of law do you want to practice?

Matt: I’m still figuring that out, but I’m leaning towards environmental law. What about you? What do you want to do after you graduate?

Thomas: I’m not sure yet. I’m considering medical school, but I’m still exploring my options.

Matt: That’s cool. I admire people who want to go into medicine. It takes a lot of dedication.

Thomas: Yeah, it can be tough, but it’s also really rewarding. So, tell me more about yourself. What do you like to do for fun?

Matt: I love hiking and exploring the outdoors. I also enjoy reading and going to concerts. What about you?

Thomas: I like to read too, mostly science fiction and fantasy. I also play guitar and write my own music.

Matt: Wow, that’s really cool. Maybe you can play something for me sometime.

Thomas: Sure, I’d like that. (laughs) So, how did you end up in law school?

Matt: Well, I’ve always been interested in justice and making a difference in the world. I think law is a way to do that. Plus, I come from a family of lawyers, so it’s in my blood, I guess.

Thomas: (laughs) That’s funny. My family is mostly in the medical field, so I can relate to that.

Matt: (smiling) I bet we have some interesting family stories to share.

Thomas: (smiling back) I’m sure we do.

They continue to chat and enjoy their meal, discussing their interests and experiences. As they finish up, Matt pays the bill and they step outside.

“Well, this was fun. The food was good, the conversation was good. I guess it’s easy to have a good time when you’re spending it with a good looking man” said Matt with a big smile.

“Ahah thanks, I had a good time as well” chuckled Thomas.

“So… wanna finish the night back at my place?” asked Matt

Thomas hesitated, he had a good time with Matt and he found him handsome, but he still had thoughts of Keith in his mind.

“Keith is straight, it’s not good for me to keep thinking about him. Matt likes me and I like him so I should just see where it goes with him” thought Thomas

“Sure, lead the way” answered Thomas with a smile.

After a short walk, they arrived at his room. They had barely crossed the threshold that they were already kissing. Sort of innocent kisses at first, but soon enough Matt breached Thomas’ lips with his tongue and they were full on making out. Their tongues were dancing with each other, even slurping. It was an intense and sloppy kiss, with barely enough time to breathe. Their hands were expertly and rapidly removing each other clothes, and not even 5mins after arriving they were already in their underwear.

Matt had a nice body, not very muscled more on the slim side but you could still tell that he was athletic. He had a toned stomach, with a flat chest. He was by no mean skinny, but he also wasn’t a muscle beast like Keith is.

On the other hand, you could start to see the effect of türbanlı escort all those hours spent in the gym on Thomas’ body. With the beginning of a 6-pack, and biceps that were starting to be more defined and getting bigger. A detail that Matt did not miss as he stopped the kiss and started to make his way down to Thomas’ underwear, taking his time kissing and licking every part of his body on the way.

Thomas was shivering at the sensations of having his abs tickled, he really enjoyed it and it made him happy to see that Matt was loving his body. Suddenly, Matt pulled down Thomas underwear in one quick motion, freeing his rock-hard penis. Matt took it in his hand and while licking his lips said : “Very nice, I’m gonna enjoy that more than the desert we’ve just had”.

Without wasting time, he englobed the penis’ head with his mouth and started sucking on it. He was playing with his tongue, just swirling it around, licking just under the head. And without any hesitation nor gagging, he took Thomas full length inside his mouth and stayed there for a couple of seconds, then he let it all out before taking it all in again for a couple of seconds.

“Fuck” moaned Thomas. “This is definitely not his first time, he is good at this” he thought.

He kept going at it for a good 10 minutes, never taking a moment to rest. Switching between deepthroating, playing with the tip and licking his balls, he was sending Thomas to heaven. It was what you could call a wet blowjob, since he wouldn’t stop, there were saliva all around his penis, it even left a trail from the tip to his mouth. But before Thomas could tell him to stop, Matt suddenly got up and said: “Man, you need to fuck me. I need you to fuck me right now, my hole is twitching”.

Without waiting for a response, he positioned himself on all four on his bed, leaving himself open for Thomas to fill him. No time to think or say anything, Thomas was caught up in the moment and he just went along. He grabbed a condom from his pants pockets, he remembered what Keith had said and had put it there just in case. He put it on, and presented his 7-inch dick at the entrance of Matt’s ass. There was not a hair in sight, just a clean pink hole that seemed to have had visitors before.

Thomas was easily able to put all of himself inside Matt, hurried along by Matt’s pleadings. He was beginning to fuck him, trying to go nice and slow at first as to not hurt him. But Matt was moving his hips with each thrust to make it go faster and harder.

“Come on fuck me, fuck me hard” said Matt panting.

Even though Thomas preferred a more sensual approach, he listened to Matt and started pounding at him. Making big and fast movements that would make Matt squirm. It was loud, you could hear their skin colliding as they were going at it like they were animals. Thomas was breaking a sweat as he was doing his best to fuck Matt as he wanted, grabbing him by the hips and using it as leverage to go as deep as he could. But even that didn’t seem to be enough for Matt, as he got up and pushed Thomas on his bed before sitting back on his dick in reverse cowgirl style.

He was riding him, fast. Going up and down on his dick like his life depended on it. He was moaning loudly at this point, begging him to continue fucking him. He wasn’t even connected with Thomas anymore, he was in his own world of pleasure, so much that he didn’t hear Thomas asking him to slow down because he was gonna cum. That didn’t stop him and he had his own orgasms at the same time as Thomas almost, shooting his load all over his bedsheets and even some on Thomas’ legs. While Thomas was cumming in his condom, Matt was still riding him, going up and down a couple more times before finally releasing Thomas’ cock from his ass and laying down on the bed.

“Wow, that was great. You’re good at this, and your dick feels so nice” said Matt, out of breath while Thomas was throwing the condom away.

“Thanks, yeah that felt amazing” said Thomas

As he was climbing back in bed, he went to Matt to kiss him but Matt didn’t really kiss him back, it didn’t feel like he was all that interested so Thomas stopped and just laid there next to him.

After they spent a couple of minutes catching their breath. “Fuck man, my hole is aching for that dick. Wanna go for a second round?” said Matt while grabbing Thomas dick to wank him.

“Yeah.. sure!” said Thomas half-heartedly.

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