The cold caller (part 1)

The cold caller (part 1)
It began as a convenient way to get the fix my body and mind craved instead of actually meeting random strangers for sex.. i told myself it would be safer but the truth was i felt less guilty performing degrading and risky tasks online for my dom..

The problem was.. at this point i had pretty much pushed the boundaries about as far as they could go in order to fuel my ever more demanding cravings for the next orgasm.

In my desperate stupers eager to poke the crocodile id told him my full name.. the town i live in.. even my facebook but i hadnt even seen his face i didnt even know his name. All i knew was that he lived somewhere near my town. And although i cant deny the risk of it was what gave me some of the best orgasms id ever had. Good lolly was beginning to sound sensible as she begged me in my mind not to log in again.. but the truth was.. i couldnt stop..

i sat trembling in anticipation as i pressed the video call and did my best not to look intimidated as he accepted my call and i was greeted by his screen blank as allways..

cunthunter is typing…

CUNTHUNTER: its been 8 days you fucking bitch where the fuck have you been?

I looked sideways to avoid making eye contact with the webcam as i sheepishly exsplained “he didnt go to his parents.. hes had his friends round i couldnt get online !!”


My back invountarilly stiffend as i forced myself to look at the screen.. i looked pathetic.. it was 9am and shamefully obvious id made an effort to look nice for him as i was still in my night dress but with my perfectly straightened hair.. winged eye liner and bright red lipstick..

My voice trembled as i exaled my reply “ya.. i understand”

CUNTHUNTER : GOOD becauce this is what happens when you go missing on me

His message was followed by a link which i quickly clicked to reveal 15 of my nude pictures posted to my xhamster profile.. my face clearly visible in most of them.. i stared in disberlief at the screen as i pleaded “nooo why did you do that??”

CUNTHUNTER : when you dont behave lolly.. you get exposed ! You know the rules..

I felt my pussy begin to betray me.. moisening as i read your comments..  I tilted my head to one side chewing my lips angrilly as i just scowled into the webcam in silence..


i looked up at the ceiling and took a deep breath.. i was angry but at the same time i was wet.. very wet..

CUNTHUNTER : whats your address lolly ??

he had been trying to tease my home address out of me for weeks now.. but id allways weasled my way out of giving it to him..

Lolly : “WHY?”

CUNTHUNTER : i want to send you a present..

I sat with my chin resting on my fist swaying gently back and forth as i playfully shook my head.

Lolly “you know i cant exccept it.. if you was to post it here who knows who might find it..”

CUNTHUNTER : ok then.. what if i was to stash it somewhere in town ? You could collect it..

I sat contemplating the possibility of someone following me home before dissmissing it as me being paranoid..

Lolly : “Okaaay .. im not going anywhere secluded tho.. but yeah i can do that”

CUNTHUNTER : do you know the bottle bank at cricket grounds ?

Lolly : yes i know it..

CUNTHUNTER : ill leave your present behind the bottle bank at lunch time today. You will pick it up before you log on tommorow.. understood?

Lolly : yes i understand..

CUNTHUNTER : your pictures stay online u til you log in tommorow with your present.. If your not here.. they stay up..

The call cut off and he was gone..

Later that night :

I sat watching a very boring film relentlessly faking interest in it until my husband finally admitted defeat and took himself to bed.. i waited until i could hear him snoring and quickly put the dog on his lead and quietly sneaked out of the house.. i walked as fast as i could until i reached the bottle bank before stopping and discreetly looking around to make sure nobody was watching before quickly diving behind it and feeling around until my hands felt something.. i picked it up and immidietly began walking home… it was black ruck sack.. i was suprised at how heavy it was.. i was exspecting a ankle bracelett or a viabrator .. what the heck was this !!! When i reached my house i stashed the bag in the wheelie bin and crept upstairs to bed..

I hardly slept.. tossing and turning all night thinking about my pictures online and what on earth might be in that bag.. i woke up swollen and wet. I was so frustrated i couldnt wait to get started so i ushered everybody out of the house as quickly as i could before running out to the wheelie bin, retreiving the mystery bag and heading immidietly to my laptop..

I opend the bag and saw two packages.. both cacooned in brown parcel tape.. after eventually unwrapping them both i found a pair of metal handcuffs with a little key taped to them.. and three metal poles two of which had leather straps on the ends.. it didnt take much to work out what it was for..

I signed in to the chat app and pressed video call..

CUNTHUNTER : did you find your present bitch ?

I bit the tip of my tounge as i dangled the handcuffs in front of the webcam..

CUNTHUNTER : good girl .. now take the laptop with you so i can see you do it and go and open the front door to your house.. leave it wide open and come back…

I had butterflys in my stomach as i stood up and picked up the laptop.. i smiled nervously into the camera as i walked up the hallway and opened my front door and turned the laptop towards it to show him before returning to the living room.. i put the laptop on the coffie table and adjusted it so he could see me and sat on the sofa desperately trying to control my nervous heavy breathing as my breasts rose and fell..

CUNTHUNTER : now… take off your clothes

I did as i was told and quickly whipped off my vest top and awkwardly pullied off my jeans before suddenly freezing on the spot and holding my breath at the sound of footsteps at my front door. I phiscally jumped as the letters were dumped on the doormat.. i rolled my eyes and exhaled loudly in relief as i realized it was just the postman..


I closed my eyes for a few seconds and collected myself before reaching around and unclipping my bra and allowing it to fall down my arms..

i leant foward pushing my breasts together with the tops of my arms in an effort to sheild myself.. i already knew the arnswwr but i asked him anyway in a pathetic trembling voice “can i keep my knickers on please ?


I squinted into the camera as i lifted my bottom up off the sofa and whipped my knickers down my legs and kicked them off and sat there squeesing my knees together and hugging myself in embaressment..

CUNTHUNTER : mmmm good girl.. now lets try on your new jewlery shall we ?

I looked at the camera with gritted teeth as i lisened to the passing traffic outside and reluctantly nodded..

CUNTHUNTER : right.. do you see the spreader bar ? That goes on your ankles.. you will need to assemble it.. they screw into each other ?

I looked down at the three metal bars on the floor and picked them up and began screwing them together as i shivered from the draft blowing through the front door..

Lolly : okay.. ive done it..

CUNTHUNTER : good.. now put the straps on each ankle and pull them tight..

I put my feet up on the coffie table displaying my soft bare pussy.. my bare toes involantarilly curled as my tremberling hands pulled the cold leather straps tight around each ankle and fastend each buckle until my legs where firmly secured wide apart..

Lolly : there.. i did it..

CUNTHUNTER : now.. you see those handcuffs dont you ?

I sucked my top lip into my mouth and silently nodded..

CUNTHUNTER : i want you to put them on your wrists.. behind your back..

I stirred my tounge in my mouth as it instantly dryed and stared at my exposed slit on the screen.. “but… what if somebody comes ?”

CUNTHUNTER : you have the key dont you?

I nodded as i blinked innocently into the webcam.

CUNTHUNTER : then you can free yourself when ever you want..

I sat staring at the little key on the coffie table as i pondered my next move..

CUNTHUNTER : come on you little bitch.. i just want to see you reatrained .. just for a few minutes ok ?

I leant forward and picked up the handcuffs and studied them.. they was heavy and cold.. i was aroused just holding them.. i held my wrist up and clicked one handcuff gently around it as i panted heavilly into the camera .. “oh god.. it feels so nice”

CUNTHUNTER : cmon.. now the other one..

My mouth fell open gasping as i put my hands behind my back and clicked the other cuff around my wrist..

CUNTHUNTER : good girl..almost done.. now let me see you squeeze those cuffs tight on your wrists for me ??

I leant my upper body to one side and twisted my waist so he could see.. and squeesed the cold hard metal tight against each of my wrists (click.. click.. click.. click)

CUNTHUNTER : Mmmmm fuck yeah !! Your a dumb fucking blonde bimbo arnt you lolly ??

The feeling of being completely trapped was so intense.. i could see my shining pussy moisening on the screen as i thrusted my hips desperately back and forth.. “oh god yeees … yeeees”


I half choked on my words as i obeyed “im a… im a dumb blonde”


My buzz was interupted by his question as i stared into the camera through my spread open legs and shook my head.. i gasped under my breath “i cant… i cant”

There was a pauce as i sat there squirming around deserpate to touch myself..

CUNTHUNTER : unlock yourself…

I swallowed and licked my dry lips before closing my eyes and sighing loudly in frustrated disapointment. i leant forward and put my feet on the floor and twisted my upper body struggling until i picked up the little key.. i looked up at the ceiling as i concentrated until i had carefully inserted the key into the handcuffs.. i turned the key but nothing happend.. i composed myself for a second as i whispered under my breath “ooookay.. lets try that again”.. i turned the key again but nothing happend.. “babe.. the… its not turning” i began to panic as i wiggled the key furiously ” ITS NOT TURNING… I CANT GET THEM OFF !!”

CUNTHUNTER : HA !! thats becauce you dont have the right key you dumb bitch.. i do !!!

my whole body froze as i stuttered into the camera.. “wha.. wait.. what.. i … ”

CUNTHUNTER : now… whats your address lolly ?

I struggled franticly pulling at the cuffs and wailing in sheer panic “NOOO PLEASE… GET ME OUT OF THESE FUCKING… ARRGGGH”

I flopped back against the sofa gasping for breath as i berated him “you fucking bastard.. you fucking asshole.. i hate you” i smirked to myself as i realized i was trapped..

CUNTHUNTER : so.. give me your address and ill bring you your key..

I closed my eyes and slammed my head against the back of the sofa in frustration.. i couldnt believe id been so gullerble to fall for this.. i opened my eyes and scowled into the camera as i reluctantly told him my full address..

CUNTHUNTER : good girl..


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