The black man


The black manShe was looking for a black man. She wanted black cock. He called her and they agreed to meet. He was just what she needed, nice big thick black cock with strong firm ass and huge balls. He wanted white pussy. They met at a hotel and the setting was perfect. She wanted him to give her rough sex and fuck every hole with that huge thick cock.When she arrived he was already naked. His black cock was hard and huge. He told her “today you are my slut. I am going to treat you like the whore you want to be.” He stripped her naked and ran his hands over her body. He shoved her on the bed and tied her hands and feet with her legs spread wide open. He rubbed her tits then slapped them then he rubbed her pussy and slapped it. He pushed a finger in her cunt and told her “you have a tight white white cunt. My cock is going to stretch it wide when I fuck you hard.”He then kneeled over her head and told her to open her mouth and tilt her head back so he could fuck her mouth. He ran his cock over her lips and face before he pushed it in her mouth. It was thick and she had to open wide. He then began to ram the hard cock down her throat. She gagged as he pushed deep into her. “Suck my cock bitch. Lets see what a cocksucker you are.” He pushed in deep not caring she was gagging and began to fuck her mouth. He grabbed her head Escort and watched his cock slide in and out. He slapped her face a couple times as he cock fucked her mouth. “Open wide slut. I am feeding you big black cock in that sweet white mouth.” He was able to fuck her mouth a while before he then told her “Now you get to taste a black man’s hot cum. You are now a black man’s cum slut.” He then filled her with cum and watched her swallow every drop. “Now lick my cock clean you filthy cocksucker.”He then started sucking her tits to get his cock hard again. He could almost suck a whole tit in his mouth. She was blessed with big firm tits and nice round nipples. “I love those titties” he told her as he sucked each one. As he sucked her tits she saw his cock get hard again.”I bet that pussy wants cock bad. My cock is going to love your tight pussy. Once I cum I can fuck long and hard. I am going to show your cunt how good a black cock can please” he whispered to her. He first thrust three fingers in her cunt and finger fucked her to get her wetter than she was. He also sucked her clit making her cum hard. He laughed and said “you love to fuck don’t you? I am going to fuck you like a whore. I want to hear you scream when I ram this big cock in that tight cunt.” He then removed his fingers and placed his cock at the Escort Bayan opening in her cunt. He pushed the tip in and watched her face. “Hold your breath. I am gong to give you every inch and fuck you harder than you have ever been fucked.” He than begin to push in her. She got a look of pain on her face feeling that huge cock enter her tight cunt. “Do you like this cock?” He did not quit till he was all the way in her cunt. Then he began to fuck her hard and fast. He was rough and wild and the big cock pounded her going in and out of her hole. He heard her scream when he rammed every inch in her. “Yes scream when this cock rips your cunt wide open. I am going to fuck you harder and harder and longer and longer.” And he continued to fuck her loving her tight cunt around his big cock. He fucked her for over an hour before he was able to fill her with his cum. He pulled his cock out and looked at her gaping hole. She looked so vulnerable laying there with her pussy open he then rammed his fist in her. “Do you like a fist in that pussy? whick is better? cock or fist?” then he laughed again. “Do you feel like a whore? You fuck like a bitch in heat. I bet you want more of my cock.”He pushed a finger in her ass. “I am going to love fucking your white ass.” He then spit on her ass and rubbed it inside her hole. Bayan Escort He pushed a finger in her and then aimed his cock to her. “Are you ready to get that ass fucked by a big hard cock? Lets hear you scream bitch.” He then began to push the cock in the tight ass. He had to spit several times to get his cock in her. She screamed at the pain and the stretching but he pushed deep in her. “My cock looks good in that ass of yours.” when he began to fuck her ass the pain was the worst she had ever felt for about fifteen minutes then her ass adjusted to his size and she loved the feeling of the fucking her was giving her. He fucked her hard telling her waht a great ass she had. He also played with her pussy and fingered her cunt. He felt her multi cum with his cock up her ass. Most women could not handle his big cock. He was going to meet her again and fuck her often. Not only did she fuck like a whore but she was beautiful with big tits and a nice ass. He loved white women and knew the white women loved black cock because most black cock was huge.When he filled her ass with cum he pulled his cock out and kissed her. “You did good. I want to meet you often and fuck you. I love those big titties. You are a great cocksucker and fuck like a whore. I know you want more of my big black cock.” They decided every Wednesday night and all day Saturday. He told her that all day with his cock and she may not be able to walk again. She laughed and they kissed and he felt her tits and pussy with his hands and she rubbed his cock. She needed to fuck him one more time.

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