The Best Worst Ex-job Ch. 01


“I quit! Fuck this job, and fuck you!!!”

For the millionth time, my boss at the deli shop was yelling at me because the dining area was ‘a mess’ in the middle of the lunch rush. I was running the register, plating meals, serving tables, bussing, and prepping the assembly line. It’s not like I had extra time to spiffy up.

I cut him off mid-rant with my outburst, and laughed in my mind as his eyes bugged out in shock.

Before he could recover, I continued with “I run my ass ragged for you while you watch cute kitty videos in the office, and I out-last the teenagers in here. This is just my second job to drum up some extra cash, but I don’t need it this bad. If you think I don’t do it good enough, YOU can do it, buddy.”

When the realization of what I said dawned on him, his face showed the shock that the rest of the lunch rush was now his job. I tossed my apron at him and walked to the back to collect my stuff and leave.

As I passed the office, I didn’t even see a hand reaching out for me. I jumped as Mary grabbed my arm and yanked me into the office. Still pissed off, I was about to give her a piece of my mind when she covered my mouth with her hand and ‘shushed’ me.

Mary closed the door and locked it before she started laughing.

“Thank you Matt! That was the funniest thing I’ve seen all year! I’m so glad someone put him in his place. I hate seeing you leave, you are clearly the best worker here, but I can’t blame you for going. My dad is the biggest asshole most of all time, and its awesome how you gave his crap back to him.”

“Look Mary,” I replied, still steaming mad, “I didn’t need this job. But you do. Your dad can’t catch us in here with you being nice to me. Family or not, he would give you the boot and you know it.”

“He is too busy to notice,” she grinned, pointing to the TVs showing the feed from the surveillance monitors of the front-end. He was running around like crazy trying to keep up with everything. “And one more thing Matt. Since you don’t work here, I need to tell you something.”

My anger fading, I was now just curious. Besides, I didn’t mind watching the jerk run himself ragged on the TV screens. Turning back to Mary, I waited for her to continue.

“Sorry, this is really awkward! Ok, I’ll just say it. Ever since you started working here, I have wanted to fuck your brains out!”

She turned to the side as she spoke, her face growing more and more red. I couldn’t speak though! I was floored!

“Many times, after closing, I would come in here and watch you on these monitors while you were working. I fantasized about doing things to you while I ….. ummm ….. played with myself. Oh shit! I can’t believe I just said that!!! Please forget you ever heard that. Please!”

My feet were frozen to the floor, my jaw locked open in shock. Mary was staring holes in the ceiling, looking like she was trying hard to not cry in embarrassment.

Breaking out of my trance, I walked over to her. Not sure what to say or if I should respond at all, it took me a moment.

“Umm, I don’t know how I respond to that Mary. Really. I had no clue. But thank you, I’m flattered. And I must confess that I have had bad thoughts about you too. I think you’re gorgeous, have an awesome mind, and umm, and that it has been a true pleasure working with you here.”

Her whole body visibly relaxed when she heard I wasn’t grossed out or mad at her. Mary was the manager of her dad’s deli, and at only 20 years old she was running it better than he ever could. Well, when he bothered İstanbul Escort to show up that is. I didn’t have a fetish for trying to seduce my managers, bur I surely had noticed her. She wasn’t the hottest girl in town, but I could tell there was a vixen hiding under the boring uniform.

“Thank you Matt, that means a lot to me. It really does. But what do you mean, dirty thoughts?”

She was grinning slightly but I could almost see her mind churning with ideas.

“Look Mary, I’m easily 10 years older than you, I know I’m not very good looking, so I figured you would never look at me that way when you could get any guy you wanted. But what do I mean? Lets just say that even though you have never seen my house, you have been in my shower MANY times. And you were a very dirty girl in there.”

Mary giggled a little bit and tried to look upset and failed badly. The blush from a minute ago had been fading, but now it came back in a hurry. She looked at the floor to try and hide her smile.

Even though I was enjoying my chat, I was still a bit upset, and I needed to leave.

“Mary, as much fun as this is, I should go before your dad comes back here. And before this gets even more awkward for either of us, OK?”

“No Matt, it’s not OK. If you go now we will never see each other again. And I have a good idea how to put us both in a better mood. Now lock the door.”

Not sure what she meant, I didn’t move at first. But when she walked towards me slowly while unbuttoning her uniform shirt. I got a bit light-headed as my brain lost almost all of it’s blood – it all went straight to my cock.

Quickly locking the door, I walked towards Mary and helped unfasten her uniform as my eyes devoured the growing amount of bare skin. Reaching for her shoulders, I pulled her to me, our lips meeting in a rush of instant passion. In a blind fury of fumbling, we tugged at each other’s clothes until we were both topless.

As our tongues wrestled with each other, the only thing I could hear was our heavy breathing and soft moans coming from each of us.

I really did not want this to end, but something made me push back on her, and we broke contact. Standing just close enough for her nipples to touch my chest, our eyes were locked together, and our hands roaming slowly over each other’s bodies.

With a quick glance to the monitors, Mary saw the coast was still clear. She turned back to me with a sultry grin.

“We only have a little time, but it’s enough to live out a fantasy of mine.”

In a blink, I slid my hand down to open her slacks, but she stopped me just as I freed the top button, shaking her head.

“Not this time big guy, too messy. You picked the wrong week to quit. Now move your sexy ass this way. Ya, over there. Now go lean back on the desk. Perfect!”

Mary gave me a little push to help me lean back on the edge of the desk, then sat in the office chair in front of me. She looked up at me as she pulled open my belt – I swear it haven’t seen that much excitement in years.

She but her lower lip a little and squirmed in her seat as she grabbed my hands. Siting up straighter, Mary put my hands on her breasts and squeezed. With a quiet moan of pleasure, she whispered “Stay. Good boy.”

Letting go of my hands she quickly unfastened my pants and roughly pushed everything down, making me naked from my ankles on up.

Wasting no time, as my jeans were hitting the tile floor, she opened her lips and inhaled my pulsing cock halfway into her mouth. The instant change Anadolu Yakası Escort of open air to being stuck firmly in her warm mouth, with her tongue flicking around, took my breath away.

Humming quietly, Mary slowly moved her head all around. Side to side at first, back and forth an inch or so. My cock must have touched every piece of hot skin inside her mouth. The feeling was incredible!

After a painfully short minute, Mary pulled her head back, but sucking the whole time. Finally popping out of the vacuum of velvet mouth, she stopped as the tip of my cock rested on her lower lip.

Finally opening her eyes, they locked with mine. Without breaking eye contact, she pulled her head back and let my cock point at her. Puffing out her lips in an exaggerated kiss, she pushed against my purple head and let it slide in, but just barely. It felt like almost like a pussy! I had to push her head back a little to stop her.

“Dammit Mary, are you trying to make me cum so fast? You have me turned on so insanely bad, it’s not even funny.”

She smiled happily. “I’m glad I have that effect. But not too soon. I still need more of your lovely cock.”

Holding the base of my shaft, she stared at me as she licked along the underside of my cock. It covered the middle of her face as she slid it against her nose. At the end, she popped the tip into her mouth and kissed it making sloppy noises.

“Oops, sorry so loud.”

Kiss, suck, lick.

“You have no idea how…”

She dropped her head deeply and I could feel the opening of her throat caressing the tip of my cock.

“… How long…”

Two more deep-throating sucks.

“… I have wanted…”

Her tongue tickled under the base of the head.

“… To do this exact thing.”

The way she was talking around my cock, and the feeling of her mouth was just too much for me.

“Me too Mary, I’ve seen you just like this ……. oh damn that’s good … So many times. Oh yeah… But just in the shower…”

She pulled back and smiled at that. Stroking me softly, she said “And did you feed me a snack too?”

I couldn’t talk just then, that exact moment was quickly approaching.

Sucking me deep and holding me there, she hummed her pleasure. That was the last straw, it was too much for me!

Her hand on my balls moved, and I knew she could feel them shift. Sucking fast and deep, Mary was working hard for this. She pulled back so only the head was in her mouth, teasing with her tongue, pressing me against the roof of her mouth.

Looking down I could see the concentration on her face I could also see one if her hands down her pants, rapidly stroking herself as her other hand played with my balls.

During her attack on my cock, I had to take my hands away from her, but I reached down at the last moment and grabbed one full breast in my hand and tweaked her nipple. My mind went totally blank with the rush of endorphins and locking muscles that showed the attack of my orgasm.

My hips seemed to thrust into her face on their own as jolt after jolt rushed through me, giving Mary the cum she was working so hard for.

Slowly my eyes swam back into focus and I started breathing normally again. Looking down I saw Mary grinning at me as she played with my softening shaft.

“Thank you Matt. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that. And it sounds silly, but thanks for letting me make you cum so soon, my jaw was starting to hurt. I don’t do this kind of thing very often.”

“You’re thanking Kartal Escort ME? It’s me that should be saying that Mary. Hell, i just got a surprise blowjob at work by a beautiful topless young woman, one I have jerked off to many times, and she thanks me… Really. With all that, I’m shocked I lasted more than ten seconds!”

I shook my head at the craziness of it all and continued.

“So thank YOU, Mary, for making this easily the best time I’ve ever had quitting a job.”

“Well maybe we both lucked out then Matt. We both got what we wanted. But I wonder…..”

Mary leaned forward and sucked the head of my limp cock into her mouth. I swear I saw her try to smile around my skin, then she took a deep breath and shoved her face into me. Her nose was pressed up against my belly, and her chin was pressing against my balls. Even though I had just cum, I could feel the stirrings start as a chubby started to form.

Mary leaned back with a satisfied smile on her face. “I couldn’t do that before, you were too big. But I took it all and felt you tickle the back of my throat. I want to do that again!”

“But I thought your jaw…”

The look on her face interrupted me.

“Oh shit, we gotta go!”

Following her gaze, I saw her dad heading back this way; the tables out front were almost empty!

In record time, we both got dressed. Mary sat at the computer and acted like she was having problems with it. I opened the office door and leaned on the door frame, crossing my arms and worked on getting my ‘mad face’ back on.

Just then my former boss barked from behind me.

“You got some nerve showing your face here. What the hell are doing?”

“First off,” I growled back, “Shut up. Next, I had to come back and get my final check and do whatever paperwork I need to. Finally, shut up.”

He started to say setting back, but Mary interrupted him.

“Sorry Matt, but the computer is being stupid and I can’t pull up your timesheet.”

“Well then I will just have to come back in a few days. Is that enough time for you? Maybe it won’t be so ‘messy’ then. You know, with all these emotions running high.”

I winked as I said this, and she blushed as she caught my reference to her ‘messy’ comment from earlier.

“Ya that would be perfect, give it a few days and I can ‘fit you in’ just fine.”

The old man piped up from behind me, killing the moment.

“Well you heard the lady, you will have to come by later. Now get out of here. And bring back all the uniform items of mine you have. Freshly laundered too.”

He turned to his daughter with a look.

“Well, what are you waiting for? He doesn’t work here anymore, and he shouldn’t be here. I don’t want his ugly face scaring away customers, so escort him to the back door. Well? Move it already!”

He stomped away in a huff. Mary looked at me and grinned wickedly.

“Ya know, maybe he has a good idea Matt. Didn’t you hear what he told me to do?”

My jaw dropped a little, the. We both started laughing.

“What do you mean? Oooohhh, I get it. Ha ha ha. Mary, he didn’t say that. Not exactly like that anyway.”

“So you’re saying ‘no’ then? In a few days when you come back, we shall see about that. But anyway, you do need to go before he comes back.”

We walked out through the kitchen and paused at the door.

At the same time, we said “Thank you for…”

I held up my hand to stop her. “Tell ya what, I am looking forward to coming back in a few days. I may forget the uniforms though, so you may have to come take them from me.”

“Perfect! No GO already dammit.”

We shared a quick light kiss, then I turned to walk down the alley to my car. My mind was full of ideas for how to find reasons to come back during the lunch rush. If for no other reason, I owed Mary some payback.

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