The Beginning Part 2


The Beginning Part 2The Beginning Part 2The 3rd afternoon went very much like the previous ones. Selena would arrive and we would take turns fucking her arse whilst she sucked the others cock. We both discovered early on the first day that on her knees, Selena worked both of us easily. She wouldn’t let us put a cock into her cunt but she loved being finger fucked at the same time as her arse, so, that was the order of events, One fucked her arse and fingered her cunt and when we swapped over the other got his cock sucked and his arse tongue and finger fucked.It was on our second rotation that the door burst open and Dana came crashing in. Selena, she said almost totally out of breath. Dad and Yonnie s father are coming. That little snitch Ed Fowler said he has seen you all going into the shed every afternoon.I ran as fast as I could but they are only about 5 minutes behind me. If that.I got to go, if they seem they know I warned you.Selena was the first to react.Fuck, she said.. Quick get into you underclothes and go swimming. We didn’t hesitate.Dragging on our underpants and shorts we jumped into the water.Dana helped Selena get dressed. She put on her Bra and underpants with her singlet over top, jumped into the water and swam in the opposite direction to us. Dana fled down the beach and hid in the bushes that grew in the sand hills. From there she could see everything and still not be seen.A minute later my father and Selena`s Dad arrived at the boatshed and walked down the ramp. What’s going on here?My father yelled.Merg was the first to answer. Hi Mr. Dalton… what do you mean?We come here to swim that’s all.Selena`s father looked at his daughter and called out.Selena what do you think your doing here with these boys.Before she could answer, my father called out, Yonnie get in here at once.The Escort water was really cold but we didn’t feel it. I was stuttering and mumbling trying to think of something to say when Merg came to the rescue.We cant Mr. Dalton. Its against the rules. The girls have to go first and we aren’t allowed in the she untill they have dressed and left.My father looked at us for a minute and turned to Selena`s father and said, Well that’s doesn’t sound like they are behaving badly does it.The to me Tell me Yonnie that this is true. And don’t you lie to me.I answered as best I couldNo Dad… Its true. Gee the girls would kill us if we went first.Selena swam back towards the shed.Father, she called out. Would mind going outside, its getting cold and I would like to get out now please.And so that was how we survived a very close encounter.That evening my parents asked me to stay at the table after diner was over and the grilling began in earnest.I held my nerve with some difficulty untill they were convinced that it was just innocent fun and we behaved as young gentlemen should. ..BUT …I wasn’t to swimming there again with any girls unless there was an adult present.You know how people gossip, my mother said.You might be just swimming but in an hour it will be a much more sordid affair by the time the idle tongues have retold it a dozen times.Our mad summer of blissful sex was over. All a week before my 15th birthday.Merg and I met the next day and it seems he had to endure the same inquisition as I did and was given the same ultimatum.. No girls without an adult.We were both crushed.That afternoon we rode to the shed and looked hopefully around for Selena but no one came. We didn’t even feel like helping each other out either.The following weekend was my birthday party. My parents invited several of their Escort Bayan friend over and I was allowed to invite a few of my own.It was now almost 8 days since the Boat Shed incident and I had only seen Selena twice since then, both times in her fathers store working along side Rodger and Dana. It seemed that Mr Royce wasn’t taking any chances. He employed his c***dren to keep an eye on them.The new wave of music that was flooding the world found a welcome home in our house. Rock N Roll blasted out of the radio and everyone tried to jive but no one really knew how. It didn’t matter. We all had a ball anyway.The music was so infectious it had us all bopping away in a series of jerky uncoordinated movements. It seemed to define who we really were in a way.Our parents just sat and watched, laughing and making comments about how ungainly we all looked but how good it was to see that unlike their day where the boys stood at one end of the dance hall and the girls at the other, each too frightened to make the first move. To their amazement, it seemed everyone here was completely relaxed and joined in.Across the room I saw Selena arrive and as she walked to the edge of the dance crowd looking at me. I caught her eye and she smiled and nodded towards the door and held up 5 fingers.My heart almost erupted in my chest. God I was so pleased to see her.I looked around to make sure no one was watching and nodded yes.We met out the back of the house and ran down the back lawn into the bushes that formed a wind break for Mum & Dads veggie garden. Before I could say a word Selena threw her arms around me and her tongue was in my mouth. Her kiss was long deep and urgent.I held her tightly but she squirmed away enough to get her hand inside my trouser and grab my cock.10 seconds later my pants Bayan Escort were around my ankles, my cock was in her mouth and a finger was finding its way into my arse…My 1st cum was less than a minute after that. I squirted all I had into her mouth as she rammed her finger into my arse harder and harder with every spasm of my climax. She didn’t stop sucking and stroking, I never got a chance to lose my erection and soon I was ready to cum again.This time Selena sensed it and slowed, holding the base of my cock hard then she took her other hand out of my arse and on to the end of my cock. Bending it over, she managed to stop my ejaculation and kept the gentle pressure on untill my cock began to lose some of it hard erection due to the lack of blood. We stood there like that for a few minutes. Selena never relaxed her firm but gentle hold.My cock was pulsating, my balls about to explode.Slowly we began to relax and the climax passed its point of urgency.Now she said as she got on to her hands and knees. She pulled her skirt over her back. She was naked underneath.Fuck my arse Yonnie. Fuck me up the arse hard I need it. I drove my cock into her soft warm arse hole and fell thru heavens door in complete unequaled pleasure. In out… In out… In out…faster and faster. Her arse hole grew tighter as she contracted her mussels. Selena grunted with every s thrust and so I could just hear her she began to talk moaning. Fuck me you cunt, fuck my arse you dirty little cunt… stick it up me Yonnie piss on me…. fuck me….. lick my cunt out…I couldn’t hold back, I exploded . My cum was like a river of fire leaving my cock. All the pent up pressure from the climax that we held off joined in and with one almighty wave of pleasure I shot into her.I heard Selena`s muffled scream as she reached her climax with me.Buried as far into her arse holes as I could get I leaned back and moaned as loud as I dared,We remained like that for along time. I was still trying to get my breath back, my cock still in Selena when Dana stepped out of the darkness right beside us

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