The Backpackers


(film concept)

It’s early in the morning at the airport. A plane from Paris has just arrived. Two backpacker girls, Inez and Zahra, are leaving the international terminal. They’re catching a bus to their hostel in the city.

Inez is French and brunette; Zahra is from Moroccan-French descent with coffee colored skin and short, dark curly hair. Both girls are young, tall and slim. They’re traveling the world for a year. They stay in every city for a few months, take odd jobs, make some money and move on to the next city.

After checking into their hostel the girls are seen walking through the city, window shopping and buying a newspaper. They’re looking for work and find the ad of a female photographer looking for models. Inez and Zahra know this might involve going nude but they don’t mind.

They arrive at the studio. A white space with an upholstered bed in the middle and camera lights around it. The photographer’s name is Joan, she is mid thirties, specializes in lesbian erotica and has many connections in the city’s lesbian circles. She likes the look of these two backpacker girls. She shows the girls the work she is doing. They are unsure first but decide to give it a try. Inez goes first on the bed and, at the request of Joan, starts moving around, showing her curves and stripping off after a while.

Watching Joan photograph Inez from a distance, Zahra clearly likes what she sees. She slowly cevizli escort approaches Joan, positioning herself to her side. Joan stops shooting and watches how Zahra gradually takes off her clothes. Joan is turned on and runs her hand down Zahra’s hair and face, chest, belly and in between her legs. Zahra’s pelvis fucks her fingers.

Zahra climbs on the bed and the two girls get into each other, frantically deep kissing and tribbing. The camera pans around the outside from a distance, closing in behind the photographer and camera lights, showing the girls fucking on the set while the flashlights go off. Later on Joan puts her camera down, gropes and kisses the girls, strips off and joins them.

Two days later the girls receive an envelop with a message from Joan. Her friend Donna, a 30-something entrepreneur, runs an erotic theater and is looking for girls. The money is excellent. Inez and Zahra are hesitant but still decide to give Donna a call. She tells them to drop by the next day when the business is closed.

The girls arrive at the address and are being let in through the back door. Inside they discover that the place is made up of viewing rooms. In the middle of the rooms are large, round, upholstered beds that are rotating. The spectators view the action through windows with one-way mirrors. The rooms have red furnishings and red lights with rhythmic music playing.

Donna erenköy escort explains that she needs girls who can put on a lesbian show and suggests they try it out while she watches through the window. The girls find the whole situation a turn-on. They enter the room, mount the rotating bed and slowly start stripping off. Donna watches how the girls ravish each other and give her a close-up view of their genitals. While the girls are busy, Donna calls Joan to thank her. They are both watching the next evening when the girls perform in the same room under thumping music before a live audience.

A few days later the girls receive a package from Joan. Inside the box is an invitation to a lesbian party and two dresses. Inez, Zahra and Joan arrive in the evening at what turns out to be a sophisticated gathering. It’s a large empty space with a high ceiling, dimly lit with red lights, in the middle a white square upholstered bed measuring 3m by 3m. the bed is bathing in light. Vertical semi- transparent fabric walls, about 2m from the bed, hang from the ceiling. Soft music is playing. The crowd is mainly female. Many of the women present are in their thirties, dressed in black, sipping champagne. Joan and the girls are also dressed in black to fit right in and mingle with the crowd.

After a while Joan tells the girls that she has planned to do a photo shoot with them on the esenyurt escort white bed in front of the ladies. The girls are first shocked and hesitant but then aroused by the idea of being watched through the semi-transparent fabric.

Some time later Joan makes eye contact with Inez who’s on the other side of the room. Joan slowly moves in between the fabric walls and takes up her camera. Inez knows what that means. Butterflies racing through her stomach, she puts down her champagne glass. She slowly moves in between the other guests and gradually opens the zip at the back of her dress. She then moves towards the fabric walls while unclipping her bra. She goes bare feet on the bed still wearing her panties. Joan is now shooting while Inez is moving around on the bed, showing herself off and going with her hand into her panties, masturbating. Zahra is still mingling between the ladies, watching it all for a while, then gradually taking her clothes and shoes off.

She eventually moves nude beyond the fabric walls onto the bed. Inez is losing her panties. The girls share deep open mouth kisses and start tribbing frantically with scissored legs.

The camera pans around the scene from a distance showing the ladies mingling and watching behind the fabric walls (wide shots and close ups inside and outside the walls). After a while a few ladies, one after the other, go beyond the fabric walls to grope and kiss the girls, strip and become part of an orgy. Joan keeps on shooting but, at the end of the scene, eventually puts her camera down and joins in too.

The last shot shows the girls the next day at the airport leaving for their next country or city for the next installment of ‘The Backpackers’.

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