The Awe of Being a Hucow Ch. 10

Darla Crane

With the participation of Pimanko as translator from original French language. I thank him.


Chapter 10 The Much-Expected Visit Part 2

After some sucking and nibbling on the nipples, the countess stood up and kissed Stephanie full on the lips.

“My name is Claire. I would really like it if you call me that instead of ‘countess.’ I know that all the establishment’s hucows call me by this nickname. It doesn’t make me unhappy but, for you, it’s my first name, Claire. I noticed you from the very first day of your arrival. I love your body. You have presence. But I’m now here next to you. I also love the scent that comes off your skin, the fragrance of your hair. I’ve come several times to your room while you were asleep and being turned into a hucow. You slept like an angel. You attracted me from the very first day. I knew I could not be indifferent to you. The way you looked at me while I was strolling through the dairy’s hallways confirmed it to me. I’m a lesbian but I’m very selective. I know you’re bi. Pierre told me so. I think we can be friends in the sense that you understand it!”

While talking to her, Claire was caressing her cheeks.

“I’m going to undo the ties now. Let’s hang out like old friends. The night is still young. Let’s enjoy it together.”

Claire untied Stephanie’s wrists and ankles. Then she lay down beside her and embraced her tightly. Stephanie then put her arms around this superb woman and kissed her tenderly. After several languorous kisses, Claire put her head on Stephanie’s chest. Having been partially emptied of their milk, the young woman’s breasts sagged. For a moment, Claire rested her head on those soft cushions.

Partially lifting up her body, she took the sides of the hucow’s breasts in her two hands and kissed them softly. She licked her tongue across the erect nipples, and without breaking contact with the tender flesh, slowly began to descend toward the hucow’s inviting wet sex. A good licker, lapped at the moistened outer labia for vaginal juices that were triggered by the soft caresses that she had inflicted on her at the beginning of their activities.

“Hmm, your wetness tastes delicious. Here, taste it.”

She approached Stephanie’s lips with hers who was sticking out her tongue to lick the mouth that was wet with her juices. Stephanie had already tasted it before when one of her female conquests had put her lips to her during some intense mutual licking.

“I would like to taste yours,” she said.

The two women got into the sixty-nine position. Stephanie looked at her new friend’s sex. She admired the vagina’s large curvy lips that were being offered to her eyes. With her fingers, she parted them and sniffed at the soft fragrance coming from it. The juices coming out of it seemed to gleam on the red flesh of the organ’s interior. She neared the tip of her tongue and then to slowly dragged it across Claire’s fleshy sex, delicately licking the smooth damp surface. Her taste buds reacted favourably to such a delicacy.

Next, she ran her tongue along the length of Claire’s slit, pushing firmly to put it into the depths of her wet sex, which offered no resistance at the eager contact of her taste organ. For the first time, her taste buds savoured the juices of excitement of the rutting beauty.

After licking the interior, she withdrew her tongue and directed it toward the erect clitoris just above. She felt the Claire’s breathing accelerate. With one hand, she uncovered the little pleasure button, releasing it out of its clitoral hood. Very softly, she put the tip of her tongue on the sensitive organ tapping it gently to make it swell.

Claire began to make little cries of contentment and enjoyment. She was also busying herself bostancı escort with Stephanie’s crotch, suddenly stopped the manipulation which she had been consciously lavishing on the hucow’s sex. Her excitement invaded her body. Her muscles began to quiver.

Stephanie got up and brought her left udder to the little button that was standing up in front of her. She used her right hand to squeeze her breast while moving its base so that the udder was pointing at the clitoris. Small jets of liquid spurted out, bathing the pointy clitoris. Milk trickled over the fleshy tip and covered it completely.

Stephanie puckered her lips firmly around the clitoris. After a series of small sucks, the very sensitive organ, bathing in her milk, slipped between the two wet lips and penetrated the yearning abyss above Stephanie’s eager tongue. These small up-and-down movements on the little sensitive fleshy tip caused Claire’s excitement to reach its peak. She was at the edge of the precipice that would throw her into a blazing orgasm. And she let her do it, without resistance, defeated by the hucow’s joyful treatment of her. She let herself slip into the bottomless pit of intense pleasure.

“Ah, I’m cumming! Yes!” she cried at the top of her voice.

Her thighs trembled incessantly. This little game continued for five good minutes until, breathlessly, Claire pushed back the young woman’s head with her hand. Her pleasure button had become too sensitive.

With closed eyes, she said breathlessly, “Oh, I’ve never cum so hard. Thank you, dear.” She then stood up and kissed her companion on the mouth. “Get on all fours,” she ordered.

Claire got up and approached the nightstand adjacent to the bed. From there, she took a belt with a double-ended dildo and slowly put it on. The first dildo, which was to be inserted into the sex of the one wearing the belt, was about 12 centimetres (4.5 inches) long. The other dildo was a little longer but had a slightly bigger diameter than the first one. Each dildo had a bumpy surface that would rub against the sensitive, interior parts of a vagina. There also had vibrating parts at the end of each dildo which could be activated by micro motors installed inside the synthetic members. Their tips, covered in little bumps, augmented the intimate friction of what they touched.

Claire inserted the first dildo inside her vagina and adjusted it in a way that the membrane’s bumpy surface, where the dildos were fixed, was applied evenly on her clitoris. She then buckled the belt in manner that allowed the first instrument of pleasure to be well and firmly adjusted in her sex while the other one pointed directly in front of her. She then took a lubricant and covered the second dildo with it.

Stephanie looked intently at the scene. She was fascinated by the expertise of this woman who was giving her so much pleasure. Her arousal mounted rapidly at the sight of her companions’ the precise, meticulous preparation.

Claire noticed the hucow’s eager look and told her, “Now we are going to enjoy each other, together, like two passionate lovers.”

She moved into position behind Stephanie, tenderly stroking her buttocks. “You’ve got nice buttocks,” she said.

“Yes, I know. They’ve always attracted inquiring looks from men. I took advantage of it to excite them by swaying them as I walked down the street.”

“Yes, I’m sure you had that effect. You must have attracted men with your chest too.”

“Not only them, women also looked eagerly at them. I liked that you know. It comforted me in my femininity.”

While stroking Stephanie’s back, Claire moved her mouth toward the hucow’s ass cheeks and put a kiss on each of them. These carnal contacts büyükçekmece escort only increased the hucow’s arousal. Then, after several languorous kisses, she applied her thumb and index finger to the ring-shaped tip of the anal plug that Claudine had thrust into Stephanie’s anus and withdrew it very delicately, exposing the gaping hole left by the intrusion to broad daylight. She admired the interior of the pink abyss presenting itself to her eyes. Then, taking the bottle of lubricant, she let a small trickle of liquid drip into the dilated anus. Then, holding it in a firm hand, she put the tip of the second dildo into the enlarged hole of Stephanie’s anus. She pushed with her lower belly, making the invading apparatus slide into the lubricated rectum without resistance.

Finally, with small in and out movements, she slowly pushed in and pulled out, the dildo inserted in the hucow’s rectum. Then she pressed a button on her belt that started the dildos’ vibrations. Firmly gripping the hucow’s thighs, she increased the pace in precise and vigorous fits and starts. Her right hand then moved toward Stephanie’s clitoris. Using little slaps and circular movements, she resolutely massaged the little nub.

Stephanie felt the warmth of pleasure invade her body more and more.

The two young women continued their amorous activities, moaning more loudly with each movement. With each push into the hucow’s channel, Claire felt her dildo bump against her cervix, which little by little brought her toward the precipice of a climax while Stephanie experienced the delicious pressure on the inner wall juxtaposing her G-spot. The pulsing vibrations of the two dildos further increased the sensation of the two lovers’ sensual pleasure and excitement. Both emitted cries of pleasure that could be heard outside in the corridor.

Claudine, who passing by heard the groans of pleasure through the room’s door. She smiled and recalled the good times that she had passed with the countess. It evoked erotic images of the intense activities she had also experienced with the goddess of love.

Claire took another dildo that had put on the nightstand and inserted it into Stephanie’s vagina. This double penetration further augmented the hucow’s excitement. She then increased the insertion and extraction rate with firm, pulsing in-and-out movements of the vibrating anal dildo fixed to her belt.

The two lovers came together as their climaxes peaked. At this point, they reached an explosion of voluptuousness with fireworks of intense pleasure. All the cells of the bodies seemed to approach their limits. Their muscles began to quiver uncontrollably, which added further to their joyful emotion. The intimate contact of their skins, which was radiating infernal rutting heat, only further increased the second stage of a superlative orgasm, one that was rarely experienced, which lasted an eternity in that little moment of ecstasy.

After experiencing several consecutive peaks of extreme lasciviousness, the two women, exhausted, sagged heavily on the bed, gasping deeply with their lungs. Holding onto to each other, they stayed entwined together for several minutes, their bodies bathed in sweat. The dildos, which were still vibrating in their respective orifices, prolonged their enjoyment. Then, little by little, the orgasmic aftermath began to dwindle.

Claire was the first to come out of her torpor. She disengaged from Stephanie, withdrawing the anal dildo.

“Ah, no stay in me!” cried the hucow.

“I’ll be here,” Claire tenderly whispered to her.

Taking her left breast with her right hand, she brought the nipple, hardened by their fulfilment, to the gaping hole of the hucow’s çekmeköy escort anus. Through circular movements, she made intimate contact with the sphincter, which had not yet closed. This little game lasted several minutes until Stephanie painfully closed her anal muscle, imprisoning Claire’s nipple with difficulty. The latter pushed her chest against Claire’s bottom so that the entire areola penetrated the rear channel. Stephanie tightened and relaxed her anal opening several times, thereby allowing her to discover another pleasurable sensation with that sensitive, erogenous part of her body.

Claire finally released herself from this carnal grip and kissed Stephanie passionately. Their languorous kisses lasted several minutes as their tongues intertwined. She then got up and took off the dildo belt, which was still dripping with the juices of her vagina and the lubricant in Stephanie’s anus. She approached Stephanie, who had turned onto her back, withdrew the dildo wedged in her vagina and put her mouth on her sex, which was totally wet with the juices of her climax. While lapping the young journalist’s sensitive surface with broad licks of her tongue, she greedily sucked in all the juices she could extract from this slit and whatever emerged from the interior of her sex.

Her tongue then slowly climbed up from the lower part of Stephanie’s sex, which was again bathed in moisture, toward her still erect clitoris. She sucked it vigorously while, with one hand, she massaged the hucow’s gaping anus, thus helping her complete the closure of her sphincter. Eyes closed, Stephanie smiled broadly at feeling this new manipulation, which she enjoyed immensely.

“Good, are you ready for the beautiful finale?” Claire murmured.

“Uh!” Breathless from so much pleasure, Stephanie responded, “Yes, you know I am greedy for sex, in particular for that of Lesbos.”

“Good, have you ejaculated before?”

“No, I don’t believe so.”

“Then it will be you first time.”

Without waiting for Stephanie to say anything more, Claire caressed her wet sex. The inner and outer lips were swollen with the pleasure they had received so far. She pushed the middle and ring finger of her right hand into Stephanie’s vagina and positioned the two fingers on the interior wall where the bumpy little zone, known as the G-spot, was located. She then made little taps on this very erogenous area by curling her digits.

Stephanie’s excitement began to rise again in stages. Her heart beat faster and faster. Her respiration accelerated. She emitted groans of contentment which were coming faster and stronger. After several minutes, she felt the pressing need to urinate. She held back to avoid spraying her partner with the golden nectar.

“Ah, I’m cumming, oh!”

The sensation of fullness on her bladder gradually increased. After a moment, her vesicle muscle and internal retention sphincter completely relaxed, letting strong jets of seminal liquid to escape. Her thigh trembled involuntarily. Her eyes rolled so that only whites of her eyes showed. She believed she was going to faint.

Claire reduced the tempo in order to let her partner catch her breath. Then she started the ride again. After several seconds, Stephanie ejaculated again with heavier jets.

Claire approached with her mouth and collected a mouthful. Then she extracted her fingers from her companion’s vagina, neared Stephanie’s panting mouth and let a large portion of it to flow into it. The warm liquid filled the hucow’s mouth with it. Surprised, she savoured its consistency. The warm liquid covered all her taste buds. It was the first time that she had ever tasted this seminal liquid.

“It’s good?” Claire asked.

Stephanie nodded her head in agreement. Then she finished by greedily swallowing it the warm liquid.

“Those are your juices,” Claire told her. “Have you ever tasted it before?”

“No, Stephanie answered, “it’s my first time!”

“So, you see, you’re now a hucow-squirter!” Then she kissed her fiercely.

Exhausted and completely satisfied, Stephanie fell asleep.

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