The Audition_(1)


The Audition

There were no handcuffs on her wrists and no ropes tying her body down. She did not move.

There were no locks on any doors and nothing forcing her to stay. She would not move.

There were no obligations or promises that she could break and could not offer disappointment.

She refused to move.

She was not a slave in any true sense. In fact, her services were not wanted. She had come begging, pathetic in a way not thought possible to the man before. For months he had denied her. He was an extreme man who used women roughly. The most experienced in pain and degradation rarely lasted a week with him. He was unsatisfied.

She came begging to be used, if even just the once. She would not say no and would never leave, she swore to him. He had grown tired and promised her that he would let her try. He would hurt her in ways she couldn’t imagine and show her what it meant to be used by him. One night, one chance to prove herself. A single audition.

“Once we start you can ask to stop at anytime and I will. If you make it to the end you’ll give up your life and become a slave. You won’t work, you won’t have friends, you won’t do anything unless I do it to you or tell you to do it. The only time you’ll leave the house is when I want to humiliate you in public or take you to a barn and have an animal fuck you. And one day I will discard you, broken completely, kicking you out of my car on some random street, naked and bleeding. And you’ll never see me again. Your only reward is that everyone you used to know will have pictures and video tapes sent to them of all the things you let happen to you, so you’ll never have a life to go back to afterwards. If you don’t want this, just say so once and it will end. Otherwise you’ll be my slave until I’m done with you.”

He waited for a full minute, looking down on her. For an hour she’d been on all fours on raised wooden railway ties mounted onto a metal frame in the middle of his basement. He had spread uncooked rice grains on them before she mounted it and they had been digging into her flesh painfully all the time. She had started crying after 40 minutes but had not moved. Her palms and knees would forever be dotted with tiny scars. She did not moved and she did not answer him.

He turned the camera on, its tripod aiming it directly at her.

“You’re not a slave yet. You’re garbage. You’re human shit that’s about to be raped and beaten in ways you couldn’t imagine. The very fact that your pussy is wet from your treatment so far disgusts me. If you could have anything happen to you right now, what would it be?”

She answered immediately.

“Pain. I crave pain. I want to be spanked and whipped raw until I loose my voice screaming. I want to be treated like less than an animal. I want to be fucked by men and women and everything in between while I’m forced to eat shit. I haven’t found something that disgusts me and want to find out what does. And then I want to be forced to do it. I want to cry and I want to forget what it’s like to be a person and I want to never want it to stop.”

“We’ll see if that’s what you really want.” he replied. The man pulled his pants off, the last bit of clothes he wore. She eyed his flaccid cock. It was seven inches long and too wide to wrap his own hand around it. It was obscene and inhumane. It was partially why he been drawn to wilder and more extreme perversions. Only the most practiced of slaves and women could take him into their pussies and asses and he had never been sucked. Woman who moved onto larger and larger dildos until they themselves became freaks were the only women he could fuck. And he went through them quickly, being rougher than many of them ever wanted.

“If you stay I’m going to train you to take something even bigger than this. It’ll take years and will warp your body. When I’m done with you your cunt will be mutilated from the size of things your body has been trained to accept.” He told her.

She smiled.

She had a beautiful mouth. Her pink lips formed a perfect O and she looked to have a soft tongue. He would never be able to shove his dick into her face. If by some miracle she lasted the evening he’d most likely have her on her knees for friends, guests and strangers. If nothing else her mouth was meant to be fucked on a constant basis.

“You have one thing straight. You are less than human.” He wheeled over his milking machine. It wasn’t some play toy a BDSM website would use to hurt a girl. This was industrial grade and could easily rip her nipples off if he put it high enough. He wouldn’t do that to her tonight, not until he was sure about her. But he planned to very nearly do so. “You’re a a pig. A bitch in heat that needs to be fucked like a dog. You’re a disgusting cow that’s going to be milked so hard you run out of here like the scared cunt I know you are.”

Her large breasts hung low beneath her. He grabbed on forcefully and began to bind it with thin twine. The milker was meant for an udder and so he would need to tie her breasts into the shape. Expertly he wound the twine around her breasts over and over, tighter each time. She quickly began to pant in pain and excitement. They both watched his work as her breast quickly lost its natural shape and began to turn purple. Over a hundred times it was wrapped until it was nothing but tortured meat that hung from her. Then he repeated the process again on her other breast. Subconsciously, she began to subtly grind her pelvis back onto the cock she wished was behind her.

He reached over and lubricated her nipples with the udder cream he had placed on the machine’s cart, rubbing it harshly into her abused flesh. She cried out quietly in pain from the rough way he touched her sensitive breasts. He grabbed each milker and placed them each on her nipple. The suction, even on the lowest setting, was easily more than enough to latch onto her. She watched as his hand moved to the controls.

“Convince me you’re a cow. Convince me you’re nothing but an animal that needs to be milked.” He told her.

“I’m a cow, ” she said, “milk me. I’m a stupid animal and need to be milked. I want to be forced to lactate for hours. Please do it. I need it.”

He was unimpressed.

She thought for a hurried second before continuing. “Mooooo. Mooooo. Mooooo! Mrrrooooooooo!” She began mooing, biting her lip in anticipation between animal calls. He cut her off mid moo and turned the pressure up as far as he could without ripping her nipples off. She bucked in surprise at the sudden pain, screaming loudly. A long, high pitch shriek let loose from her as tears began streaming uncontrollably down her face. Out of breath she breathed in, deeply, before doing it again. And again. And again.

Her nipples pulled down into the milking tubes, tugging the flesh of her breast further in. The pressure was stretching the tender flesh obscenely. But even as she screamed in uncontrollable pain, the corners of her mouth turned upwards. This is what she had always wanted. The sight of her screaming in pleasant agony aroused him. Blood began to flow to his cock, partially erecting it. It grew two inches and widened. From her facial contortions he could tell she noticed. She did not move and did not beg to leave.

He left her like that and walked over to his wall display, which held all his evil toys. He looked over his whip and riding crop. He looked at his paddles, both with and without teeth. He settled on his Chinese iron, a cast iron spanking paddle. It weighed more than a frying pan. He took it off the hook it hung from and returned to her at a leisurely pace.

“I’m going to spank you now. And you will keep count. Every time I spank you I want you to say the number and then moo. I don’t know when I will stop but it won’t be until well after I’ve made you bleed. If you miscount or forget to moo we are done. Do you understand?”

She Emek Escort nodded furiously. “Yes! Moo moo!” She cried out. Her screaming had nearly stopped but the tears had not. He walked around to the other side of her. She was only four feet raised from the floor, so his swings would easily line up with her ass. It was plump but shaped as if it was meant to be struck with a paddle. He admired her rear as he had her front moments earlier. Her legs spread, balancing her body on the the railway ties, her pussy was exposed and spread just a little. Her excitement ran down her thighs, glistening in the light.

He reached out and touched her there without tenderness or self consciousness. She immediately pushed back greedily, desperate for the pleasure it could bring. To her whimpers he removed his hand and wiped it clean on her ass cheek.

He lined up the iron paddle and touched it gently to her ass, letting her feel it. He pulled back and swung forward. She screamed in pain, her voice cracking. As he pulled back for a second swing she did as ordered.

“One! Mooooo!” She panted out. He struck her again. She screamed in pain and then panted out the words she was instructed to recite. “Two! Mooooo!”

The sounds of her ass being slapped and her screams and moos punctuated the steady thrum of the milker. By the time she shouted out 18 strikes her ass looked as if it had lost the top few layers of flesh. Still she did not resist. By they time he reached 30 she looked as if she had been dragged a mile down a gravel road on her ass. At 38 she finally pleaded.

“P-please…” She croaked out, voice almost gone.

He lowered her arm. He had expected this. He had planned to do so much more to her but she had finally broke. It wasn’t as if he had expected anything else.

“H- ….” She swallowed forcefully and tried again. “… harder….” she begged.

He stood there as if having been struck. Harder? Now here was a surprise. Excitement caused more blood flow to his dick, fully expanding it to its full 13 inches. It was nearly 15 inches in circumference, wider than his own forearm.

He took the paddle in both hands and carefully lined up his next swing. He raised the paddle and swung with all his force. The wet crack rang off the walls, louder than her screams. The paddle cracked in half and forced her forward. The force of the strike drove her shoulder into the wood as she tried to scream, but no noise escaped her mouth. Her partial tumble forward pulled the milking lines taught and sent the milker tumbling to the ground. The machine died immediately and the milking tubes fell free from her nipples. Through it all her thighs spasmed and twitched. She was orgasming.

He casually dropped the iron paddle handle and walked around to her front. Her face was purple from the strain of her scream, even if it didn’t make a sound. Finally she breathed in, panting. Her lips formed words long before she managed to find her voice again.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to break it. Don’t send me away, I’m a cow I’m a cow I’m a cow.” She babbled, raising herself back to all fours again. An ugly bruise was forming on her shoulder from the impact with the railway tie.

He looked down at her bound, dark purple breasts. The nipples were stretched ludicrously. He bit his lip as he reached down and began to stroke himself slowly.

Her panic began to subside as she watched him.

“Tell me,” he said, continuing to stoke himself, “what you deserve for breaking the machine?”

“Anything. I’m just hole to be used for your entertainment. I deserve whatever you want to do to me. If you want to hurt me, if you want to destroy me, if you want to rip me apart and leave me bleeding I’ll take it happily and then spread my legs and beg for more. I want to be punished. I need to be punished.” She pleaded, never taking her eyes off him for a moment.

Despite himself he began to smile.

“When you started coming to me, begging to be abused and raped you told me of all the things you’d done. Tell me what you can fit in your ass.”

She licked her lips. “I can take large dildos and plugs. I’ve been fisted passed the elbow and have taken two fists up to the wrist.” Her voice quivered as she spoke.

“That’s a pity. Because I’m going to fuck your ass and it doesn’t seem like you’ve taken anything nearly as large.” Precum began to leak from his dick.

Her smile spread the entire length of her face. He picked up the udder cream from the ground and smeared it the length of his shaft, massaging it into his flesh, inches away from her eager face. He moved behind her again, still massaging the cream into his dick and stepped behind her. He roughly pulled her ass cheeks apart, fingers digging deep into her torn flesh. She hissed violently through gritted teeth but otherwise did nothing. Carefully he lined the head of his monstrously huge cock to her asshole and pressed forward gently, parting the sphincter a bit. Then he grabbed her hips in firm hands and pulled her back while pushing forward roughly. Her ass opened easily at first but quickly reached its limit. She let out a long grunt as he continued to push into her, nearly splitting her.

He was only a third way into her when he could push no further. He wasn’t bothered by it. He was actually quite impressed. He began pumping his hips into her, driving is lubricated cock in and out of her strained ass. She grunted deeply with each thrust as he came closer and closer to exploding.

“Don’t just take it, cunt. Fuck me back like the whore you say you are!” He told her.

With a quiet cry of pain she immediately obeyed, pushing back onto his cock, impaling herself on his throbbing shaft. She pulled herself off his cock and then pushed back onto it again. Each time she moved forward or backward along his cock she cried out. She moved slowly at first but increased the pace quickly.

He smacked her ass. She screamed at the contact, her tortured ass cheek wet with blood.

“I didn’t ask for a tender stroking, bitch. Start acting like a real whore. I want you to rape yourself with my cock. Now!” He told her. He was close to cumming and needed only a little more.

She tensed for a moment and then thrust back with surprising violence. She howled in shame and a deep pain. Without pause she did it again, even more violently. Her head hung limp as she focused exclusively on doing as instructed. She pushed back again and he clamped onto her hips, clutching desperately to her body as his orgasm tore out of his cock with the force of a runaway freight train.

He was still for a long while, panting all the time. Gingerly he withdrew himself from her. His head hung back limply as he gathered his thoughts. He soon withdrew from between her legs and walked out front of her.

Her face was read from effort, her cheeks wet from tears and her hair matted from sweat. But her lips held upon them the warm glow of satisfaction. She had orgasmed again but he had not noticed, so preoccupied was he with his own pleasure.

“That was a poor excuse for an ass fucking. If I keep you, that ass will need to be stretched much further.” She nodded furiously, promising him that she would stretch it as far and as painfully as he wanted.

Looking down at himself he could see that his cock was partially smeared brown with her mess. He looked back to her, trembling on the railway ties.

“Get down here and lick this off.” He told her.

Carefully she got off the raised railway ties, standing for the first time in over an hour. Wobbling, she moved forward and lowered herself to her knees before him. Without hesitance she began running her tongue the length of his shaft, licking of her shit and the udder cream lubricant from his flesh. Methodically she moved up his shaft before lifting up his penis to continue Eryaman Escort with the underside. When she was done he turned and walked to a table resting near the base of the stairs leading up. He picked up a glass dish resting upon it and returned, handing it her.

“Empty yourself into this and then lick it clean as well.” He told her. She nodded, lowering it to the ground under her. He turned away and moved to a large oak dresser that sat beside his wall display, pausing only to angle the camera tripod to shoot her on the floor where she knelt. He didn’t need to watch her in order to confirm she was obeying him, he was growing confidant that she might be the one he’d been searching for.

As he opened a drawer he could hear her bowels empty into the dish. He looked back to her as she pulled the dish forward, judging her size. She was a large girl in a pleasant way. He turned back to the open drawer and selected a corset he believed would fit. It encompased the abdomen and shoulders while leaving he breasts free. He closed the drawer and moved over to the corner of the basement where a sink sat alone. He wet a cloth before returning to her.

Her face was still in the dish. She had already eaten any large pieces that had come out of her and was just licking the dish clean of shit, blood, lubricant and semen. Every now and then she coughed, clearly disgusted with the taste, but she did not stop until the dish was clean. She looked up to him expectantly, face smeared brown with her own filth. He tossed the cloth down to her.

“Clean yourself, you disgusting whore.” He said, with a slight smirk. She quickly did as instructed. He took the cloth from her when she was done and tossed it to the corner without looking.

“Stand up.” He instructed. She stood.

“Put this on and then tighten the straps at the front as far as you can.” He told her. She took the black corset from him and did as instructed, careful with of injured shoulder.

“Now turn around.” He instructed. She turned around.

The dark purple string running the back of the corset hung loose. He leaned in close to her, hands holding her abdomen gently as he leaned in close to speak in her ear.

“There’s a difference between uncomfortable and dangerous. Let me know if it gets too tight. The last thing I want is for you to not be able to breath and die. Do you understand.” A gentleness had crept into his voice unexpectedly. She nodded in response.

He tightened the corset, pulling the sides in tight. As he moved further up he drew the strings back as far as he could. About two thirds up the corset she stopped him.

“That’s … a little too tight.” She said, short of breath. He loosened a few loops. “You can tighten it a bit more than that.” She advised. He did so and waited. She took a few experimental breaths and nodded. When he finished he had her turn back to him as he untied the twine from each of her breasts. Letting the twine fall to the ground he stepped back and admired her.

Her heavy purple breasts hung low over the corset that had shaped her ample body into a subtle hourglass figure. His eyes moved further down her body to her pussy. He’d had her shave it before coming today, and it shined with her cum. He moved close to her and reach down between her legs. Her reaction was immediate as her breath caught in her through. His fingers dug between her folds and searched for a moment before finding her clitoris. She tensed, breathing quickly.

“If you last the night I’ll pierce this. And your pussy lips, several loops in a row along each side. I’ll weigh them, a little more each day. I won’t be satisfied until this beautiful cunt of yours is a disgusting mound of flopping lips, distorted forever by the weights. Would you like that.”

She nodded eagerly, eyes partially glazed as she imaged it.

He took hold of her by the back of the neck and led her to a free standing timber door frame. A cushioned box rested inside of it, a foot and a half off the ground. An opening in the box had a dildo attached to a piston. Midway along the door frame a timber cross beam had been secured.

“Kneel on this, facing me.” She did was she was instructed.

He returned to the camera and fixed it on her new location in the basement dungeon.

Kneeling on the box the crossbeam rested at breast level to her. He reached over and lifted her breasts, draping them over the wooden beam. He bent over and gathered a length of rope laying next to the box. He began tying her breasts, firmly but not tightly, to the beam. Over, under and around the first breast snaked the rope before he moved it around her back and onto her other breast. The colour had yet to return to her breasts with any measure, but the purple had lightened considerably. It did not look like circulation was cut off this time but still she could not move.

“This machine is going to fuck you and I’m going to spank your breasts with a riding crop. This will happen until you cum, do you understand?” He asked her.

A puzzled expression spread across her face but she nodded. The box was connected to a small control console next to it. The wheeled cart it rested on also held a small battery powered device and some large needles. He reached down and took the battery device out, placing it on top of the control console. He attached eight wires to it and then, in turn, attached a needle to to each wire.

“I’m also going to puncture each breast with four of these and be electrocuting you.” He continued.

The smile began to return to her face.

He grabbed hold of her breast and pushed the the first needle in pushed it into her, piercing the flesh.The needle was four inches long and he intended to push it in at least three and a half inches. She tried, at first, to quietly take the pain but very quickly gave up on that. A scream welled up inside of her as she struggled to remain still. By the time he moved on to push the needles into her second breast her head was snapping back and forth as she howled in pain. Her whole body shook as she struggled to maintain composure as he moved the needles deeper into her flesh, always careful to keep them close to the surface of her skin.

He stood back, finished. Relieved panting escaped from her lips as she stared down at her abused chest. He moved closer to her again and took hold of the dildo between her legs, removing it from the piston. He exchanged it for the toilet brush laying next to the box and secured it to the piston.

“And you’ll be fucked by that the entire time.” He said to her. “Unless you’d like to leave?”

“No, never!” She insisted. “All my pussy is good for is to be fucked or tortured.”

“Spread your legs wider then, slut.” She obeyed.

He thumbed the control console and the piston raised into position. He reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips, using his other had to guide the toilet brush into her.

“Aaahhhhh!” She cried out, quietly, as the bristles scraped along the sides of her tender pussy walls.

He left her kneeling like that as he fetched a firm riding crop from his display wall. He returned, gently tapping the riding crop into the palm of his hand.

“This battery device is set up to electrocute you at random intervals for random lengths of time. The needles shocking you are also random, it could be on breast or it could be both just as it could be one needle or all of them and everything in between. This is what it will feel like.”

He hit a button on the battery device.

Her body tensed for a moment and her eyes welled up as she screamed out in surprise from the intensity of the voltage.

“Alright then.” He smiled.

He hit the random button on the battery and turned the piston on, forcing the toilet brush in and out of her cunt. Her reaction was immediate. She began moaning Esat Escort loudly as the sharp bristles accosted her pelvis from deep inside. This was punctuated by the occasional loud shriek as she was electrocuted. He began striking her nipples with the riding crop, increasing the intensity of her pained screams. He soon moved the dial up on the piston box, increasing the speed with which the toilet brush fucked her. At the same time he increased the force of his strikes on her nipples. Tears began falling from her face and she grabbed hold of each side of the wood frame, bracing herself for the assault.

Again he increased the speed, the toilet brush pumping in and out of her at a moderately fast pace.

“Do you like that, bitch? Is it too much for you? Ask me to stop like the weak piece of shit I know you are and you can go,” The riding crop rained down a quick series of smacks against her bruised tits. She screamed and her head snapped back. At the same time she began to grind her hips into the toilet brush. As it fucked her, as her tits were electrocuted and as her tortured nipples were abused further, she began to pant, sweat forming on her brow again.

“You like that? Tell me, tell me why you like it, cunt. Let me hear it from your own whore lips!” He demanded of her.

Grunting, she said “I’m a cum bucket that likes being raped bloody.” Despite the pain she curled her tongue seductively, flicking ir in the air once. “I’m a-a-ahhhhrrrrg … a pain hole that needs cum dripping from my lips and over my tits like a cheap whore. I’m worthless if I’m not being destroyed.” She lost all control and began screaming loudly. But still she ground her pussy hard into the bristle brush.

He smiled and turned the piston onto full power. As it ravaged her cunt he brought the riding crop loudly down upon her breasts, again and again. Her face twisted into a crying grimace as the multiple violations continued. And then all at once her screaming stopped. Her grimaced mouth turned into a perfect O shape and the lines in her face disappeared in serene joy. Her whole body shook violently again and again. Her orgasms crashed against her as multiple waves rocked her. Once her body began to grow less tense he dialed the devices back until they came to a full stop.

A calm exhaustion overcame her. He let her enjoy it.

After several long minutes she swallowed hard and meekly said ” … thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Would you like me to call you a cab?” He asked, not really looking at her.

“A cab?” She asked.

“You got what you came for, right? Would you like to wash up before you leave? I can run you a bath. Or would you prefer a shower?”

“Did I do something wrong?” She asked, after a moment.

He shook his head. “No.”

She thought for a full minute before answering. “Does that mean I can be your slave, then?”

He had found the one.

“Pull those out of your tits.” He instructed, pointing to the needles.

She grabbed the first needle and started to pull it out, sucking in air painfully through her teeth. He left her to do as instructed and returned to the oak dresser. In the bottom drawer he withdrew a leather slave mask and his cordless trimmer. He had charged it earlier in the day assuming it would not be used.

He returned to her and watched as she pulled the last three needles from her breast.He put the mask and the trimmer on the cart and then reached down, taking the toilet brush out of her pussy as gently as possible. Its white bristles were stained red. He dropped it to the floor.

“This is it. If you want to be my sex slave you will lose all your free will. You will not have any ‘down time’ because this isn’t a job. There are no breaks, there are no days off, there is no freedom. You will give up your opinions, self worth and identity.”

He picked up the featureless leather mask and held it to her. “This will be your face. The only time it will come off is when I allow you to wash or change masks. You will have no name other than the degrading things I decide to give you. You will do everything I tell you to. If I tell bend over in Time Square and let any homeless man walking by fuck you, you’ll do it. If I tell you to do my laundry, you’ll do that as well. There are no limits, taboos or restrictions. You will not be human.”

Everything she had ever wanted was coming true.

“I will never love you. I will only ever beat and mutilate you. If you have orgasms it will only be for my own pleasure. I will fuck you when I want. I will give you to others to fuck you as they want sometimes. I will even sell your body like a whore and make videos of you degrading yourself and then sell them for profit. Because you are nothing to me but a piece of furniture that I can fuck. And one day, when I’ve grown bored, I’ll send you away. And that will be the end of it.”

He turned and gestured to the camera.

“I will send this tape to your family and your friends. I will send it to your schoolmates and coworkers. I will post it online for everyone to see what you’ve let happen to you. No one will find you until I decide I’m done with your pathetic excuse of a body and throw you away like a piece of trash. If you ask me to, I will shave your head, put this mask on you and do all these things. Or I will draw you a batch, call you a cab and destroy that video. Either way, you will never see me again afterwards.” He paused, letting the words hung between them. “What do you want?”

She did not hesitate, not for a single second.

“I want to be your slave and for all those things to happen to me.” She said.

He put the mask down and picked up the trimmers. He grabbed a handful of her hair and shaved it in rough bunches until she was bald. He quickly dusted the loose strands away from her face. Taking the mask up again he fixed to her head, making sure that she could see and breath properly before closing the small lock at its back.

He untied her from the crossbeam, discarding the rope. He pressed his foot to the break release of the box and then wheeled the box about half a foot away from the wood frame before engaging the wheel break again. He went to the table by the stairs from which he had taken the glass dish and picked up the six nails and the hammer. He returned to her and put the nails and hammer down on the cart. Taking her breast he lined up the tip along the crossbeam and held it flat against the wood. He then took up a nail, placing it against her flesh just behind her nipple. He then grabbed the hammer and tapped the nail through her flesh and deep into the wood. She screamed loudly as he did so. He added two more nails to the breast before moving to the other one and put three nails into it in the same way. When he was done her breasts jutted out from her body in an unnatural and obscene way.

He returned the hammer to the table and exchanged it for the last items upon it, two large red candles and a lighter. He balanced a candle squarely on each of her suspended breasts and then lit them before dropping the lighter on the cart.

He stood like that watching her. She offered no indication that she was having second thoughts.

“I am going to bed now. You will remain awake. In six hours I will send my dog down here and it will fuck you. When it is done I will come down here and let you drink my piss. You will then wash yourself and prepare my breakfast. Throughout the day I will show you your daily duties, periodically fucking you. I plan on cumming at least three times before lunch. Once in your ass again, at least.” He ran his hand along his monstrous shaft, hoping to elicit painful memories of her last butt fucking.

“Remember, you are nothing but my nasty slave from now on, so I hope you chose wisely. Because this will be your life for now on until I’m done with you. Now thank me.”

From within the mask her eyes gazed upon gratefully.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

As he passed his new nasty slave, she chuckled. He paused and turned.

“What’s so funny?” He asked her.

“Nothing.” She said to him. “I just never thought you’d pass my audition.”

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