The Adventures Of April Ames Pt. 02

Big Tits

I sat there staring at the piece of paper in front of me in utter disbelief.

I got a big fat F written at the bottom of it. My dismay turned to anger and I crumpled the paper in my hands and dropped it on the floor next to my desk.

The lecture had already been dismissed and many of the students had left the room already. I stood up, swung my bag over my shoulder and made for the door with a contemptuous look at the professor standing at the front backing several books into a briefcase.

“I got an F!” I snarled at Alissa as we both dropped into our seats in the cafeteria.

“How?” She asked. “You’ve had the top grade in that class for nearly the whole year. Now you get an F?”

I shook head. “I don’t know, I just have no idea.”

“Look, I’m sure it will be okay,” she took her hand in mine and rubbed my arm gently. “Don’t worry. The next paper will be fine.”

“He has it in for me, I’m sure of it. All because I called him out on a mistake he made a few weeks ago.”

“Are you sure. Maybe we should go to the headmaster with this.”

“There’s no point, he won’t believe me. And plus I screwed the paper up and chucked it on the floor as I left.”

Alissa snorted with laughter. “Way to stick it to them.”

“Yeah, real smart April,” I said to myself and shook my head again.

Alissa smiled at me. “I’ve got an idea I think.”

“Really, you with an idea. I don’t think this is the time.” I said.

“Just trust me, you’ll have the paper back with a resounding A. Just meet me after class in the hallway.”

My last lecture of the day was with a small frumpy woman who was trying to teach us about the components of cells and how they connected to the world around them. I understood it, but the boring, monotonous tone of her voice almost sent me to sleep. My brain kept flashing back to that F on my paper. I had never failed anything in my life, least of all biology, and yet somehow this nightmare was becoming real.

Alissa was stood in the hallway just outside my class just as sure as she had said she would be. We hugged, she pecked me on the cheek with a quick kiss then took my hand in hers.

“Come on, follow me. I’ve got something that will cheer you up.”

“Unless it’s you ravaging me all night I don’t think much could.” I grinned.

“Wow, that’s what your thinking about?” She gripped my hand tighter. “I’ve got something better.”

“What could be better?” I raised a hand and squeezed her left boob causing her to giggle.

“Just wait, you’ll see. We’re gonna get you that A.”

She led me through the school back down the hallways to Mr Vargas’s class. Alissa peeked in through the window before clicking the door open.

“Wait what are we doing?” I tugged her arm forcing her to stop going inside. “Why are we here?”

“Just watch,” Alissa grinned wickedly and led me into the classroom.

Mr Vargas was tall and slim. He wasn’t bad looking or anything he just wasn’t a usual type I would go for, which is good really as the distraction was unnecessary in his classes. He was stood at the front of the room just as I had left him packing books into his briefcase after another class had been dismissed. He turned when he saw us and smiled.

“Hey,” he said. “April, Alissa. What do I owe the pleasure?”

“We want to know why you gave April here an F on her paper!” Alissa snapped at him and came to a halt a few meters away.

The professor looked taken aback and flustered. He fumbled with his books and dropped one on the floor with a thud.

“I,” he began but Alissa cut him off.

“Is it because you want to fuck her?” She said.

“Wow,” I said suddenly feeling my heart racing in my chest. “I think you’re way off base Alissa, let’s go!”

“Am I?” She said turning to me. “Am I off base professor?”

“Of course. How dare you insinuate such a claim,” his shocked expression turned into clenched fists and a deep Frown.

“Then why the F?” Alissa said.

“Her paper wasn’t good enough, it was mediocre at best and warranted a poor grade.”

Alissa shook her head. “There’s something else going on here,” she said and took a step forwards.

“I assure you there isn’t, now get out.” He pointed at the door.

“Look,” Alissa purred this time and stepped even closer to him causing him to take a nervous gulp. “How might my friend here improve her grade. Got any extracurricular activities she could participate in?”

“I’m sorry,” he sighed. “There’s nothing.”

“Nothing at all,” Alissa smiled at him and twirled a lock of hair around her finger.

The professor shook his head and pointed at the door. “Out!”

“Fine, your loss loser!” Alissa snapped and turned gripping my arm as she went.

They got halfway to the door when he called out after them. “Wait.”

We both stopped. Alissa winked at me and turned. “Yes professor?”

“I want you both, that’s the deal.”

“Hmm,” I said. “For both of us that would require A grades for the rest of the year. Without submissions.”

The professor gulped again Kazan Escort and looked from Alissa to me, eyeing us up intently. There was silence for a few seconds then he nodded.

“How do we know that you are gonna keep your word?” Alissa said and led me back towards the center of the room. “We will have to record it. All of it.”

“What, no way!” He protested.

“No video, no pussy!” Alissa giggled. She was clearly thrilled by situation.

The professor rolled his eyes. “Fine. But if it gets out not only will my career be ruined but your studentship.”

“We understand sir,” I said and pulled Alissa close. “You are such a slut!”

“I know,” she whispered back and giggled.

We both walked across the room and stood staring at him.

“So how do you want to do this? Right here right now or somewhere else?”

“Here,” he pulled a business card out of his pocket and handed it to me. It held an address. “Meet me here, at midnight tonight. Make sure you are dressed appropriately, and by that mean, I want the very look of you to get me hard.”

Alissa and I both nodded and left the classroom in fits of giggles.

An hour or so later we collapsed into the back of a taxi. Alissa grinned the whole journey over to the address.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” I said pulling my overcoat tighter around body.

“I can, I knew what his game was, I just knew it.”

“What he gave me an F on purpose?”

“Of course he did. It’s the oldest trick in the book. Give the hot girl a bad grade and watch as she sucks your cock for a better one!” She giggled and stepped out of the taxi into the cold night air. “Little does he know we love this kind of thing!”

The taxi honked it’s horn as it pulled away and disappeared around the corner.

“Outfit check,” Alissa said and turned to me. She unbuttoned her long overcoat and spread it open I pulled mine open as well. “Look hot enough for you?”

We had both opted for matching outfits. Red corsets, thongs and thigh high tights. We each wore red killer high heels that clicked on the floor as we walked and had our hair tied up in pigtails.

“I’m wet just looking at you,” I purred and reached a hand out to touch Alissa’s smooth cleavage. She snapped her coat shut just before I could get a hand on her.

“No touching until we are inside.”

“If he even lets us touch each other,” I said.

“Who wouldn’t let us touch each other. Look at us! Two hot students playing around with each others bodies. That’s enough to send most of the guys in the school into a frenzy. People pay to see that shit.”

I shrugged in agreement and followed her up the steps to a large wooden door.

“Holy fuck this house looks expensive,” I said.

“I know. We are in for a treat.”

“Or he is!” We both laughed and banged in the door.

A few seconds passed before it swung open and a man in a waistcoat and dinner jacket opened the door. Be eyed us suspiciously before gesturing inside with a wave of his hand.

“Professor Vargas is in play room and is ready for you now!”

We gave each other a smile at the word playroom then stepped over the threshold of the house into the warm foyer. Inside looked ancient but dignified. The butler I guessed he was, directed us through another door and down a flight of stairs.

“The playroom?” I whispered to Alissa.

“I know, this is getting better by the minute. Maybe professor Vargas is a freak!”

“Maybe. Is that a good thing though?”

“Of course darling, this could be the fuck of our lives!”

My heart started racing as we descended the stairs into what looked like the basement. Another door opened up into a large hall sized room covered in black carpet. The light above them coloured everything in a dim red. Chains hung from the ceiling, a large four-poster bed sat in the center of the room with a long table beside it holding all manner of devices. Some of them looked like dildos, others butt plugs and a few sets of hand cuffs.

Alissa trembled with anticipation as we walked further into the room. “Holy fuck look at all this shit!”

“I know, have you even seen so much stuff?” I said gawking at the amount of fuck toys on the table.

“My god I think we hit the jackpot.”

“Or out deaths,”

“Doubt it. Just relax. Enjoy it. You might like it, and if you don’t, after, I’ll eat you raw!”

I smiled at her. “Sounds like a plan!”

A door on the opposite side of the room opened stopping us both in our tracks. The professor walked through the room wearing nothing but a pair of shorts.

“The ladies will remove their jackets.” He said and walked to the center of the room to stand next to the four poster bed.

Alissa shook with anticipation now as we removed our jackets and dropped them on the floor revealing our outfits. I could tell she was excited. I was less excited, more apprehensive.

A low growl escaped the professor’s lips as he glared at us. The bulge in the front of his pants grew slightly Keçiören Escort as he watched us walk across the room to stand in front of him.

“Do we look good enough to fuck?” Alissa purred and gripped one of her breasts in her hand.

The professor nodded.

“You bet we do!” I said.

“The ladies will kiss!” He said.

We looked at each other in surprise then locked lips in a long passionate, tongue tingling kiss that sent shivers down my spine. We wrapped out arms around each other and groaned as our mouths felt like they melded into one.

The professor had gripped his bulge and started stroking it. After a minute or so of us sucking each others faces he had unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock.

Alissa gasped as she looked over at him. “Holy fuck!”

“Is that real?” I asked and pointed at his engorged penis. It was long. Longer than anything I had ever seen and must have been thicker than my wrist, maybe even my forearm.

The professor grinned and jerked on his own cock as he glared at them. “It’s real. The ladies will please me,” he said.

Alissa and I stood there for a second, not sure what he meant, and then I took the initiative and dropped to my knees. I wrapped a hand around his throbbing cock, it barely closed around the other side, and ran a tongue up one side of it along the string of pulsing veins popping out of the skin.

Alissa dropped down beside me and we both began kissing and sucking his shaft. I tugged a few times on him then slid him as far down my throat as I could. It was barely halfway. I nearly gagged as I gripped him with my lips and sucked as hard as I could in long, sloppy strokes in and out of my mouth.

Alissa pushed me off, hungry for a taste, and groaned as his thick cock filled the back of her throat.

“Oh yessss,” the professor growled as Alissa bobbed her head up and down whimpering with each thrust of her mouth.

Several minutes of sucking and licking went by as we both took turns on him, each time getting him further to the back of our throats.

“My god your big,” Alissa gasped as she pulled back from another round of sucking and I took him once more into my warm mouth.

“Are you ready?” The professor growled and smiled at us.

We both nodded and each of us wrapped one hand around his shaft. We tugged up and down as his cock grew bigger still. He grunted a few times, his leg twitched and then he released.

We both giggled and laughed as he let out a long groan of satisfaction along with a thick torrent of hot spunk that splattered onto both our faces and our hair. The spunk was pure white and covered us.

His breathing calmed and we released him from our grip. He took a step back and gestured to the table.

“The ladies will lean over the table,” he pointed.

We both stood up and stepped forwards. Alissa leant over first, then myself. It was the perfect height for us to be straight legged but still leant over. In a flash the professor whipped four sets of handcuffs off the table and clasped them to our wrists binding us to a metal bar running along the side. We were strapped to the table, unable to move, unable to escape what was about to come.

I looked over at Alissa. We were next to each other, our arms were touching, and she had a look of pure euphoria on her face. She was loving every second of this, and to tell you the truth, my pussy was so wet I could feel myself soaking through my underwear.

“What are you going to do to us professor?” Alissa said in a timid, cute voice and smiled over at him.

A crack whipped through the room. Alissa jerked forwards and cried out as the professor smacked her on the arse with a black horse whip causing her skin to turn bright red.

“Oh wow!” She gasped.

Another crack and a shot of pain and pleasure shot from my arse up my back. I giggled as I jerked forwards from the shock of it. “Fuck yes!”

Another crack rang through the room. Alissa cried out loud and gripped the table. She hissed through clenched teeth but that smile on her face never faltered. She was enjoying this, and so was I. Several whip cracks later and more cries of pleasure the pain of the whopping turned into an odd feeling of exctasy. I groaned now through each slap on my skin and welcomed it, eager for more.

The professor moved behind us, pacing up and down trying to decide who to whip next, then I felt his hand creep up my back. It gripped my corset and tugged, ripping it at the seams. I cried out as he yanked the whole thing off my chest and let it drop to the floor.

The same happened to Alissa. She giggled as her naked chest was exposed and groaned as another crack of his whip smacked her hard on the arse.

Next was our underwear. That ripped easier and they too were flung across the room. We were both naked and exposed now with only our thigh high tights and red high heels left on.

“The redhead will lay in front of the blonde,” the professor said and unhooked Alissa from her Kızılay Escort bonds.

She was panting as she clambered onto the table and spread her legs in front of me. Her sweet smelling slit was just in reach of my tongue and i groaned, knowing exactly what was about to happen.

“The blonde will eat the redhead.” He growled and whipped me again. I cried out in pleasure as I buried my face in Alissa’s tight cunt and began to lick.

She groaned so loud and gushed juice in my mouth I think she had cum the minute my lips touched her slit.

“Oh fuck!” Alissa cried and gripped the back of my head pulling me tighter to her.

I licked as hard as I could as she started wriggling her hips against me in time with my movements. Another scream from her rang out and she gasped for air as her pussy tightened between my lips. She climaxed on my face but didn’t move. I just kept licking.

I felt pressure on my pussy now. The tip of his cock was just on the outside of my slit, forcing me wider than I’d ever been fucked before. I gripped Alissa’s hips tightly bracing myself for him. He was so big I could feel myself stretching, widening. I felt the head of his cock push inwards.

“Oh god!” I screamed into Alissa’s cunt as he pushed futher, splitting me wide.

“That’s it,” Alissa hissed. “Hold on and take him!”

I held on and grunted as another inch or so opened me wide.

“He’s so big,” I whimpered, not sure if I could go on.

“Take him!” Alissa shouted now.

I spread my legs wider and wriggled my hips. Another inch slid in forcing another scream from my lips. I was hot, and sweating and my whole body trembled.

“He’s nearly in,” Alissa groaned as I flicked her clit with my tongue between gasps of air.

The professor grunted and pushed again. I screeched now as I felt his balls touch the outside of my pussy.

“Oh god!” I squealed. “He’s so fucking big!”

“He’s in, all the way in!” Alissa said. “How does he feel?”

“Massive,” I grunted. “He’s stretching my insides.”

I felt the professor grip my hips, then slide backwards, pulling his cock half out of my cunt. I heard him grunt, the pull on my hips and his huge cock slid all the way inside me. I yelped and grit my teeth.

“Oh yes!” I screamed. He wasn’t just tickling my back wall, he was prodding it, and it felt amazing.

“Tight,” the professor grunted, then proceeded to fuck the shit out me. He thrust into my slit like a wild animal. At first I felt stabs of pain, but that quickly turned into groans of pleasure. Each thrust of his cock sent spasms of exctasy through my body. The table clattered with the force of him.

“Oh yessss,” I screeched. “Yes fuck me professor!”

My words seemed to spur him on. He let out a roar and fucked me so hard and fast all I could do was twitch and jerk as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me.

“Fuck yesssss,” I heard Alissa screech above me. She was playing with herself while she stared at the monster penetrating my tight little cunt.

“Cumming,” the professor grunted. His body jerked forwards in a flurry of quick thrusts that ended with spurts of cum deep inside me. I felt his hot load cover the inside of my cunt and gush out the sides of my slit

At the same time I released myself on him. My pussy tightened, I arched my back and let out a scream so loud my own ears started hurting. I gripped onto the table riding through my orgasm as his huge cock continued to fill me to the brim.

“Ohhhh yessss fuck me!!” I squealed.

As we both climaxed his thrusting slowed inside me until he stopped and let out a long sigh of air. He was breathing hard.

I turned and grinned at him just as he pulled his huge cock out of my slit with a slurp. I felt cum run down both my legs and watched as it dropped onto the black carpet.

Alissa suddenly stood up on the table, shot a hand out and wrapped one handcuff around the professor’s wrist. She laughed as she whipped another around the other wrist and shoved him back, flat on the table.

“What are you doing?” The professor grunted and tugged on his chains. He was laying on his back, his huge cock stuck up in the air gleaming wet from my gushing pussy juice.

“You like domination huh?” Alissa grinned as she straddled him. She had to practically stand up just so her pussy would hover over the tip of his cock.

“This is not how this night goes!” Professor said.

“Well, dominate this!” She grinned at him, then sat down.

The professor grunted as Alissa slid all the way down right to his balls, taking his massive cock inside her in one quick motion.

“Oh damn you are big aren’t you?” Alissa grinned, then let out a groan as she slid her cunt up then down on him.

“This is not how it is supposed to go!” The professor glared at her.

“Well,” Alissa groaned. “You’ve had your fun with my friend there. It’s my turn. I’m gonna fuck your huge cock better than any girl ever has!”

Alissa leant over and unclipped my handcuffs. My knees were weak and I could barely stand. My pussy felt like it had been hollowed out. I stumbled over to the bed and sat down, and watching as Alissa took everything she wanted.

She was riding hard, and fast, grinding her pussy back and forwards and letting out little cries of pleasure. Her face had started to sweat and her movements became erratic.

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