The 30 Fucks of April – Day 04

Double Penetration

Hey Journal, April 4, 2022. Monday. After breakfast, I was back at the apartment waiting on the furniture to arrive. A beautiful king-sized white panel bed with a nightstand, a chest of drawers, and a dresser with a huge mirror. I had a chaise long in the corner on one side and a small desk off to the left just before the bathroom.

I set up the studio lights and cameras from all the angles I wanted. Full body shots, close-ups, one over the bed pointing down, and one in the bathroom for shower scenes. All I had to do was set up my computer and prepare for my encounter with Joy. This gorgeous redhead with green eyes and milky skin.

I figured I had taken on enough cock the past three days; I could scale back a little with a beautiful woman.

Later that day, I met with a photographer. Her name was Storm, this gorgeous African American woman with deep mahogany skin and a head full of tightly wound curls pulled back into an afro bun.

She had contacted me and said she could help take my footage to the next level and would also do photography to set up a portfolio of hot pictures. She was with me at the location when the doorbell rang.

She smiled, “That must be her.”

I walked over to the door and opened it. There stood this vision of loveliness with creamy skin, soft red locks, and bright green eyes. She wore a black romper and a pair of bedazzled flip-flops. She nearly jumped into my arms with excitement, “Oh my gosh, I am so happy to meet you.”

I hugged her, “You must be Joy.”

She had the biggest smile, “Yes, I’m so excited.”

I introduced her to Storm. They shook hands. We began by removing our clothes. Storm took pictures of us. We had seductive looks as we stood face to face, lips almost touching. My hand was on her tummy right above her pleasure tandoğan escort spot.

Our skin looked beautiful all oiled up next to each other cocoa and cream. Her tongue slipped into my mouth. She had one of those tongue rings. I smiled as we kissed. She touched me below. Storm walked around us, “That’s hot, I love it.”

Joy held my tits in her hands sucking each nipple. I rubbed her ass and squeezed. I walked her over to the bed and kneeled. I hooked my ring and middle finger and penetrated. Her lips puckered and she moaned. I held her hair on the right side while stroking rapidly, rubbing her clit with my thumb.

I kissed her mouth. Her skin flushed redder the more I fingered her. Faster, faster, faster until her legs shook. I knew she was on the verge, “That’s it, yes, that’s it,” I said to her feeling her pussy contract on my fingers. She squirted all over my hand. She sat up. Out lips sucking and smacking. She leaned into me causing me to lay back.

She had my legs wide open. One hand pressed on my belly as her tongue flicked on my clit. As Storm moved in closer, she seemed to be enjoying our session. Our eyes connected and she smiled. She placed the camera down and undressed and joined us in the bed.

Her mouth was on my nipples sucking so sweetly. She kissed my mouth while rubbing my clit as Joy fingered me. I reached for her until she sat on my face. I squeezed her ass as she rocked her hips. She was enjoying my tongue work. Her juices drizzled on my lips. She and I were humming from the pleasure we received.

I felt it when my body shook. Storm eased down and rolled to my left and Joy was to my right. They took turns kissing my mouth and sucking my huge tits. The three of us lay kissing and tunalı escort caressing each other for several moments. Afterward, Joy left. She said she enjoyed our time and wanted to return. She had never experienced a human cock in her pussy and wanted me to set up another filming.

I had to decide who I wanted to use to fill her pretty little cunt. I didn’t want to go too big and scare her off, so Shawn was a no-go. I could use David and Michael. They did ask to come back. I smiled.

Storm walked up behind me as I sat looking at emails. She kissed my neck, “That was fun, hope you didn’t mind me joining in.”

I smiled, “The footage looks great. I can’t wait to see the edited version. I’m sure it will get tons of views.”

She kissed my mouth, “I’ll be back tomorrow, same time.”


I went back to the condo that night to check on things. After doing a few things at the condo, I was bored and realized I needed something or someone to do. I called up David and Michael. I had so much fun with them that I needed another dose.

They invited me to their place, a nice three-bedroom home right on the water.

We had a few drinks on their covered lanai while listening to music. I told them that I had a cutie that need her pussy popped and they were excited to film again.

After having way too many shots of tequila we decided to have some pool fun. The night was nice and crisp as we swam around in nothing. David got close to me and we began kissing. Michael stood on my right playing with my breasts as I stroked his cock.

He climbed up on the edge of the pool I got between his legs holding his cock up licking the shaft slowly at first just teasing. I massaged it vigorously before taking it into my türbanlı escort mouth. I looked up into his eyes. He rubbed my lips with his thumb before kissing me.

David stood behind me. I enjoyed how he filled my ass while holding my tits our bodies bouncing off of each other with each strong thrust. I took Michael’s cock back into my mouth, up and down, up and down, first slow then fast, deep throat, gag, caught my breath, and then smiled before repeating.

Michael hopped back into the pool. He touched my pearl and then found my opening. He lifted my right leg and pressed his way inside, “yeah, that’s it Ari,” he commented. I was sandwiched between them feeling all of their power.

I held onto him threw my head back and moaned, “So good, so fucking good.”

They were stroking me nice and slow. My body trembled in their embrace. David kissed my neck and my shoulders. I felt it when he pulled out. He wanted my pussy. Michael switched positions. I loved holding onto David as he entered me. The way our eyes connected was magical. His kisses were delightful.

Michael found his way into my ass. Taking all of him was a challenge, “Shit,” I exclaimed until I felt at ease and started humming. So many grunts and groans filled the outside space. I reached back and held onto Michael’s neck. Our lips touched for a moment. He was pounding my ass with a purpose and he was on the verge of letting go.

David was still thrusting slowly. He loved to make me cum hard and he knew exactly how to make me do it. Slow, deep, while kissing my mouth. I shook again and damn near cried, “Fuck.”

“I’m almost there beautiful,” he informed me.

It was as if I was struck hard with a double blow. Two tight grips. Two men grunting. Both men pressed deep inside as their cocks throbbed inside of me, “Shit,” I said.

“Ahhhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh,” said Michael grunted.

“Agghhhhh,” said David.

They held. We were panting. When they pulled out I nearly collapsed. David held me up, “Damn babe, we fucked the shit out of you.”

I laughed, “Y’all sure did.”

It was the perfect ending to day four. Until next time…

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