That’s What Sisters Are For_(1)


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That’s What Sisters Are For

I was pretty young I guess but Mom caught me jerking off one day. I had just barely realized that I had a cock and that it was fun to play with.

Anyway, Mom caught me and grabbed me by the back of the neck and pushed me out of the living room, down the hallway, and into my sister’s bedroom.

I was twelve at the time and my sister was thirteen years old. Mom told Elaine to get undressed. She looked at me and then back at Mom, Mom repeated her orders and Elaine undressed.

Mom said, “Now kneel down here and suck his cock.”

Elaine looked at Mom in disbelief, I looked at Mom in disbelief, and then Mom said, “That’s what sisters are for.”

Elaine pulled my shorts down, she pulled my underwear down, and then she put her lips over my cock and started to suck.

Mom said, “Whenever you feel the urge to masturbate come and find your sister, she will take care of you.”

Elaine looked up at Mom, released my cock, and asked, “What about me? I masturbate too.”

Mom smiled and said, “When you feel the need go get your brother and he will fuck you. That’s what brothers are for.”

Elaine asked, “So I have to suck him but he gets to fuck me?”

Mom laughed and said, “He can fuck you now if you want him too…but you still have to suck his cock before and after he fucks you.”

Elaine asked, “Why?”

Mom just smiled and said, “That’s what sisters are for. They suck their brother’s cocks, they let them fuck their pussies, and they even let their brothers fuck their assholes. Is that clear?”

Elaine asked, “What happens when I get a boyfriend?”

Mom laughed and said, “Then you will get fucked by two guys, hopefully not at the same time…but then again you may like it.”

So I lost my virginity that day to my thirteen-year-old sister. She really liked having my cock inside her and she came to get me often that day. She made me sleep in her bed so that she could get it right before she fell asleep and just as soon as she woke up.

Mom had not realized what a sexual monster my sister was. I could hardly satisfy her. We were fucking eight and ten times a day. Elaine started wearing skirts without any panties on so that she could get me inside her quicker. I really enjoyed playing with her tiny breasts and her hard nipples.

Mom took me aside and said, “Just before she cums, grab a hold of her nipples and twist them real hard. She will probably shout out Escort but her orgasm will be stronger. Maybe that will satisfy the little sex maniac.”

It wasn’t very long before Elaine had my cock back inside her and we were going at it. She had taken over the roll of being on top so at the right moment I reached up, pinched her nipples, and then twisted them just as hard as I could.

Elaine cried out, “Ouch. That hurt. You fucking bastard.” Then she smiled and said, “Oh my God that was wonderful. That was the best orgasm ever. Thank you.”

She kissed me for real, as if we were lovers, then she sucked my cock clean. After that she stopped wearing bras too so that her nipples were always available to me.

I was surprised when Elaine asked Mom if she could invite one of her girlfriends to spend the night.

Mom looked at her and said, “You do know what sisters are for!”

Elaine said, “Yes mother, I will still let the little guy fuck me. He might get to fuck Stacy too. She doesn’t have a brother. I told her that I was willing to share mine.”

Mom smiled and said, “Good idea. I did that too. I had three brothers and no sister to help me out.”

Stacy was my age and really cute. We were in the same grade in school and I had often thought about Stacy while I jerked off. It’s hard to think of another girl while you are fucking your sister.

Mom and Elaine went to get Stacy while I cleaned up my bedroom.

Upon their return, I noticed that all three of them were grinning at me.

Mom said, “Stacy wants to give you her virginities.”

Elaine said, “Yes, all three of them.”

I smiled at Stacy knowing that I was going to be fucking her all over the place.

Stacy shyly said, “That is if you don’t mind.”

I took her hand and asked, “Why would I mind?”

Stacy replied, “I don’t know. It’s my first time. Would you really want to put it in my butt?”

I asked, “Do you know the rule abut sucking my cock before and after it’s in you?”

Stacy replied, “Yes.” She thought about what I had just said and then she covered her face with her hands and giggled.

I grabbed her shoulders and said, “I would love to put it in your butt. Do you still want it in your butt, knowing the rule?”

Stacy looked up and said, “Yes, more than ever. You can be rough with me too. I like it when Daddy spanks me. Elaine said that you twisted her nipples. I want it all, blindfold me, tie me up.” There was a slight pause then, “I want Escort Bayan to be your girlfriend too. Then I have to let you fuck me, that’s what my mother says.”

Mom said, “Your mother sounds like a very smart woman.”

Elaine said, “That’s only because you keep telling me that when I get a boyfriend I will have to let him do anything to me that he wants too.”

Mom laughed and said, “That’s right.”

Elaine asked, “Then what is the difference between having a brother and a boyfriend?”

Mom laughed and said, “None really, but you can change your boyfriends and let a new guy fuck you silly. You’re stuck with your brother for the rest of your life.”

I took Stacy to my bedroom but I left the door open. I knew that Mom and Elaine would want to watch.

I kissed Stacy before I undressed her myself. Her tiny titties were even nicer than my sisters were. Her pussy was so smooth and the downy hairs were so soft. Her pussy lips were pressed tightly together and I liked that, knowing that she would be a tight fit. When she turned to get up on my bed I admired her cute little tush and knew that her ass would be an even tighter fit. Then I smiled thinking that Stacy was looking forward to some pain. I wondered just how much pain she really wanted.

I undressed and she saw my hard cock for the first time. It wasn’t anything really impressive but to a girl that hadn’t seen one before it must have appeared to be big. She lay back and opened up her legs for me. I didn’t want to jump the gun with Stacy so I leaned in and started licking her virgin pussy. I had tasted my sister’s pussy a few times but Stacy’s really tasted good.

She enjoyed oral sex so I swung around and let her suck my cock at the same time. It didn’t take either of us very long to climax. She swallowed as much of my cum as she could. What she couldn’t swallow ran down her cheek and started to puddle in her ear.

I turned around again and placed the head of my cock right at the entrance to her opening. She smiled up at me and nodded for me to continue. I pressed into her and the head popped in. Her eyes flew open, then she smiled at me again. I pressed in further and felt her hymen break. That time when her eyes flew open she wasn’t breathing and I got scared and held still. It was a good minute or two before she managed to give me a half smile and a quick nod. I pushed in again and went all the way into her before she held me tight and begged me not to move. I held onto her and Bayan Escort I kissed her, telling her that I was sorry that I had hurt her.

She whispered back, “It’s okay I told you that I liked it rough. I just didn’t expect it to be quite that bad. You can push it in some more now.”

I giggled and said, “It’s all the way into you now so I’ll just fuck you gently.”

She smiled and said, “Not too gently, I hope.”

I pulled it out a few inches and then I thrust it back into her. I had to smile as I made her flinch. She did seem to enjoy it so I kept thrusting into her like I had into my sister a few times. When I was ready I just started cumming. She could feel it and smiled up at me.

She asked, “How soon before you get hard again?”

I replied, “I’m still hard. Where do you want it this time?”

Stacy said, “In my butt but first I have to suck you clean, remember.”

I let her suck my cock for a few minutes and then I started to position her on her hands and knees with my cock tight up against her sphincter. Mom stepped in and poked one of her fingers into Stacy’s ass. She was lubricating it for me…or rather for Stacy.

Mom said, “Don’t worry, it’ll still hurt her.”

I held onto Stacy’s hips and pressed until the head popped inside her. Stacy cried out that it hurt but told me to keep going. Mom told me to take a lot of little plunges into her so that she could get the full treatment. Every time I poked another half-inch into Stacy she cried out. At first I didn’t like it but I figured if it was what Stacy wanted then I could take it too. When I was fully into her and fucking her ass she told me how great I was. She told me how wonderful sex was. Then she told me how great it was going to be to be my girlfriend. About then I was cumming in her poop hole.

The look on her face as she sucked my dirty cock into her mouth made it all worth while. Stacy was a dirty girl and proud of it too. When she had finished cleaning my cock off Mom kissed her. I could see their tongues intertwine and Mom was holding onto Stacy’s tiny tittie pinching her nipple.

Mom said, “You do know that you will have to share him with his sister.”

Stacy said, “I’m looking forward to that.”

Elaine said, “Me too. I always wanted a sister.”


Stacy was my girlfriend all through high school. Then after that we were married. Stacy and Elaine are still best friends and enjoy sharing me to this day. I fathered two sons with Stacy and one daughter with Elaine. We all live together and pretty soon Elaine will tell our daughter exactly what sisters are for.

The End
That’s What Sisters Are For

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