That’s Kelly!


NOTE: This is a work of fiction. The characters in this story are purely a figment of my own imagination and any likeness they bear to any actual persons is entirely coincidental and unintended.

NOTE 2: This is my first ever submission of any kind to any website ever and I hope that you enjoy it. I would LOVE positive and encouraging feedback. Of course, this is the internet, so it will not be surprising in the slightest if some of the feedback is less than helpful or encouraging… just don’t expect me to read it or care about it if you post something nasty.

Note 3: This story contains adult themes (duh) including graphic descriptions of sex between two consenting women who, although entirely fictional, are over the age of 18. Some of the acts depicted herein may be offensive to some readers or may be seen by some as vulgar. If you are offended by anything in this story, just bear in mind that no one is making you read this.


She lay back in the warm grass, stretching her arms above her head. Her body lengthened on the ground momentarily before she curled her legs up and swung them over to one side, twisting her spine like a supple serpent… first one side, then the other. Her eyes were shut tight against the June sun. With a contented groan, she flattened out against the ground, folding her hands behind her head and leaving her legs slightly spread. She didn’t look at me once, but I knew instinctively, despite my lack of worldly experience, that this display was meant for me.

Kelly was older than me by two years and sort of a cousin. She was the daughter of my uncle’s second wife so, although we weren’t related by blood, we treated each other as if we were. They lived nearby, so we attended the same schools and saw each other at every family gathering.

I had looked up to her for years. She seemed so cool and so wild and uninhibited, while I was always timid and cautious. My best friend describes me as shy and I guess that’s true, but I always thought of myself more as an observer. When my friends would go out to a party or school event, I always went along with them, and I had a great time watching them act crazy. I wasn’t just sitting in a corner being shy. At least I didn’t think so.

But Kelly had a special kind of confidence. She had a rebellious edge, but it was backed up by her intelligence and ability. She would come home with a tattoo or some wild new hair style and she never had to care what anyone thought because she got top grades and was co-captain of her field hockey team. Everyone adored her; her teachers, her classmates, her boss at the pizza place where she worked… whenever she did something crazy, they all just shook their heads and said, “Well, that’s Kelly.” It seemed like she could do anything and how I wished I could be like her.

And then she went away to college. She had been accepted to the local university with a partial scholarship, but that was too ordinary for Kelly. She went away to some school in Europe instead and, for the first two years, she didn’t even come home much on breaks. Instead she ran all over the world. Her FB page would go silent for weeks and then she’d pop up with photos of her riding a camel or lounging on some exotic beach. Back here in Ohio, life got very dull for all of us after she was gone. It was like she took everyone’s spirit with her when she left. I would lay awake at night, sometimes in the middle of winter when it was cold and grey and dreary for weeks at a time, and imagine what it would be like to be with her, to live like she did.

Then, I graduated. My senior year was supposed to be this fantastic time – the best year of my life. At least that’s what grown-ups kept telling me. But it just didn’t live up to all of the hype. It couldn’t. All those forced events – homecoming, prom, grad night – there was so much pressure to make them magical, that they just ended up being stressful letdowns. My prom date was a nice enough guy, and he was a perfect gentleman, but we didn’t really know each other that well. We went together because our friends were all going, but it got very awkward whenever we were left alone together. It was obvious that there was no spark between us, so we spent the evening mostly avoiding each other.

That was how it usually was with me and boys. I would go to the movies and see these amazing guys with these amazing hot bodies on the screen, and I would make all of these hot, sexy fantasies about them. Then I would see these guys I knew in real life and there was just… nothing. It’s like I was attracted to a romanticized idea, but not real people. I would convince myself that I was just too busy and too stressed to deal with something frivolous like a boyfriend. My SAT score wasn’t as high as I wanted and my grades had slipped a little since I had started working part-time and, as a result, I only got accepted to one of the three colleges I applied to, and even that was conditional. That meant that, while everyone atakent escort I knew was slacking off and skipping class, I had to keep my nose to the grindstone. I had started losing touch with my friends before we even finished high school, and I was becoming more withdrawn and lonely.

I think my parents felt bad for me and they were really awesome at encouraging and supporting me. After graduation, they announced that we were all going to go on a big camping trip and that they had a special surprise for me. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that I had outgrown camping when I was about 12 and that, what I really wanted was a trip to the beach somewhere – Panama City, Key West.. someplace cool like that… like my friends were doing. But I put my best face on and went along with them. I didn’t want them to think that I was ungrateful.

“Camping” turned out to be at this exclusive resort in the mountains in Western Pennsylvania. Our “tents” were these fabulous private cabins and we had a view of this crystal clear mountain lake. It was beautiful. My parents booked us for two weeks and I had my own cabin to myself. It was very luxurious, except for one detail: there was no wifi and cell service was almost non-existent. I had no choice but to actually enjoy where I was.

I got my special surprise on the third day. Uncle Bill and his family arrived, and Kelly was with them! I hadn’t seen her in two years and I almost cried when she burst into my cabin unexpectedly, threw her duffle bag on the bed I wasn’t using and screamed, “Whaddup, Loser!” I flew into her arms and gave her a huge hug. I had a thousand questions for her and I wanted to see all of her pictures and hear every detail of every part of her life. For the next two days, I followed her around like an eager little puppy, hanging on her every word and worshipping her in every way.

The second night she was there, we stayed awake until past two in the morning just talking and giggling and drinking the vodka she’d smuggled into the resort. I was (and still am) something of a lightweight and it didn’t take many drinks before I was giddy and stupid. I started asking her about all the hot European guys she must have had following around and I wanted to know how many she had sampled. I remember she got this huge grin on her face and said, “Hot guys? Hot girls? Kiddo, I’ve sampled them all and let me tell you, they are delicious!”

I wasn’t even shocked. I’m no prude and of course Kelly would have tried everything. It was Kelly. She was crazy and beautiful and she could choose whoever she wanted whenever she wanted. Wherever she went, people just wanted to be close to her; to be near her and to be with her. As she told me stories about wild nights in European dance clubs, I realized that I was getting jealous. I wanted to be close to her and to be with her and it was other people who were getting to have her, not me.

I’m not sure when I fell asleep, but I woke up feeling very foolish. Had I actually tried to hit on my cousin, or was it all in my mind? Did she know what I was thinking? Would she be weirded out by me? I had never ever had thoughts about sex with girls before. A friend of mine and I had kissed at a party once on a dare and it wasn’t bad. I wasn’t grossed out. But I had no attraction to her and it didn’t feel sexy in the slightest. I liked boys, not girls. It was just Kelly. It was just the effect she had on everyone and the vodka and the late night and her exciting stories had just made me stupid. There, in the crisp, clear light of the morning, I felt like an idiot. I was ashamed.

Thankfully, Kelly had gotten up before me and had gone out somewhere. I ducked into the bathroom and started a hot shower. Another great feature of the luxury resort was that the hot water never ran out. After washing, I just stood there in the steam and tried to get my head refocused. I was NOT going to be the doofy little puppy around Kelly today. I was eighteen! I was an adult. I was going to be starting college in a few weeks. I didn’t have to act like a little girl with stars in her eyes. Kelly was cool and beautiful, but I was cool, too! I may not have been beautiful, but I had a nice, athletic body and I got noticed sometimes, too. No, today I was going to act perfectly normal.

I had bucked up my self-confidence and I was now ready to face the world. I reached to turn off the water when the bathroom door burst open and Kelly came waltzing in. “Keep the water running, Kiddo,” She announced loudly. Through the glass door, I could just make out her form as she peeled off her clothes and put her hair up with a clip. Without asking, she throw open the glass door and stepped into the shower with me. “Oh my gawd!” she gasped. “That’s freezing! Turn the heat up and hand me the soap.”

I just stood there, dumbfounded. In an instance, all of my self-confidence flew out the window. Kelly’s naked body was tanned all over and tight with sinewy muscles. ataköy escort She was perfectly comfortable in her skin and acted as if this was the most normal thing in the world. She reached past me, grabbed the soap, and began lathering herself up.

“I found this perfect place. I was out walking and I discovered that, if you go outside the fence on the far side of the lake, you can go up to the top of this hill. There is no one around for miles and it has the most awesome view of the lake and the valley. I gotta show you! We’ll go after we eat brunch with the parents.”

She then shoved me out of the water stream and turned her back to me so that she could rinse, all the while craning her neck at odd angles to prevent her hair from getting wet. Without even looking at me, she added, almost as an aside, “You got a nice body, there, Kiddo. You should be using that thang!” With that, she abruptly turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, grabbing my butt in a playful squeeze as she did so. My face went beet red.

During brunch, we sat opposite each other while our parents discussed their upcoming tennis match and dinner plans. Kelly playfully flirted with me, teasing me by touching her foot to my leg under the table and giving me little smiles. All I could think was that I had actually said something foolish the night before that I couldn’t remember and that this was her way of punishing me -teasing me relentlessly. The more embarrassed I got, the more it showed on my face and the more she teased me. Our parents remained oblivious and went about their conversation as if we weren’t even there.

We went back to our cabin and changed into our bikinis and grabbed some towels and suntan lotion. She had finally stopped teasing me, but I noticed that her tone had changed toward me. She walked closer to me and her eyes met mine and held them more frequently. It felt like she was actually flirting with me now, but that couldn’t have been true. It had to be in my head. I found myself getting excited and I kept trying to hold that feeling down. I was being stupid again. Kelly just has this power over people. I needed to keep my head.

When we finally got to the hilltop, it was late morning and the sun was high overhead. She was right. There was no one around. We were completely alone and the view was every bit as amazing as she had promised. We lotioned ourselves and then did each other’s backs. I spread out my towel on the grass and lay face up, letting the hot sun caress my body. Kelly didn’t. She rolled her towel up and used it like a pillow, stretching out on the bare grass. Instead of laying next to me, she lay opposite me, so that our feet were almost touching.

After a few minutes, she removed her top, exposing her breasts to the world. She looked directly at me as she did it and said, “Come on, Kiddo! No one can see us and trust me. There is nothing better than the feeling of being naked outside.” I hesitated. That made her smile. “You shy thing!” she said. Don’t be afraid. We are totally alone here. Besides, you’ve got plenty to show off.” With that, she removed her bikini bottoms and spread her legs. “See? Nothing bad happens. Come on! Do something crazy for once!”

With her legs spread, I could see her full Monty. What struck me first was that he had a thick patch of bushy hair over her pussy. In the shower earlier, I had averted my eyes and hadn’t noticed. I mean, I’d seen a flash of hair, but I hadn’t taken it in. I guess I had expected her to be clean shaven. I was. I thought that was what the boys liked and even though there wasn’t much chance of any boys actually seeing it, it made me feel a little bit sexy knowing that I had something that they wanted. When I thought about having a bush, I imagined gross 1970’s porn stars, but Kelly’s was trimmed to fit her bikini and it drew my eyes like a magnet. I couldn’t stop staring at it.

Kelly noticed me staring and smiled broadly. She ran her fingers through her patch of hair and then snapped her legs shut tight. “If you’re not getting nakey, then there’s no more peeking,” she said in a mocking voice. Reluctantly, I took off my top, glancing around in all directions to confirm that we were indeed all alone. Kelly smiled and said, “There! Feel the glory of the sun on your skin!” With that, she laid her head back and that was that.

We stayed there for a couple of hours, just baking in the sun. We each rolled over several times and I actually dozed off for a little while. I heard her stirring and it brought me out of my light sleep. We had worked ourselves closer together somehow and now our feet were touching. I rolled over onto my back and noticed that Kelly was sitting propped up on her elbows looking me over. Her foot idly played with mine. I was still a little sleepy and sun drunk. It felt nice. Her toe traveled over my ankle and part way up my calf. I let out a little “mmmm” sound.

She lay back in the warm grass, stretching her arms above atalar escort her head. Her body lengthened on the ground momentarily before she curled her legs up and swung them over to one side, twisting her spine like a supple serpent… first one side, then the other. Her eyes were shut tight against the June sun. With a contented groan, she flattened out against the ground, folding her hands behind her head and leaving her legs slightly spread. She didn’t look at me once, but I knew instinctively, despite my lack of worldly experience, that this display was meant for me. There was no question any more. We were here alone and naked. Us. Just the two of us. Just being together.

I didn’t know what came next. I had a warm, fuzzy glow in my head. I wanted her to come over to me. To hold me and to have our naked skin touch. I felt my pussy get wet at the thought of that and I wished that Kelly could see it. So, I finally slid off my bikini bottoms and stretched out, not very subtly, opening my legs for her to see me. I wanted her to notice that I was wet for her.

But this was Kelly and the only thing you could predict was that she would be unpredictable. She propped herself back upon her elbows and spread her legs wide, bending her knees and planting her feet on the ground. She was wide open to me and she looked me straight in the eye with a mischievous smile on her face. I was transfixed. And then… And then she peed. Without breaking eye contact and without relaxing the sly smile on her lips, her pee began to flow. A golden trickle became an arcing golden stream that shot high into the air before cascading back down across her right thigh. It splashed and left little rivulets over her skin, but still she did not break eye contact.

My jaw hung slack. I should have been grossed out. At first I thought that this was her ultimate tease – that she had intentionally gotten me worked up just to do this and embarrass me. The joke was on me and I really was the big fool. But I couldn’t look away. It was so dirty and so raw and… and what? Hot. It was hot. I didn’t care if she was just making fun of me now. The sight of that beautiful, tanned and muscled body casually letting that hot stream flow from her had me hypnotized.

When the stream finally stopped, I cringed, waiting for the merciless teasing. But it never came. Instead, Kelly just said, “Your turn.”

My head swam. “What? I can’t…” I began, but couldn’t find the words to finish.

“You can’t what?” she asked. “You can’t come out here all alone and get naked with me? You can’t show me your tits? You can’t spread your legs and show me your wet puss? What is it that you can’t do?” she asked. I had no answer. Finally, she said, “Come here, Kiddo.”

I crawled over to her and sat next to her reclining body with my knees underneath me. She reached out for my hand and I gave it to her. Our fingers intertwined and she held my hand like that silently for a minute. Then she guided it to her pussy and rested my hand on her bush. It was soaked. Soaked with pee, but also with her wetness. She looked into my eyes again and my hand began to move involuntarily. At first I explored the patch of hair… running my fingertips through it and gently tugging on the tight curls. Before long, my fingers explored lower. I ran them along the edge of her lips, over the sensitive skin on either side between her thighs and her mound. Finally, my index finger slipped into the wet gap between her lips and I could feel the full wetness of her pussy. Up and down, I slid my finger. From her clit to the soft spot below her pussy, right above her anus.

It was her turn to emit an involuntary “mmmmm” sound. “It’s your turn,” she reminded me.

“Isn’t this nice?” I asked.

“It’s divine,” she replied. But you know what I want. I didn’t think I could and I told her so. I actually did have to pee, but I couldn’t imagine being able to do it in front of anyone. I was clamped up tighter than a bank vault. But she patiently told me to squat and to relax. So I did. I squatted next to her on the grass and pushed, but nothing happened. I felt stupid and starting to get annoyed. I was about to give up when she reached over and ran her fingernails lightly over the insides of my thighs. Oh my god, that felt incredible! I forgot about trying to force myself to pee and closed my eyes in ecstasy. That’s when it happened. A little trickle came out. Just a few drops that ran out sideways and down my butt.

Kelly squealed with delight. “Yes! That’s it, baby girl!” But in my excitement, I had clamped up again. Kelly traced the line where the droplets had run over my skin. “Here,” she said, patting her own thigh. “Come up here.” She repositioned me so that I was now squatting over her waist with our pussies just inches apart. I looked down and marveled at how incredibly hot we looked together. But Kelly put her finger under my chin and lifted my head so that we were looking in each other’s eyes. “Now” was all that she said. I let go. Suddenly, I could feel my pee flowing out of me in a powerful jet. It hit her clit with its full force and Kelly’s hand immediately went to her pussy, rubbing frantically. Before my flow began to slack, she threw her head back and mouth formed a silent “O.” Her body went rigid and then she began to spasm all over.

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