Thanksgiving Day Eve in Cleo’s Jacuzzi

Big Tits

Laurie and Jennifer each carried a bag from Jennifer’s dorm room down to Laurie’s silver Mustang convertible. It was a warm day for November, so Laurie had driven down from Arlington with the top down. As Jennifer tossed her laundry bag into Laurie’s back seat and Laurie followed by laying Jennifer’s suitcase next to it, Laurie said, “Your roommate seemed less tense than she did the last time I came and saw you.”

“Did she,” Jennifer said as she slid into the passenger seat and Laurie took her place behind the wheel.

“Yeah,” Laurie said. “Considerably less tense.”

Jennifer giggled as Laurie put the car in drive and pulled away from the curve. She glanced at Jennifer who was still giggling and smiled as she said, “You two hooked up, didn’t you.”

Jennifer just giggled some more as she found Laurie’s pack of Marlboro Reds in the glove box and dug through the regular cigarettes until she found one of the joints she knew Laurie would have hidden with them. As Jennifer used the car’s lighter to put fire to the joint, Laurie said, “I’ve got some blow in my purse if you want to stop and do a couple of lines.”

Jennifer shook her and sucked deeply on the weed. After she could no longer hold the smoke in her lungs, she let it out and said, “This is fine with me.”

She took another long pull on the joint and then held it to Laurie’s lips so her friend wouldn’t have to take a hand off the steering wheel. After Laurie had drawn as much marijuana smoke into her lungs as was humanly possible, she held her toke for a minute and then blew the remains in Jennifer’s face. Jennifer giggled some more.

“God, you’re goofy today,” Laurie said. “Have you already been smoking some shit?”

Jennifer shook her head and said, “Nope, but me and Becky sucked our pussies until we were out of juice for about two hours before you showed up.”

“Damn,” Laurie said. “I didn’t think that little honey was up for it.”

“She is.”

“Tell me the whole story about how you nailed her and I’ll even let you drive.”

Jennifer took another hit on the joint, coughed as she held the smoke in too long, giggled some more when she finished coughing and said, “Deal, bitch. Pull the fuck over.”

“Yeah, right,” Laurie said. “Maybe after I hear the story.”

“I can drive you know.”

“I didn’t say you couldn’t,” Laurie said. “But this is my ‘stang.”

“Shit,” Jennifer said as she tossed the residual of the joint out of the car. “It’s just a car.”

“True,” Laurie said. “But it’s MY car.”

Jenny laughed. “You got me there. What are we doing tonight?”

“We could have a little party at my place.”

“Sounds cool,” Jenny said. “Who you inviting?”


Jenny laughed again. “That’s a start.”

Laurie laughed too. “Taylor went to England with Frankie. Howie is in town, so my sister will be shacked up with him. We could go over to Cleo’s.”

“Cleo’s cool.”

“She’s always got good blow.”

Jennifer rolled her eyes and said, “Would you forget about that shit? It’s going to kill you one of these days.”

Laurie shrugged and said, “Wasn’t planning to live forever; but since you are, we could just soak in her hot tub if you want.”

“Oh yeah,” Jennifer said. “I love her hot tub.”

“Cool,” Laurie said. “We can hit some balls first. They’ve got the court right there on the estate.”

“Gee, Laurie,” Jennifer said. “I play tennis every fucking day.”

“Scared I’ll beat you.”

“Of course not.”

“I’m pretty good, Jenny. I used to play in high school too.”

“But I play in college.”

“Only because your mom is friends with someone that knows the coach and pulled some strings to get you a scholarship.”

“Fuck you, Laurie. Yes. Coach Reardon is married to my mom’s sales manager’s brother, but she still gave me the scholarship because I can play. If I couldn’t play, she never would have.”

“So play me tonight.”

“I’ll tell you what,” Jennifer said. “Let me toss the snowflake you’ve got in your purse out of the car right now, and I’ll play tennis with you tonight.”

Laurie looked horrified. “Why the fuck would you want to do that?”

“So, you can prove to me that the stuff doesn’t rule your life.”

“It doesn’t rule my life, Jenny; but throwing that shit out the window would mean I sucked that cock this morning for free.”

Jenny rolled her eyes and said, “Oh, in that case, I see your point.”


Sandy Gordon dropped her purse on her desk and answered the ringing phone. “Hudson Pharmaceuticals.”

“Mr. Hudson wants you in his office.”

Shit, Sandy thought. “He say what he wants, Carmen?”

“What does he always want?”

“Fuck,” Sandy said softly. “I should have gone into real estate.”

“You don’t have to do it, you know,” Carmen said.

“Yeah I do,” Sandy said. “And you know it. But, you know what. Fuck it. And Fuck him.”

“You sure about that, Sandy,” Carmen asked?

“Yep,” Sandy said. “It’s after five. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I’m leaving. If he asks where I am, tell him I went to Baptist Memorial.”


Laurie acıbadem escort pulled off of I-35 at a little town called Temple and parked at a McDonald’s so she could run inside and use the bathroom. Jennifer wasn’t as desperate to go as Laurie was, so she followed her at a calm stroll. When Jennifer stepped into the ladies room, Laurie was standing outside of the single stall hopping from one foot to the other. Jennifer giggled at the sight of her friend in agony.

“Shut up, Jenny,” Laurie said. “I’m about to hop up and pee in the sink.”

“I’m almost done,” a voice from inside the stall called. “Don’t do anything drastic.”

Laurie and Jennifer both laughed, but as soon as they heard the toilet being flushed and saw the door open; Laurie grabbed Jennifer’s hand and, the very second the handsome black woman with a shift manager’s uniform on exited the stall, Laurie pulled Jennifer inside with her.

They heard the black woman laughing as she washed her hands at the same sink Laurie had threatened to pee in. As Laurie was dropping her shorts to the floor, Jennifer said, “You need some help, or did you just bring me in here to watch?”

Simultaneously, while Laurie was dropping her shorts, she sat on the toilet; and almost before she even finished sitting down, the urine began to flow. Laurie sighed and said, “That feels so fucking good.”

Jennifer couldn’t help laughing and saying, “You’d think you were cumming the way you’re carrying on.”

Laurie opened her legs wider to give Jennifer a good view and said, “You like?”

Jennifer blushed as she watched the steady stream of pee flow out of Laurie’s pussy and nodded.

Laurie smiled. “Turns you on, doesn’t it?”

Jennifer’s blush deepened and she nodded again.

“Take your shirt off,” Laurie said. “Let me see those tits.”

Jennifer hesitated, but at Laurie’s urging pulled her maroon and black Texas State University tee shirt over her head and laid it over the toilet paper dispenser. Jennifer’s firm melons fell into view and she fidgeted with the anticipation of what was to come. Laurie reached out to touch them and squeezed them together, loving how heavy they were. Loving the way Jennifer’s nipples responded and grew with her touch. Loving the way they looked like pink gumdrops.

Laurie finished peeing and Jennifer leaned forward so Laurie could take a nipple in her mouth and begin to suck. Jennifer gasped and sucked in her breath as Laurie worked the nipple with her tongue. Jennifer reached below and undid the buttons to Laurie’s brown sleeveless blouse and softly massaged Laurie’s breasts as Laurie switched nipples and began to suck the other one. Laurie’s breasts were smaller than Jennifer’s but Jennifer still loved the way they felt in her hands.

As Jennifer kneeled down and was about to meet her lips to Laurie’s, they both jumped with a start as they heard a fist pounding on the door of the stall and an elderly female voice saying, “What the hell is going on in there? I’ve got to go and you girls are in there moaning like you’re in heat.”

They both began laughing and quickly pulled their shirts to cover their bouncing boobs and ran out of the stall to Laurie’s car.


Sandy found the door to Cleo’s office open and tapped on the glass to get her attention. Cleo looked up from the chart she’d been reviewing and smiled widely at her friend’s presence. “Sandy,” she said. “I haven’t seen you in forever.”

“I know,” Sandy said as she sat in the chair across from Cleo’s desk. “I went to New York for a couple of weeks at the beginning of the month, but Scott’s back in Iraq so I came home.”

“Workaholic like you,” Cleo said. “I’m surprised you took the time off.”

“You’re one to talk,” Sandy said. “Look at that stack of charts on your desk. Those all your patients?”

Cleo shook her. “Nope, but as chief resident, I have to review the charts of all the surgical resident’s patients everyday.”

“Bet that’s fun.”

Noting Sandy’s sarcasm, but ignoring it, Cleo said, “Not really, but it’s all part of being chief surgical resident. I want to be an attending surgeon at this hospital and I want to be a chief surgeon somewhere someday, so this gives me a leg up on other surgical residents.”

“You’ll get it,” Sandy said. “You’re very smart.”

Cleo smiled. “What’s up with you?”

“I think I quit my job.”

“You think?”

“Okay,” Sandy said. “I did quit my job.”

“Can you afford that?”

“My sanity couldn’t afford for me not to?”

“Wow,” Cleo said. “I’m almost done here. You want to go do something.”

Sandy sighed. “Yeah, I do. Alyson is at her boyfriend’s house and Jennifer is coming up some time tonight, but I’m sure she’ll go out with one of her friends as soon as she arrives. I really don’t feel like being by myself.”

“I know how you feel,” Cleo said. “I hate Texas during holidays, because my whole family is back east.”

“Wanna get something to eat and maybe see a movie?”

“Sounds great,” Cleo said. “Give me half an hour to finish these charts and I’ll be done. akbatı escort After the movie, we’ll go back to my place and have some real fun.”

“Mmm,” Sandy said. “Now you’re talking. I could even do with some time in the hot tub.”


“I can’t believe you beat me,” Jennifer said as they placed their racquets on one of the tables between the swimming pool and the Jacuzzi.

Laurie laughed, “Shouldn’t have mocked me. I told you I was good.”

“I know you did,” Jennifer said as she reached behind her and unzipped her tennis dress down the back. “I just don’t get what’s wrong with me anymore”

She let the dress fall to the concrete and watched as Laurie pulled hers over her head and dropped it to the deck with Jennifer’s. Then both girls stepped naked to the outdoor shower and rinsed the sweat off their bodies. Laurie’s breasts were two cup sizes smaller than Jennifer’s but her nipples stood out just as proudly as they were sprayed with the cold water.

Jenny giggled and gave one of Laurie’s nipples a pinch, but then darted away to the pool before Laurie could get her back. She dove in headfirst with Laurie right behind her, and they spent several minutes splashing and playing in the water before switching from the pool to the Jacuzzi.

As they eased into the warm bubbling water, Jennifer sighed and said, “You sure Cleo doesn’t mind us coming here without her?”

“If she minded, I wouldn’t have the security code to be able to get in here. Now would I,” Laurie said.

Jennifer laughed. “For most people that logic would apply, but with you, Laurie; there is no telling.”

“Ah, come on,” Laurie said. “I’m a sneak. I admit, but you don’t think I’d ever take advantage of a friend do you?”

“No,” Jennifer said softly. “I don’t.”

“Good,” Laurie said. “Come closer.”

Jennifer scooted to where Laurie sat and without further comment the two girls tilted their heads in opposing directions and let their lips meet. They’d kissed enough times that they just seemed to instantly melt together as if they were one.

As they were breaking for air, they heard someone clearing their throat and looked to the direction of the sliding glass doors that led out to the pool area from the house. They each turned and with a start realized Cleo and Sandy were watching them. Jennifer quickly pulled away. She knew that Sandy knew about her and Laurie. Just like she knew about Sandy and Cleo. It was still a strange feeling for her own mom to catch her making out with another girl.

“Hi, Cleo, and Ms. Gordon,” Laurie said.

Sandy smiled. She knew Jennifer was uncomfortable. She wasn’t exactly at ease herself, but she said, “Hi, Laurie. I’ve told you. Call me Sandy.”

Then Sandy looked at Jennifer who weakly wagged her fingers and said, “Hi, Mom. Hi, Cleo.”

“Hi, baby,” Sandy said. Then she turned to Cleo. “Maybe we should go.”

“It does seem as if we’ve been beaten to the hot tub.”

“Don’t be silly,” Laurie said. “There’s plenty of room.”

“Yeah,” Jennifer said. “Besides, it’s Cleo’s place. If anyone should leave, it’s me and Laurie.”

Cleo shook her head and said, “No. I won’t hear of that.”

“Then come in with us,” Laurie said.

Cleo and Sandy exchanged looks. Then Sandy shrugged and said, “What the heck.”

Cleo smiled, and thought, Texans. “What the heck,” she agreed.

“Far fucking out,” Laurie said. “Glad I don’t see any suits in your hands, ’cause this is a nonswimming suit hot tub. Get your asses out of those dresses and get in the tub with us.”

Sandy and Cleo looked at each other again. They both shrugged and began pulling their dresses over their heads.

They dropped their dresses to the deck and Laurie gave a soft whistle. The five feet ten inch statuesque Cleo was always a pleasure to see, and Laurie could not get over how much Sandy and Jennifer resembled each other. They could be twins for Christ sake. Neither woman was wearing a bra and their D cup breast swung freely from side to side. Knowing that her own tits were nothing to sneeze at, Laurie still felt a little inferior in the presence of three women that needed no padding or any kind of trick bra whatsoever. Putting that out of her mind, she said, “Come on. Off with those thongs too, the price of admission to this Jacuzzi is complete nakedness.”

Both women laughed and calmly rolled their g-strings down their legs until they were able to step out of them, and each took the other’s hand as if to lead the other to the hot tub. When they had both settled next to each other in the water, Jennifer spoke and said, “Feels good, huh.”

“Oh yeah,” Sandy said. “It definitely does.”

“Where have y’all been?”

“We went to The Olive Garden,” Cleo said. “Then we went and saw Catwoman.”

“Wasn’t that good,” Jennifer said. “I saw that last weekend with Becky. Man, I’d love to eat Halle Berry.”

She stopped suddenly and blushed deeply. Everyone laughed at her and to ease her embarrassment, Sandy said, “I think all four of us would like to have a helping of Halle Berry.”

Jennifer’s aksaray escort color began to return to normal, but she still had the thought, I’m can’t believe I’m sitting naked in a hot tub with my mom and two other chicks talking about going down on Halle Berry.

Then Cleo steered the conversation away by saying, “What have y’all been up too?”

“I picked Jenny up down in San Marcos this afternoon. Between that and now, we snorted all my cocaine, stopped at McDonalds in one of the bumfuck towns along I-35 and Jenny masturbated while she watched me pee, then we got here and I beat her at tennis.”

As soon as she was able to close her mouth from surprise at what Laurie had told them, Jennifer immediately splashed water at Laurie and said, “My God, you stupid cunt, would you shut the fuck up.”

Cleo giggled, but Sandy said, “Laurie beat you at tennis?”

Jennifer rolled her eyes. What is happening to my world, she thought? My mother just got told in one breath about me snorting cocaine and watching a chick pee in a public restroom and her only comment is about me losing a tennis match.

Laurie splashed water back at Jennifer and said, “Yeah, I beat her. Six games to two. She couldn’t return my serve for shit.”

Seeing scorching darts coming from Jennifer’s brown eyes, Laurie said, “Chill out, Jenny.” Then as if to make peace, she pulled herself behind Jennifer so that Jennifer’s butt rested between her open legs and she began to rub Jennifer’s shoulders and neck.

Happy with the massage, Jennifer leaned her back into Laurie’s tits and sighed.

Sandy smiled at how comfortable Jennifer and Laurie appeared together and said, “That looks good.”

“Come here then,” Cleo said as she pulled Sandy between her legs and started using her surgeon’s fingers to massage the tension out of Sandy’s neck.

Continuing with the massage, Laurie said, “I really don’t know what was up out there. Jenny hits way better and way harder than I do, and she runs way better than I do, she was jut off. Her anticipation wasn’t there.”

Enjoying the massage, Jennifer tried to ignore Laurie but said, “Would you just drop it?”

“Anticipation used to be your strong point,” Sandy said.

Frustrated, Jennifer said, “God, Mom. You too. Please, would everyone accept that any chance I ever had of playing tennis for a living is slipping away and be happy that I’m at least getting college paid for with it.”

Sandy bit her lip, but Cleo said, “When’s the last time you had an eye exam?”

“Huh,” Jennifer said.

“An eye test,” Cleo repeated. “If you aren’t anticipating well, you might not be seeing the ball clearly.”

Jennifer shrugged and said, “I don’t know. I don’t remember ever having one.”

“You used to get them every year,” Sandy said. “But when Scott lost his job we didn’t have medical insurance any more so you haven’t had one in about three years.”

“Something to think about,” Cleo said.

“Yeah,” Sandy agreed as she closed her eyes and gave into the pleasure she was receiving from Cleo’s fingers.

When she opened her eyes again a few moments later, she saw that Jennifer had turned her head to face Laurie’s and the two girls were kissing while Laurie softly caressed Jennifer’s breast, cautiously rolling her daughter’s huge nipples between her fingers. Sandy moaned as she felt her own nipples responding to Cleo’s delicate touch, and she leaned her head back giving Cleo’s lips better access to her neck.

She closed her eyes again and enjoyed the way her lover cupped her melons and squeezed them together as she sucked a light hickey onto Sandy’s neck. When she opened her eyes again. She saw Jennifer with her back arched while Laurie sucked and licked one of her nipples. Under the water, Laurie’s hand was between Jennifer’s open legs and it appeared as if she was fingering Sandy’s daughter. From the gasps escaping Jennifer’s lips, there appeared to be confirmation that that was exactly what Laurie’s fingers were doing to Jennifer’s pussy.

Sandy turned her face to Cleo’s and their lips met and then parted. Soon, Cleo’s tongue was easing its way into Sandy’s mouth and intertwining with her own. Their tongue’s dueled and danced a slow waltz until Cleo was lifting Sandy up out of the water and laying her flat along the concrete deck that surrounded the Jacuzzi. Sandy lay with her butt against the edge and her legs open as Cleo slowly dipped her tongue into and penetrated Sandy’s cunt.

Sandy gasped and fought for breath as Cleo used the tip of her tongue to trace the outer portion of Sandy’s pussy lips. When Sandy began to writhe on the deck, Cleo dipped her tongue further into Sandy’s cunt and licked the inner walls of Sandy’s tunnel. Sandy lifted her ass off the deck and thrust it up at Cleo’s face urging her to fuck her with her tongue. Cleo complied and swiftly worked her tongue in and out of Sandy’s pussy just like a man would his dick.

At that, Sandy began an ear-piercing scream that must have awakened everyone that lived within a three-mile radius of the estate Cleo occupied. When Sandy recovered from her orgasm, she found Cleo lying beside her fondling her clit. Taking the hint, Sandy moved Cleo’s fingers aside and softly began to rub Cleo’s clit with her thumb as she dipped two fingers into Cleo’s pussy working them in and out. In a matter of seconds, Sandy’s fingers brought Cleo to a quieter but just as pleasurable orgasm.

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