Terminal Revenge


Note to the readers — please be patient as the scene unfolds. Imagine the situation and the characters and try to envision what may ultimately happen in future chapters, all of which will involve only heterosexual and lesbian encounters — I promise! Any feedback is welcome. For similar character and plot development, please read “Open House” in the novels and novellas category.


As a frequent business traveler through the regional airport, Michael enjoyed an innocent and ongoing connection/flirtation with Angela C. – a gorgeous United Airlines gate agent. For the past year, he learned to enjoy a light banter with her, always finding reasons to visit the gate counter even though he already had his boarding passes.

He usually asked to double-check his frequent flyer status, but she quickly caught on, and eventually he would just stop at the counter to engage in small talk if she wasn’t busy. She seemed to enjoy the exchange, and the very few times when she was not assigned to his gate, he felt somehow unfulfilled for the duration of the trip.

Michael was very good at reading body language, and he paid particular attention to the relationships that she seemed to have with the cabin crew members. Although there was a rotation, he noticed her level of discomfort whenever one particular crew was assigned to the flight. She would become cold and distant as they approached, and he learned not to chat with her while they were nearby.

He almost felt close enough to Angela that he wanted to ask her about it, but realized that would probably be going over the line.

His adventure began as a mundane last-minute trip that included an unusually long layover in the airport. As he waited at the gate, Michael spent his time discreetly enjoying Angela’s movements behind the counter. Although he had nearly two hours to kill, he was lucky enough to find a seat near the gate that was situated roughly twenty feet to the side and slightly behind the check-in counter, giving him a great view of her every movement.

It was a slow evening at the usually bustling airport. With less than ninety minutes before boarding, there were only a few disinterested travelers waiting at the same gate, occupying their time gebze escort in their own worlds, glued to tablets and phones. At age thirty-nine, Michael was the exception, instead preferring to kill time with “old school” paperbacks rather than burying his head in electronics.

Tonight as he pretended to read his novel, he was once again being covertly entertained by Angela, a stunning beauty, possibly approaching 5’10” counting the three-inch heels that accentuated near-perfect calves. He guessed that she was in her early to mid-thirties, with a full C cup that appeared to be much larger due to her unusually small waist. Surprisingly, she wore no wedding or engagement rings.

Although he generally wasn’t a fan of shorter hair, he felt that her blonde-highlighted pixie cut was the perfect choice for her. Of course, he thought, she could be bald and she’d still have everything in place to give most normal men a raging hard-on. There were even a few times when he needed to use his briefcase to hide a fantasy-induced erection when his zone was called.

A seasoned traveler, Michael wasn’t surprised when the cabin crew appeared this time, although it seemed to be a bit early for them. He watched intently and once again, as in the past, he noticed her body tensing up as her least favorite crew arrived.

Looking over his novel, he paid close attention this time to the person he assumed to be the “captain” — a tall, silver-haired fiftyish year old man with a slight potbelly – and his co-pilot who looked to be straight out of flight school. From his position, Michael watched as the captain eased behind the counter. As he passed behind the attendant, Michael was surprised to see the captain place his hand boldly on her ass, clearly assuming that no one could see. Obviously annoyed, the attendant reached down, trying but failing to remove his hand. With a smirk, the middle-aged pilot took a second hand and proceeded to cup her other cheek, then removed them to press his crotch against her from behind as he pretended to view the screen in front of them.

Blushing and agitated, the attendant did her best to wriggle away without causing a scene. The pilot seemed göztepe escort to enjoy the power, and just laughed. He couldn’t see the look of disgust on her face, but based on his actions, he probably wouldn’t have cared. Eventually he seemed to tire of the exchange and left the counter. With a cocky smile, he motioned to the other pilot. Both dropped their carry-on bags with Angela and proceeded to leave the gate area.

Michael watched intently as the humiliated attendant wiped a tear from her eye and attempted to compose herself. Feeling a rush of adrenaline, he closed his book and left the gate area, following the two assholes from a distance. He didn’t know what he planned to do, but he had a strong feeling that the trip was about to become much more interesting.

Glancing at his watch, he still had nearly seventy-five minutes until boarding time. Staying a comfortable distance behind the pilots, he watched as they passed the first set of restrooms and snack shops, eventually sliding past two yellow cones with caution tape and turning down a cordoned-off hallway to duck into another men’s room. Odd, he thought, that they wouldn’t have chosen the closer option.

Easing past the cones and down the hallway, he entered the large dimly lit restroom, surprised that there was no one occupying the row of urinals. All of the individual stall doors were opened as well, except for the large handicapped one in the far corner. Thinking at first that he must be mistaken — perhaps the pilots didn’t enter the restroom — a distant whisper combined with shuffling and the sound of a zipper confirmed that he wasn’t alone in the room.

Curious, Michael quietly stepped toward the stall, entering the one adjacent to it. On an impulse, Michael pulled out his phone and hit “record” as he began to make out the feint sounds from only a few feet away. The exchange that he heard next was priceless:

“Who’s the captain, Angela?”

Another male voice responded weakly in falsetto, “You’re the captain, sir.”

“And what does the captain like, Angela?”

“He likes having his nice hard cock deep-throated at 35,000 feet, like this.”

Michael was stunned haramidere escort as he listened. He couldn’t resist the urge to capture the moment on film, blindly angling his phone over the stall to record several seconds of the action before hearing the captain’s voice, saying, “Oh shit! What the …? Who’s over there?”

Michael grinned as he quickly exited the stall in stealth mode, hearing the panicked voices and more shuffling behind him. He left the restroom and instead of turning left to go to the gate, he went right and blended in line at the Starbucks counter. Pretending to check his phone for his flight, from a distance he saw the captain and co-pilot leaving the restricted area, looking around and heading back toward their gate. Priceless, he thought. Leaving the line, his jaw dropped as he privately viewed the recording. Although shaky, it captured the action as well as the audio, not only clearly showing both participants, but also the captain’s name emblazoned on his name tag as he whispered hoarsely to his co-pilot, “That’s it Angela.. Open that wet mouth and take it all!”

Barely able to contain himself, Michael sat down nearby, briefcase in hand. He calmly pulled out his laptop, glancing at no one. Connecting the phone and pulling out a flash drive, he hit “copy.” Done. With twenty minutes until boarding, he slowly walked to his gate. Barely containing a smile, he watched as the captain and his co-pilot stood at the counter and whispered to each other, still looking as if they had seen a ghost.

He was sure that their minds were reeling, desperate to learn who was behind the recording from the other stall and where it may ultimately reappear. Finally, after one last look around the gate area, they grabbed their overnight bags and swiped through the security door to board. Ten minutes left before pre-boarding.

With five minutes left, Michael palmed the flash drive and proceeded to the counter. Still shaken, Angela looked up and smiled, realizing it was a friendly face. He noticed that her mascara was slightly smeared and he wanted to tell her, but thought better of it.

Instead, he handed her a tissue and said, “Don’t worry Angela. Things are about to change.”

He reached out, palm lowered. Confused, her hand touched his and she was surprised to feel the flash drive drop into her palm.

“Promise to take good care of this for me. It’s extremely important.”

“O-Okay,” she stammered, confused. Michael smiled as he handed her his boarding pass, and he could only wonder what she would do with the “gift.” (To be continued)

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