Tempting Trevor (Full)


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18-year-old Trevor’s graduated from high school and summer break has just begun! It’s time to become an adult and start exploring his curiosity about sex with his super-cute girlfriend, Mary. Only, Mary doesn’t quite feel the same way. She’s afraid.

Home from college for the summer. Trevor’s older sister, Stacy, has some exploring of her own she wants to do. To Stacy, other people are only toys to fulfill her perverted need for sexual control. She delights in seduction, and she’s got her sights set on Trevor and Mary as her next project. Will the innocent couple be able to resist the irresistible Stacy, and her cadre of equally hot and slutty friends?

Kinks Served: Incest, Bro/Sis, Passing Dad/Dau, Passing Mom/Dau, Teasing, Dirty Talk, Masturbation, Seduction, LezDom, Cuckquean

Prologue: Cute

Mary was just so damn cute, but just that. Cute. Trevor’s hand slid up her tummy to cup her small breast, but she delicately pulled his hand away, allowing him to continue kissing her, but hesitant to go any further. After a year of dating, Trevor was finding it difficult. He was always horny these days, just out of high school, with the whole summer break ahead, and his girlfriend was cock-blocking him again.

Trevor was a gentleman, though. He respected girls, treated them politely, and Mary was no different. If she wanted to wait, he would hold out, take care of himself, and be patient. That was one of his greatest qualities, he was told. Patience.

Mary kissed her boyfriend back and placed his hand back on her tummy. Trevor contented himself with the feel of her soft skin, teasing as it was. She knew she couldn’t hold off Trevor’s advances forever. Boys wanted girls to put out, but she wasn’t ready for that.

She was supposed to save it and be sure that he was the one. That was what they had drilled into her, and that was what was right, she knew. It was getting more difficult, though. Whenever he kissed and touched her, it didn’t feel exciting. It felt scary. She’d imagine his penis, big and hard and angry, ready to shove its way into her body, where he’d pump her full of a billion tiny sperm.

Trevor pulled away, looking flushed, then suggested, “Maybe we should hit the pool for a while?”

“Yes! I’ll go change!”

She flew from the couch and ducked into the bathroom, her backpack in her hand. Trevor went to his room, changed into a pair of swim shorts, and then returned to find Mary waiting in a cute one-piece suit. He looked her over, from her cute, freckled face, down her slim body, to her lean legs. Everything about her was just cute. So cute.

Chapter 1: Home for the Summer

Stacy wheeled into the driveway of her parents’ home and parked the car, snagging her bag from the back seat before heading inside. The house was quiet and empty, both of her parents gone to work, but as she looked out through the glass doors of the living room, she caught the sight of her brother and his little girlfriend splashing in the pool.

Stacy smiled and felt a flutter in her stomach. This was an opportunity she could not miss. She cut through the hallway and up the stairs to her room. She found it, just as she’d left it on her last visit from college. Neat. Tidy. Everything in its place. She rooted through her drawers and found the perfect suit. It was a few years old, and her tits had grown a bit since she’d last worn it. It was just right. She stripped down and donned the too-small suit, then tied her black hair back in a ponytail.

Trevor and Mary floated lazily on their backs in the summer sun, the warmth of the pool water enveloping them pleasantly. Insects hummed. Birds called. A slight breeze drifted across the backyard. They were at peace. One with nature.

The sound of the glass door sliding aside broke the tranquility of the moment. Mary was the first to look up, and she couldn’t help but stare. She wasn’t a lesbian or anything, but she could acknowledge beauty when she saw it, and Trevor’s older sister was certainly a beauty. Her long, black hair, tied back in a ponytail, swished back and forth as she stepped across the concrete patio. The suit she wore-what little of it there was-exposed more of her body than it hid. And what a body.

Mary flushed as she caught herself looking at the bulging mounds of titflesh barely concealed by the tiny suit. Stacy’s flat, toned stomach was like a chiseled statue, and her lean legs were sculpted to perfection. She’d met Stacy before, briefly, and she’d felt completely inadequate as a woman, then. Now, though, seeing just how incredible her naturally tanned body actually was, she felt like a little girl. She was a little girl, compared to that. Her own tits were barely mosquito bites, more nipple than tit. Her freckled face had nothing on Stacy’s clear, unmarred beauty.

Trevor called from behind her, “Hey, sis! When did you get home?”

Mary heard him splashing through the water behind her. Stacy took a leap into the pool, sending a splash of warm water into Mary’s face, and making her sputter. She came up, slicked back her hair with a grin, and waded towards her younger brother. He caught her up in a hug that lasted no more than was appropriate.

“I just got in,” Stacy answered. “Then I saw you two dorks in the pool, and it was just what I needed after the drive. I swear my ass fell asleep, and my back is killing me.”

“Oh!” Trevor exclaimed. “I’m sure Mary could help with that. She’s going to start massage therapy classes over the summer. She’s fantastic.”

They both turned expectantly toward Mary. Stacy draped her arms over Trevor’s shoulders, pushing her big tits into his back, and stroking her fingers casually over his muscular chest. Mary felt a flush creep over her. She caught herself thinking that the two of them looked… a bit sexy together.

“I… Um, sure.” She stammered.

“Really?” Stacy asked, her voice rising. “That would be so awesome. You can lotion me up,” then she added, “If you don’t mind.”

“No, it’s fine.”

Mary followed Stacy out of the pool. As the older girl mounted the steps, Mary was treated to the sight of her blatantly exposed ass. God, some girls just had it all, she thought, with a twinge of jealousy. They moved under the shade of the awning, where Stacy snatched a towel and sunscreen from a cupboard, threw the towel down on one of the loungers, and laid on her chest. She offered the bottle to Mary, who took it.

Mary squeezed the bottle of lotion as Stacy unsnapped her bikini top and let it fall away. Even her bare sides were perfect, Mary thought, not a flaw in the skin. She bent down and went to work, smearing the lotion from the small of Stacy’s back up to her shoulders, and then down again, giving her a nice, even coating to lubricate her motions. Then she got to it, kneading, rubbing. She felt the tension drain out of Stacy’s muscles and she purred happily.

“God, Trev was right. You are good at this. I can only imagine what those hands do to him.” She said, eyes shut as she grinned.

“Yeah. He seems to like my massages,” Mary agreed, oblivious to the innuendo.

“He’s looking good,” Stacy said. “It’s pretty amazing what a year and some time in the gym can do, don’t you think?”

Mary glanced over to the pool, where Trevor had resumed his lazy floating, soaking in the sunshine. Stacy was right, of course. Trevor had filled out, gaining definition and muscle. He was damned good looking. She felt that brief surge of fear in her gut.

“Yeah,” she agreed, “He’s been working really hard on it.”

Stacy caught the familiar quaver of uncertainty in her voice and knew it immediately. Inadequacy. Mary knew that her boyfriend was way out of her league. There were dozens of girls like her in school. Stacy had turned a few of them into dedicated little pussy slaves. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

Stacy chatted with her idly, asking about her upcoming classes, how long she’d been doing massage, just making pleasant conversation. From the pool, Trevor gave the two of them an occasional glance. It was kind of hot, he thought, watching Mary’s hands glide across his sister’s skin, her face pursed in concentration. He knew from experience what Stacy was feeling. Mary was great.

“Those cute little hands feel amazing,” Stacy said honestly. “Do you think you could do my glutes, too? And the legs?”

“Um, sure.”

Mary’s hands shook a bit, making Stacy smile inwardly. She squirted more lotion into her hands.

“Let me help.” Stacy said, and lifted her butt into the air, hooking her fingers into the band of her bottoms, and sliding them down, completely exposing herself to Mary’s stunned eyes. Mary swallowed. She was going to have to get used to this, she thought. There would be plenty of nude massages in her future if she was serious about this. Stacy dropped the little thong next to the lounger and parted her legs slightly. Mary’s trembling hands tentatively touched Stacy’s bare ass and then spread the lotion across her firm cheeks.

Stacy groaned delightfully as Mary’s hands dug into the muscle and worked, then slid down one leg, back up, then down the other, spreading the lotion in an even coat. Trevor took note as well, trying not to be too obvious, but… wow! He’d seen Stacy remove her bottoms. Even now, he was sure that his girlfriend was getting a look at his sister’s pussy. Maybe she was even touching it. No, that was just his hormones talking. He must be worked up from his earlier make-out session with Mary. Mary would never touch another girl. That was something slutty girls did, and that was not Mary.

Still, it didn’t stop him from fantasizing a bit as he floated along dreamily. As they got older, things might change. Maybe Mary would find that she enjoyed doing things with girls. Maybe they’d do other things with girls together, like the swingers in pornos did. His dick hardened a little at the mental image of Mary touching another girl’s pussy. Another girl with long, black hair, who was definitely not his sister.

After several more minutes, Mary felt that she’d completed her task, and wiped her hands with a towel. Stacy turned around and sat up, facing away from Trevor, but completely exposed to Mary. Mary’s mouth fell open as she took in the sight of Stacy’s exposed breasts, big and round, topped with small, dark nipples. Stacy, outwardly, took no notice, but inwardly she was exultant. She ignored Mary’s look of shock as she snapped her top back together, then fished for her bottoms. Stacy spread her legs, giving Mary an unobstructed view of her shaved pussy, while she casually slipped her bottoms back up her legs. She stood and gave Mary a quick brief peck on the lips.

“Thanks so much, baby. That was great!” She said, honestly, with a little wink, “I am definitely gonna get a lot of use out of you over the summer.”

Mary felt a quiver of arousal shoot down her body at that light, friendly little peck. It was the words that followed, though, that made her flush. More massages. Stacy was going to need more massages over the summer. Stupid, she thought. What else could she mean? Stupid, Mary.

Stacy shouted, “Cannonball!” and made a rush for the pool, dove in. She heard Trevor sputter and yell as he took an enormous splash to the face. Mary followed, but took the steps into the water. The three of them lounged in the water chatting, and then played Monkey in the Middle with a beach ball. When Mary was the monkey, though, she stood no chance. She was too short compared to the two siblings. She attempted to leap for the ball, but failed each time. Finally, Stacy pulled her throw and let Mary win. While Mary thought it was nice, it made her feel foolish.

Then, it was Stacy’s turn in the middle. Trevor threw the ball high over his sister’s head, treating Mary to the sight of Stacy’s tits bouncing wildly as she leapt for the ball, missed. Mary retrieved it and was successful in passing it back. Again, Mary stood transfixed by the way those bulging boobs bounced as she leapt. Stacy managed to get her fingers on the ball on the next pass, though, which put Trevor back in the middle. The time slipped away, until they’d finally had enough of the pool, and they hauled themselves out of the water.

Stacy put her arm around Mary’s shoulders as they walked back into the house, and that made Mary feel good. Like she’d been accepted.

“Come on upstairs and clean up with me,” Stacy said invitingly, “let’s girl talk!”

Mary did not do much in the way of “girl talk”. Her friends mainly comprised other girls from her mother’s church group, which she was forced to attend each Wednesday evening and Sunday morning. Mary didn’t mind church. It was ok. It just wasn’t all that fun. The girls were nice, but they didn’t talk about much other than TV shows, Jesus, and their cats.

Mary threw a glance back at Trevor, hoping for escape, but her boyfriend just waved with his silly little grin and said, “have fun!”

He spread a towel on the couch and reached for the remote as Mary was practically dragged away by his sister. It would do good for Mary to have a girl who wasn’t a Churcher to talk to, he thought. Maybe it would loosen her up a bit. Stacy was thinking the same. Almost.

Chapter 2: Dolly

Mary’s heart was in her throat as Stacy dragged her into the bathroom and shut the door. The college girl started the shower and let the water run. Mary stood in shocked silence. Stacy expected them to shower together? In their suits, surely. She knew other girls did stuff like that, changing together and seeing each other naked, but Mary wasn’t one of those girls. Stacy was older, though, an experienced college girl. She was so hot that she probably had lots of other hot girlfriends who were naked with each other when they changed and talked about boys. Maybe they did other things with each other, too. Stacy certainly wasn’t shy.

Stacy stripped off her bikini, and Mary drank in the sight of her nude body. She was trapped in a tiny room with a girl she’d only met previously for a few hours over Christmas, and here she was, completely naked. Stacy turned to frightened Mary, a look of casual expectation on her face. Oh, God! She expected Mary to get naked, too!

“Oh,” Stacy said, suddenly, “you’re a little shy?”


“Oh, baby, it’s ok.” Stacy cooed, and hugged her naked body against Mary. “You’ve got nothing to be shy about. Look at you!”

She peeled the straps of Mary’s suit off of her shoulders, and Mary shivered. She let Stacy pull the straps down and pulled her arms free of them. Stacy peeled the suit down, exposing Mary’s tiny tits and hard nipples.

“Oh, my God! You have the cutest little boobies!” Stacy squealed.

Mary blushed in embarrassment. Little boobies. She didn’t have big, gorgeous tits like a woman. Like Stacy. She was 18 and had little girl boobies.

“Oh, honey,” Stacy said, “They’re so perfect. Why are you ashamed? I’ll tell you, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be toting these big, heavy things around.”

She cupped her big tits and shook them enticingly to emphasize the point. Then she took hold of Mary’s suit again and pulled it down her legs, exposing the rest of her lean body.

“You’re like a precious little dolly,” Stacy said, and stroked Mary’s cheek with the back of her hand. “I could just eat you up!”

Mary looked away, embarrassed, as Stacy’s eyes raked over her body.

“Come on,” Stacy commanded, taking Mary’s hand, “Let’s get cleaned up.”

Mary allowed herself to be led into the shower with the other girl. The hot spray of water pelted down over their bodies. Stacy squeezed out a thick dollop of shampoo into her hands and smeared it into Mary’s red hair, lathering it up. The older girl smiled warmly at her, and Mary felt a little better. Then Stacy took a bottle of body wash and squeezed it into her hands, rubbing them together. She smeared the wash onto Mary’s neck, and then across her shoulders.

“Let me return the favor.” She whispered and turned Mary around.

Mary let herself be turned, and felt Stacy’s soft hands rub the gooey wash into her tense shoulders, down her back, up her sides.

“Just relax, baby,” Stacy said in her ear, breath warm, her tone soothing.

The feel of the older girl’s hands on her body was making Mary feel funny, like she did when Trevor tried to feel her tits. No, her boobies. She felt herself relaxing, melting into the feeling of Stacy’s stroking hands on her body. Stacy’s bare breasts pressed against her back, and she could feel her hard nipples poking into her shoulders. Her hands spread the lather over Mary’s flat tummy, and then up, up, until her hands passed lightly over Mary’s excited nipples. She let out a small moan. Stacy’s hands stayed where they were, working the lather over Mary’s breasts as she continually pinched and massaged her nipples.

Mary was so confused. How had she got into this situation? There was something about the older girl that just made her want to follow. Like she was a pet. She’d never felt anything like what was happening to her right now. It felt so good!

“Do you like that?” Stacy asked in her ear. “It feels so nice, doesn’t it?”

Mary nodded, unable to speak.

“I’ll bet Trevor just loves these little boobies, doesn’t he?”

Mary panted with excitement.

“I’ll bet he sucks on them every chance he gets.” Stacy said.

“No… he… we haven’t…” Mary caught herself stuttering.

“Oh my God,” Stacy hissed, “You totally haven’t done it with him, have you?”

Mary shook her head.

One of Stacy’s hands stayed on her nipple, gently pinching and rolling it in her fingers, but her other hand slid lower. Mary knew where it was going, but she felt powerless, like she was Stacy’s toy. Like a little dolly. Stacy found her target, slipping her hand between Mary’s legs. Mary parted her thighs for her, like it was Stacy’s right to touch her there. She hadn’t even let Trevor touch her like this, but here she was, giving his sister full access to her body like she owned it.

“Doesn’t my little brother want to touch your cute little cunny?” Stacy said, stroking her.

“Yes… he… he wants to…”

“He’s so big and handsome, isn’t he?”

“Uh huh…”

“I’ll bet he’d be a beast in bed,” Stacy mused in her ear. “Do you think he’d break you? Cute little Mary and her precious little cunny. Do you think you could handle a man like that? So big, strong, all those hard muscles.”

Mary twitched against Stacy’s hand as she found her clit and teased it.

“I’ll bet he’s got a really big cock,” Stacy said, “but you’re scared of it, aren’t you?”

“Yes!” Mary admitted.

“You’re afraid of how much it might hurt when he puts it in you, aren’t you?”


Stacy worked Mary’s clit gently, back and forth, her fingers sliding easily through the younger girl’s wet slit.

“You’re afraid you’ll do it wrong, and he won’t be happy, right?”

Mary agreed.

“You think you won’t be good enough for that big man cock.” Stacy stated.

Mary bit her lip and pushed her pelvis against Stacy’s fingers. God, she was going to cum! She was going to cum on her boyfriend’s sister’s hand!

“You’d feel so bad if he didn’t enjoy your little cunny, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh, God!”

“It’s ok, baby,” Stacy cooed. “It’s ok. Just let it happen. It’s all ok. I’m right here.”

Mary squeaked, and rubbed herself against Stacy’s hand, and then in a burst of pleasure, she orgasmed, biting her lip to hold in a scream. She’d masturbated before, but this was so different, so much better. She’d never felt anything like it. It was like fireworks in her head. Stacy rubbed her, pinched her nipples, and held her close, the heat of her skin against Mary’s as she quaked and shuddered, letting herself go.

“That’s it,” Stacy said, “Just let it go. Cum for me, baby. That’s so good. Good girl. That’s my little dolly. You’re so cute, baby.”

Chapter 3: Familial Dynamics

Mary left in a hurry, following her shower with Stacy.

“Gotta get home for dinner.” She said to Trevor, giving him a quick peck on the lips before rushing out the door.

On the drive home, she was a mess of nerves. She’d just done something really dirty. It was so dirty, but it felt so good. That was how the Devil tempted you, though, she thought. She’d hear it tonight at church. Her mother wouldn’t know. Her father wouldn’t know. Jesus would know, though. Jesus would know she’d done some dirty lesbian sex thing. She prayed for forgiveness as she drove.

Trevor cleaned himself up after Mary left, and dressed in a pair of shorts and a tee, then returned to the couch to continue his lazy summer. Shortly thereafter, he was joined by Stacy, who had changed into a tight, black tank top and a pair of cotton lounge shorts. It was apparent that she was braless. She’d wrapped her hair up in a towel. She joined her brother on the couch.

“So, tell me about college life.” Trevor invited.

Stacy did, talking about her classes, some parties she’d been to, the general feel of the town. She was excited by the freedom of being away from home, but admitted that she’d missed him as she ruffled his hair in the way she knew he hated.

“I’m doing this job placement program through a huge company called DomCo, and they have me working at Fredericks,” she replied in response to one of his many questions.

“The lingerie place?” He asked, curiosity piqued.

“Yeah. It’s so cool! I get a hellacious discount on the stuff. If you want, we can hit up the one at the mall, and we can get you some stuff for Mary.” She teased.

Trevor scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Yeah, that’ll be the day.”

“It might take a little work to find something that fits her,” Stacy said casually, “but I’m sure we can find a few nice pieces.”

“Yeah, I don’t think that kind of stuff is really her style,” Trevor said with a frown. “I mean, not that I’m against it. I just… nevermind. Thanks, anyway.”

“Aww! Come on! She’s so cute and tiny! It’d be like pumping your dick into a little toy!”

Trevor choked, “Jesus, Stacy!”

Stacy laughed, holding her sides.

“Oh, man! Your face! You about fuckin’ died!” She said, poking at his ribs.

The sound of the front door opening drew their attention. A moment later, their mother, Lena, entered the room.

“Hey, mom.” Trevor waved.

“Hey, mom!” Stacy yelled, and quickly rounded the couch to embrace her mother.

Trevor turned back to the TV, so he did not notice Stacy’s none-too-familial groping of her mother’s ass, or the small look of frightened panic veiled just beneath the mask of warm greeting on his mother’s face. He most certainly did not hear Stacy’s whisper. “Did you miss me? We’re going to have so much fun this summer!” He was, likewise, oblivious to the little kiss that Stacy planted on her mother’s slightly parted lips, and the wicked grin on his sister’s face that followed it.

“When will dad be home?” Stacy asked, and their mother shivered in her embrace.

“S, soon. I should get started on dinner.”

She quickly fled the room, and Stacy returned to the couch. Her pussy was getting soaked.

Less than an hour later, Stacy was in the kitchen, helping her mother with dinner, when Trevor’s father got in. To the casual observer, there was nothing strange about this. A mother and daughter preparing a meal for the family was a quite normal occurrence. The slight flush to Lena’s skin could have easily been explained by the bustling activity after a long day at work. However, had said casual observer paid close attention, they would have seen those things that had brought out the flush in Lena’s cheeks.

Each time Stacy passed her mother by, she might stop to caress her bottom, or quickly tuck her hand between her mother’s legs. As Lena worked over the sink, Tracy hugged her from behind, and cupped her breasts, or softly kissed her neck, or her ear. During these hugs she would whisper things such as, “Do you think dad missed me?” or “I can’t wait to spend some mommy-daughter time together.” The words themselves may have been nothing but familial, sweet even, had it not been for the seductive tone in Stacy’s voice, or the fact she openly molested her mother’s body while saying them.

Trevor’s father saw none of these things, though. Instead, he saw a dutiful, even helpful daughter with her mother in the kitchen. When Stacy noticed her father, she greeted him as any dutiful daughter should, with a loving hug. This, again, seemed completely natural. What might have been missed, though, was the same veiled panic in her father’s eyes, the tremor that ran through his body as Stacy pressed her body against him, and the way that Lena cast a sidelong glance at the two of them.

“Hey, Honey.” Don said, his heart quickening as Stacy pressed her body against him.

Stacy’s hand slid down the front of her father’s slacks and rubbed his cock teasingly. She whispered in his ear, “Did you miss me, daddy? I missed you sooo much.”

Lena paused at making dinner, her heart in her throat, watching her daughter rubbing Don’s crotch. Stacy then took his hand and guided it to her ass. He squeezed that one firm, round butt cheek in his hand, and shot a glance at his wife. Lena blushed furiously, wanting to look away, but she couldn’t. Stacy turned her face up and snaked her sexy little pink tongue into her daddy’s mouth as he palmed her ass. Finally, she broke away, and grinned wickedly at her daddy, turned her superior smirk on her mother, and giggled as Don squeezed her butt.

Don finally came to his senses and snatched his hand back as if he’d been burned.

“I should… I need to go get changed.” He excused himself, without even a welcome home kiss for his wife.

Don quickly fled the room. Stacy turned her full attention back to her mother and watched her shrink back against the counter as she approached. Stacy put her hands on Lena’s hips, leaned in and softly asked, “has he been fucking you?”


Stacy reached between her mother’s legs and rubbed her playfully back and forth.

“Has he? Has he put that big dick into your used up, old hole?” Stacy asked mockingly, and Lena quivered.

“No,” she admitted, “no he’s… it’s just like you wanted… he…”

“You’ve been taking care of him how I showed you?”

Lena nodded.

“That’s so good, baby,” Stacy said, and kissed her tenderly. The boiling water muted the sound of their smacking lips, and the low music on the nearby radio covered Lena’s moans. Finally, Stacy pulled back and hissed, “I’ll make sure you get some before the summer is over, mommy. Don’t worry.”

“Stacy… please,” Lena begged, “not here. Your brother could see.”

She glanced over Stacy’s shoulder fearfully toward the living room, where Trevor watched TV.

“Trev?” Stacy said, and grinned, “Oh, don’t worry about him. I’m going to take good care of him and his little girlfriend.”

Lena could only look at her daughter with a curious mix of worship and horror. She couldn’t even protect herself. How was she going to protect Trevor? Stacy’s hand found its way into her panties, her soaking wet panties, and toyed with her.

Chapter 4: Tempting Trevor

Trevor made his way down the stairs, sleepily wiping at his eyes. Another lazy summer day ahead. Oh, if only every day was summer break, he thought cheerily as he padded down the carpeted steps. The sounds of some soothing instrumental tune drifted from the living room. Curious, he poked his head in on the way to the kitchen. The sight of Stacy’s round ass greeted him, poking up in the air, packed into a pair of tight lycra shorts as she went through some kind of yoga routine.

He could not remember ever having anything but familial thoughts about Stacy before. Of course, he knew well that his sister was hot. His friends had all been very vocal about the things they’d like to do to her, and he was a horny young man himself. Stacy was hot. More than hot, really, but there had always existed some sort of a mental block in place that shielded his dirty porno thoughts from crossing over into thoughts of his sister. He was a good kid, after all. He had a sweet girlfriend. Jerking off to porno didn’t constitute disloyalty. That was just a biological necessity. And Stacy was just his sister.

For the first time, though, seeing Stacy’s amazing posterior presented to him in such an inviting fashion tripped a switch and the mental block slipped. It was like Stacy was presenting herself to him, her backside in position to be mounted, just like the porno girls in the videos he liked. Then, the view was taken away as she changed position. The change brought her gaze around to him.

“Morning Trev!” she said, and stopped her posing, paused the video.


“What’s up?” She asked.

“Nothing. Just gonna get some breakfast and head over to the gym for a while.”

“Oh, hey! Ever try yoga?”

He shook his head, saying, “Never really thought about it. Just running, weights, you know.”

“I can show you, if you want. It’s actually really good exercise. It’ll help you with your workouts. Mobility, flexibility, breathing, control. Wanna give it a try?”

Trevor thought for a moment, and then said, “I guess so. Can’t hurt to try something new.”

He put his thoughts of breakfast on hold and stepped into the room.

“Great!” Stacy said, and got to her feet. “If you get serious about it, we can get you some new clothes, but the shorts and a tee will be fine just to show you a few things.”

He nodded, and asked, “What do I do?”

For the next hour, Stacy showed him how to sit quietly and focus. She went through some basic breathing exercises, then some stretching, beginner poses. As Trevor worked at putting his body in the right places, Stacy’s hands pressed against his back, rubbed his thighs, and spread his legs when appropriate. All the while, she pressed her body against him. Each time her big tits pushed against him, he felt a familiar tingle of arousal, but tried to stay focused. Jesus, he really needed to do something about his damn hormones.

When they’d finished, he found he was sweating, but it felt good.

“That wasn’t so bad,” he said. “Thanks. I might have to try it again as part of my routine.”

“Told ya’.” Stacy said.

“You know,” He stretched and cracked his joints, rolled his neck, “You’re right. I do feel more relaxed. This could be really good.”

“I do it every day, so join in any time. I’ll show you the ropes, and really work your body over.” She winked. “It will be the best thing you’ve ever felt.”

“Cool. Hey, I’m gonna make some eggs, and hit the shower. You want some?”

“Eggs or a shower?”

Trevor laughed, “Eggs, stupid. Though, if what I’m smelling is you, you could use the shower, too.”

He held his nose and wafted his hand. Stacy punched him playfully and shot back, “No, that’s you, retard. I smell like fucking roses all the time.”

He made a show of sniffing his pits and screwed his face up in disgust.

“Ugh! Yeah, you’re right. I’m funky.”

“Go serve my breakfast, slave!” She said and swatted his ass.

“Yes, your royal bitchiness.”

He ran away quickly, ducking out of the way of a thrown couch pillow.

A short while later, freshly showered, he made his way back downstairs. He flopped down on the couch, flicked the TV on, booted up his PlayStation, and grabbed the controller. Ah, summer! He was speeding along a racetrack, fighting for first place, when Stacy made her next appearance. He glanced away from the screen, just for a moment. She sat beside him and watched in silence, until an AI driver battered the side of his car, and sent it spinning off the road, over a cliff, putting an abrupt end to the race.

It was only when his Game Over screen came up that he finally acknowledged his sister. He offered her the controller, but she shook her head.

“I prefer the ones with big guns,” she said. “Hey?”

He raised an eyebrow.

“Dummy me, forgot my laptop back at school. Would you mind if I use your computer for a little while to check email and take care of a few things?”

“Nah. Go ahead.” He agreed.

“Thanks. What are you doing today? Going out with Mary?”

“No. She said she isn’t feeling well.”

That made Stacy almost giggle. The poor girl would probably be too afraid to come back for days. She also knew that the little mind game she’d played with her would, eventually, have her coming back for more. It was a certainty. Mary was terrified of penis, and now Stacy knew it. Mary was about to switch her sexual preference. She just wasn’t aware of it, yet.

Instead, she said, “That sucks. Guess you’re gonna have to whack off all by your lonesome.”

Trevor scoffed and stuck his tongue out at her.

“Can you go be gross somewhere else?” he said, but he was grinning, “I’ve got a race to win.”

Stacy said, “Thanks.” gave him a kiss on the cheek, and went back upstairs, presumably to use his computer.

Trevor returned to his race. It was mid-afternoon when Stacy returned to the living room, dressed in a pair of tight denim shorts and lacy blouse.

“I’m gonna head out for a while to see some friends.” She said.

Trevor nodded, his eyes glued to the screen.

“Don’t whack off too hard.” She teased and left.

Trevor heard the door shut, and a moment later the sound of Stacy’s car pulling away. He lost his next race and set the controller down with a sigh, covering his eyes. Oh, what to do with himself? The house was quiet and empty. He ran through a mental checklist of options, but Stacy’s parting words did what they were intended to do. He settled on whacking off as a suitable option. All alone. Nothing pressing for his attention. Slight boner in his shorts. Yes, masturbation.

He made his way up to his room and locked the door, then shucked his shorts and settled into his computer chair. He wiggled his butt in the warm chair. Yes, it was already warm. And slightly wet. Curious, he stood back up. The chair was indeed wet. Odd. He remembered something about Stacy using his computer. Had his sister left a sweaty ass stain on his chair to mess with him? He could believe it. He sighed, got a towel from his hamper, and put it on the chair. Opening a desk drawer, he retrieved a bottle of Astroglide, his preferred masturbation solution.

Now he was ready for porn. He tapped the mouse, and the monitor kicked on. He shifted the chair closer to the desk, and his bare foot came up against something soft. Peeking under the desk, he saw a small, black piece of cloth by his foot. He hooked his toe into it, and pulled it closer, bent, and picked it up. It was a pair of tiny, black, silk panties.

“What the fuck?” He whispered to no one.

He held the panties up and looked at them. Where did these come from? Mary certainly wore nothing like this. At least, he assumed she didn’t. He’d never actually seen for himself. He, of course, did not own any female undergarments. One didn’t have to be fucking Sherlock to deduce that these were Stacy’s panties. His sister’s panties. He was holding his sister’s sexy panties in his hand.

“Jesus!” He exclaimed and threw the panties into the corner.

Why the hell were Stacy’s panties under his desk? Sherlock tracked the clues back, putting the mystery together. The warm, wet chair. Using his computer for who knew how long. He’d been distracted. Oh, God! His sister had been sitting in his computer chair masturbating, and she’d left her fucking panties under his desk.

Strangely, this knowledge was not accompanied by the wave of revulsion that he knew he should feel. That was probably because his cock was hard in his hand. Wait. When had his cock gotten hard? When had he wrapped his hand around it? He was sitting right where his sister had been, recently, while she played with her pussy. She’d been sitting right here with her legs spread, playing with her pussy.

He stroked his cock. What had she been watching? What did his sister masturbate to? He knew it was wrong to even pose the question, but once he’d asked, a morbid curiosity took over. He had to know. For academic purposes.

He moved the mouse, and then he noticed that there was still one, minimized browser window open on the taskbar. He was certain, absolutely certain, that he had left no windows open. That meant that it was Stacy’s window. He moved the mouse to the icon, clicked, and the browser enlarged, filling the screen.

Trevor’s eyes scanned the page. There were two open tabs. One was Stacy’s email, showing recently sent messages. The most recent email had attachments. Photo attachments. Photo attachments that Stacy had uploaded to a storage service. Trevor looked about, making sure that he really was alone. He was. He clicked the email with a trembling hand. This was so wrong. He shouldn’t be in his sister’s email.

The email opened, and he saw 4 attachments. He clicked the first one and nearly choked. It was an image taken with the selfie cam of Stacy’s phone. She was sitting in this very chair, and she was topless. Her big, naked tits filled the screen. Trevor stared at his sister’s tits, but now he had to see the others. He clicked the next one. Stacy’s naked tits, again, but this time the image also showed her spread legs, covered by the black panties. The third image was the same, but this time the panties had been removed, and Stacy was shoving the little things into her very wet pussy.

“Oh, my fucking God!” Trevor said quietly and clicked the next image.

She’d replaced the panties with a pink dildo, which was halfway inside of her cunt. The image burned into Trevor’s mind. He would never unsee it. He had seen his sister’s tits and pussy. He was stroking his dick and wondered when he’d started doing that. Fuck, this wasn’t right. He shouldn’t be jerking off to his sister’s tits and pussy. His sister’s big, gorgeous naked tits and wet pussy.

There was more, though. There was another tab. He stroked his cock, moved the mouse, and clicked. The page was one of his favorite amateur porno sites. Apparently, it was also one of Stacy’s, because it was logged into an account named “Raven_Bimbo”. The video on the screen was titled, “My Little Bro the Peeper.”

“Fuck, Stacy!” Trevor hissed, and his brain wheeled.

His sister wasn’t just watching porno. She was watching incest porno. Holy shit! He should turn it off. Close the browser, and forget about this. Instead, he clicked the play button. The video was from one of those “amateur” fauxcest places. Trevor had seen them before. They were so obviously not real that it made them acceptable jerk off material, simply because the girls were hot.

Considering this recent revelation, though, the video took on a new meaning. The “sister” in the video had long black hair, like Stacy’s, and she was in a living room, dressed in some tight fitness apparel. Oh shit, Trevor thought. The similarity to this morning’s yoga routine was not lost on him. The girl had her ass in the air as the camera’s view (presumably that of her “brother”) peeked from around the corner.

The oblivious sister continued to contort her body into other sexy poses that had little to do with any actual forms that Stacy had shown him, while the brother watched, mumbling quietly to himself as he stroked his cock through his pants. Sister, naturally, became very horny while working out, and soon, she was pulling off her shorts and laying in the middle of the floor, masturbating. This proved too much for Brother to handle, and he entered the room.

Sister looked surprised and quickly snapped her legs shut.

“Oh my God!” she said in mock surprise, “What are you doing Brother? Were you spying on me?”

“Well, you’re the one playing with your pussy in the family room!” Brother countered.

The camera panned down to show his bulging cock tenting his loose pants.

“Wow! Your dick is so hard!” Sister exclaimed. “Is that because of me?”

The scene devolved into a completely contrived scenario, and soon Sister was tugging down Brother’s pants and stroking, then sucking his big, angry penis.

“You can’t tell mommy and daddy about this, Ok?” she said, as she stroked his wet cock.

“They’d kill us!” Brother replied, and then sister returned to her sucking.

“Cum on my face, Brother!” The actress begged, and Brother obliged, spraying his load onto the girl’s mouth, lips and chin.

Trevor slowly stroked his lubricated cock, and the mental block he’d put in place his whole life eroded. The girl with the black hair didn’t really look anything like Stacy, but to his sex-drunk mind, it was. He still couldn’t bring himself to be Brother, though. Stacy was getting sprayed in the face with some random stranger’s semen, not his own.

He continued pumping his cock, and moved the mouse, then clicked the Favorites icon. He looked down the list of saved videos.

Spanked by Daddy.

Dicked Down in Denver.

Mom is my Pussy Slave.

Hot Wife Sucks my Buddy’s cock.

My Brother’s First Blowjob.

Blacked in Bangkok.

Asian Schoolgirl Anal.

Giving my Horny Bro a Handy.

Cumbucket for my bad Daddy.

Busty Latina Gangbang.

Addicted to my Sister’s Pussy.

I can Fuck Better than Mommy.

Daughter’s Delightful Derriere.

My Sister is a Slut.

My sister is a slut, he thought. Was she a slut, or was this just her little dark fantasy? People had those little kinks. He had them himself. There were times he’d felt really kinky while he jerked off and he’d looked up shit that he’d never be into in real life. Hell, he’d even watched a couple of gay porn vids, but that didn’t mean he wanted to get a cock stuffed in his butt. People just had kinks. That was all. Trevor suddenly felt bad. This was Stacy’s private fantasy, and he had no right to intrude. He wouldn’t want her knowing about how he’d watched a couple of guys butt-fucking, after all. And it’s not like all the videos were incest. She had a variety of interests, and that was normal.

He was a terrible brother. He’d whacked off to his sister’s tits. He didn’t cum, though, which made him feel better. At least he wasn’t a total pervo. He felt so embarrassed that he closed the browser and couldn’t finish. He sighed and put away his jerk off lube, pulled his shorts back on, and threw the towel into the hamper. The panties lay in his corner, forgotten.

Chapter 5: Changing Room

Trevor did not see Stacy for the rest of that evening. He kept to himself, bringing his PlayStation to his room and secluding himself inside, only coming down for dinner.

“Where’d your sister get off to?” His dad asked over dinner.

“Dunno. Said she was going out to see friends.” He shrugged.

He was so engrossed in his own thoughts and the food that he didn’t notice the look that passed between his parents. After dinner, he texted Mary to see how she was feeling.

“I’m ok. Just didn’t feel all that well today,” she replied.

“Want to come over tomorrow? Maybe we can swim, or go to the mall.”

There was a pause, and then, “Ok. How’s your sister?”

“Good. Haven’t seen much of her today.”

He tried not to think of just how much he’d seen of his sister today.

“Think she’ll be home tomorrow?” Mary asked.

“Don’t know,” he wrote back, “Why?”

“Nothing. She was really nice. Just asking.”

They texted idly back and forth as Trevor watched TV until finally he fell asleep.

The next morning, Trevor made his way downstairs, much the same as the day before. The sound of that soothing instrumental music came from the living room and he froze. Stacy must have come home late, but she was already up and doing her yoga. He crept forward, determined not to be “My Little Bro the Peeper.”

He edged his way down the hall, and carefully peeked around the corner, unconsciously becoming the peeper. Yes, there was Stacy standing on one leg, hands folded at chest level, her eyes closed, and her big breasts struggling for freedom in a tight sports bra. Trevor made a mental effort to dismiss the sight of his Sister’s hard and excited nipples from his memory, and stepped into the room.

“Uh, hey.” He said quietly, unsure of the protocol for disturbing someone who was becoming one with everything.

Stacy let the pose go and opened her eyes.

“Hey, Trev.” She said, no trace of incestuous lust in her eyes. “Want to do the thing with me?” She asked.

She did not specify what thing, which led Trevor’s mind to conjure up the image of Brother spraying his semen on Sister’s face. Clearly, this was not the “thing”.

“Yoga?” he asked, stupidly.

“Uh, yeah. I wasn’t asking if you wanted me to suck your dick.” Stacy fired back, acutely aware of what she was doing.

Trevor flushed with shame, and Stacy laughed at him, saying, “Come on. It’ll be good for you.”

She waved him in. It would be good for him. The yoga. The yoga would be good for him, not the dick sucking. Fuck!

He took up a position next to his sister, and she started the music again. Today, her hands on his body took on a new feeling. She gently pushed his legs apart and straightened his back.

“You ok? You’re pretty tense.”

“Yeah,” he answered, “Just kinda slept on my back wrong.”

“Oh, well, this will be great, then.” She said and squared his shoulders. He mimed her actions as she went through her forms, doing his best to focus on how his body should move, and not the way in which Stacy’s body moved.

“How’s the little girlfriend?” Stacy asked as she posed.

“Good. Said she’s feeling better. She might come by a little later to swim, or maybe we’ll go to the mall.”

“Cool. Maybe she can work on your back today.”

He shrugged, then remembered his pose and relaxed his shoulders. From the couch,

Trevor’s phone rang.

“Oh, bad form!” Stacy chided him playfully. “Phones off beforehand next time.”

Trevor blushed and nodded.

“Sorry,” he said.

“I think we’re done, anyway. I’m gonna go shower.”

Trevor nodded as he picked up the phone and answered Mary’s call.

A short while later, Mary pulled into Trevor’s driveway. The sight of Stacy’s car made her stomach flutter. Trevor hadn’t asked Mary about her dirty lesbian encounter with his sister, so she assumed Stacy hadn’t told him about it. Why should she? It was a naughty secret, and that made Mary feel excited and dirty. She’d made it through the whole day without God smiting her over it, though, so she figured Jesus must have forgiven her sin. She’d be better now, and it wouldn’t happen again. She would be good. She would resist that sexy feeling, and not let Stacy touch her little boobies or her cunny ever again.

She found Trevor inside on the couch, watching TV, and gave him a light kiss on the lips, then snuggled against him.

“Hey, babe.” He said, putting his arm around her, “You look like you’re feeling good.”

She nodded.

“What do you feel like doing?” Trevor asked, “Swimming? Maybe hit the mall? We can see a movie. Go out to the trails?”

“I forgot my suit,” Mary said, without adding that it was intentional, “but whatever else is fine, as long as I’m with you.”

Trevor grinned and kissed her, then kissed her again, harder this time, his hand sliding down to her leg. Mary’s tummy did a little backflip. His hand was so strong. Despite her efforts, she couldn’t help but recall all the naughty things Stacy had said to her in the shower.

“He’s so big and handsome… you’re afraid that he’ll break you…”

Stacy entering the room gave her the excuse she needed to break off the kiss.

“Hey, cutie!” Stacy said and leaned down to kiss Mary’s cheek like they were old friends.

“Hi, Stacy,” Mary said, blushing.

“Did I hear something about the mall?” She asked, cocking her hip.

Mary looked up Stacy’s long, bare legs to her tight shorts, and along her exposed tummy, to where her big breasts swelled beneath a cropped top. She’d pulled her dark hair back into a ponytail. She was gorgeous. Mary remembered the way those big breasts had felt pressed against her back, and the way Stacy had touched her body, the way she’d made her cum. Dang it! She was supposed to be good!

Trevor spoke up, answering, “Yeah, we were thinking about going to the mall. I have my graduation money to blow, so I thought I might afford one of those lollipop rings for my girl. You know, give her something nice.”

Mary punched his arm playfully and laughed.

“You wanna come with?” Trevor asked.

Mary’s stomach clenched.

“I don’t wanna be the third wheel,” Stacy said.

Trevor waved that away. “Come on. It’ll be fun. Remember how we used to go into Spencer’s and try on the most outrageous stuff we could find?”

“Oh, God! You looked so adorable in that little green leprechaun hat, with the giant mustache, clown wig, and fat nose! I still have the picture.”

The two of them cracked up at the memory, and Mary felt a little silly. They just went so well together, she thought, feeling awkward. She didn’t know why. They were siblings. Of course, they’d share a lot of jokes. She was just stupid. Stupid, Mary.

“Mary and I did it once,” Trevor said, always so polite, doing his best to include everyone in the fun. “You remember the hat?”

Mary laughed. Of course, she remembered the hat. It was a dunce cap, and she’d felt stupid wearing it while Trevor took her picture. Of course, anyone wearing a dunce cap would feel stupid. That was the point.

“Ok,” Stacy relented, “I’ll go.”

“Great. Let me get my keys.”

He went upstairs, leaving Mary alone with Stacy. Stacy towered over the seated girl, who looked up at her with wide eyes. Stacy smiled at the look of fear and arousal on the girl’s face.

“You didn’t…”

Stacy shook her head.

“Of course not, baby,” Stacy said, and leaned close, tilting Mary’s chin up. “That’s just for us.” She brushed her lips teasingly against Mary’s and thrilled at the little gasp and tremble from the other girl. Stacy favored her with a little wink and stood back up. A moment later, Trevor returned with his keys.

“Ready?” he asked.

The three of them piled into Trevor’s car, Stacy taking the back seat.

“Hey, Mary,” Trevor said, “Stacy works at the Frederick’s place. She said she can get a discount for you on some clothes, if you want.”

Mary blushed hotly. She knew what Frederick’s was, and they didn’t sell “clothes”.

“Oh, that would be so cool!” Stacy chimed in from the back seat. She rested her hand lightly on Mary’s shoulder, saying, “We can find you a new swimsuit! You’ll look like such a doll, trust me.”

A doll. A cute little dolly, Mary thought, and shivered at Stacy’s touch.

“Well, maybe…” she said noncommittally.

As they drove, she looked out the window and wondered what was wrong with her. She prayed, asking Jesus for strength to resist her own naughty feelings. She hadn’t even let her boyfriend see her in anything less than appropriate, and here she was thinking about his sister’s hand touching her naked body in the places that she’d denied him, over and over. She was such a bad girlfriend.

Trevor pulled the car into a parking space and followed the girls inside. He enjoyed the view in front of him. Mary’s tiny bottom in her jeans was a sharp contrast to Stacy’s full, round ass in her tight shorts. A brief memory of that ass, poking up into the air so enticingly, popped into his head. Sick, he thought, and quickened his pace, so that he walked beside his girlfriend. He found her hand and squeezed it affectionately. Mary favored him with a smile and a kiss on the cheek.

True to his word, Trevor stopped them at a candy machine, popped in a quarter, and bought a candy ring with a big, sugary ruby. He offered it to Mary.

“A token of my undying affection,” he said gallantly, slipping the ring on her finger.

“I will lick it with love.” Mary replied, putting her hand to her forehead in a mock swoon.

“Will you, now?” Trevor said cheekily.

Mary slapped him playfully and said, “Don’t be dirty.”

They milled about the mall, window shopping, and then the inevitable happened. Frederick’s. Stacy turned to the couple with an expectant look.

“I don’t know,” Mary said. “Everything looks so small and… sexy.”

“Just like you!” Stacy chirped, winking at her, and making her blush.

“Let’s just look.” Trevor suggested, clearly more excited than she.

Mary allowed herself to be dragged into the store. The salesgirls were all like Stacy. Tall, slim, sexy, with real tits. Mary felt like a child. This place wasn’t for her. She should be in a Carter’s store. Trevor, meanwhile, was content to observe all the eye candy. Not only were the employees total babes, but so were the customers. He glanced about surreptitiously, examining the assortment of fine ass and tit flesh all around him.

Stacy led them to the swimwear section, where she began sorting through suits of varying sizes and colors, giving Mary’s body the occasional scan. Finally, she ***********ed three suits, one for her, and two for Mary.

“Let’s go have a look!” She said excitedly and took Mary’s hand.

“Here?” she asked dumbly.

Stacy did not reply but tugged her along toward the dressing rooms with Trevor in tow. A moment later, Mary somehow found herself inside a dressing room with Stacy. She looked up at the older girl, eyes wide with fright. Stacy leaned in close to her ear so her voice wouldn’t carry.

“Don’t worry,” she cooed, “Just trust me. You know I won’t make you do anything you don’t want. I just want to make sure my little dolly looks so sexy.”

Mary trembled at the soft hiss of the girl’s voice in her ear, that seductive, breathy hiss that positively dripped with the unspoken promise of pleasure. Oh, Jesus, she thought, how did I get myself into this again? Stacy peeled off her own shirt, displaying her bra-clad breasts to Mary’s eyes. She unhooked the bra, set it aside. Mary looked like she’d suffered a shell shock, her mouth agape as Stacy bared her naked tits to her as though it were the most natural thing in the world. Next, she slipped off her shorts and watched Mary’s gaze follow the movement. Her eyes stopped at the shaved V of Stacy’s hidden pussy.

Stacy reached out and took hold of the hem of Mary’s top, peeling it up and over her head, as though it was her right to strip her brother’s girlfriend whenever she pleased. Mary quaked with arousal at her touch and couldn’t find the will to disagree. Mary, of course, did not wear a real bra. She wore a band across her chest to make her nipples less prominent, but she simply didn’t have enough boob to require a real bra. She wondered why Trevor–-or any man–could get excited at the sight of her tiny boobs. Her boyfriend probably wanted to see real tits. Big, gorgeous, round tits. Like Stacy’s.

“Not all men want big tits,” Stacy whispered in her ear, as though reading her mind, “some of them like precious little nipple-tits, like yours. It makes them feel like they’re powerful.”

Mary bit her lip to choke off a squeal of surprise. Or was it a moan of pleasure? She wasn’t sure which. Stacy was so blatantly vulgar with her expletives. It was shocking. People Mary knew just didn’t talk like that, and the sound of the dirty words coming from the mouth of someone so sexy sent a tremor through her, straight to her pussy.

Stacy slipped the band off of Mary’s nipples, brushing the hard little points with her fingertips as she did so. They sprang to life instantly, betraying her excitement. Stacy grinned at her knowingly. She crouched down, and unbuttoned Mary’s jeans, unzipped them slowly, and slid them down her legs. She looked up, and Mary lifted one leg, then the other, letting Stacy pull the pants off.

Stacy’s smooth hands glided up her legs sensually until they came to rest on the band of her white, cotton panties. Mary’s heart thudded in her chest as the college girl looked up into her eyes. Stacy kissed her tummy lightly, nuzzled her face against Mary’s warm skin, and slowly peeled the panties down her legs. Mary shivered, biting her lips. She wanted to scream! What was Stacy doing to her to make her feel this way? It was like she was controlling her mind with nothing but her hands, and her eyes, and her perfect, gorgeous body. Was Stacy some kind of real-life witch? Did magic exist? Had she cast some kind of spell on Mary?

Stacy’s tongue snaked from her mouth and gave Mary’s little peach a long, slow lick. The poor teenager squeaked and bit her lip harder. Stacy stood and offered Mary the first of the suits she’d picked. She watched her put it on. The first suit was much like the underwear she’d had on. A thin band of white fabric stretched across her nipples, revealing just how hard they were. The bottoms were a tiny set of strings, which ran between her puffy pussy lips and through the crack of her tiny bottom. It showed off more of her skin than she’d ever let another human see. Aside from her mother. And Stacy.

“Oh my God!” Stacy exclaimed. “It’s so perfect.”

Mary blushed. She seemed to have lost her voice. Stacy pulled another suit and put this one on herself. She pressed her breasts into the keyhole top, which pushed her tits together and offered a view of her impressive cleavage through the keyhole. The bottoms were a high-waisted band, which barely covered her pussy, and left her entire ass virtually nude.

“Let’s show Trev,” Stacy said, and before Mary could protest, Stacy opened the door of the dressing room.

Trevor’s mouth fell open in awe as Stacy stepped out, pulling a reluctant Mary behind her. Mary hid herself behind Stacy, peeking around her in embarrassed fright, watching the way her boyfriend’s eyes drank in the sight of his sister’s perfect body. Stacy twirled around to show him the back, then asked, “What do you think? Boner-inducing?”

“It’s… um… yeah, it looks great.” Trevor replied diplomatically and then shifted his eyes to Mary.

Mary held one hand over her chest and cupped the other over her sex. Her skin was flushed crimson from head to toe, and she was visibly shaking. Stacy moved behind her, took the poor girl’s arms and gently pulled them to her sides, exposing her nearly nude body to Trevor’s eyes for the first time. She saw desire cloud his vision as he eyed her over, but it wasn’t the same look he’d given Stacy. Of course, it wasn’t, she thought. Stacy was, like, a million times hotter. She couldn’t even blame Trevor for ogling his own sister. She was the physical embodiment of sex, and he was just a boy with crazy hormones. Anything with big tits was going to give him a boner.

“Ok,” Stacy said, “Who wore it better?”

Trevor quickly replied, “I have to give it to Mary. Sorry, sis.”

Stacy ruffled his hair playfully and said, “Right answer. Such a good boy. Be right back.”

She pulled Mary back into the dressing room and shut the door. Within seconds, she pulled the tiny band off of Mary’s boobies, leaning in to whisper, “Did you see how big his cock got looking at us? You’re lucky we’re in a store, or he probably would have whipped that monster out right here and made you take care of it.”

Mary gasped as Stacy’s fingers found one of her nipples and rolled it in her fingers.

“Do you think he’d want that? Do you think he’d want to feel your little hand around his cock? It would be so fat and angry, wouldn’t it? So big in your tiny hand. Would you know what to do with it?”

Mary shook her head as Stacy played with her nipples, making her gasp.

“I think he enjoyed looking at my big tits, too,” Stacy continued. “I’ll bet he wants to slide that fat cock right between them. He’s so horny. Do you think he’ll go home and jerk his cock, thinking about my tits?”

Stacy clapped her hand over Mary’s mouth as she squeaked and trembled.

“Oh, God!” Stacy exclaimed. “You liked that idea, didn’t you, baby? Your boyfriend jerking off to his sister’s big tits? Oh my God, you little slut!” She giggled in Mary’s ear.

Stacy crouched and pulled the suit bottoms down Mary’s legs. She could smell the girl’s aroused pussy and knew that she’d have to buy the suit now. She showed Mary the wet crotch of the bottoms, put her finger to her lips like it was their little secret, giggled, and winked at her. She stood back up and retrieved the second suit.

This one was slightly more modest, offering a full coverage top that tied behind her neck. Stacy turned Mary around to help her tie the strap in the back, softly kissing her neck behind the ear as she did so and running her hands down Mary’s sides to her slim hips when she finished. The suit bottoms, likewise, covered the whole of Mary’s bottoms and fit snugly, lifting her butt cheeks invitingly, while also protecting her shaven treasure from predatory gazes.

Stacy opened the door again and gently nudged Mary out ahead of her. She rested her hands on Mary’s hips and presented her to Trevor. The sight of his little girlfriend, with his sister behind her, hands resting on her hips possessively, showing Mary off like she was her new toy, caused a spike of arousal in Trevor’s brain. He was already hard from the show a few moments ago, but something about the way Stacy was holding Mary, the contrast of her tanned skin, dark hair, and generous curves as she held his girlfriend’s fragile, pale body close to her, looked incredibly sexy.

“Isn’t she just a doll?” Stacy asked and ran her hand up Mary’s side sensually.

Trevor just nodded, at a loss for words. The previous suit, while great, was clearly a slutty look. It wasn’t really Mary. This one, though, actually made her look kind of sexy. Stacy turned her around to show him the back, and he flashed a thumbs-up in approval.

“Wow, babe,” he croaked, “It looks awesome. Super sexy!”

Mary felt a thrill course through her body. No one had ever told her she was sexy before. She was cute. She was pretty, never hot, or sexy. Stacy pulled her back into the changing room and undressed Mary again. The older girl pulled off her own suit and shimmied back into her street clothes. Mary stood naked, watching her.

“I don’t think you can, legally, go out to the mall like that.” Stacy commented, her eyes roving over Mary’s petite body.

“What? Oh!” Mary exclaimed and flushed.

She fumbled with her clothes, feeling like a fool. She’d been standing naked, gawking at Stacy’s body. She hadn’t even considered that she should dress herself. Was that because she was too distracted by staring? Was she expecting Stacy to tell her it was ok? She was so confused.

“Not that I mind,” Stacy whispered in her ear. “I’d keep you naked all the time.”

She winked at her devilishly, and then threw the door open, the three suits in her hand. Mary followed her out. Stacy led them all to the register, where she laid out their wares on the counter.

“Hello!” The salesgirl welcomed them. “Did you find everything you needed?”

“Yes,” Stacy replied, and fished in her purse. She opened her wallet, pulled out a black card with the store’s logo, and set it on the counter.

“Oh, cool!” The salesgirl exclaimed, “Which one do you work at?”

Stacy told her, and she nodded. The girl held up the black suit Stacy had picked for herself, and gushed, “Oooh! Nice choice. I wish I had the girls for it,” she said with a giggle. “I’m sure your boyfriend here will love it.” She winked.

Mary blushed, standing next to Trevor. Of course, the girl would think Trevor was Stacy’s boyfriend. Why would some strapping stud like him be with a little girl like her?

Trevor did not correct the girl, nor did Stacy.

“I’m sure he will!” Stacy laughed and elbowed Trevor in the ribs.

The girl scanned the suit, then checked the other two and cooed, “Awww! These will be so darling on your little sister.” She scanned the purchases and bagged them.

Mary could understand how the girl could assume Trevor and Stacy were a couple, but a little sister? She had freckles and red hair. Stacy was tanned and dark-haired, not a mar on her skin. Mary stewed. The girl was a stupid bimbo. Trevor pulled his wallet from his pocket and stepped forward, but Stacy shook her head.

“I’ve got this.” She offered, “It’s the 21st century. I can’t let my boyfriend pay for everything, right?”

Trevor scoffed and said, “Thanks.”

“You can make it up to me later,” she said, and mimed a blowjob, laughing at Trevor’s discomfort. Mary thought about Stacy’s plump lips wrapped around her boyfriend’s dick, and felt a naughty rush of shame. He should have a hot girl that would suck his dick.

The salesgirl squealed at Stacy’s audacity and handed her the bag. She scribbled something on the receipt and then handed it to Stacy with a sly wink. In purple pen was a phone number. Stacy grinned and winked back.

Trevor took Mary’s hand. The salesgirl thought it was so cute that he was keeping his girlfriend’s little sister safe.

Chapter 6: Things Left Behind

Stacy bumped into some of her old friends at the mall and made the spontaneous decision to spend the rest of the day with them.

“I’ll have Tara drop me off later,” she said. “Thanks for letting me come along.”

“Sure thing. Thanks for getting Mary some stuff.” Trevor replied.

Stacy gave Mary a hug, pressing her tits into Mary’s face.

“Now, don’t go wearing the new suits without me. I just can’t wait to see how good they look!” She said, but there was a hint of command in her tone.

“Thanks, Stacy.” Mary said, shuffling her feet nervously as two of Stacy’s equally gorgeous friends looked on.

“See you at home later.” She said to Trevor and walked off with her friends.

Mary could hear the tall blonde proclaim, as they walked off, “She’s just such a little cutie!”

Trevor bought them an early dinner at the food court. Mary picked at her food, quiet.

“You ok, babe?” He asked, having no difficulty wolfing down his own meal.

“Yeah,” Mary said, trying to sound more cheerful than she felt. “Did…” she hesitated, “Did you really think I looked… sexy?”

“Oh, yeah!” He answered. “Stacy made a great choice with the swimsuits.”




Trevor grinned.

They arrived back at Trevor’s house, where he suggested they go upstairs and relax, maybe listen to some music. Mary agreed, fully aware that when a boy wants to “listen to music” it just means they want an excuse to lie on the bed, make out, and paw at your body.

Still, she followed him up the stairs to his room, where he shut the door and laid on the bed with her. He swiped open his phone, found a playlist, and music played through the Bluetooth stereo.

Trevor put his arms around her and nuzzled his nose against hers sweetly. It wasn’t long before his mouth was on hers, and he was kissing her softly. His hands roamed down her sides, along her hips, back up, and then played along the hem of her shirt. His fingers slipped under the hem, and touched her bare skin, gaining inches as he teased his way toward his goal.

The incident in the dressing room with Stacy had put Mary’s mind in a wild state of confusion. Here she was, unwilling to go any further with her boyfriend, afraid of what he might do, or afraid of what she might not be able to do. She couldn’t decide which. Both? At the same time, she felt so turned on. Even as he touched her, though, she compared it to the way Stacy had touched her. Trevor was so sweet, pushing a little bit at a time, trying to make sure he went slow. Stacy just took control of her, though, like she was entitled to her body, because she was a hot and sexy woman. Mary felt a flush of desire, and as Trevor’s tongue snaked into her mouth, she couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like if it were Stacy’s tongue.

She quickly broke the kiss, much to Trevor’s disappointment.

“You ok?” He asked, a note of annoyance in his tone.

That was to be expected, she guessed. He was a horny boy.

“I’m really thirsty.” She said, just to give her spinning thoughts time to sort themselves out.

“No problem, babe. I’ll get you something.”

Trevor got up from the bed and adjusted his rigid cock. Mary pretended not to notice. He shut the door, and Mary breathed in and out deeply, trying to get a hold of herself. She lay on her side and glanced about Trevor’s immaculate room, trying to take her mind off of her conflicted emotions. Trevor was very neat, not like a typical teenager with a chaotic and messy room. Everything was organized and in its place. Perhaps that was why something small and out of place caught her attention. The floor was spotless, clean. Except for something off to one side against the wall. She couldn’t say why this one thing made her rise from the bed with a sense of curiosity. It was just so out of place with everything else.

She glanced at the door, and then hurried over to the thing, picked it up, unfolded the bunched-up cloth in her hands and blinked, perplexed. Panties? Black silk panties. Tiny, sexy panties. Oh God! They were another woman’s panties! Was Trevor cheating on her? No. No, that wasn’t him. She was sure of that. It just wasn’t in him. Another thought popped into her mind, and she knew it was right. They were Stacy’s panties. What other explanation was there? Trevor had been jerking himself off with his sister’s panties!

She quickly shoved the little panties into her pocket and leapt back on the bed. It made sense. He was a horny boy with a big cock, and Stacy was so hot and sexy. He probably didn’t even think of it as wrong. He was just playing with his cock, thinking about big tits and a round ass.

“Do you think he’ll go home and jerk his cock, thinking about my tits?”

Stacy’s words from the changing room popped back into her head. He would! He would go home and think about big tits while he jerked his cock! Was he kissing her on the bed and imagining his cock between a pair of big tits? She shivered as her mind conjured up an image of Trevor’s cock between Stacy’s tits, and she bit her lip. Jesus, save me! She prayed. I’m such a sinner!

Trevor returned with a bottle of water and handed it to Mary.

“Thank you.” She said, and accepted it, popping the cap and swallowing it down gratefully.

Trevor looked at her with concern.

“You sure you’re ok? You look a little hot.” He put the back of his hand to her forehead and felt sweat.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “I feel a little sick again. Maybe I pushed it too hard. Will you be mad if I go home and lay down?”

“No, babe. Go ahead. Feel better.” he said, genuinely concerned.

She nodded.

“Thanks. You’re the best.”

She got up from the bed and gave him a hug. Trevor held her with his big, strong hands, rubbing her back. He followed her down the stairs and saw her off. As she drove home, she felt the little lump of cloth in her pocket, wondering if even now Trevor was back in his room, jerking his cock to a pair of big tits.

Chapter 7: My Little Brother the Peeper

Trevor did, in fact, think about big tits. The day at the mall, being surrounded by so many hot girls, had the natural effect of giving him a raging boner. He relieved it at his computer. He consciously avoided any of the fauxcest videos, but many of the girls he focused on seemed to have dark hair and big, bouncy boobs. That was ok, though. They were just porno girls who had hot bodies, and they just happened to have dark hair.

Once he’d sprayed his cum, he spent the rest of the evening playing video games, sending the odd text to Mary just to ensure she was doing ok. She was resting. Good. The afternoon turned to evening, and the evening turned to night. Well past midnight, he finally resigned himself to sleep. Stacy hadn’t come home by the time he drifted off. Man, college life must be just one big all-night party, he thought.

In the morning, the day seemed to repeat itself. The sounds of Stacy’s yoga music drifted from the living room as he came downstairs. He entered the room.

“Morning!” Stacy said, her back to him as she stretched, then bent, pushing her ass out toward him.


“Come on,” she invited him, “we’ll make a yogi out of you yet.”

Trevor went through her instruction. This was actually really cool, he decided. Relaxing, calming. At the end of it, he felt more… balanced, he guessed.

“Thanks, sis.” He said, accepting a towel from her and mopping his forehead, “I’m liking this.”

“Me too! I didn’t really think I’d like teaching it as much as I do, but you’re a good student. Quick learner.”

He took a seat on the couch and checked his phone, which he’d remembered to silence this time.


“Hmm?” He grunted, responding to a message from Mary.

“I don’t want to impose, but, well… I was hoping that I could use your computer again. If it’s not too inconvenient.”

Trevor stiffened but tried not to show it.

“Uh, yeah… sure. I’m gonna shower and watch some TV, so whatever.” he said, his eyes on his phone, though he wasn’t really looking at anything.

“Thanks.” Stacy said happily.

Trevor watched out of the corner of his eye as Stacy’s ass wiggled away out of the room. He gave it a few minutes, and then showered. It was only as he got out that he realized his mistake. He hadn’t actually brought other clothes in with him. He wrapped a towel around his waist and padded softly to the door of his room. Maybe Stacy wasn’t using his computer yet. The door was mostly shut but cracked. He raised his hand to knock, but then a tingle went down his spine. Was she…?

As soon as the thought entered his brain, he knew he had to know. It was just like the morbid curiosity that had prompted him to open those tabs. He just… had to know. Stealthily, he placed his finger in the door’s crack and eased it open just enough to see. And, oh, did he see.

Stacy was at his computer, pushing a thick, pink dildo into herself. Trevor bit his lip. Oh, shit! His desk was essentially just a table, so there was no back to hide what was happening underneath. The rise of the dual-monitor setup ensured that whoever was behind the desk could not see the door, but anyone at the door could clearly see what was happening beneath the desk.

Stacy’s spread legs were quite visible, as was her busy hand, working the toy in and out of her sexy pussy. He could hear her soft moans of pleasure as she fucked herself slowly. He felt his own hand Escort rubbing his cock through the towel, looked down, and quickly pulled it away. Fuck, this was wrong! He was looking at his first real pussy, and it was his own sister’s!

He tore himself away from the door, and hurried off silently, creeping down the stairs, and threw himself down on the couch. His cock was stiff, tenting the towel. He shut his eyes and breathed, but all he could see was a pink dildo, held in long-nailed fingers, being stuffed into a wet, sexy pussy. Jesus, he was the worst fucking brother!

The sound of the bathroom door clicking shut just upstairs drew his attention. Stacy was finished. Stacy was finished masturbating with his computer. He could get dressed. Yes, dressed. He quickly went up to his room and shut the door, locked it, and went to the computer. He ran his hand across the seat. It was wet. He’d just scooped up his sister’s pussy cream on his finger. Oh, God! He wiped his finger on the towel, but instead of putting the towel on the chair, he paused, and with a trembling finger he scooped up more of the wetness, and brought it to his mouth. It had a sweetness to it, but didn’t really taste like much.

He sat in the chair; the towel protecting him from the wetness and took the mouse in his hand. There was one minimized browser window. Shit! He hovered over it, left-clicked, moved the mouse to “close” then to “maximize”. He had to know. He clicked.

The video was titled, “Beating my Brother’s Boner.”

He put on the headphones and clicked play. This wasn’t a fauxcest video. Chances are it was just a couple roleplaying, but it was certainly homemade. The camera was someone’s phone, set to the side on a table. The couple was young, probably about the same as him, if he had to guess. They did not show their faces. The young man sat on the couch, and his topless “sister” kneeled before him.

She poured lube from a bottle into her hands, and slowly stroked the man’s erection, getting it slick and shiny. She worked both hands up his long shaft, then used one to jerk on the head of his cock, and the other to stroke up and down his rigid pole. Trevor’s hand found his own pole and stroked. The motion of the girl’s hands was hypnotic. His eyes glued to the screen, he matched the rhythm. The “brother” moaned and gasped as his “sister” stroked.

“You like that?” She teased him.


“Do I do it better than your girlfriend?” She asked, hotly.

“Oooh, yeah. Don’t stop!”

“Am I hotter and sexier than she is?”


“She doesn’t suck your cock, does she?”

The man moaned, and somehow Trevor knew he was shaking his head in the negative.

“You could let me suck it,” the girl teased. “You could let your big sister suck it for you.”

“Oh, shit!” the man exclaimed, and his cock twitched wildly in the girl’s hand.

The man grunted, and Trevor saw a hot spurt of cum between the girl’s fingers as she worked the head of his cock. He continued to groan and buck his hips as the girl milked the cum from his hard penis, leaving her hands a sticky mess. She leaned in and sucked the head of his cock, swiping her tongue around the crown to lick up the gooey semen. Trevor’s own cock exploded over his hand. He fumbled for the edge of his towel and wrapped it around his spurting cock as the guilty pleasure flowed through his groin. The girl in the video giggled and slowly milked more cum from her “brother’s” cock, licking it up sexily.

Chapter 8: Lessons

Trevor, dressed in shorts and t-shirt, laid back on his bed watching TV. Well, the TV was on, but he wasn’t really watching. He wasn’t really doing much of anything. He was thinking about the video and feeling guilty. He’d done it again. He’d intruded on Stacy’s private fantasy world. This time, he’d even jerked off and cum to it. Jesus, why had she left that stupid browser open? The thought stopped him. Why had she left the browser open? It wasn’t like Tracy didn’t know the difference between close and minimize. Had she done it on purpose? Had she left it open for him to find? It certainly appeared to be the case. Why else?

She’d meant for him to find it. Teasing him would certainly be something that Stacy would do. She might just be doing it as some kind of sick joke. That would be entirely like her. She’d do it just to fuck with him. Like the time she replaced his shampoo with honey. It wasn’t malicious. It was just the relationship they had. Good-natured ribbing. That was all it was, he was sure. A knock at his door broke the thought.

“Come in,” he called.

Stacy opened the door, dressed in her new bikini. Trevor did his best to keep his eyes on the TV, but she posed with one arm against the doorframe, legs slightly spread. The keyhole top revealed deep cleavage, pressing her breasts together like an offering.

“Feel like hitting the pool with me?” she asked. “It seems a shame to spend such a beautiful day inside watching TV.”

Trevor fought with his hormones, but decided it was the right thing to do. Stacy was just being a jerk with the porno thing, after all. She was screwing with him, to see what kind of reaction she could get, probably laughing to herself the whole time. He couldn’t let her win.

“Yeah, ok. Let me get dressed.” He said.

Stacy did not move from the doorway. She watched him expectantly.

“Um, a little privacy pervert?” He said jokingly.

“Oh, right,” she laughed, “can’t divulge the location of the family jewels. Someone might steal ‘em.”

She shut the door. Trevor sighed and dressed in his swim shorts. He found Stacy outside, already in the pool.

“If you cannonball me,” she yelled, “I’m gonna pants you.”

Trevor took the stairs into the pool and made a few easy laps back and forth across its length, while Stacy floated on her back, soaking in the sun. Trevor wondered if her boobs helped keep her afloat, then chastised himself for thinking about her tits again. For a while, they just relaxed in the water, then decided on racing from one end of the pool to the other several times. Trevor could tell that Stacy was a bit surprised at how evenly matched they were.

Eventually, they tired of the water and laid out on the loungers to dry off. As they lay in the sun with their shades on, Stacy spoke up.

“So,” she said, “I hear you and Mary haven’t been…intimate.”

“Intimate? Wow, Stacy. That was a whole sentence without the word fuck in it.”

Stacy laughed, saying, “I was trying to be nice, dumbass. Ok. I hear you haven’t fucked your girlfriend yet. Is that better?”

Trevor blushed, but he’d asked for it.

“Why was Mary talking to you about us?” he asked.

“We were girl talking, of course. Girls talk about dicks and clothes.”

“Hey, thanks, by the way. It was really cool of you to include her like that. She doesn’t have a lot of, well, regular friends. They’re all those churchy girls, and I’m sure they’re not talking about dicks and clothes. I know you didn’t have to be so nice, so I appreciate it. Most big sisters wouldn’t even try to get to know their brother’s girlfriend.”

Stacy reached out and touched his shoulder, genuinely touched, even if his supposition for why she was including Mary so thoughtfully couldn’t have been further from the truth.

“She’s a sweet girl.” Stacy said, then asked, “So, why haven’t you boned?”

“You’re weird.”

“No, I’m just embarrassed to have a studly brother that’s still a virgin. I’m thinking about my reputation. Tara was telling me how hunky she thought you were.”

“Tara?” he asked, thinking of Stacy’s statuesque blonde friend. “The last time I saw Tara, she called me a drooling pervert sicko.”

“Well, time has a way of changing one’s perspective, I guess.”

“In my defense,” Trevor said, “her bikini was way too small.”

“So was her boyfriend’s dick.”

They shared a laugh at the joke.

“You’re avoiding the question.” Stacy said, finally.

Trevor sighed. She would not drop it.

“Mary’s a good girl. She’s got all that Jesus in her head from her mom.” He said.

“Jesus isn’t what’s stopping her.” Stacy said.

“What do you mean?”

He rolled over onto his side, curious.

“She’s afraid, trust me. I can see it.”

“Afraid? Why?”

Trevor felt like he was being baited, but Stacy was discussing sex, and the prospect of something that might lead to him having sex with his girlfriend made any reservations about discussing sex with his sister irrelevant.

“Let me divulge the solemn secrets of the female gender to you,” she said, “and remember, these are closely guarded. To discuss them with a man breaks all kinds of rules, so I could totally lose my vag-club card by telling you.”

“Sounds serious.” Trevor joked, but he was genuinely curious. Of course, he’d read plenty of things on the internet about girls, what women want, the kinds of things every guy wants to know more than anything else.

“The thing about most girls,” Stacy said, “is that they’re actually a lot like guys when they think about sex. Especially when a girl hasn’t done it before. They get scared that they’re going to do it wrong, or that they’re not going to be good enough. They think that guys have these lofty expectations about what a girl should know, like kissing or touching, or giving a good blowjob.”

Trevor thought about the video. “Let your big sister suck it for you,” he heard the girl’s voice say, and he felt his dick getting hard.

“That’s stupid,” he said aloud. “Why would I expect her to know about stuff that she has no experience with?”

“It’s just the way people think. Let me ask you this: Are you afraid that you won’t do it right, or that you won’t be good enough? Don’t worry. It’s normal. Of course you are.”

There was no need to answer. She continued, “everyone is worried about that. But really, what were you good at the first time you did it? Hell, I’ll bet you couldn’t even jerk off right the first time. I know I couldn’t.”

“Ok, that makes sense.” He conceded, unable to stop himself from thinking about Stacy shoving a dildo into her pussy.

“It’s like anything else. You learn with experience.”

“Kind of hard to get experience,” he said, “when your girlfriend won’t let you.”

Stacy grinned and felt her pussy juice up. It was exactly the answer she wanted. Bait set. Spring trap.

“What you need,” she offered helpfully, “is to know exactly what works a woman up, so that she won’t say no. She’ll want it more than you do. Now, what you have going for you is that you already have most of what it takes.”

He raised an eyebrow curiously, fully attentive.

Stacy went on, “You’re a total sweetheart. That’s a big win in your favor. Girls get all gooey over that sort of thing. A patient guy that treats her like a queen will get her into bed with you, as you know.”

He nodded.

“If it’s genuine, which it is with you, that’s a foundation for a long-term thing. Girls are 90% mental. Guys are almost completely physical and visual. The challenge for you is that you have to be in her head and her body at the same time. It’s not enough to just kiss and touch. You need to kiss, talk, and touch in just the right places to get her knees turning to jello, and her legs spreading.”

Any remaining reservations Trevor may have had about the conversation were now gone. Listening to an actual desirable woman, talking about kissing, touching, and spreading legs, had his full attention.

“So, what do I do?” he asked.

Snap went the trap.

“You need someone to show you.” She said.

Trevor’s mind turned over, confused.

“How do I do that? She doesn’t know any more about sex than I do.”

“I can show you.” Stacy offered.

Trevor stared at her dumbly. Stacy looked back expectantly.

“Show me? What do you mean?”

“I mean,” she said, “I can show you what to do.”

Trevor’s glacial thoughts finally picked up on what she was saying.

“You? I’m not… what do you mean?” he stammered.

“Ok, I’ll spell it out for you, caveman. I will take you upstairs, lie on the bed with you, and teach you how to kiss, touch, and how to do it right, so that you can get your girlfriend to fuck you.”

“You’re my sister!” Trevor blurted, and then lowered his voice and repeated, “You’re my sister!”

Stacy rolled her eyes, as though he was being childish, and said, “God, I’m just trying to do you a favor. Sisters are supposed to be used for experimentation. Don’t you read porn stories?”

Trevor choked and felt his tongue go dry.

“It’s not like I’m going to fuck you. You’re my brother. We can’t fuck. That’s sick.”

Trevor croaked out, “I know that. Jesus! I’m not,” he realized he was loud, lowered his voice to a whisper and continued, “I’m not trying to fuck my sister.”

“See? It doesn’t have to be weird. I’m just showing you how to do some simple things that every man should know. Would you rather fumble through it on your own and keep getting cock-blocked? I mean, it’s not my virginity on the line. I can get laid whenever I want.”

She turned back onto her back, and put her arms behind her head casually, which made her swelling breasts more prominent. She feigned indifference and dropped the entire conversation. Trevor’s hard penis encouraged him to accept. Having a dick was so unfair, he decided. Even when you knew something was wrong, your dick had a way of telling you it was ok. No one would know. What was the harm? Having a dick was like trying to keep a wife happy. When you didn’t listen, it beat at you until you made it happy. When you finally made it happy, it just wanted to be happier. There was no winning.

Finally, Trevor said, “Ok.”

Stacy ignored him.

“I said, ok.” he repeated.

She turned her shaded gaze toward him and said, “Ok, what?”

Trevor ground his teeth. She was going to make him say it, just to fuck with him.

“Ok, I would like you to show me what to do.” He said calmly.

“What to do?” She teased.

“You know.”

“I do know, but I’m a bitch,” she admitted, and smiled evilly.

Trevor sighed. “Stacy, I would like you to show me how to make a girl sexually excited.”

“I could probably dig up some flash cards, or something,” she said, “and show you penises and vaginas. Or are you being a little pervert, trying to get his hands on his sister’s boobies?”

He huffed.

“Come on, stud,” she relented, and stood up, towering over him like some kind of goddess, “When I’m done with you, panties are going to drop at the mere mention of your name.”

She offered him her hand. His penis twitched with joy. His brain was not so sure, but it no longer had a say in the matter. It had been fully vacated from the driver’s seat. He took Stacy’s hand and followed her inside. She led him up the stairs, and he watched the way her firm butt wiggled with each step she took. His mouth had gone completely dry, and his palms were sweaty. He knew that Stacy could feel the perspiration on the hand she held.

They went to his bedroom, and Stacy locked the door, then laid on the bed on her side, and patted the mattress next to him. He hesitantly lay next to her. She could see his dilated pupils, a mix of arousal and fear. The look made her wet. She loved that look, the look of a man who knows what he is doing is wrong, but he just can’t resist. This was exactly what turned her on. The game, the chase, and then the conquest. God, she could have frigged herself right there just thinking about that look.

She reached out and ruffled his hair affectionately, saying, “Hey. It’s ok. First thing you need to know is that tension, nervousness, is a killer. You can feel it. She can feel it. Nobody gets excited about tension. Good sex is relaxed, fun, and playful. Nothing is going to dry a girl up as fast as a guy that’s nervous. That’s part of the lesson here. Confidence. Girls want a guy that’s confident, sometimes even dominant. They like to be shown that they’re wanted, and that a guy knows what to do with them. That’s what this is all about, right? You want to know what to do, how to do it, and how to be confident about it.”

Trevor nodded, nervously. Stacy took his hand and placed his palm over her heart.

“Shut your eyes,” she instructed, and he did, “your hand isn’t on my boob, it’s on my heart. Can you feel my heart beating?”


“It’s beating fast, but it’s steady, isn’t it?”

He nodded.

“It’s because I’m excited. I have a feeling of anticipation, but if I feel yours,” she said, and placed her hand over his on his bare chest, “It’s afraid.”

He nodded again.

“Girls aren’t scary. Say it back to me.”

“Girls aren’t scary.” He repeated.

“Remember the breathing exercises?”

He nodded.

“Do it with me.”

Trevor focused on the lessons and breathed. For several minutes, he worked on moving himself into that space in his mind, where his breathing was his whole being. There was a rhythm to it, a calm and relaxing place in his brain, where there wasn’t anything but the feel of his breath in his body. He could still feel Stacy’s hand on his chest, and her voice saying, “good,” but gradually he felt his heartbeat slow. He felt it in Stacy’s chest, too, her heart calming.

“That’s better, isn’t it?” Stacy asked. Her voice had taken on a softer, more breathy tone, one that made Trevor’s spine tingle.

“Believe it or not,” she said, “breathing is one of the most important things you can do. Your breathing controls your blood flow, and your brain, and your body. If you’re going to rock a girl’s world, you’re going to have to remember to breathe. You’re in control. She’s yours.”

Stacy moved her face closer to his, and he felt the warm skin of her cheek against his own. She nuzzled her cheek against his, and her voice in his ear said, “Start slow, and soft, like this. Light, teasing your touch and your voice. You want to be in her head, or you’ll never be in her body.”

She took his hand off of her heart, and placed it on her bare side, just about her hip.

“Fingertips light, right here,” she instructed, “move from my hip, into the small of my back. Light touches, like a butterfly’s wings on my skin. I’m not Stacy. I’m just a sexy girl that wants to be seduced.”

He traced his fingers along her hip, into the small of her back, and felt goosebumps rise on her skin. He smiled to himself.

“Let them roam, like that, along my back and my sides. Don’t go for the ass or the tits. You want her to want it. It’s a tease.” She said as she continued to nuzzle his cheek.

Trevor did as he was told, letting his fingertips slide along her curves, up her back, along her spine, down the top of her arm, and back along the underside, and then down her side, making a circuit back to her hip, where he gently squeezed, and Stacy trembled.

“Good,” she praised him, “That was so good, baby,” she cooed, “Make her eager to have more. Her body is full of little spots like that. Get into her head at the same time, though. Tell her she’s yours. Tell her she belongs to you.”

“You belong to me.” Trevor said softly in her ear, and his hands continued their circuit along her body, raising the little hairs on her body.

“She’s your sexy pet,” Stacy said, “and she belongs to you. Now, include the neck, soft, slow, and up behind the ear, where it’s really sensitive.”

He did as instructed, his cock hard in his shorts, his mind focused on his own breathing, and the feel of Stacy’s skin under his fingers. His eyes were still closed. Stacy’s cheek slid along his, and then she moved down, until her lips were brushing against his, and she pressed lightly. He responded and let her lead. Her head cocked just slightly, and their lips melted together, parting. He was clumsy, sticking his tongue into her mouth with too much eagerness.

“Not yet,” she said, “lips first, slow, but with desire. The tongue teases the lips first, coaxes hers out to yours.”

She kissed again, and Trevor took his time, playing his tongue across her lips, and he was rewarded when Stacy’s slipped out to touch it. He couldn’t help but make a mental comparison between Stacy and Mary. She was right. He could feel Stacy’s confidence in what she was doing, and the fear that Mary’s kisses held. Mary was too much in her own head, focused on her insecurity, just like he was. Stacy was in his head, showing him she owned him.

The sound of their wet lips smacking filled the room. Trevor became a bit bolder, and on his next pass down her side, he moved his hands down her bare leg, brushing his fingers just behind her knee. Stacy moaned into his mouth, and he felt genuine excitement in her. He allowed himself an exultant thrill at having given her pleasure and continued his path up the back of her leg and over the flesh of her ass, palm flat, gripping her glute with just a touch of the animal aggression that was building up inside him. Stacy moved her leg over his and hooked it behind his knee.

Her hand finally moved on his chest, and traced its way over his body, exploring it in the same way her tongue and lips explored his mouth. He could feel her breathing become more excited as he continued to let his hands roam up her back, along her neck, behind her ear, brushing her hair lightly out of the way, cupping her cheek as their tongues slipped across each other.

Trevor broke their kiss and nuzzled her cheek. He flicked his tongue lightly across her earlobe and kissed that spot just behind her ear, whispering, “You’re so sexy.”

He felt Stacy quiver delightfully and felt proud of himself for remembering to get into her head.

“Good, now you can be a little dirtier,” she encouraged. “Tell me what I’m doing to you.”

“You’re making my…my cock so hard,” Trevor whispered.

Stacy purred, and kissed him, then said, “Now, you can go for the tits, just a little. Don’t assault them. Be gentle, brush the nipples, squeeze them softly.”

Trevor focused on his breathing, and let his hands wander up to Stacy’s breasts, where he cupped one in his trembling hand. God, they were so much bigger than Mary’s. The feeling was incredible. Her nipples were hard little points beneath the suit top, and he played his fingers over them, making Stacy exhale excitedly into his mouth.

“Just like that,” she encouraged, “you’re making my pussy so wet, baby.”

Trevor felt his dick lurch at the mention of Stacy’s wet pussy.

“Now, keep going. Don’t push the dick on her,” Stacy said. “She wants it. She’ll let you know when she needs it.”

While he continued to rub her breast through the top, Stacy slid her hand down to his shorts, where she found his engorged penis. She caressed it and fondled it lightly through his trunks, making him groan. It was getting more difficult to focus on his breathing as Stacy’s fingers wrapped around his shaft and stroked gently.

“You’re so hard,” she said breathily, “and so big.”

She kissed him again as she stroked his cock through the trunks, cupping his balls, squeezing his shaft. He wondered what her thick, smacking lips would feel like sliding up and down his cock, rather than her hand, but that was stupid. She was just teaching him to kiss and touch. She was being helpful, and he was being a pervert.

Stacy’s handling of his cock was quickly pushing him toward cumming, and it was getting harder to focus on keeping his breathing even. The overwhelming pleasure in his penis, the first time a real woman had ever touched it, was quickly pushing his mind out of his mental space that had kept him calm. Now, his excitement was peaking, and he knew that if she didn’t stop, the end was imminent. Stacy could feel his penis twitching in her hand, growing fatter as Trevor approached his orgasm.

“Stac…” he croaked.

“It’s ok. Just let it happen,” she said, and smacked her lips against his again, slipping her tongue playfully into his mouth.

Trevor’s hands on her body had stopped moving. One hand clung tightly to her ass as his body trembled. She could feel how he was holding back his need to cum, wanting the pleasure to last as long as possible, but he was losing. He didn’t stand a chance; she knew. It was the first time a woman had really touched his cock, and he was young. He didn’t have staying power. He would, though. She would make sure of that.

“It feels so good, doesn’t it?” she breathed in his ear.

Trevor couldn’t reply. If he opened his mouth, he would cum. His complete attention was focused on fighting it off. She was right. It felt so fucking good that he didn’t want it to end.

“You’re thinking about my pussy, aren’t you?”

Trevor shuddered. He was thinking about her pussy. He was wondering how amazing a warm, wet pussy around his cock would feel if just a hand was this good.

“You want to fuck it, don’t you, baby? You want to put your big, perverted cock in your sister and cum.”

Trevor gasped and lost control. His cock erupted into his shorts, semen soaking through the fabric onto Stacy’s hand, while she continued to milk him dry. She pushed her tongue back into his mouth and felt his hot breath, panting and grunting into her mouth as he unloaded his balls for her. She stroked back his hair as he enjoyed his first orgasm from a woman. When he’d stopped twitching and his cock softened, Stacy pulled her lips away, but continued stroking his hair.

Trevor regained his senses and felt the cum drying and cooling in his shorts, a sticky mess that made his limp penis cling to the fabric of his swimsuit. Stacy watched his face turn beet red from embarrassment, and his lips quivered as though he might cry. God, she wanted to plunge her fingers into her cunt so badly. There was nothing like that look of shame in a man’s eyes once he’s realized what he’s done. She knew he’d be telling himself that it would never happen again. He wasn’t a cheater. It had been a moment of weakness. Then, he would have an erection, and he would think of her.

She was absolutely right. Trevor’s mind was a jumble of emotions. He’d cheated on his girlfriend, cheated on Mary with his own sister. Was it really cheating, though? He hadn’t had sex, couldn’t have sex with Stacy. She was his sister. He wasn’t going to fuck her. He was learning. He was learning how to be a good lover, and it just happened to be Stacy who was teaching him what he needed to know. This was a good thing, he reconciled. It was a good thing for both of them. He would be able to please Mary.

He’d have experience, and know how to make it good for her, so she could enjoy it. He was a good boyfriend, and he had a good sister who loved him enough to help him learn. It was him that was thinking perverted thoughts about sinking his throbbing cock into her mouth and pussy. Stacy was just trying to make it realistic for him, so he’d be good at it, like she was good at it. She was so good at it.

Stacy released his cock. Trevor quickly removed his death grip on her ass cheek and blushed.

“Sorry,” he said weakly, “I didn’t mean to… to do that.”

“Hey,” she said, and made him look at her, “don’t be sorry. Never be sorry for having a natural reaction to being excited. Remember, tension, nervousness, they’re killers. When you fight what happens naturally, you get tense, and it will show. Men cum. Women cum. It doesn’t matter if they’re brothers or sisters or the fucking President, they all cum.”

Trevor laughed at that and felt a little better.

“Thanks,” he said, not really sure if it was for her words or the handjob. Probably a blanket to cover both, but Stacy seemed to understand.

“It’s ok to get turned on,” she said, “when you’re touching someone. If you hadn’t, I’d have felt awful, and you turned me on, too.”


“Yeah! I wasn’t just trying to rile you up when I said my pussy was wet. You did great. You need more practice,” she said, with no hint of commitment, “but that will come with time. You’re a natural lover, Trev. Like I said, you really are sweet, and that comes across in the way you touch. Once you have the experience, you’ll have that little girlfriend addicted to spreading her legs.”

She winked and grinned at him, making him smile back sheepishly. Just like Stacy to follow up a compliment with something outlandish and dirty.

“You should probably go clean up,” she said, her eyes flicking down to his crotch.

“Uh, yeah. Um, thanks again.”

As shocking as the afternoon had been, what Stacy did next completely blew his mind. She brought her cum-covered hand to her mouth, and licked at the semen on her fingers, sampling it like she was testing a wine. Trevor gaped openly, at a loss for words.

“What?” she asked, as though it were only natural to put her brother’s semen into her mouth. She looked at her hand and said, “Every sister is curious. It’s just a little cum, after all. Incest sperm doesn’t really taste any different from other sperm,” she concluded with a shrug. “Go take a shower.”

Trevor shook his head and rolled off of the bed, then fumbled in his drawers for a clean pair of shorts and a shirt. As he went for the door, Stacy said, “Trev?”

He turned back.

“Do you mind if I use your computer while you’re in the shower?”

He slowly shook his head and fled from the room.

Chapter 9: Daddy’s Cake

Trevor took his sweet time in the shower, letting the water run down over his body until it was ice cold. It still couldn’t wash the filth from his mind, though. Now that he had time to think, alone, away from the smell and the heat of Stacy’s body, her gentle touching, plump lips, and seductive curves, he was conflicted again. He thought of how much better he was going to be at making his girlfriend horny.

When he thought about how his hands would feel tracing the curves of Mary’s tiny body, sliding his fingertips along those sensitive areas, how wonderful the little points of her nipples would feel as he stroked them, Mary’s small buds ballooned in his imagination, into full mounds he couldn’t even get his whole hand around. When he imagined how she might moan in pleasure, or what she might say when she was aroused, it wasn’t Mary’s soft, lilting tone in his head. It was a honey-dipped, confident voice saying, “My pussy is so wet… You’re thinking about my pussy, aren’t you?”

He shut off the shower, dried and dressed. As he approached the door to his room, he stopped. It was open. When he looked inside, was he going to see Stacy at his computer, openly masturbating, plunging that pink toy into her wet pussy? He suddenly found himself excited at the idea, and then immediately felt bad. It was all so confusing. He slowly approached, peeked around the doorframe. The room was empty. He felt a curious mix of relief and disappointment.

He shut the door and locked it, then made his way to the computer. Yes, the chair had the telltale signs of Stacy’s wetness on it. He sat down and moved the mouse, waking the monitor. He felt somewhat disappointed again when he did not see any tabs left open this time. Instead of stopping there, though, he opened the browser and accessed the history. He should stop, he knew. It was enough that he’d fallen for her little trick to mess with him by leaving the tab open, but what he was doing now verged on an actual invasion of her privacy. He was actively seeking what she’d been watching as she masturbated. He just couldn’t help himself. He had to know.

The history was empty. He sat back in the chair and crossed his arms. Yeah, Stacy knew exactly what she was doing. She’d pranked him good. She’d won. He, however, had no desire to get her back. Instead, he went to his bed and took a nap. The smell of Stacy’s hair on his pillows filled his nostrils as he closed his eyes.

When he awoke, it was to the sound of his phone pinging on the dresser. He blearily opened his eyes and rolled over, staring at the ceiling and giving the grogginess time to subside. Finally, he hauled himself off the bed and checked his phone.

“I love you.” from Mary.

“I love you. How are you feeling?” he wrote back and stretched.

“Ok. Still not tip top.” Came the reply.

“Need anything?” He asked.

“No. Just gonna take it easy. Love you. TTYL.”

He shot back a kiss and went to the next message. An invitation to a movie by his friends. He agreed, and made plans, then checked the time. Nearly 6:00. He made his way downstairs and followed the smell of food coming from the kitchen, where he found Stacy helping his mother finish dinner. His father sat at the table, reading from a tablet.

“Hey, champ,” his dad greeted him, “what’s up?”

Trevor shook his head, saying, “I’m gonna go out to a movie with Rob and some guys. Cool?”

“Sure,” his dad shrugged.

Trevor sat at the table and bantered with his dad while the two women brought dinner to the table.

As they ate, Stacy said to her mother, “Trevor’s learning yoga.”

“Really?” his mother asked. Her voice held a quaver that Trevor did not detect.

“Yeah,” Trevor agreed, around a mouthful, swallowed, “Stacy’s a great teacher.”

He flushed a bit, as he remembered his most recent lessons, and caught Stacy’s wink across the table.

“I’m gonna go get ready to leave.” He snapped and took his plate to the sink. “Don’t wanna be late.” he added.

“Have fun.” His dad said.

Trevor scurried from the room.

Once Trevor was gone, Stacy’s mother let out a squeak of pleasure that she’d been holding in for minutes, making her husband glance up. He noticed that she’d hardly touched her food. Stacy looked back across the table at him, and he swallowed, unable to look away. He could see, now that he was paying attention, that Stacy’s hand was beneath the table, in her mother’s lap.

“Mom’s old hole is really juicy today, daddy,” Stacy said, grinning wickedly, “she must really need some action,” she rested her head on Lena’s shoulder and flicked her tongue against her mother’s neck, just behind her ear, bringing another moan from her.

“How long has it been since you got to cum, mommy?” Stacy asked, her fingers sliding through the wet gash between her legs. Her mother hadn’t worn panties, or pants, for nearly a year. That was Stacy’s rule. Skirts or short dresses only. She should always have her cunt available, even though it was unlikely to ever be used.

Lena melted into her touch, arms limp at her sides as she surrendered to the pleasure, and gasped, “s… since… since Christmas.”

“Oh my God, that’s so long!” Stacy teased. “You must need it really bad.”

“Yes!” Lena blurted.

Don could only watch from across the table as his daughter manipulated her mother’s cunt. He knew that, physically, he could get up and put a stop to it, but he wouldn’t. He knew he wouldn’t. He knew what was going to happen when Stacy got this way, and he wanted it as much as Lena, even though he hated himself for it.

“I can make you cum really good, can’t I?”


“You remember just how good, don’t you?”

Lena nodded as her hips bucked in the chair. She needed this so badly!

“Trevor’s going to leave, and we’re going to be all alone. I haven’t taken care of you since I got back, have I?”

Lena shook her head.

“You’ve been thinking about it, though. You’ve been wanting it. You’ve been taking care of daddy, but you’ve been thinking about me, haven’t you?”

Lena nodded, and Stacy turned her mother’s wild eyes toward her own. She kissed her sexily, and from the corner of her eye she could see her father’s hand drop to his crotch. Stacy continued to make out with her mother as he watched, rubbing his hard prick.

“Do you want daddy to push his cock into you?” Stacy asked.

Lena shook her head quickly.

“Why not? I thought you wanted to cum so bad?”

“I don’t… I don’t deserve it…” she hissed, and flushed red from the shame, her pussy pushing against Stacy’s hand.

“He’s a big, strong man with a fat cock, isn’t he?”

Lena nodded, unable to look away from her daughter’s eyes.

“He deserves to have good pussy, doesn’t he?”

Lena nodded and tried to get Stacy’s fingers into her cunt, but she just kept teasing, brushing, backing off, keeping her on edge.

“He deserves to fuck hot, young pussy that will do all the dirty things his bitch wife won’t, doesn’t he?”

“Oh, God!” Lena panted.

“Say it, and I’ll let you cum.”

“I’m a bitch wife,” Lena panted, “and he deserves… he deserves good pussy!”

“Good girl.”

Stacy kissed her again and pushed her fingers into her mother’s wet hole, grinding her thumb against her clit until Lena squealed into her mouth and had a violent, hip-bucking orgasm. It had been months, and she was absolutely desperate for it. Even if her husband had fucked her, which he wouldn’t, she wouldn’t have cum the way she had learned to do for Stacy. She was a slave to Stacy’s humiliation, her manipulation, the way she demeaned her and took control of her. She was her daughter’s toy.

Stacy backed off and pulled her fingers from her mother’s sucking cunt. She extended them across the table to her father, but he shook his head. Stacy laughed.

“Oh my God! He doesn’t even want to taste you after six months with no pussy.” Stacy hissed.

Lena lowered her head in shame, then Stacy put her fingers into her own mouth and sucked them clean. She rose, crossed to the other side of the table, and made out passionately with her father. Lena watched his hands eagerly cup Stacy’s ass and caress her back. Her daughter’s hand fell to his cock, and she listened to Don groan appreciatively as Stacy played with his package. Then she broke the kiss and slapped her father’s hand away from her ass.

“You’re such a pervert, dad. Don’t fucking touch me.” she said and slapped his face.

She left the room, leaving her horned up parents in a state of sexual frenzy. Stacy climbed the steps and met Trevor in the hallway as he was headed for the door. He nervously fidgeted as she approached and gave him a sisterly hug.

“Have fun at the movie,” she said and then went to her room.

Trevor released a breath and hurried down the stairs and out the door. Stacy took her time, picking the right look. The last few days of working on Trevor and Mary had left her in a sexual frenzy, too, and she needed to do something more about it than a dildo. That was only useful in a pinch. It didn’t satisfy her need, though. Dildos didn’t look at you with awe and terror as you used them. Only people did that, and that was what she needed.

She found her parents in the living room. Her father was in his big chair, and her mother was on the couch. Stacy smiled at the wedge she’d driven between them. Before she’d completely upended their marriage with her predatory teasing, and ultimately seduction, they’d have been curled up on that couch together. Now, though, her dad didn’t think of his wife as a sex partner, or even someone to be intimate with. She was more like a roommate. He still loved her, and she was a wonderful person. She just wasn’t someone that he wanted to fuck. She couldn’t fulfill the need that Stacy had instilled in him.

Of course, it had taken time. She’d had to lay a lot of groundwork to make her parents view her as a sexual object, instead of their daughter. A lot of teasing, innuendo, research, the right porn left in the right places, at the right time, and slowly their perspective had changed. Now, she owned them both, and that was her own addiction.

That look of worship on their faces as she entered the room sent a thrill through her. Those wide eyes, the eager anticipation on their faces, even as their minds struggled with the fact that what they were doing was wrong on every level to the outside world, but they were slaves to the animal passions Stacy had awakened in them. They were her slaves.

Lena’s eyes wandered down Stacy’s body, that tight, 20-year-old piece of insanely gorgeous ass with a mind that was geared only toward seduction and destruction. And, oh, was she good at it. She remembered, every day, how Stacy manipulated her mind and body to bring her pleasure like she’d never known from any man. She’d caved much faster than her husband, she thought with shame as her pussy tingled, but she didn’t care anymore. She’d lick Stacy’s asshole, take the abuse and demeaning dirty talk. For months now, she’d only pleased her husband with her mouth, and then only while he watched recorded sessions of himself and Stacy fucking.

He’d blast his hot jizz down her throat, while he moaned out Stacy’s name, imagining that it was his daughter’s warm, young pussy that he was shooting into. Her mouth was just a hole for him to empty his balls into, a receptacle until he could get his cock back into something worth fucking. Stacy had put those words into her head the last time she’d been home, and they came back to Lena now as her daughter slid into her arms on the couch and petted and pawed at her.

Don slid his pants off and watched the two women writhing in each other’s arms on the couch. His wife moaned into Stacy’s mouth as their daughter kissed, licked, stripped, fingered and sucked at her, discarding her clothes until Lena was naked and willingly spreading her legs for Stacy’s tongue. He stroked his hard member while Stacy worked her under-sexed mother into a state of such arousal that she was practically drooling on her own tits. Occasionally, Stacy would stop and whisper things to her mother that Don couldn’t hear, but knew were utterly depraved, worming their way into his wife’s brain and furthering Stacy’s hold on her.

It was incredible to watch Stacy work, and even though he knew he should feel horrible, all he felt was arousal at the way his stacked daughter exuded her sexual power over a woman twice her age so easily. It wasn’t just Stacy’s incredible body, or the filthy things she whispered, like the voice of temptation in the Garden, but her complete aura of sensual confidence, as though she knew that there was no resisting her. She was right. He’d tried. God, he’d tried, but she was relentless, and he was only a man. Now, he was hooked.

He got up from the chair and approached the couch, where Stacy had her legs spread, and her mother was submissively lapping away at Stacy’s cunt as she stroked her hair.

“Daddy’s so horny, mom,” Stacy cooed, watching Don’s bobbing penis get closer. “He hasn’t had pussy for months. He’s only had your stupid mouth, hasn’t he?”

Lena hummed into Stacy’s cunt.

“Did mommy’s mouth make you happy, daddy?” Stacy asked him as he neared.


“What were you thinking about while you jerked off with her mouth?” Stacy asked, stroking Lena’s hair.

“You, baby.” he admitted.

“You were thinking about your daughter?” Stacy teased.


“What were you doing to my hot body, daddy?”

“Fucking you,” Don said, stroking.

“That’s so gross,” she said with a look of contempt. “Why would you do that?”

“You’re so sexy, baby,” Don said. “I can’t help it.”

“You should fuck your wife, not think about fucking your daughter.”

“She’s no fun, and she doesn’t do the things I want.” Don admitted.

“What kind of sick things do you want to do, daddy?”

“I want a woman that knows how to suck my cock right,” he said, “and some pussy that isn’t loose and wrinkled.”

Lena trembled and Stacy pushed her face harder into her cunt.

“Mom sucks your cock. You just said it.”

“She’s terrible at it. It’s more like jerking off with a warm dish towel.” Don said.

“You think I’m better at sucking cock?” She asked.

He nodded.

“That’s so gross. I’m not sucking your dick, dad.”

Don reached out and groped Stacy’s breast. She batted his hand away and said, “stop it. Don’t fucking molest me, you pervert.”

Don reddened, and reached out for the back of her head, gripped tightly, and pushed his cock toward her mouth. Stacy spit on it and slapped his chest. The head bumped against her lips, but she kept them tightly pressed together, denying him access, shaking her head and humming, “Mmm mmm!”

Don pushed his wife out of the way, and grabbed Stacy by the throat, pushing her down roughly onto the couch. She snapped her legs together and pushed at his chest as she choked, his hand tight around her throat.

“Fucking cocktease!” He grunted and pried her legs apart. He pushed his lips against hers. Stacy squeaked, and then looked him in the eye. It wasn’t fear that he saw there. It was victory, mocking and cruel. She knew he would do anything to get his dick into her. It had been months, and his singular source of release had been Lena’s mouth and porno featuring him and Stacy fucking. There was no resistance left in him. He had to have her pussy. He had to! With a forceful push, he buried his cock inside of her and fucked her as hard as he could, pounding into her wet and sucking, wonderful, young pussy. He’d been imagining it for months, while he emptied his nuts into that old used up wife, and now his pussy was back. His pussy. It was his.

“Fucking slut,” he growled, “That’s my fucking pussy! I need this pussy, baby. I need it.”

Stacy humped back against him now, and his grip on her throat loosened. He mauled her tits roughly as his cock beat into her over and over, while his wife watched and fingered her own cunt.

Stacy’s groans turned to a chant of, “Fuck me, daddy. Fuck your little girl. Fuck your pussy. Oooh, it’s your pussy, daddy. Fuck your pussy.”

The months of pent-up desire had Don emptying his balls into her within minutes. Hot jets of cum poured into his daughter’s gripping pussy, and he felt her buck up against him as she came. She watched the bottled-up desire slowly fade from his eyes, draining along with his balls, and being replaced by that wave of regret at his own weakness. Stacy came again.

Chapter 10: Mary and the Makeover

When Trevor opened the door to his room, the last thing he’d expected to find was his sister, laying on his bed in a pair of purple panties and a tank top, but that is precisely what he found. He stood stock still in the doorway.

“Um, hi?” He said, and Stacy looked up from her phone.

“Hey Trev,” she replied, “I was waiting for you.”

“Why?” He glanced over at his computer, and Stacy laughed, saying, “No, I didn’t borrow your computer. I ask permission before I use things. That’s actually why I’m here.”

Trevor blushed, knowing he’d been caught, and knowing that Stacy knew exactly why he’d looked at the computer. She’d got another one over on him with nothing but an implication. Damn it!

“Well, let me start again,” she went on, “I’m here, physically, because you have nicer TV in your room, and I’m watching the Kardoucheans. I was waiting for you to ask for permission.”

“You don’t need my permission to use the computer,” he said, and shrugged, “whatever. Just use it. I don’t mind.”

“Thanks, but that actually is not the permission I was looking for. How would you like to have a hot, sexy, confident woman to fuck?”

Trevor fidgeted in the most adorable way, his mouth working, but words unable to come out.

“Stacy, we…” he hissed, then quietly, “we can’t…”

“Not me, pervert,” she stopped him. “We talked about this. You can’t fuck your sister.”

Trevor shut the door and pressed his back against it.

“Will you keep it down?”

Stacy ignored him and pressed on, “I was talking about your girlfriend.”


“Do you have another one?”

Stacy was struggling to contain her glee. Not only did Trevor not associate his girlfriend with the words “hot,” “sexy,” or “confident,” he’d immediately thought of her. Fuck, it was almost too easy. She was definitely going to have to go after a married guy next. Her dad had held out for over a year, through an 18-year-old Stacy’s teasing, dirty talk, handjobs, dick sucking, until he’d finally snapped and just slammed his cock into her. Now, that had been a long, fun game. She didn’t think she’d ever find a challenge like that again.

“What about Mary?” Trevor asked, protectively.

Hmm, maybe not so easy, after all. She thought, then said aloud, “I wanted permission to borrow your girlfriend for a chick’s day out. I’m going to make her over for you. That girl seriously needs a girly friend. What do you say?”

“It’s not up to me. If you want to do something with her, just ask. I’m sure she’d be up for it. She thinks you’re really nice.”

“When I bring her back, she’ll never be the same. Are you sure you can handle that? Can you handle sexy Mary?”

Trevor snorted, and said, “I’d like to handle sexy Mary.”

“Number please?” she asked.

Trevor gave it to her and watched her type it into her phone. She locked the screen and stood up from the bed, giving him a quick, sisterly peck on the cheek and heading to the door.

“Oh,” she said, “I left you some great porn up on the computer.”

She bolted from the room, cackling madly. He knew he shouldn’t look now. She’d just admitted to screwing with him. There was probably nothing there, anyway. She’d just said it to fuck with him further. He’d move the mouse and then feel stupid when there was a blank screen. He locked the door, then edged closer to the computer. But what if it wasn’t? He rounded the desk. The chair was dry. He sat down and moved the mouse. The screen came to life. There was no porno video.

“What the fuck?” he said to the empty room.

Stacy had changed the background picture of his desktop to an enlarged image of a pair of large tits encased in a black keyhole bikini top. The zoomed in view showed the flawless slopes of cleavage, teasing him through the cut-out. Stacy’s tits.

He clicked the monitor off and went to bed. She’d gotten him again. He should think of a way to get her back for that. Instead, he thought about the deep valley of her cleavage, the swell and slope of those perfect orbs of female flesh. He remembered the way they’d felt in his hands, while her tongue pressed into his mouth, and her nipples hardened under his fingertips. Instead, he thought about those things, touched his cock. It didn’t feel as good as when Stacy had done it.

The following morning, his new routine repeated itself. Stacy was in the living room, waiting for him to do their exercises, dressed in tight-fitting booty shorts and a sports bra. Trevor expected, maybe, some weirdness or tension between the two of them, but Stacy acted as if yesterday’s “lesson” had never happened. Trevor wondered how she could be so nonchalant about having jerked off her brother through his swim trunks. But then, it wasn’t weird to Stacy. She was an experienced woman, just helping her silly little brother learn something new. She wasn’t thinking about his cock in her mouth, or between her legs. He was the one having unholy thoughts about his sibling and her large, bouncing tits. Jesus, and he was getting hard thinking about it!

“So, I’m taking your girlfriend today,” Stacy said, as they wrapped up.

Trevor nodded, oblivious to the double meaning of Stacy’s words, and replied, “I saw the text this morning. She’s really excited. Nervous, too. She’s never had a real girl buddy to go do things with. What are you gonna do?”

Stacy rubbed a towel between her breasts and watched Trevor’s eyes follow the movement.

“The usual. Nails, hair, clothes, lattes, talking about dicks and clothes.”

Trevor said, with a chuckle, “Great,” then added, more seriously, “and, thanks. Really. It’s cool of you to do that. I can give you some of my Grad money, you know, to get her some stuff. I don’t want you to have to spend on my girlfriend.”

Stacy shook her head. “No. Not at all. Just think of her as my special summer project. I want to make sure my little bro has something sexy to bone, you know, when you finally do get to bone.”

She giggled at his embarrassed flush, and then punched his arm playfully, saying, “Oh, lighten up. You know I’m just a tease, dork.”

“Yeah, I know. Jerk!” he punched her back. “Not funny, by the way, the stupid computer thing.”

Stacy burst out in a fit of laughter that went on for several seconds, as she imagined the look of shock on her brother’s face when he’d seen his desktop.

“Oh, man,” she wheezed, wiping a tear from her eye, “I’m sorry. Really, I’m so sorry. I just couldn’t help myself.You’re too easy!”

“Yeah, well, I’m gonna put a password on it now,” he jibed, “and I’ll stand behind you when you use it, to make sure you’re not doing anything inappropriate that I’m going to get busted for later.”

“Ooooh,” Stacey crooned, “Does that mean you’re going to watch me when I watch porn? You kinky little nerd.” She teased, elbowing him.

“What? No! That’s not… damn it. Can you at least wipe off the fuckin’ chair when you’re done?”

Stacy’s giggles returned, and she doubled over with laughter, her hand resting on his shoulder, as though for support.

“I’m sorry,” she croaked, “Really… I’m… sorry. I just, I get these things in my head sometimes, and—” she made a twirling gesture into the air, as though pulling thoughts from her head into reality, “Oh, man. I know. I’m fucked in the head. What’s the use of a little brother, if you can’t make him super uncomfortable, though? It’s what sisters do.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Trevor said, and rolled his eyes. Now the thought of his sister masturbating was stuck in his head again. Shit!

“Really, I’m sorry. I’ll stop leaving cum in your chair,” she offered, then checked her phone. “I’m going to get ready. I have a date with your girlfriend soon.”

Trevor nodded and said, “Just don’t bring her back with pierced nipples and a slave collar or something.”

Stacy started up the stairs, and called back, “No promises!”

Trevor groaned and went to dig up something to eat, calling Mary as he rooted through the pantry.

Shortly thereafter, Stacy pulled her car into the address that Mary had given her and knocked on the door. There was an answer from a dour-looking woman in a long skirt, wearing a thick blouse that came up to her neck. She looked a lot like an older, sour version of Mary. Stacy immediately pegged her for the mother and then thought that she could make an interesting future project. She hoped the father was still around. Later.

“Hello, ma’am,” Stacy said politely, “Is Mary home?”

The woman looked Stacy up and down, and immediately pegged her for a slut, with her big breasts on display in a tight top, and a pair of shorts that barely covered her vagina.

“You must be Trevor’s sister,” the woman said. “Yes, Mary is here. I’ll send her down. Won’t you come in?”

“Thank you very much,” Stacy answered, and stepped inside, then added, “I really appreciate you letting me take your daughter out today. I’m just home from college for the summer, and I’m really hoping to get to know my brother’s girlfriend better. She’s been so kind and sweet.”

“Well,” the woman said, brightening, “I have to say that your brother is a good boy. He’s so polite. Just wait here, dear.”

Stacy stood in the hallway and examined the family pictures. Yes, there was a father in the picture, and a handsome one. She could tell from the pictures that he wasn’t as uptight as mom, but that was normal. Most men weren’t. They just tended to conform to the norms of their source of pussy. She wondered, as she waited, just what little miss stuffy cunt was hiding under those flour sacks she was wearing.

Mary nervously strode down the hall toward Stacy, decked in her usual unappealing garb. Loose jeans. A flowery little blouse that covered her entire top, down to the elbows. Her red hair was pulled back in a ponytail, showing her freckled face and kind, green eyes. She had a small purse slung over one shoulder. Stacy looked down on her and suppressed a giggle at how unevenly matched they were. Mary was nearly a foot shorter than she, which put the girl’s face at breast level on Stacy.

“Hey you,” Stacy said excitedly, “Ready for a girl’s day out?”

Mary nodded, smiling. She was nervous, yes, Stacy noted, but she seemed genuinely excited to do something… rebellious. Mary’s mother soon joined them.

“When will you be home?” Mother asked.

“I don’t know,” Mary replied, a hint of annoyance in her tone. “Later, I guess.”

“Well, just be careful,” Mother answered, displeased and frowning.

Stacy clearly picked up on her insecurity. Her daughter was a legal adult now, and the woman was losing her hold on her. She wasn’t happy about it. She’d beaten a lot of Jesus into the girl’s head, and now here came this big-boobed harlot to rip it all out and replace it with the evils of the world. Boys. Kardashians. Naughty outfits. Nintendo.

“I will, mom.” Mary agreed, “Love you.”

Mother nodded and stood in the doorway as Stacy and Mary went to the car. Once inside, and pulling away from the house, Stacy said, “Your mom seems nice.”

Mary laughed, “Yeah, she’s nice. She’s just…you know.” She twirled her finger about her head to indicate crazy.

Stacy laughed and added the tiny kernel of rebellion in Mary to her checklist of manipulations.

“Stacy,” Mary piped up, “Thanks a lot. You know, for being so nice.”

“Oh, honey, don’t even think about it. This is gonna be so much fun!”

Mary beamed at the older girl. She couldn’t help it. Her excitement overflowed. She was going out on a beautiful summer day with an older girl, who was really hot, and they were going to do things that normal girls did. She was nervous, though. She was always nervous. Stacy made her more nervous, and the unholy thoughts she’d been having about Stacy made her even more so. She’d even touched herself… down there, thinking about how Stacy had so brazenly touched her body. It was shameful, she knew, and certainly not what her mother or Jesus would want her to do, but it had felt fantastic. She reconciled it by remembering that even the government said it was ok for girls to touch other girls, and if the President said it was ok, then it must not be all bad.

Stacy kept the conversation casual, discussing Mary’s massage classes, asking about how she’d ended up dating her brother, safe topics that put Mary at ease. Soon, they were pulling up to the salon that Stacy had picked for them. She’d used it herself many times and knew the stylists. Most of them were super-hot lesbians, and she knew they’d just go nuts over turning little Mary into something resembling sexy.

She’d booked with a stylist named Kayleigh, Stacy’s personal favorite. She was an Asian girl, a bit older than Stacy, with uncommonly large breasts for her ethnicity, and she knew how to turn a girl into a pussy-wetting dream. It was like sex watching the woman work Mary over. Kayleigh’s every touch seemed pre-planned, sensual, and as Stacy watched her applying creams and lotions to Mary’s skin, and delicately washing her hair, she could see the way Mary was taken in and aroused by the woman. She talked easily with Mary, making her laugh. All the nervousness seemed to drain out of her as Kayleigh made her feel, and look, beautiful for the first time in her life.

Kayleigh spent a long time on Mary’s fingers, toes, and nails, her expert hands delicately toying with her skin and joints. Stacy knew from experience just what it felt like. It’s why she loved this place. The girls here made love to you as they worked, and by the end of your session, you were practically throwing your money and your body at them. She could only imagine how much pussy they were getting.

Stacy lost track of the hours. She, too, had her nails redone, mani-pedi, and then waited patiently. She’d known Mary was going to be a project that could take some time. The result was well worth it, though.

The Mary that emerged was better than anything she’d expected. The soft red hair was darker now, done in waves that cascaded down over her shoulders. A few stray strands hung loosely over her eyes, giving her a slightly seductive look, which she couldn’t quite pull off. The freckles were still there, but her skin was glowing, and looked so soft and touchable. A light coat of lipstick that set off the green in her eyes made her lips look utterly kissable. Mary had never had her nails done before, and she felt so excited when she looked at the color, a brilliant match for the lipstick. She examined her new look in the mirror and barely recognized herself. Suddenly, her clothes felt like they didn’t fit. They looked so ugly.

Stacy stood by her shoulder, and Mary saw the look of surprise on her face.

“Ho… lee… shit!” Stacy exclaimed, “Honey, you are one sexy little piece of ass!”

Mary blushed. She’d never dreamed that someone would call her a sexy piece of ass. Kayleigh stood on the other side, a satisfied smile on her face.

“Mmm Hmm,” she agreed, then said to Stacy, “You bring her in, and I think, there is no way to make her so sexy. But she had sexy in there. It is good. She is yours?”

“She is mine.” Stacy agreed, and stroked Mary’s new curls, sending a shiver through the girl.

She was surprised, though, as Mary turned from the mirror, wrapped her arms around her waist and buried her face in her stomach. She sobbed, saying, “Thank you so much.”

Stacy kindly patted her back and said, “It’s ok, honey. It’s ok.”

She added to Kayleigh, “Sorry. You’ll have to fix the makeup.”

Kayleigh nodded.

While Stacy drove them to the mall, Mary couldn’t stop looking at herself in the mirror. Just the change in her hair made her look like a whole different person. She actually looked like a woman, not a cute little girl. She had makeup. She had lipstick. Stacy gushed over her, making her feel special.

Stacy took her into all the shops that she’d previously been afraid of. They sold clothes for women that showed off their bodies, rather than hiding them. Most of Mary’s clothes came from the church’s monthly garment swap. Rarely had she owned something that wasn’t secondhand. Mary followed her through the stores, while Stacy picked out what seemed like an entire wardrobe for her. Then Stacy decided Mary needed new underwear.

“My Mary makeover,” Stacy said, “Starts from the outside in. You’re going to be amazed at what the new outside can do for the inside, but the outside needs some panties that don’t look like my grandma’s.”

The many choices and styles bewildered Mary. Since she’d never been shopping for her own underwear, she did not know that there were so many styles. How was a girl supposed to keep them all straight? Thongs, briefs, G-strings, high-rise, low-rise, boy shorts, so many kinds. Stacy seemed to know exactly what she was doing, though, and was happy to continue dressing Mary, as she felt appropriate. Out of her depth, Mary simply allowed the older girl to pick what she thought was best.

Stacy took her basketful of purchases to the counter. Mary glanced toward the dressing rooms and asked, “Don’t I need to try them on?”

Stacy grinned at the note of hope in the girl’s voice, and Mary flushed at the sight of it. She knew she’d sounded eager, and she was. The memory of Stacy stripping her in the dressing room, and touching her body, was still fresh in her mind.

“Part of the fun,” Stacy explained, “is bringing back the ones that don’t fit, and getting more! Unless you’d really like to go into the dressing room with me,” she lowered her voice and added, “that would be super kinky, wouldn’t it?”

“No!” Mary said, “No. It’s ok. I’ll do it later.”

Stacy smiled back, then took her turn at the counter, paid for the purchases, and led Mary out of the last store. Though she was still dressed in her frumpy little blouse and too-loose jeans, Mary noticed that as she walked through the mall, she was already receiving a different reaction. Normally, no one gave her a second glance. Now, though, men and women were following her with their eyes. It was an entirely new feeling, and not a bad one.

They returned to Stacy’s car, where she tossed the bags into the back seat, then slid behind the wheel. Mary buckled in. Stacy drove, and then casually laid her hand on Mary’s leg.

“Now, we get to try them on,” Stacy announced. “My friend Tara is working a late shift tonight, so we’re going to use her place to check out all your new stuff. It’ll be like our own little fashion show!”

She felt a tremor run up Mary’s leg and squeezed it softly. Mary felt aroused but scared by the idea. She was going to be alone with Stacy in a private place for the first time. There was no one else waiting outside. No Trevor, no shoppers. Just her, and the hot older girl, changing clothes, being naked together. Her pussy felt warm at the idea, but she felt her hands go clammy. What if Stacy wanted to touch her again? What if Stacy wanted Mary to touch her? Outwardly, she only nodded.

Stacy drove them across town to the apartment, where she let them in with a loaned key. Tara’s little apartment was clean and cute, comprising two bedrooms and a den. Little vases of flowers decorated the side tables and kitchenette counter, but what stood out to Mary was the wall art. There were three framed images, black and white prints, of an… erotic nature.

The first showed two tall women dressed in lingerie, their bodies intertwined on a heart-shaped bed made up with silk sheets. The two women were kissing passionately, hands on each other’s bodies.

The second was a woman, also in skimpy lingerie, shown only from the back. She wore a leather collar with a leash attached to it. The leash was held in the hand of a man shown only from the neck down, seated in front of her in a large armchair. The woman was on her knees between the man’s legs. Though it wasn’t shown blatantly, Mary could tell that the woman had the man’s penis in her mouth.

The third image showed three women arrayed in a triangle, each of them had their face buried between the legs of the next, like a little train of pussy lickers. Mary was taken aback. The images were suggestive, without being pornographic, and she wondered what it would be like to be one of those girls, tall and sexy, with big breasts and a sculpted butt, being desired and wanted.

Stacy turned on the stereo and a soft jazz tune played from the speakers positioned around the room. She sat on the couch, the bags on the floor nearby, and patted the seat next to her. Mary joined her.

“Your friend seems to like art.” She said, conversationally.

“She has great taste,” Stacy agreed. “Which one is your favorite?”

Mary considered the images again, and then pointed to the first, showing the two women on the bed.

“Mine, too,” Stacy said. “There’s something that’s so sexy about the intimacy,”

Mary nodded, staring at the image.

Stacy went on, “Two people, just sharing each other’s bodies, like nothing matters but their own pleasure. It doesn’t matter that they’re girls, or what the world thinks. It’s just a special moment, caught forever, just for the two of them.”

Mary looked back to her and swallowed, then nodded her agreement. Stacy brushed her new hair from her face.

“You really do look good, baby,” she said softly. “I can’t believe how much sexiness was hidden under that old haircut.”

Mary looked down bashfully, but Stacy tilted her chin back up and made her look into her eyes.

“Every woman is sexy in their own way,” she said, “but sexy isn’t just looking good on the outside. Sexy is inside of you. You, baby. It’s inside of you. Do you think I’m sexy?”

Mary’s eyes wandered over Stacy’s perfect body, and she nodded, trembling.

“I have a hot body,” Stacy agreed, “but I’m not sexy because I have a hot body. If I treated the world like a bitch, and was hateful toward people, or gave off negative energy, it wouldn’t matter how hot my body was. I wouldn’t be sexy. I’d just be a fuckable bitch.”

Mary laughed, making Stacy smile.

“Being sexy comes with some confidence in yourself.” She said with certainty.

“I’m not very confident,” Mary admitted.

“I’m going to make you confident,” Stacy stated, “and that’s a two-part project. Out here,” she said, waving her hand over her body, “and in here,” she added, tapping the side of Mary’s head, “Now, I can do a lot for the outside, but what’s in your head is years of garbage that’s been drilled into you by TV, magazines, commercials, and your mom.”

She felt Mary bristle a bit at the mention of her mom. For all the Jesus and the restrictions she’d put on the girl, she did still love her mom.

“Just remember, your life isn’t your mom’s. It doesn’t mean that you discard what she’s taught you about being a good person. All that Jesus isn’t a bad thing. Treat people well. Be kind. Love people. Give to people. Those are excellent lessons, but the only person who has to actually live your life is you, baby.”

Stacy stood and opened a little mini-fridge next to the TV stand, took out two wine coolers, and handed one to Mary. Of course, Mary had never had alcohol before.

“I’m not old enough.” She said and blushed. That probably sounded stupid to a college girl who got invited to cool parties all the time, she thought.

“Today you are,” Stacy said, and winked, twisting off the cap of her bottle.

Mary did the same, took a tentative sip, and then another. The fruity drink tasted great. Stacy sat next to her again, draping her arm over the couch, and idly playing with Mary’s hair.

“The second thing,” she continued, “is this stupid expectation that you’re only sexy if you have big boobs and look like a model. That isn’t sexy to everyone. Men.” she said with a shrug, “Men like that. Men like big tits and round booties, but men are animals that want to grope and rut like pigs while they pound their fat sausages into you. Men just want to beat that tight little pussy between your legs until they fill you up with cum. It’s not their fault. It’s just biology. They’re made that way.”

Mary giggled at the dirty picture Stacy painted, but she also felt a flutter of fear at the idea. She was tiny. She had little boobies and a tiny bottom. Her cunny was small, too. It was probably going to hurt a lot when she finally let Trevor put his cock in her, and that was scary. Stacy knew the image would be frightening, of course.

She stroked Mary’s cheek with the back of her hand, and caressed her neck just behind the ear, doing it so casually that Mary didn’t even notice the seduction. She nuzzled her cheek against that warm hand and felt loved.

“Girls aren’t like that,” Stacy continued. “We don’t care about big boobs and phat booties. Those aren’t pleasure. Those aren’t sexy. Part three is experience. We’ll get to that later. Right now, let’s just stick to part one. The outside.”

Stacy stood and began removing all the clothes from the bags, laying them out on the couch. She held her hand out to Mary, who took it, and stood next to her. Stacy ran her arms down Mary’s sides until she found the hem of her blouse and peeled it up. Mary’s heart beat faster. Stacy tossed the old blouse aside without a glance and then knelt on the floor in front of Mary. She kissed her smooth belly, and ran her hands up her bare sides, sliding them underneath the other girl’s little excuse for a bra. The strip of cloth covering her tiny tits slid up, and her naked nipples popped out, hard and excited.

Stacy touched them gently with her thumbs and slid her hands back down to the button on Mary’s jeans, popped it, unzipped, and hooked her fingers into the waistband. She slid them down, letting them pool on the floor about her feet. She heard Mary’s soft inhalation as she stroked her hands up the back of her legs until they cupped her bottom and squeezed. Her underwear came down next, and Stacy could smell the sweet scent of the girl’s arousal.

Stacy stood back up, and Mary stepped out of her clothes, like shedding an old skin. Stacy kicked them to the side like so much garbage.

Stacy leaned down and whispered, “You’re beautiful,” then pressed her lips against Mary’s lightly, flicking her tongue across them. Mary moaned deliciously, her body tense. Stacy took the first outfit from the couch and handed it to Mary. Ultimately, she’d have the girl dressing up like a little lesbian fuckdoll, but it was best to ease her into it. She didn’t want her to feel like a slut. Not yet.

The first outfit consisted of a very sexy, but casual cold-shoulder top in white, with short sleeves that covered all but a couple of inches of her tummy. She paired it with a denim skirt, which ended a few inches above her knees, under which lay a white thong. The outfit was perfectly acceptable. She gently prodded Mary to a nearby full-length mirror and stood behind her. Mary admired the look while Stacy’s hands grazed her shoulders.

“Who the hell is that?” Stacy said with glee. “Where did that cute little redhead go?”

Mary laughed and felt a thrill run through her. She didn’t look like a child. She looked like a woman.

“I love it!” she cried.

Stacy ran her hands down Mary’s sides and peeled the top over her head, making sure that Mary could clearly watch herself being stripped in the mirror. She embraced Mary from behind, stretching her arm across the girl’s chest until she was cupping one of her tiny breasts possessively, then slipped her other hand down to the skirt and deftly undid the catch. She kissed softly on Mary’s neck as she let gravity pull the skirt down. Mary shook in her arms as she watched her body, naked but for the thong panties, in the mirror, watched what Stacy was doing to it. It could have been an image for Tara’s wall, she thought, and moaned out loud.

“Now, that was sexy,” Stacy whispered.

She released Mary and retrieved the next outfit. This one was a black cropped top, sleeveless, with little frills around the hem. She slipped on a pair of tight, colombian jeans, which lifted her tiny bottom and lent it a look of fullness that it didn’t naturally possess. Stacy turned her around in the mirror so that she could see the shapely swell of her little ass, and gave it a playful smack, making Mary jump.

“Look at that tight little rump,” Stacy growled, and squeezed one cheek. “God, you’re gonna have all the girls’ mouths watering over this thing.”

Mary giggled. The fact that Stacy specifically only mentioned girls was completely lost on her in her excited state. She finished draining her wine cooler and accepted another one from Stacy. She was stripped again, Stacy’s hands wandering over her body, touching, caressing, her lips kissing lightly, like butterflies dancing across her most sensitive areas.

Next, she pulled on a tight bodycon dress in a dark maroon color that was a near-match for her new Escort Bayan hair. The clinging dress showed the excited state of her nipples, and hugged her tiny curves, ending several inches above her knees. It was, perhaps, the most scandalous of the choices, but still perfectly acceptable for going out in public.

Mary took in the sight of herself with her dark, wavy hair and smoky eyes, lips lightly colored, and the tight dress accentuating her curves. She had curves. They weren’t the full, womanly curves like Stacy’s, but they were there, and they weren’t the curves of an immature little girl. Stacy turned her to the side, and she saw the little swell of her bottom, like a little rounded hill beneath the clingy dress.

“That’s so sexy,” Stacy whispered in her ear, her hands trailing lightly over her belly, slipping down to the hem of the short dress, toying with it as Mary watched in the mirror.

“Did I do good?”

Mary nodded. She couldn’t have been happier. The small girl turned around and hugged her tightly.

“Thank you!” She said, “Thank you so much!”

Stacy could hear the choked beginning of a sob in her voice, and quickly pulled away, leading her back to the couch. She broke open another wine cooler for Mary and could already see in her eyes that she was feeling the first two. She played with Mary’s new curls, her hand resting lightly on her bare leg.

“Ready for the next lesson?” She asked, and Mary nodded eagerly.

“Confidence,” Stacy said, “will come with experience. Guys and girls like confidence. You’re afraid, baby.”

She saw Mary’s face fall, and she looked away.

“It’s ok to be afraid. You don’t have experience. There are so many things that are new and scary, right? It’s ok to tell me.”

Mary nodded, and Stacy slid her hand a little further up her leg, just under the hem of the dress.

“Do you like the way I touch you, baby?” Stacy asked and edged closer.

Mary nodded.

“Say it out loud,” Stacy instructed.

“I… I like the way you touch me.”

“It’s so different from when a man touches you, isn’t it?”


“Men can be really scary. Do you think I’m scary?”

Mary shook her head and said, “No. Not like… like that way.” She didn’t know how to phrase it.

“It’s because I don’t want to make myself feel good,” Stacy said kindly. “I want to make you feel good. It’s easy to let me touch you, right?”

“Yes.” Mary agreed, her voice hoarse.

“Do you want me to touch you some more?”

Mary nodded. Stacy’s hand slipped under her dress and brushed lightly against her panties, feeling the heat of her pussy through them. Mary parted her legs. Stacy leaned in closer and kissed her lips, pressing softly, tentative, and Mary responded in kind. Stacy kissed her like the girls in the picture, removed her hand from her dress, and placed it behind her neck, where she gently toyed with her hair. Mary trembled with a mix of arousal and fear, excited by the feelings, but terrified that she wasn’t doing something right. Stacy tilted her head back and kissed her neck, flicking along it with her tongue, until her lips were right up against her ear.

“I want to make love to you, baby. Will you let me make you feel good?”

Mary moaned out loud. God, she’d never felt so excited about being touched by another person. This was so much better than with her boyfriend! She didn’t have that nagging feeling of pressure, the way she did when Trevor kissed her or touched her. With Stacy, it just felt like she could melt into her. It didn’t matter that she wasn’t sure what to do. She didn’t feel so afraid of that big, angry penis waiting to bury itself inside of her.

Stacy took her hand and led her to one of the bedrooms. She could still hear the soft jazz playing through the stereo, and her entire head felt warm and cozy, like sitting in front of a fireplace on a cold winter day with a good book. Stacy took her into her arms and gently caressed her body. Her mouth sought Mary’s, and her kisses were tender, filled with passion but gentle, like she was a fragile toy that might break if handled too roughly. It was just what Mary wanted. The dress slipped over her head, and she stood naked, but for her new panties in Stacy’s arms. Soon, those were gone, too. Stacy peeled off her own top and wiggled out of her shorts, kicking them aside.

Mary panted with anticipation as Stacy gently pushed her onto the bed. The older girl got to her knees and parted Mary’s legs. Her hands slid up Mary’s legs as she put her mouth to her pussy, and showed her what a real orgasm was all about.

Chapter 11: Lending a Hand

Stacy stumbled in late, a bit tipsy. Mary had been quiet, basking in the afterglow of their sapphic lovemaking, and utterly under Stacy’s spell. It had been a good night, and Stacy felt sure that thoughts of taking a boy’s penis inside of her were the last thing on Mary’s mind. She was going to be craving pussy for a long time to come. Trevor would, naturally, be heart-broken when he eventually learned that his girlfriend had decided she was a lesbian, but that was all part of the plan.

She found Trevor on the couch in the living room, texting with Mary.

“Hey, Trev.” She said and flopped down next to him.

“Hey! I hear you guys had quite the day,” he said happily. “I don’t know what you did, but Mary can’t stop talking about you. And I saw the pics! Holy shit! You really did a number on her!”

Stacy smiled and thought, you have no idea. Aloud she said, “Thank you. That girl really has something sexy hidden under that old second-hand church garbage.”

Trevor nodded, ecstatic.

“Man, I can’t wait to see it for real! Do you think she’ll let me, you know, show her what I, um, learned the other day?” he asked in a whisper.

Stacy’s lips were a thin line as she said, “Trev, about that. We did some talking today.”

She saw the look of fright on his face and rested her hand gently on his shoulder. “Oh, don’t look so glum. Look, I know that you’re super eager to get into your girlfriend’s pants, but let me just tell you to please take it slow, ok? She’s scared, too. Like, terrified. And she should be.”

“Well, I don’t want her to be scared. What can I do?” He asked desperately.

“Trev, Mary is a little tiny thing,” Stacy said, “and you’re a BIG boy,” She added, resting her other hand on his cock.

Trevor gasped. Stacy continued, “like, really big. If you aren’t careful, you’re going to break her. I know it’s tough having this big, hard thing that’s always telling you to hurry and take care of it.”

Trevor flushed.

“But,” she went on, “if you don’t want to be the guy that’s pushing the dick on her, then blowing your load and falling asleep, you need to get some control.”

“Wh… what do you mean?”

Trevor was eager to hear his sister’s advice, again, especially where it concerned his ability to feel a warm pussy around his stiffening penis. Stacy’s hand still rested lightly on it, fingers idly caressing it and making it grow.

Stacy lowered her voice to a seductive whisper and inched closer, until she was whispering in his ear, “You remember when I had my hand wrapped around your cock the other day, and you came really fast?”

Trevor nodded, his throat dry. Stacy continued stroking his penis with her nails.

“Think of how Mary is going to feel if you finally do get to put this big dick into her, and then you cum in her little pussy. Do you think she’s going to feel excited about doing it again?”

“I…I guess not…” he admitted, but it was hard to think with Stacy’s nails raking over his stiff penis.

“You still have a lot to learn. Don’t rush it. I know it’s so hard,” she emphasized the word by squeezing his cockhead, “but you need to take the time to learn some control.”

She sat back, but continued to stroke his cock through his shorts.

“Can you…” he gulped, and whispered, pleadingly, “Can you teach me?”

“As long as you remember that we’re not going to fuck.”

Trevor nodded quickly.

“Where are mom and dad?”

“In bed. It’s like 1 in the morning!”

“Let’s go upstairs.”

Stacy led him up to his room. He watched her tight ass, packed into her short shorts climb the stairs, and they went to his room. Stacy turned the lights on, dimmed them, and locked the door. Trevor stood in the middle of the room wringing his hands. Stacy took his hand and walked him to the computer chair. She sat him down, leaned over in front of him, so that her ass was an inch from his face and launched his browser. She pecked at the keyboard for a bit, and Trevor just sat staring at her round ass, oblivious to what she was doing on the screen. He kept his hands tightly on the arms of the chair, resisting the urge to reach up and touch those perfect globes of flesh in his face.

Stacy finished, bent to one of his drawers, and took out his bottle of lubricant. She set it on the desk, then went to his bed and took one of the pillows from it. Trevor looked at the screen, showing a porno video titled, “My brother’s first handjob”. He swallowed. Stacy returned, dropped the pillow to the floor, and sank to her knees.

“Take off your shorts.” she instructed.

Trevor slid his shorts down and off of his legs, his hard penis now bobbing excitedly in the air.

“Now, I want you to do exactly as I tell you, ok?”

He nodded.

“This lesson is about control. You don’t have any. You jerk yourself off, and cum. This time, I’m going to teach you how to last. Now, breathe with me.”

Trevor did, putting himself into his mental space like she’d taught him, calming his mind, focusing on the breath in his body, bringing his pounding heart rate down. He calmed, eyes fixed on the waiting video.

“Play it.” Stacy ordered.

He pressed the button. The video played. He recognized the people as the same couple from the previous video he’d watched. Stacy’s warm hands fondled his balls, cradling them, rolling them. She reached for the lube and took it from the desk. Trevor heard the click of the top opening and knew that Stacy was pouring the lube into her hands. A moment later, her slick hand wrapped around his penis, and the slippery lubricant coated his shaft. He groaned, while trying to focus on his breathing.

Stacy tugged his cock with slow, deliberate care, smearing the lube all along its length, squeezing his pulsing cockhead in her fist when she reached the top. Trevor exhaled loudly at the sensation, familiar, yet so different from when he did it himself.

“Is this how you do it?” Stacy asked, her voice a breathy whisper from between his legs.

He looked down, watching her hand slide up and down his erection. His eyes fixed on her cleavage.

“Don’t look at me.” She instructed. “Watch your dirty video and just pretend it’s not your big sister with your cock in her hand.”

That was easier said than done, he thought, but he obeyed and turned his gaze back to the monitor. The girl on the screen knelt before her “brother” in the same way Stacy was now. Her soft hands slid up and down his cock.

“I love your big dick.” The girl said. “It’s so dirty to let your big sister play with it, isn’t it?”

Brother groaned in agreement.

“Your girlfriend never plays with your cock, does she?” the girl asked.


“She doesn’t understand what having a big cock is like.” The girl said. “She doesn’t know how much attention it needs. I know. I love you, and I know just how much your cock needs to be taken care of.”

Stacy stroked his cock more rapidly, working his cum up out of his balls. Her other hand cupped and played with his full nuts.

“She’s so good to her little brother, isn’t she?” Stacy asked.

“Yeah… “ Trevor agreed.

“It’s so hard having a girlfriend that’s afraid of your big cock.” Stacy said. “I know that you’re so horny all the time, and you just want to know what pussy feels like so bad, don’t you?”

“Yes.” Trevor answered, his eyes glued to the screen, where the girl had both of her hands pistoning up and down her brother’s cock as he groaned and pushed his hips up to meet her strokes, fucking her slick fist.

“I can feel your cock twitching in my hand.” Stacy said. “I can feel you wanting to cum. Don’t do it.”

Trevor nodded and gripped the arms of the chair. The brother in the video gasped and shot his load into the air. His sister capped the spurting head of his cock with her mouth like plugging an oil gusher, and the man’s groans of pleasure became the erratic gasping cries of someone whose brain has been taken over with the physical pleasure. The sight of it nearly sent Trevor over the edge, but he remained in his mental space, kept his breathing, and even though Stacy was stroking him fast, he held back with an effort of will.

“That’s so good, baby.” Stacy praised him. “I know that was so hard. It was so sexy watching his big sister put his cock in her mouth, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah… “ Trevor said.

The video ended, and the next one in the playlist began. This one had the title, “Addicted to my Brother’s Cum.” This was a different couple, but still a homemade video. The video was shot from the man’s perspective as he lay on a bed, looking down between his legs at a very sexy girl with long black hair. The girl wore a tight sports bra, which showed off the deep valley between her breasts. She suckled lovingly on her brother’s penis, sliding her thick lips over his cockhead as she stared up at his eyes.

The sight of it made Trevor’s cock twitch, and he felt Stacy’s stroking slow, her grip relaxing. Her hand at his balls still worked them over gently.

“Your girlfriend has never sucked your cock.” Stacy said. “Do you think it would be better than jerking off? Would a wet, sexy mouth over your cock feel better than my hand?”

“Yes!” Trevor agreed, hope rising in his chest.

The girl in the video became Stacy, wrapping her lips around his aching penis.

“You’re thinking about how my mouth would feel on your cock, aren’t you?” Stacy asked.

“N… no!” Trevor lied.

Stacy let go of his cock, and it smacked wetly back against his chest, shocking him out of his porn stupor.

“Were you thinking about her mouth?” Stacy asked, nodding toward the video.

Trevor nodded.

“You’re a big liar.” She teased. “Do you want me to keep going?”


“What were you thinking about?”

“I… I was thinking about you sucking me.” Trevor admitted.

Stacy wrapped her hand back around his cock and resumed stroking it. The girl in the video had her brother’s hard penis all the way in her mouth and down her throat. She fucked her own face with it, while rivulets of saliva drooled from her mouth out and around his crotch.

“Do you think I’d be good at it?” Stacy asked.


“Do you think I’d suck it better than your girlfriend?”

“Oh, fuck! “Trevor groaned, as his dick writhed in her hand. Stacy relaxed her grip, moved her hand to the base of his shaft, squeezed and stemmed the flow of his orgasm.

“Don’t you fucking cum yet.” Stacy hissed. “We have a long way to go. Remember your breathing.”

Trevor nodded and worked himself back into his mental space, which was complicated by Stacy’s hand gripping his shaft and sliding back up to fist his cockhead again.

“That was so exciting, wasn’t it?”

Trevor breathed and watched the girl in the video push her mouth down to the base of her brother’s cock. The man gripped her head in his hands and came into her throat. He watched the girl gulp and guzzle as the load of sperm rocketed into his sister’s clenching, wet throat.

“Do you want your girlfriend to do that for you, baby?” Stacy asked.

Trevor nodded as the next video began to play. It was the same couple, but this time the girl was on her back on the bed. Her breasts were bare, and the man was groping them as she hung her head off of the edge of the bed. He pushed his penis into her mouth and pumped it in and out. The soft sounds of the girl’s “gluk… gluk… gluk…” each time he pushed it in filled the room.

“That’s so sexy.” Stacy said. “Look at the way his big sister pleases his cock. It’s like her mouth is a warm pussy just for him. It feels so good, the way her throat accepts his penis like that. He’s so lucky to have that warm mouth to fuck whenever he wants, isn’t he?”

“Yeah…” Trevor said, gripping his chair as Stacy fisted his crown.

“You want your girlfriend to be able to do that for you, don’t you?”


“Do you think she will? Will her little mouth be able to take your whole cock like that while you play with her tits?”

“I… I don’t know…” Trevor said.

“Do you think I could take a big cock like that?”


“You’re right. I love that. I’ve had lots of guys fuck my throat just like that while they groped my tits. It’s so hot.”

Trevor’s cock leaked in her hand and she relaxed her fist on his head, stroked it back down to the base of his shaft. The man methodically used his sister’s mouth for long minutes, stroking his dick in and out, in and out, his hands mauling her breasts, twisting and slapping her nipples.

“You can’t put your cock in my mouth, though, can you?”

Trevor shook his head.

“Because I’m your sister, and it’s not right to fuck your sister’s slutty mouth, is it?”


“He gets to put his cock in his sister’s mouth, though. How come he gets to do that?”

“He… She let him.”

“She doesn’t care that it’s wrong to suck her brother’s cock, does she?”


“It’s exciting to do things that are wrong sometimes, isn’t it?”

“Yeah… “

“You let your sister jerk you off, didn’t you?” Stacy asked.

Trevor shook in his chair and bit his lip as Stacy jerked him faster.

“Does it feel good, baby?”


“We’re going to practice this a lot, so you can learn control. Do you want me to help you practice?”


“Isn’t it wrong to let your sister jerk you off?”

“Yeah… “

“But you’re doing it anyway, aren’t you?”

He nodded.

“Is it because you think your big sister is hot?”

“Yes!” He admitted.

“You don’t care that it’s wrong. You just want your hot sister to play with your dick.”

“Oh, fuck! Don’t stop.”

“Uh uh.” Stacy chided and slowed her pace. “Get it together. Don’t you cum in your sister’s hand.”

Between the stroking, and Stacy’s dirty talk, and the image of the couple on the screen, Trevor was fighting with everything he had not to cum. She rolled his balls in her hand and squeezed the base of his penis gently. The man exploded into his sister’s sucking mouth, burying his shaft in her throat, his hands squeezing her tits roughly. Trevor could see the girl’s throat working, swallowing shot after shot of her brother’s creamy jizz.

“She’s so good at that.” Stacy said, “You can see why he doesn’t care if it’s dirty, can’t you? He can use his hot sister’s mouth to cum in any time he needs it.”


“It’s not fair that he has his own mouth slut and you don’t, is it?”

Trevor groaned, his cock twitching in her hand as she resumed her stroking. The next video was the same couple, but this time the brother rubbed his cockhead on his sister’s wet, open pussy lips. The girl panted with excitement as he teased her cunt with his spongy crown.

“Fuck, that’s so sexy.” Stacy said, and drizzled more lube into her hands. “He’s going to push his cock into his big sister. Watch.”

Trevor watched the man push forward. His sister’s soft lips parted around his penis, and the sound of their shared moans of pleasure played from the speakers.

“Sometimes I wish I had a dick, just so I could feel how good a warm, slick pussy feels around it.” Stacy mused. “I love to feel cock in my pussy. It feels so good to have a hot guy pound his cock into me and treat me like his whore. If you weren’t my brother, I’d let you fuck your cock into me right now.”

“Oh, God!”

“Oh, my God, baby. You like that idea, don’t you? You little pervert. I already told you we’re not gonna fuck. You need to learn how to fuck your girlfriend, remember?”

“I… yeah…”

“Just out of curiosity,” Stacy said, as though the thought had only now occurred to her, “if you had us both naked on your bed, which one of us would you fuck?”

“I… Oh, fuck… fuck!”

“Which one, baby? Which pussy would you want to feel around your cock? Do you think your girlfriend would be fun? She’s so tiny and pretty. You could suck on those hard little nipples while you made her a woman. That’s so sexy.”

“Stacy… I… I can’t….”

“If you could fuck me, I’d let you grab my tits and pound this big dick into me as hard and for as long as you wanted. I love to fuck so much, baby. God, I wish you weren’t my brother so we could fuck every day.”

“Oh! Oh, God! I can’t… “ Trevor lost his battle. His whole body convulsed as Stacy stroked him off. He gripped the chair, white-knuckled, and unleashed one of the most mind-blowing eruptions of semen he could remember. The first shot hit Stacy square in the face, and she aimed his cock downward, her mouth open, eyes shining with excitement, so that the rest of his ejaculation sprayed across her tits. It soaked into her top, pooled between her cleavage, dripping down the valley in sluggish runnels of white.

“Oh, fuck, that’s so much, baby!” She said excitedly, jerking his spurting cock onto her tits.

When she’d finished milking the last drops of his cum, she pulled out her phone and took a selfie. In the photo, she held his half-hard cock in her hand. Her face, top, and cleavage were coated in semen. She showed it to Trevor.

“Wow! You did so good. I’m frankly surprised that you held out that long. There may be hope for you yet. You should get cleaned up. See you in the morning.”

She left Trevor coated in his own cum, sitting in the chair, unable to process what had just taken place. Stacy shut the door, padded quietly down the hall, and opened the door to her parent’s room.

Chapter 12: Shark Attack

It was Saturday morning, and Trevor stared through bleary eyes at his phone screen. He’d only just awoken, and texted Mary to invite her over, eager to see her new look in person.

“My mom is making me go to the church pantry to help this afternoon. 🙁 “ She replied,

“Then we have to clean everything up and put away all the stuff the volunteers bring in.”

“That sucks. I’m sorry.” Trevor said. “Tomorrow after church?”

“Potluck. Tomorrow night?”

“Deal. Have fun at the pantry. Love you.”

“Thanks. I won’t.”

He flopped back onto the bed and went to his next message. His best friend, Rob, invited him to a party tonight. He felt a little guilty, since they hadn’t spent much time together the last week, and Rob was going off to college in the fall, out of state. There wouldn’t be many more chances to hang out. He replied that he’d come. What else was he going to do? Stay home and play games? Let his sister jerk him off?

The memory of Stacy’s dirty handjob made his dick hard. Of course, he knew that Stacy had just been working him up, trying to get him excited so that he would learn how to control his ejaculation. She hadn’t really meant those things she’d said. Still, he touched his stiff member and remembered. Enough! He wasn’t going to lay in bed and jerk off thinking about his sister. That was just a little fantasy for when Stacy was helping him learn. He needed to shower.

A short while later, he came downstairs to find the house empty. On the family note board on the fridge, he discovered that his father was out golfing, and his mother had been called in for a shift at the hospital. There was no mention, or sign of Stacy. Apparently, yoga classes were not being held on Saturday. He felt disappointed by that. He was enjoying them, and not just because of Stacy’s form-fitting workout clothes.

He prepared a bowl of cereal and took a seat on the couch, flipping on the TV as his sleep-addled teenage brain started to wake up. He was absentmindedly flipping through channels when the front door opened. A moment later, Stacy walked in, sweat gleaming on her tanned skin. She was dressed in a pair of jogging shorts and a sports bra, a sweatband around her forehead. She flopped down on the couch next to him, and took a long pull from a water bottle.

“Morning.” Trevor said, consciously avoiding ogling her sweaty body.

“Hey.” She replied, winded.

For several moments she was quiet, getting her breath back. Finally, she asked, “So, what are you up to today?”

He shrugged and replied, “Mom and dad are gone for the day. Mary’s at some church pantry thing with her mom. No plans until later.”

“What happens later?” Stacy asked.

“Rob invited me to some party. His older brother’s home from college and he’s throwing a party out at their lake place.”

“How is Robbie? I haven’t seen him in ages.”

Trevor laughed. His buddy hated it when Stacy called him Robbie.

“He’s good. Leaving for school in the fall, so I don’t have much more time to see him. I figured it beats staying inside and playing games or… something.”

Stacy grinned, but didn’t comment.

“So, a party, huh?” she asked, instead.

“Um, yeah?”

“Brother from college, hmm?”

Trevor turned from the TV and said, “Yeah?”

“Maybe, brother from college also has friends at party?”

“Well, yeah, I guess.”

“Could this party use some hot girls?” Stacy asked, her eyebrows perking up.

Trevor grinned and said, “What party doesn’t need hot girls?”

“How would you like to be the guy that brought the pussy to the party?” Stacy asked, bouncing a little in her seat. “Maybe Tara and Amy?”

Trevor was already sending a message to Rob. The reply came seconds later.

“Why are you asking? Bring girls! Every fucking girl!”

“He seems to like the idea.” Trevor said.

“When do we leave?” She asked.

“Not for a while.”

“I’m going to clean up and recruit. Meet me in your room in… an hour.”

“Ok? Why?”

“Do you want to practice or not?” She asked.

Trevor’s penis made him nod his head.

“I thought you might. Who knows. All those hot girls at the party, you never know what can happen.”

She winked at him.

“You do remember that I have a girlfriend?”

“Handjobs aren’t cheating.” Stacy stated, as though there were no argument, “for that matter, neither are blowjobs. 1 hour.”

She dashed from the room, already dialing her phone.

An hour later, Trevor nervously sat on his bed staring at the door. His poor penis was so hard just thinking about what was about to happen. When had he become such a pervert, sitting alone with a hardon, waiting for his sister to come in and jerk him off? He told himself it was for a good cause. He was learning how to be a good lover. It wasn’t just for him. It was for him and Mary.

The door opened, and Stacy let herself in. Trevor was slack-jawed as his sister approached, casually texting on her phone, as though she was not dressed only in a bra and panties, preparing to play with her brother’s penis. She stood in front of him, ignoring him as she typed. Trevor’s eyes wandered up and down her body. Finally, she put the phone aside and put her hands on her hips.

“You should probably take off your shorts.” She said.

Trevor nodded and quickly stripped himself. Stacy crawled onto the bed, and lay on her side, head resting on one of his pillows. She patted the space next to her. Trevor joined her. She took his hand and placed it on her heart, then did the same with hers.

“Get your head in the right place first, just like we practiced.”

Trevor shut his eyes and got into his mental space again.

“Good.” Stacy said. “That’s so good, baby.”

His heart calmed, became steady, and then he felt Stacy’s lips on his. He kept his eyes closed and recalled the first lesson, taking things slow, teasing her mouth with his, until he felt her little tongue snake out and begin to explore his mouth. His hands went to her hip, where the thin fabric of her panties stretched across her warm skin.

“I want you to touch me, just like that. We’re going to combine both lessons, this time. Remember your breathing.”

Trevor nodded, and let his hands roam over her body. Stacy cupped her hand and let saliva pool into it, then made a fist and grasped his penis. She kissed him again as her hand began to stroke his cock. Trevor made his circuit on her skin, up her back, to her neck, down her arm, back again, tracing her curves lightly as she jerked his cock.

“That feels so good. I love the way you touch me.” He said in her ear, and felt her quiver under his touch. He felt proud of himself for remembering his lesson.

“I love your cock so much.” She whispered back, and stroked him faster. “Were you thinking about last night?”

“Yeah… “

“You shot cum all over your sister, didn’t you?”

“Yeah… “

She fisted his crown until she felt his body tense, and then stroked down and gripped his shaft, her fingers playing lightly with his balls.

“You did so good.” she said. “You held off for so long, even when I was being a naughty tease.”

They locked lips again and made out hotly, while Stacy worked him up to the edge. When she felt him begin to pant into her mouth, she backed off and slowed her movements.

“Did you think I was being serious, when I said that I’d let you fuck me, if you weren’t my brother?”

“No… “ Trevor said, a hint of disappointment in his voice.

“Good. You know that we can’t fuck, don’t you?”

“Yeah… “

“It’s wrong to fuck your sister.”

“Yeah… “

“Why can’t we fuck?”

“You’re my sister.” He said.

Her hand pumped his shaft faster, the slick saliva squishing between her fingers.

“There are other brothers who get to fuck their sisters.”

He nodded.

“How come you can’t?”

“I… You wouldn’t let me.” He said, his cock aching in her hand.

“Why not?” She asked, stroking back his dark hair lovingly.

“It’s wrong.” He answered.

“It’s so wrong.”

He nodded as she worked her fist around his cockhead.

“Is it wrong to touch your sister’s body, and let her stroke your cock?”

“Yeah… “

“Then why are we doing it?”

“So… so I can learn… how to do it right.”

“I’m teaching you how to be a good lover, aren’t I?”

He nodded. His cock leaked on her hand, and she backed off. For long minutes, she kissed him, her tongue writhing sensually in his mouth as she repeatedly brought him to the edge of cumming, then backed off.

“Why am I teaching you, baby?”

“So I can be good at it.” He answered, his brain in a sex-fog.

“I want you to be good at fucking.” She whispered in his ear. “You can’t fuck me, though, can you?”


“You want to, don’t you? You want to push your fat cock into me and see what it feels like, don’t you?”

“I… I don’t… “

“What if I wanted it? Would you fuck me if I really wanted it, baby?”

“No… I can’t.”

“If you weren’t my brother, you could fuck me. Would you like that?”

“Yeah… “ He groaned, and nearly lost it. His penis was right on the verge, again, and he knew that Stacy was ramping up the dirty talk to try to get him to blow. He fought it, focused on his breathing, and made it through.

“Good. That’s so good.” She praised him. “You shouldn’t cum yet. This is so much fun, isn’t it?”

“Yeah… “

“You’ve been thinking about fucking pussy all week, haven’t you?”

“Uh huh… “

“Why can’t you fuck your girlfriend?”

“She’s… she’s afraid.”

“You have a big dick, and she’s afraid of it.” Stacy agreed, a hint of pity in her voice. “Do you think I’m afraid of it?”


“You have a beautiful cock. Sometimes I think about sucking it. I think about sucking my brother’s cock like the girls in the pornos, and it makes my pussy so wet.”

She smacked her lips against his again, and took him to the edge, backed off. Trevor pumped his hips, fucking her fist as he thought about how it would feel to have his penis sucked.

“I love sucking cock.” Stacy said. “Why won’t you let me suck your cock, baby?”

“It’s wrong.” He breathed.

“What if I asked you to let me suck it? Would you let me suck it for you if I asked really nice?”

“I… I don’t know!”

“Lots of boys let their sisters suck their cock. I’m really good at it. Do you want to see how good I am, baby?”

“Y…yes! Oh, fuck!”

After nearly half an hour of having his cock edged by Stacy’s expert hand, while she played with his mind, Trevor couldn’t hold back. He growled and blasted Stacy’s stomach with thick ropes of semen, coating her hand. She directed his spurting cock toward her panties, and kissed him hard as he sprayed his remaining load onto her panties, covering the crotch in hot jizz. Stacy continued milking him dry, her tongue in his mouth as he squeezed her breast in his hand.

She, at last, pulled away and stroked back his sweaty hair.

“Good job.” She said clinically. “You’re getting better. Just remember your breathing, and don’t let all that dirty talk get into your head. Girls like to fuck with your mind. They want you to get super hard and horny, until you can’t take it anymore and fuck them good.”

Trevor stared back at her in awe, his mind drifting lazily in post-orgasmic bliss.

“I’m super hungry. Do you wanna order chinese?” she asked, wiping his cum from her hand onto her bra.

He nodded robotically.

“Great! I’m going to change, and then I’ll order. You might want another shower.”

She bounced off of the bed and left, leaving his door open.

A few hours later, suitably dressed in a nice polo, Trevor sat on the couch texting with Rob. Stacy made her entrance, and he couldn’t help but gawk.

“What do you think?” She asked and did a little twirl.

Her body was encased in a tight black dress that had long angled slits along her body, showing off plenty of skin, while keeping all the best parts hidden. It was truly boner-inducing. The doorbell rang, and she hurried off without waiting for a verbal reply. The sound of excited girls greeting each other and jabbering from the entryway signaled the arrival of her friends. It sounded like more than just two of them. Curious, Trevor edged his way toward the door.

“Hey Trev!” Tara cried and clicked across the floor to wrap her arms around him.

“Hey Tara.” He replied, hugging her back awkwardly.

He looked over her shoulder. Yes, there were certainly more than 2 friends. He saw Amy, Stacy’s other bestie, a sexy brunette who he’d heard had something of a slutty reputation. She hugged his sister, filed in, and was followed by three more girls. Trevor had rarely seen so many gorgeous women in one place, and all of them dressed in similarly sexy dresses or mini skirts to Stacy’s.

Tara followed his gaze and said, “I think your arrival at the party is going to be an event.”

He nodded. He was going to be heralded like Jesus feeding the masses. Stacy watched each of her friends make little cooing noises over her handsome brother, pawing at his hair, giving him flirty little pats and pokes, and making him turn red with embarrassment. When they’d had their fill of teasing him, they bundled into a pair of SUVs.

Trevor found himself stuck in a middle seat in the back row of Tara’s Lincoln, wedged between Stacy and Amy. A blonde girl named Rachel rode shotgun with Tara. Trevor gave her the address of the lake house, which she punched into her GPS, texted to the second car, and the journey began.

Trevor had never been in this situation, packed into a vehicle with four extremely gorgeous women, a few years his senior, all of whom were party veterans. He soon learned that girl talk did consist of a lot of dicks and clothes. Amy, in particular, seemed to have a lot to say about a lot of dicks. Dicks without clothes. On her, in her, over her, under her. Her reputation as a slut seemed to be well-deserved. The other women ate it up, squealing and laughing, joking about her filthy adventures.

Stacy leaned in to Trevor’s ear and whispered, “Amy has seven brothers, and they’re all fucking her.”

Trevor stared ahead, his hands in his lap. Oh, God! He glanced at Amy out of the corner of his eye. Was Stacy just fucking with him again? Stacy leaned across him, pressing her tits into his side, and caught Amy’s attention. The blare of the music was such that it was hard for the girls in the front to hear.

“I was just telling Trevor about your brothers.” Stacy said, and grinned at him.

“Oh, yeah!” Amy exclaimed. “They call me airtight Amy.” She winked. “Your sister is super-hot, Trev. Are you two fucking?”

“That’s so dirty!” Stacy said and slapped her arm. “Don’t try to corrupt my sweet little brother. He’s a good boy. We can’t fuck, can we Trev?”

He shook his head, his cock hard.

“It’s just a little family fun.” Amy pouted. “God, I used to tease the hell out of them, wearing miniskirts with no panties, playing with my pussy in the living room, all kinds of things. They eventually just got tired of it, and gang banged the shit out of me.”

Trevor had no idea what to say to that.

“You know what they say.” Amy added, “Incest is best!”

“She’s a total slut.” Stacy whispered in his ear. “She’ll seriously blow you if you ask. Or give you pussy. You could have that sexy pussy wrapped around your cock right now, if you just asked. She’d climb right over the seat and fuck the life out of you.”

Stacy’s hand stroked up and down his leg, perilously close to his cock.

“Your sister is so sexy.” Amy suddenly whispered in his other ear. “Why aren’t you fucking?”

“I have a girlfriend.” He said, knowing how lame it sounded.

“Is she as hot as Stacy?” Amy asked.

“She’s… she’s really cute.” Trevor mumbled and looked away.

“Quit trying to cocktease him.” Stacy said with a wicked smile. “He’s a loyal virgin boyfriend.”

The word virgin was like tossing raw, bloody meat into a pool of hungry sharks. All of Stacy’s friends looked at him. Tara turned the music down.

“Shut the fuck up!” Rachel said. “He’s so god-damned cute! Jesus, Stacy. If he were my brother, I’d be riding him nightly. Just look at that puppy dog face.”

Stacy laughed and wrapped her arms around him protectively.

“Back up bitches!” She said, “I’m not going to let you corrupt him.” She turned to him and continued, “Trev, just ignore them. They only wish they had a guy that was actually sweet and kind. They just get dumb studs with more dick than brains, who only know how to pound pussy. You’re fucking perfect the way you are.”

She kissed his head and kept her arms around him.

“Awww!” Tara cooed. “She’s right, Trev. You always were a sweetie. I’m sorry I called you a drooling pervo that one time.” Then, aside to Rachel she said, “When we were freshman in high school, Trevor picked flowers for both of us for Valentine’s Day and made us both cards.”

Trevor thought he might die of embarrassment.

She went on, “Do you remember, Trev?”

“Um, yeah.”

“He wrapped them up and gave one to Stacy and I and told us that we were way prettier than all the girls in his class.”

Stacy added, “And he saved change that he found all year so that he could buy us chocolates.”

“Oh my God!” Rachel said, “That’s so cute! Trevor, you have an open invitation to get your dick sucked tonight. Pick any girl at the party, and I promise you, they’re swallowing anything you want to give them.”

Trevor looked at Stacy. The look was actually one of fear from the press of aggressive sexual energy buffeting him from every woman in the car, but the girls seemed to take it as his choice of whose mouth he wanted to cum in and broke into a fit of squeaks and laughter.

“Not me, baby.” Stacy said, “Your sister can’t suck your big cock off.”

“I didn’t… “

“Did you say he’s got a big dick, too?” Tara, asked.

“How would you know, you slut?” Amy asked good-naturedly.

“His girlfriend told me.” Stacy lied and winked at him.

“Lucky girl.” Rachel said and sighed.

“That’s the pretty little redhead you were with the other day, right?” Tara asked.

“Yeah.” Trevor answered.

“Is she into girls? If she’s not, I’d like to get her interested!” Tara said.

“Uh, no. She’s not like that.”

“Can we see it?” Amy asked, and the girls got quiet.

“What?” Trevor asked, as Amy dropped her hand to his lap and stroked his cock through his jeans.

“See it.” Amy repeated. “Can we see how big it is?”

He looked at Stacy.

“It’s your cock, baby.” Stacy said and shrugged. “No one here is gonna object if you wanna whip it out,” she leaned in to whisper, “If Amy sees that thing, she’s not going to be able to keep her hands off it.”

“Stacy should pull it out.” Rachel said with a challenging smirk.

“Yeah, Stacy!” Tara cried, “Pull that dick out for us. Please Trevor?”

Amy’s hand fondled his cock through his jeans, making it harder. Oh, shit! What was he supposed to do? Stacy’s friends were practically salivating at the idea of seeing his penis, and Amy was really making it difficult to say no. Stacy’s hand stroked the back of his neck teasingly, and her hand was on his leg. Her big breasts were pressed against his side, and her breath was hot in his ear.

“Do you want me to pull your cock out for my friends?” She whispered. “Three hot girls are begging for your dick, baby. Four, because you know how much I love that dick.”

Stacy’s hand joined Amy’s, rubbing his bulge.

“That’s so fucking hot.” Rachel said.

Amy snapped the button on his jeans, and Stacy unzipped them. Trevor tried to enter his mental space, to control his rapid breathing. The situation was quickly getting out of control. He could practically feel the heat of four aroused women all eager to get his pants off. What the fuck was happening?

Stacy reached into his pants, while Amy pulled them down a bit to give her more space.

“Do it, Stacy.” Rachel pushed. “Pull your brother’s cock out for us.”

Stacy toyed with his hard dick, wrapping her hand around it and stroking it through his boxer shorts. She slipped her hand into the flap in the front, and he felt her warm hand touch his naked flesh. His mental space was a distant dream. There was just too much happening. His heart beat like a drum, blood pounding in his ears. Stay pulled his cock free of the confines of his shorts, out through the flap, and held it in her hand, stroking it up and down.

“Wow! Nice!” Rachel exclaimed.

“Oh, Trev!” Tara agreed.

“I guess she wasn’t lying.” Stacy chimed in.

“You have such a sexy cock!” Amy whispered. “Will your girlfriend mind if I suck it?”

“I shouldn’t.” He said. It was one of the hardest decisions of his life.

Amy took his cock away from Stacy, and began to fondle it, pushing his loyalty to its limits. With one word, he could be having his first blowjob, and not from some girl with no experience. He’d be getting sucked off by a veteran blowjob queen, in front of a car full of gorgeous college girls, two of which would eagerly switch places with her just for the fun of it.

“Ok.” Stacy said, “That’s enough.” She put her hand on Amy’s hand, and gently removed it from Trevor’s boner.

“Yeah.” Amy said sadly. “I know. If anyone should suck it, it should be you, anyway.”

All of the girls cackled with delight, until Tara finally said, “Trevor, you really are a special guy. Your girlfriend is super lucky. That’s some kind of will you have, to turn that down. Amy always wins the cum races.”

“C… cum races?” He stammered, and Stacy put his cock back into his shorts.

“To see who can make a guy cum the fastest with nothing but their mouth.” Rachel explained. “Want to know who usually gets second?”

“That would be me.” Stacy whispered in his ear and zipped up his pants.

The girls all squealed at the look of shock on his face.

“Tara reached around, found his knee, patted it, and said, “Sorry Trev. You can’t expect a cute guy to get stuck in a car with four horny girls, and not get teased to the brink of death. Please don’t be mad.”

“I’m not mad.” he said, trying to sound casual, but his voice quavered.

“Just think of it as preparation for college.” Rachel added. “A cutie like you is going to have all the girls he can handle. I hope you’ve got some control over that thing.”

“He’ll learn.” Stacy said and winked at him.

“How much further?” Amy asked. “I’m seriously horny, now.”

Chapter 13: Blown Away

The two SUVs pulled up onto the grass in front of Rob’s family’s lake house. The place was more of a large cabin, with an expansive deck that led down to the lakefront, where two small boats were docked. The sound of music pumping from a stereo echoed across the water. A few people milled about on the front lawn, holding beer cans or bottles, smoking cigarettes. The majority of the hoots and hollers came from the back deck, though. Evening approached.

The small squad of women, with Trevor in tow, emerged from the vehicles. The few people on the lawn openly stared as the retinue trapsed across the lawn and rounded the house. Trevor led the way toward the deck, his arms around Tara and Amy’s waists. He felt like a king. They took the wide steps up to the deck, and the party-goer’s attention shifted to the new arrivals. Trevor counted, maybe, a dozen people on the deck, including Rob and his brother, Juan.

The two of them were part Hispanic, with light brown skin and dark hair. Very handsome. Rob approached his friend with wide eyes, and pulled him in for a hug.

“Amigo,” he said into his ear, “You are a fucking hero!”

Trevor smiled back, and Rob stepped aside, motioning to his brother.

“You know Juan.” he said.

Juan gave Trevor a nod, and a thumbs-up, his grin broad.

“Good to see you brought the party, Trevor!” He said.

Stacy stepped forward and wrapped Rob in her arms.

“Ayi, Stacy!” He said smoothly. “Good to see you, mama. Sexy as ever.”

“Robbie.” She said and ruffled his dark hair.

Juan approached and gave Stacy a friendly kiss on either cheek, saying, “This is the gorgeous Stacy mi hermano has had a crush on for so long, eh? Tan hermosa! Rob did not tell me you were like una diosa. A goddess.”

“Más como un demonio.” Stacy replied with a grin. More like a devil.

Juan’s eyebrows raised, and his grin broadened further.

“You are all welcome here. Who are your lovely friends, mi amor?”

He put his arm around Stacy’s waist and turned to the other women. Stacy named them off in turn.

“Rob,” Juan called, and his brother appeared, “You can see to drinks for all the bellas chicas?”

“Absolutely! Trev?”

Trevor and his friend took the ladies inside, as Juan swept Stacy away toward his private cooler. Soon after, the women were milling through the crowd, drinks in hand. Rob and Trevor cracked a beer. Trevor had only had a few drinks in his life, and beer wasn’t very good, he thought, but he didn’t want to be rude.

“Dude,” Rob said, “How in the fuck did you pull this off?”

Trevor shrugged. “It wasn’t really my idea. It was all Stacy.”

Rob cast a glance over to where Stacy was giggling at whatever his older brother was saying to her. There was plain envy on his face.

“Of course, he’d be all over her. Bastard.” Rob said.


“Yeah, dude. You know your sister is totally banging. Sorry, my friend, but you know that.”

“Yeah, well, I’m pretty sure she’s not going to pick a guy fresh out of high school over some college dude. Sorry, bud.”

Just then, Stacy broke away, giving Juan a peck on the cheek. She started over in their direction, snagging Tara by the arm on her way.

“Oh, shit!” Rob muttered. “They are coming this way. Dios me salve!”

Trevor looked a question his way, but he only shook his head and tried to act casual. Stacy draped her arm over Rob’s shoulder, and Tara put hers around Trevor’s waist.

“Thanks so much for the invitation, Robbie.” Stacy said. “Your brother is really nice. Bad choice of cologne, though.”

Rob laughed. “It’s that stinky shit from the mercado.” He said, shaking his head sadly. “I tell him it smells like donkey piss, but he does not listen.”

That brought a laugh from all of them.

“I hear that you’re leaving for school in the fall.” Stacy said, making conversation.

Tara squeezed Trevor’s butt playfully, making him jump. He shot her a sheepish look, but she only grinned.

“Would you care to escort me to the bar, baby?” Tara asked him. “I could use another.”

“Sure.” Trevor agreed, leaving his sister with Rob.

When they returned, Rob was posted up on one of the outdoor couches with Stacy in his lap. They were speaking Spanish.

Trevor and Tara sat across from them on another couch. The gorgeous blonde made herself comfortable in Trevor’s lap, draping her arm around his neck. Trevor cracked a grin at his friend, who was completely under Stacy’s spell.

“She’s got that look.” Tara said.

Trevor raised an eyebrow in question.

“That’s her ‘you are going to get your dick sucked’ look. Robbie is in for quite the evening. Hope he jerked off today, or it’s going to be a short evening.”

“No way.” Trevor stated flatly. “She wouldn’t do that. To Rob?” He shook his head in denial, but he watched the way Stacy giggled and touched his best friend playfully. She teased the rim of her beer bottle with her tongue, giving him flirty eyes over it as she sipped.

Tara watched his face taking it in.

“Oh my God!” She whispered. “You’re totally jealous!”

Trevor snapped his gaze to her.

“N…no I’m not! That’s… she’s my sister!”

Tara’s soft, mocking giggle in his ear sent a shiver down his spine.

“Do you really think I can’t tell when a guy is jealous, baby? I’ve made plenty of them feel that way. You want it. I can feel how hard you are right now, just thinking about your sister sucking cock.”

She wiggled her ass against his crotch. Stacy stroked her nails down Rob’s chest, inching closer to his dick.

“I’m not.” Trevor denied it, but he knew he didn’t sound convincing. He was thinking about it. He did want it to be him. After all the petting, kissing, the way she’d played with his cock, all the dirty things she’d said during his lessons. It should be him with his cock in Stacy’s mouth.

“It’s going to happen soon.” Tara said.

Stacy leaned in close to Rob’s ear and whispered something that made his eyes glaze over. He gave a quick nod of his head. Stacy pressed her lips against Rob’s and Trevor knew from experience that she was putting her tongue into his mouth.

“See?” She said, pushing her ass against his hardon. “Give it just a minute. She’ll make an excuse, probably to get a tour of the house. Wait for it.”

Stacy’s hand rubbed the bulge in Rob’s pants, and then she broke their kiss. She stood up, took a swallow from her bottle, and then Rob got to his feet behind her.

“Rob’s gonna show me around a bit.” Stacy said, then to Tara, “You don’t mind keeping Trev company for a while?”

“Of course not.” Tara agreed, smirking. “He’s in good hands.”

“Lead the way, Robbie.” Stacy said.

Rob cast Trevor an almost apologetic look and led Stacy inside.

Once they were gone, Tara gave Trevor a teasing smile and said, “There you go.”

Trevor couldn’t hide the look of disappointment on his face. Tara ran her hands through his hair.

“Oh, Trev. Don’t be so glum. We can find somewhere to play, too.”

She kissed his lips, but he didn’t respond. She sighed.

“Wow! You’ve really got it bad. Ok. How about we go listen in?”


“Yeah. We follow them, and listen in. I doubt they’ll be so indiscreet as to leave a door open, but it would be really hot to listen to your sister suck your buddy’s cock. What do you say?”

“I… I don’t know.”

“Well, I know. I want to listen. Are you coming?”

She stood up and offered her hand. Trevor took it and let her lead him into the house. Tara seemed to either have some kind of Stacy location sense, or they just thought enough alike these days that she knew the kind of place Stacy might pick. Probably both. Tara scanned the room. No real privacy here. She spotted a staircase and led Trevor to it. A few of the party goers gave them knowing glances as they went up. On the second floor ran a hallway with four doors. The nearest, on their left, was closed. Across from it, the door was open.

The closed door did practically nothing to muffle the sounds of a girl moaning and spitting filth.

“We found Amy.” Tara said with certainty. “And probably no less than four of the male guests.” She added.

Trevor flushed. They walked a few more feet. The next door on the left was also open, which left only the closed door across from it. Tara put her finger to her lips and then placed her ear against the door. Her eyebrows went up, and a fiendish smile crossed her lips. She nodded, and motioned Trevor to do likewise.

He shouldn’t. It was wrong. He shouldn’t be spying on his sister or imagining her sexy lips pleasuring his friend’s cock. He put his ear to the thin wood of the door and heard Rob’s voice muttering in Spanish as he groaned. The low sound of wet sucking reached their ears. Tara’s eyes lit up and she suppressed a giggle.

“Just wait. Any second now.”

A second later, they heard Stacy’s voice say, “God, you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to do this, Robbie. You were hiding this fat cock from me for so long. Didn’t you think I wanted to suck it, baby?”

“Stacy, mama, I have dreamed of you for years. I…ah! Aaaawww!”

The sounds of slow, sensual sucking continued, mixed with the low groans of pleasure.

“This is so fucking hot!” Tara whispered.

As sick as it was, Trevor had to agree. He’d never spied on someone doing something like this. He couldn’t help the sick feeling in his gut, though, thinking of Stacy’s soft lips being used to pleasure his friend. Tara rubbed her pussy under her skirt as she listened to Rob’s obvious enjoyment. There came a wet pop, and they heard Stacy’s voice again.

“Come over here.” She said. “I want you to fuck my mouth.”

Tara reached over and fondled Trevor’s cock through his jeans. He didn’t stop her. His attention was focused on painting a mental picture of what was happening from sound alone. They heard the two on the other side of the door shuffle across the floor, then the sound of a squeaky bed. A moment passed, then they heard the sound of, “gluk… gluk… gluk… “ as Rob shoved his cock back into Stacy’s mouth.

Trevor’s shoulders slumped. He knew exactly what was happening. It was just like Stacy described while she was jerking his cock to the porno. He could see in his mind’s eye his sister on her back, head hanging off the bed, her black hair sweeping across the floor as his friend mauled her tits and plunged his happy penis into her tightly sucking mouth.

“Let me suck you.” Tara begged, her hand rubbing her pussy. “Please Trevor. This is so hot!”

Trevor shook his head, and said, “I… I can’t. I’m sorry.”

Tara rolled her eyes, shook her head, and whispered, “You really are a good boyfriend.”

Instead, they continued to listen to the sounds of Rob pumping his cock into Stacy’s mouth, as well as the occasional soft slap of his hand smacking her tits, and Stacy’s muffled groans of pleasure. After several long minutes of this, they heard the wet squelching noises become more frantic.

Rob began to mutter something in Spanish, and then he said, “I’m cumming, mama! Oh Dios mio!”

There was a quick shuffling about, and then another groan, louder this time, followed by the sounds of lewd sucking and swallowing. Tara bit her lip and came on her hand as Trevor watched, his penis so stiff in his jeans that he felt like it would burst the seams. Tara took him by the arm and nodded down the hall. They crept away, and at the end of the hall she pushed him roughly against the wall and kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth. For a moment he was so shocked and aroused, that he simply responded out of reflex. Then, he regained his senses and pulled away. Tara looked disappointed, but she smiled at him kindly and hugged him.

“Come on.” She said, “We should get back down.”

They took the stairs, and Tara led him to the bar for another drink. This time, he took another beer. Together, they returned to their little couch, and resumed their position. Trevor kept stealing glances at the door. Tara was talking to him, but it seemed like it was coming from the background. He felt stupid. Why was he feeling jealous over his sister?

He knew that Stacy didn’t see him that way. What they were doing was just her weird way of helping her awkward little brother. It didn’t mean anything. He was just a horny idiot, letting his dumb dick get to him. Stacy wasn’t his girlfriend. He had a girlfriend. His girlfriend was cute and sweet. Stacy was a slut with big tits and a dirty mouth. His cock responded happily to this thought, and that made him feel worse.

A few moments later, Stacy came through the door with a new drink in her hand. Rob followed her, but they split up. Trevor saw him walk to his brother, where they bumped fists and Juan’s face broke out into a knowing grin. Stacy took a seat on the couch next to Trevor and Tara.

“Enjoy the tour?” Tara asked with a smirk.

“Yeah!” She said, “There wasn’t much to see, and I don’t think I’d come back, but it’s a cute place.”

Tara stood up and said, “I think I’m going to find Amy.”

She kissed Trevor on his hair. Stacy turned to her brother, who was staring at the ground and twirling his half-empty bottle in his hand.

“You ok?” She asked.

“Hmm? Yeah. Fine.”

“What’s up?”


“Come on. Show me the dock.” She stood and held out her hand.

Trevor hesitated, then took it and stood. They walked down the steps to the dock and stood in silence for a moment.

“Did you really have to… you know… do that… with him?”

Stacy was quiet for a minute, then replied, “Trev. I’ve sucked a lot of dicks. It didn’t mean anything. Robbie’s been lusting over me for years. I just wanted to give him a little going away present. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.”

She touched his arm and seemed genuinely regretful.

“It’s not that.” He said, and shook his head, kicked a stray branch into the lake. “I’m just never gonna hear the end of it. He’s gonna brag the rest of his life about how my sister gave him head.” He rolled his eyes and shrugged, playing it off.

“Uh huh.” Stacy said, unconvinced. “You’re not jealous?”

“What? No!” he scoffed.

“This is my fault.” She said. “I should have never started those stupid lessons. Now you’re all hot for your sister. We should probably stop. I’m so sorry, Trev. Sometimes I get these ideas that sound great at the time, but they’re actually pretty dumb.”

Trevor felt a wave of panic. No more lessons?

“No!” He said, a bit too forcefully. “No. It wasn’t a bad idea. I really appreciate it. I’m learning so much, and, well… I guess I just kind of felt like we were getting closer since you came home. It’s my fault. I’m sorry.”

She hugged him and said, “I feel the same way. It’s a lot of fun, having a dirty little secret, isn’t it?”

His penis hardened, and he nodded his head.

“Tell you what,” She whispered, “When we get home, I’ll make it up to you. I’ll teach you something really special. Just remember… “

“We’re not going to fuck.” Trevor said and shivered.

“Even though it would be really hot, we’re not going to fuck.”

Chapter 14: How to Make a Girl Your Slave

The drive home proved far less eventful than the drive in. The girls were tired now, having slaked their lust with boys from the party and alcohol. Amy, in particular, was nearly comatose, falling asleep on Trevor’s shoulder. She’d borrowed someone’s hoodie and a pair of sweatpants that were too big for her. Her own clothes had been so caked in jizz that they were unrecognizable, as though every man in the party had used them (and her) as a cum rag. Stacy dozed on his other shoulder as Tara drove. Rachel had her head resting against the window.

“Do you guys need to crash here?” Trevor asked kindly, as Tara pulled into the driveway.

“We’ll be fine.” She yawned and gave him a tired smile.

He nodded and walked to the house with Stacy. The lights of the SUV panned over the front door as she reversed and drove away. Inside, Stacy giggled as she climbed the steps, holding the rail for support, slightly tipsy. Trevor, by contrast, had nursed two beers over the whole evening and was feeling no effect. At the top of the steps, she whispered, “Give me a few minutes, and I’ll come to your room.”

He nodded, went to the bathroom, and cleaned up. He waited in the dim light of his room for several minutes, and then Stacy crept inside, shutting his door quietly and locking it. She was dressed in a long black robe. Stacy pushed him onto his back on the bed and crawled up next to him.

“Thanks for the party.” She said softly and kissed him.

He let her probe his mouth with her tongue, his dick stiffening in his boxers. After a few minutes of this, she pulled away and whispered, “Are you ready to learn something new?”

He nodded eagerly.

“Take off your clothes.” She hissed, and he quickly complied.

She pointed to the ground, and he knelt on the floor. Stacy sat up and undid the belt on her robe. She peeled it off of her shoulders, then let it fall. Trevor gawked openly at her naked body. Even during the previous lessons, she’d never let him see her naked. She’d always left her bra and panties on or been in her bikini. His eyes were wide with wonder at his first look at a real naked woman.

She stroked his hair and said seductively, “Do you want to know how to make a woman your slave?”

He nodded.

“You’re going to make me beg for your dick.” She said.

“I am?”

She nodded and continued, “You’re going to learn how to eat pussy.”

He stared in wonder, eyes dropping to her closed legs. She parted them slightly, revealing her naked sex. It was beautiful, he thought.

“Come closer.”

He inched closer. Stacy spread further. She took his hand and extended one finger, bringing it into contact with her wet slit.

“Slit.” she said. “There’s a lot of parts down there, and they all react differently. I’m going to teach you how to use them all to make me cum. Feel me.”

Trevor carefully ran his finger through her slick channel, feeling the way it spread apart at his touch to reveal the soft, inner folds that were wet with her arousal. The smell of her was enticing, pleasant. He could feel the way her body trembled slightly when he touched the entrance to her pussy.

“We’ll get to that part, too.” She said, then took his thumb and guided it up to the top of her slit. She pulled back a little fleshy hood, and he saw a tiny button peeking out. Her clit, he knew. She grazed it lightly with his thumb and quivered.

“That’s one of the magic spots.” She said, “and the other one is inside. Clits are sensitive little things, and very finicky. Too much pressure and it hurts. Too little is just a tease. When you find the right balance, I’ll let you know. They really like repetitive motion, so when you find the right technique, you home in on it and you keep it up like a clock keeping time. I want you to lick me, from the bottom to the top, and then use the tip of your tongue on the clit. For me, little circles work best, but everyone is different. The fun comes from exploring and learning what your woman likes. Trust me, there’s no such thing as a bad time when getting your pussy licked, but there’s also a masterful way to do it. You’re going to be a master.”

He nodded.


Trevor stuck his tongue out and licked from the bottom of Stacy’s wet pussy, running his flat tongue up her moist channel, coating it with her delicious cream, until he felt the tip of his tongue touch her clit. He wriggled his tip against it, moving it in slow circles that made her sigh with delight. She reached down and took his hands, placed them on her bare legs.

“Don’t ignore the rest of her.” She instructed. “It’s like we learned before. You can’t use your mouth to get into her head, but you can use your hands to work on the rest of her. Legs, tummy, thighs, breasts. Just keep them moving and touching.”

He did, sliding his palms along her legs, until he reached her tummy. Stacy lay on her back, and he moved his hands up to her belly. His tongue drew repeated circles on her clit, and she purred happily. Her hands covered his own, and drew them up further, until they touched her breasts. He rolled her nipples in his fingers, careful not to press too hard.

“Just like that.” Stacy said. “That’s so good.”

Trevor kept up his rhythm with his tongue until he felt Stacy’s body tense under his hands.

“God, you’re gonna make me cum if you keep that up. Back off, and lick back down. Roll your tongue up, and push it inside me, then use the tip like you’re crooking a finger.”

Trevor was confused. He thought the point of this was to make her cum, but he followed instructions.

“That’s it.” Stacy said breathily, “You want her to cum, but you don’t want it too fast. You want her to beg for the dick.”

She took his hand and brought his thumb down to her clit. It was a bit awkward, with his nose in the way, but he managed to fit it in there.

“Little circles, like with your tongue, while you’re licking.”

He did as he was told, circling his thumb lightly over her clit as he continued to lick out her insides. His face was smeared with her juices, but he was enjoying it. His penis was so stiff, screaming at him to push it inside that warm, wet hole. Instead, he continued his motions robotically, as he’d been told, until he felt Stacy tense again.

“Fuck, that’s so good!” She hissed, her hips bucking gently against his mouth. “Now switch your tongue and your fingers. I want you to take two fingers, and push them into my pussy, while you lick my clit. Yes! Like that. Fuck! Feel the top of me, inside. There’s a little rough patch. Yes! Fuck! Right there! Mmmm, that’s so good, baby. Now, the same motion as with your tongue, like you’re beckoning with it. Yes… oh, yes… just like that baby. Keep going!”

Trevor massaged that spot with his fingers as his tongue worked at her clit. His tongue was a bit tired, and his fingers felt cramped, but he pressed on. Stacy gripped the sheets in her fists, and her instructions stopped coming. He supposed that meant he was doing it right, so he kept going. Her pelvis bucked against his face, and she moaned.

“Oh, godammit, baby, that’s so good! Like that… oh, fuck, just like that… “

He kept it up, and with his one free hand he made a conscious effort to stroke her body, wherever he could reach. It was like trying to conduct a symphony while blind, he thought. All of this work just to get an orgasm was incredible. Girls were so complicated! He just had to look at boobs and pull on his cock, but this was a coordinated plan of attack that took military precision to pull off. He really wanted to be good at it, though, so he kept doing it.

“Oh, fuck!” Stacy cried, “Oh, fuck I want your dick, Trevor. I wish you could fuck me so bad.” She whined, humping his face. “Fuck, I want it, baby. I want that hard dick. Don’t stop!”

Trevor felt his cock leak a bit, hearing his sister begging for his dick. He considered what would happen if he did cross that line. He was sure that Stacy was just working him up, the way she always did, but he couldn’t stop from thinking about putting his cock into this wonderful, wet, sucking hole. He didn’t want to risk her stopping the lessons, though. He wanted to be good at this.

“Yes… fuck, yes… Oh, fuck, baby… keep going… almost… there… Mmmmmm! Oh, fuck!” Trevor felt her pussy contract around his fingers, and she let out a gasp of pure joy, and a peal of excited giggling as her body went rigid, and then thrashed on his fingers. She pushed his head away from her clit, and then a hot splash of clear girl cum spurted into his mouth, coating his lips and face. For a moment, he thought that she’d peed on him, but this certainly was not pee. His sister kept riding his fingers and gasping in pleasure, until finally, she began to settle. Her body went slack, and her hands ran playfully through his hair. He withdrew his fingers.

“Wow! Now, that was good.” She whispered. “You actually made me squirt! Oh, man. Just… give me a minute… fuck.”

He waited on his knees, examining Stacy’s wet pussy, wiping her sex juice off his face with the back of his hand. Stacy sat up and curled her finger, beckoning him toward the bed. He stood, hovered over her, his stiff cock bouncing in front of him. She pulled him down and kissed him, tasting herself, then pulled him down on top of her, kissing, her hand on his chest, devouring his mouth. Trevor felt his cock bump against her warm pussy as he came down on top of her. The slickness of her cum coated his cock, and for just an instant he was sure that she was going to tell him to put it in. Instead, she rolled him onto his back and straddled his waist, trapping his penis between her wet pussy and his pelvis.

“We’re going to be practicing that a lot more.” She said, her eyes predatory as she gazed down at him.

Trevor was enthralled. He couldn’t believe how magnificent her body was, and that look of pure excitement and sex she was giving him was like nothing he’d ever seen on another person’s face. Jesus, his sister was hotter than any porn star, and here he was with his bare dick wet between her pussy lips, while she looked at him like he was about to be conquered. Maybe he already was.

“You’re a natural pussy slut.” She said, and giggled, making her breasts bounce. She layed on top of him, her naked tits squashing delightfully against his chest, and nuzzled his neck, saying, “I’ve had devout lesbians that didn’t get me off as good as you did. Really. I can’t believe that was your first time.”

“Um, thanks.” He said. “I just did like you told me. Maybe you’re just a really good teacher?”

“You’re so cute. Ok. Now, I want you to relax, alright? Try to keep control, and remember your breathing, but I just want you to have fun, ok?”

Curious, Trevor nodded. Stacy slithered down his body and padded over to the desk. He sat up, so that he could see her, or rather, so he could stare lustfully at her naked breasts some more. She came back with his bottle of lube, pointed to one of his pillows. He handed it to her, and she dropped in on the floor, knelt, uncapped the bottle, and squeezed some into her hand. Trevor’s penis jumped in anticipation, making Stacy laugh.

“I do love a happy penis.” She said and wrapped her hand around it.

She stroked his shaft up and down, coating it liberally with the slick lube as she watched his face.

“You really did a great job eating my pussy.” She said, “Did you like it?”

“Yes. It tasted really good. And I liked the way it made you move. It was sexy.”

“I want you to do it again, and again. Would you like that? Would you like to lick your sister’s horny pussy every day until you’re a master?”

“Uh huh…“ he agreed, his brain falling into that sex-fog that Stacy’s voice seemed to do to him.

“I’m so sorry that I sucked off your best friend tonight, baby.” She said, rolling his balls in her hand. “That was so slutty. Your big sister is such a dumb slut, isn’t she?”

“N… no! You’re not dumb.” Trevor said.

“So, I’m a smart slut?”

“No! You’re not a slut.”

“Of course, I am.” She argued. “That’s not a bad thing. I love being a slut. I love cock. I love fucking. I love your cock. It’s perfect. Not small. Not too big. Perfect.” She said all this while continued to stroke and fist his penis.

“Were you jealous of Robbie?”

She stared at his eyes and waited for an answer. Trevor bit his lip.

“No? You weren’t jealous at all? You didn’t want me to suck your cock, too?”

“No… I mean, yes. No, I wasn’t jealous. Yes, I… did.”

“You did what?”

“I… I wanted you to suck it.”

“That’s so dirty, baby.” She groaned and played with her pussy while she jerked his cock. “What if we teach your girlfriend to suck it? Do you think she will? Shouldn’t she be naked on her knees stroking your cock, instead of your sister?”

“She… she’s afraid.” Trevor said, lamely.

“Poor baby.” Stacy said, sadly. “There’s nothing to be afraid of here. Your dick is so perfect. It’s so big and warm, and it feels so sexy in my hand. I wish you weren’t my brother so you could fuck me with it. Would you like that? Would you fuck me with it if you weren’t my brother?”

“Yes… “

“You’d cheat on your girlfriend with me if I weren’t your sister?” Stacy asked. “You’d spread my legs and push this fat cock inside my slutty pussy, and cheat on your girlfriend?”

Trevor gripped the sheets and breathed, holding on as Stacy stroked him harder. He made it through, then she slowed, and gave him a smile and a nod.

“That was so good, baby.” She praised him. “You can eat my pussy, though, can’t you?”

“Yeah… “

“You can eat my pussy, and I can jerk your cock off for you. We can kiss and touch, and it can be a dirty secret, huh?”

“Yeah… “

“We can be naked together, and you can touch my body until I cum.”

“Oh, God!” His cock writhed in her hand, but she gripped his shaft hard and held him until his near-orgasm passed. Then, she sat up, and wrapped his lubricated penis between her breasts, and slid them down his shaft.

“Oh my God!” He exclaimed.

“We can be naked together, and you can fuck my tits, baby. You can put your cock right between my big tits and squeeze them together, just like this. Would you like to fuck my big tits and cum on them whenever you want?”

“Fuck… Yes!”

“How come you can’t fuck your girlfriend’s tits?” Stacy asked, jerking him off with her boobs.

Trevor flushed and said, “They’re too small.”

“I have nice big tits that you can fuck, though.”

“Yeah… “

“You loved eating my pussy, didn’t you?”

“Yeah… “

“I love stroking your big cock, so much. It’s Bayan Escort so dirty letting your big sister jerk your cock, isn’t it?”

Trevor bit his lip as her plush tits worked his cock up and down.

“My friends weren’t afraid of your cock, were they?”

He shook his head.

“They all wanted to suck it. All my friends wanted to be naked with you and suck your cock. You wouldn’t let them suck it, would you?”

“N… no.”

“You’re a good boyfriend, and you wanted your girlfriend to suck it for you, didn’t you?”

“I… I wanted… “ he paused, breathing hard. Stacy released his cock, letting it bob in the air.

“What did you want, baby? You wanted your first time to be with Mary, didn’t you?”

He looked away.

“You can tell me.” She urged. “Just tell me the truth, baby. It’s ok.”

His penis was so excited, so ready to cum. He couldn’t lie. Stacy would know if he lied, and she wouldn’t keep going until he told her the truth.

“I wanted… I wanted you to… to do it.” He admitted.

She wrapped her fingers around his shaft again and stroked it.

“You wanted your sister to suck you off?” she asked, holding his eyes.

Damn it! He did want it. Stacy was pure sex, irresistibly hot. Her body was the kind men killed for, and just her hands and her filthy talk was so much more arousing than anything he’d ever experienced.

“Yes.” He said, “I wanted you to suck it.”

“It’s so wrong to want your sister to suck you.” she said. “That’s incest, and it’s so dirty, isn’t it?”

“Yeah… “

“If I suck it once, you’d want me to do it again, and it would be incest.”

“Uh huh… “

“If I suck it, then I’d want you to fuck me, too, and we can’t fuck, can we?”

“We… no… “

“If you fuck me, it would be incest, and it would so nasty. Only perverts and sluts like incest because it’s so nasty.”

“Yeah… “

“Making out with your sister isn’t incest, is it?”

“No… “

“Because I’m teaching you how to do it right, so you can make your girlfriend horny.”

He nodded, watching her thick lips so close to his pulsing cock.

“Letting your sister jerk your big cock isn’t incest, is it?”

“No… “

“Because I’m teaching you how to last longer, so you can be a good lover.”

“Uh huh… “

“Eating your sister’s pussy, and fucking her big tits isn’t incest, is it?”

“No… “

“Because I’m teaching you how to do it right, so you can make your woman happy.”

He agreed.

“If I sucked you until you came in my mouth, would it be incest?”

“No… “ he said out of reflex, his head too consumed by what Stacy was doing to his cock to even think through what he’d said.

“If I suck it, there wouldn’t be a lesson. It would just be for pleasure. It would be perverted and nasty, and just for pleasure. That would make it incest, wouldn’t it?”

“I… I guess so.” he said, sadly.

“But you still want me to do it.” She stated.

He nodded.

Stacy stuck out her tongue and flicked it against the underside of his cockhead, then swirled it around his whole head.

“Oh, fuck!” He groaned. It was the most mind-blowing sensation he’d ever felt. His stimulated cockhead flared and pulsed as Stacy stroked his shaft and continued to play her tongue across his mushroom. She continued that way, stimulating the sensitive tip while he tried to hold back an unstoppable orgasm.

“Stacy… I can’t… I’m gonna… “

Stacy kept on licking his head, ignoring him. Trevor practically choked on his own tongue as an incredible burst of pure heaven exploded in his brain, shooting up his cockshaft and onto Stacy’s tongue. His head fell back, and his hands gripped the sheets as he gasped out his pleasure, and then he let out a strangled cry as his sister slipped her lips over the head and began to swallow his bursts of semen. He made choking, gasping sounds in his throat as her lips worked his sensitive head. It felt so good that it was painful. He felt tears in the corners of his eyes from the overload of feeling emanating from his penis. The stroking of his shaft, her hands rolling his balls, her lips suckling at his head, all of it together nearly made him pass out.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, my God! Oooooh, Jesus fucking Christ!” He cursed, and still she didn’t stop until he was completely dry and in agony.

Finally, she released his cockhead from her lips, and let his lifeless cock go. She gave a last swallow and then crawled up onto the bed. Trevor lay back with his eyes closed, his arm over his face as the aftershocks of that incredible feeling began to fade from his brain. Stacy wiped her hands on her robe like it was a cheap towel, and then ran her fingers through his hair lovingly.

“Did I make it special for you, baby?” She cooed in his ear.

Trevor did not have the strength for words. Stacy stroked her nails over his chest playfully, then put her arm around him. The last conscious thought he had was of her hard nipples pressed against his side as he fell asleep.

Chapter 15: I Like Girls

Trevor woke up alone, nearly convinced that the previous night had all been some kind of crazy dream. The dried mess around his crotch, and the discarded bottle of lube on the floor told him otherwise. Stacy was gone. He rolled over onto his stomach and fumbled for his phone on the nightstand. It was just after 9:00. His parents would be in church by now. He nearly laughed at the ridiculousness of it. His parents were praising Jesus, while their son was naked in bed, covered in his own dried sperm, and his sister’s spit, after she’d fucked him with her hands and tits.

It had been the best moment of his life, and instead of experiencing the eroticism of it all with his girlfriend, it had been with his own sister. He was a pervert. It was nasty, and he was a pervert. Damn it! He couldn’t help himself. His stupid penis just kept convincing him it was okay! But wasn’t it ok? He was learning things. Good things. Things a man should know. That was ok, wasn’t it? He was so confused.

After cleaning the filth of the previous night off of himself, he went to the kitchen, fixed cereal, and took his customary seat on the couch to munch and mull. He assumed Stacy must be out running. It wasn’t like her to sleep late, even after a long night. She had a body to maintain. What a body it was, too! He felt a rush of shame. He was a dirty pervert that fantasized about his hot sister sucking him off, and not even for a lesson.

It was just for pleasure, and that made it incest. It was dirty, nasty and perverted. He hadn’t even thought about his girlfriend in a sexual light for the past few days. His entire fantasy world now revolved around the next lesson with Stacy, and what new pleasure she would give him next.

Not today, he decided. Today, he was going to focus on Mary. She’d come over in the afternoon, and he’d hold her, and kiss her, and make her feel good, just the way he’d learned. The way he’d learned with Stacy. Shit! He set his empty bowl aside and laid on the couch to watch TV. Hopefully, he could find something to distract himself until Mary was free.

A few hours went by as Trevor flipped channels, with no sign of Stacy. It was now pushing noon. He stretched and took his bowl to the kitchen, then checked the note board to see if there was a clue. There was.

“Went to church. Be home later.” The note was in Stacy’s handwriting.

Trevor snorted at the absurdity of it. Stacy at church with his parents? She hadn’t gone to church for years. Briefly, he feared for her safety from the wrath of the Almighty. An image of Stacy being struck by lightning as she entered the building flashed through his mind. He returned to his couch and texted Mary.

“Potluck will be over about 1:00. Can I come over and talk after?” She replied.


Talk? Mary rarely wanted to “talk” about anything. He felt nervous, watching the time tick away, waiting. By 1:00, there was still no sign of his parents or Stacy. His phone pinged.

“On my way.” Mary’s message read.

Trevor checked his deodorant and brushed his teeth again, just to be sure. Soon after, Mary arrived wearing one of her new outfits, a lavender spaghetti strap top and denim skirt.

“I love the new look, babe!” He complimented her, squeezing her in his big arms.

“Me too!” She exclaimed. “The girls at church even said I looked hot! Can you just imagine? Me, hot? My mom wasn’t as happy about it, but I don’t care. I’m the only one who has to live my life.”

“I always thought you were hot.”

“That’s because you’re too sweet.” She said and pushed herself away.

Trevor sat with her on the couch and kissed her, soft and slow just the way he’d been taught. Mary allowed it, but she was stiff. Maybe he was doing it wrong, he thought, worried.

“Trevor.” Mary said, breaking away. “Can we talk about something?”

He nodded, his gut wrenching.

“You know that I love you, right?”

He nodded.

“You’re the sweetest boy I’ve ever met, and you’re my best friend. Even in school, you never treated me any differently from everyone else, even though I wasn’t hot like the other girls, or athletic, and outgoing. When you asked me out, that’s why I went with you. Because you’re genuinely good, and you have this big, beautiful heart.”

“Thanks. I love you, too.” He replied.

“I know that girlfriends are supposed to do, um, certain things for their boyfriend, you know? Sex things?”

He nodded. Maybe this wasn’t a bad talk.

“And you’ve been very patient with me. You never push me to do anything I don’t want to do, but I know that you want more. It’s just… “

He brushed a lock of her hair out of her eyes.

“It’s ok. Go on.” He said.

“Trevor, I’m so afraid.” She said, and saw her lower lip quiver in that way it did, before she started to cry.

He moved to pull her close, but she stayed him with a hand on his chest, inhaled deeply and continued.

“It’s not just that. Lately, I’ve been having these thoughts, and… and feelings… “

“What kind of thoughts?”

“The kind my mom would say are sinful.”

“Everyone has those thoughts, babe.” He said, grinning. “Even your mom, I’d bet.”

“Not these kind.” She answered, shaking her head.

“I’ve been thinking about… about girls.” she said, and hung her head, hiding her blushing face with her hair.

Trevor was silent for a moment, then said, “What about girls?”

She mumbled something that he couldn’t hear.

“What?” he asked again, as kindly as he could muster.

“About… doing things with girls.” she stammered.

“Like, intimate things?” He asked, carefully, his heart hammering in his chest, mouth dry.

She nodded, and said, “When I think about it, I don’t feel afraid, like I do when I think about boys. Not just you, but boys in general.”

“What are you saying, exactly?”

She was quiet and began to sniffle. She wiped at her eyes with the back of her hand.

“I don’t know what I’m saying. I… we just… we’ve always been able to talk about things that I couldn’t talk to other people about, and it’s one of the reasons I really do love you. You remember when I told you that Jamie Williams tickled me so hard in the locker room that I peed myself?”

He chuckled, half-heartedly, if only to try to lighten the mood.

“It’s like that. I would never tell anyone that kind of thing, because it’s too embarrassing. I can tell you, though. You’re not like other people. You don’t ever judge me. You’re important to me, and I don’t ever want to lose you, so I thought that I should tell you.”

“Thank you.” he said. “I just… I’m still not sure I understand, or what you want me to do.”

“I don’t either. I just know that doing things, intimate things, is important in a relationship, and doing those kinds of things with you is really hard for me. It’s scary, and I don’t know if I’m ready for it. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready for it. But, I know that you need it, and I don’t know what to do!”

Her voice rose to a high pitch at the end, and she finally broke down into fitful sobs. Trevor held her, and wiped at her tears with his shirt, not sure what he was supposed to say. She loved him, but she didn’t want to have sex with him? Sex made her afraid? Was she breaking up with him?

“Are you breaking up with me?” he finally asked.

“What?” She asked, looking up at him through tear-streaked eyes. “No. I don’t think so. I don’t want to. I just don’t know what to do!”

She collected her purse, and stood up, crying again.

“I’m sorry.” She sputtered. “I’m so sorry. This was stupid. I can’t… “

Overcome, she quickly left the house before Trevor could even process the fact that she was leaving. What the fuck had just happened? He paced back and forth across the living room, phone in hand, dialing. It rang, and rang, with no answer. He tried 3 more times with the same result. Finally, he climbed the stairs to his room and lay down, defeated. What the hell was he going to do?

Chapter 16: Sex Therapist

The feel of warm arms wrapping around his body roused Trevor from his fitful nap. He cracked an eye and wondered where he was for a moment. He’d been dreaming about something. He couldn’t remember. His eyes hurt. Everything hurt. It felt nice to be held. Shaking off the sleep fog he rolled over and saw Stacy laying in bed with him. She wasn’t naked, and she looked tired.

“Hey you.” She said, with none of her usual pep.


“I heard from Mary.” She said.



“What did she say?” He asked.

“It was kind of hard to tell. There was a lot of crying. I think I got the gist of it. She’s afraid of sex, like I told you before.”

He shrugged and replied, “And she’s into girls”

“Yeah, there is that.” She said, “I wasn’t really surprised, though.”

“What do you mean?”

“In college, you meet a lot of girls that are like Mary. They’re out of the shelter of their parents’ influence, and they’re not sure who they really are, now that they can make their own choices.”

They lay in silence a while, eyes closed, while Stacy held him.

“You really are a sweetheart.” Stacy finally said. “I know this is hard, but we’re going to figure it out.”

“What do I do?” He asked.

She pondered the question, then suggested, “Why don’t you let me talk to her? You know, girl talk. Dicks and clothes, and all that. Let me figure her out.”

Trevor considered it. What other choice was there? He certainly had no idea what to do. He didn’t want to break up with her, but if they were just going to be good friends, what was the point of a relationship at all? It was all so new and confusing.

“Thanks.” he said, nodding, “You ok?” He asked. “You look tired.”

“Long night.” hhe said and felt him shiver.

“You went to church?” he asked, to get his mind off of his sorrow.

Stacy laughed and said, “Yeah. I just figured with all the sinning I do that I might yet find redemption.”

He smiled weakly.

“I’m kidding. The whole man in the sky thing’s not really for me. I just thought it would be nice for mom and dad.”

The couple of hours spent after church in a hotel room, being relentlessly pounded by her father, had also been good for mom and dad, she thought.

“You know what I do, when I feel like shit?” Stacy asked.

“Masturbate?” He said, and she punched his arm.

“Well, that goes without saying, fuckhead. No! Retail therapy.”


“It’s a proven method for dealing with depression. Why do you think Americans are such gross consumers? We’re all depressed as fuck, so we just buy shit constantly to keep the endorphins pumping.”

“Yeah. Ok.” He consented.

“Maybe wash your face first.” Stacy said. “You have boogers and eye crusties.”

She kissed his forehead and flounced out of the room. A few minutes later, face washed, he made his way downstairs, where his mother was on the couch with her laptop.

“Hey, mom.” He said.

“Hey, honey. You ok?” she asked, a look of concern on her face. Had Stacy told her about Mary?

“Yeah.” He said, without admitting anything. “Just a tough day with Mary.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” She asked.

He shook his head.

“No. It’ll blow over. Stacy and I are going shopping for a while.”

She nodded and said, “have fun.”

A moment later, Stacy appeared, wearing a tube top and a little skirt that ended well above the knees. Trevor couldn’t help the lusty stare he gave her and, consequently, did not notice the same look on his mother’s face.

“Ready?” She asked him.

He nodded. Stacy gave their mom a light kiss on the head and they left.

“I think I know what will make you feel better.” Stacy said, as they walked into the mall.


“I’ll let you pick out something really sexy for me to wear for our next lesson. What do you say?”

Trevor looked at her and blinked.

“Next lesson?” He asked.

“Unless this thing with Mary means you’re going to be celebate for the rest of your life, you still do have the chance to get into her pants. She’s afraid and confused. That doesn’t mean she’s suddenly a lesbian.”

“I… I guess so.”

“You’ve got a lot of patience, Trev. Even if your future isn’t with Mary, she’s not the only girl around. Any one of my friends would throw themselves at you in a heartbeat!”

Trevor had been so preoccupied with his own despair that he hadn’t even considered that. Stacy was right. Sure, it hurt right now, just because he was so confused, but what if it wasn’t the end of the world? It just kind of felt like it.

“Ok.” He agreed, suddenly hard. Apparently, penises were not so prone to sadness as brains.

Stacy led him to Frederick’s once more, where he felt completely out of his depth amongst all the different kinds of sexy clothes.

“Anything you want.” Stacy said.

He wandered about, trying to imagine Stacy’s body encased in the variety of skimpy things. What did he like? He had no idea. He spotted a set of black, lacy thongs and push-up bra, with a sheer gown. In his mind, he saw Stacy wearing it, her already large breasts pushed up on display invitingly, while she knelt between his legs and jerked him off.

“I like that one.” He said, his cheeks flushed.

Stacy appraised it, and grinned. “Nice choice.”

She rifled through the sets, found her size, and took it to the dressing room. Trevor waited. A few moments later, she came back out with the set in her hand.

“Perfect.” She said, and leaned in closer to whisper, “You’re going to cum so hard when you see it. I swear to God, this thing is dangerous.”

Trevor’s jaw fell.

She brought the set to the counter with Trevor following.

Trevor kept stealing glances at the little black bag containing the sexy lingerie, as they walked through the mall. Stacy dragged him everywhere, buying him new clothes, video games, and an upgrade for his phone. She’d been right. Retail therapy was working. Despite all the new stuff, though, he kept looking at the little bag, and imagining.

He felt like a pack mule as he hauled the numerous bags of merchandise to the car and hefted them into the back seat. Stacy, then, took him to dinner before they went home. At home, Stacy left Trevor to lug the bags up to his room, taking only the little black one. It was still early evening, and his parents were watching TV. He busied himself with putting away his clothes, and playing with the new phone as a distraction, but he was still preoccupied with his (possibly lesbian) girlfriend troubles.

Stacy knocked on his door and let herself in. He looked up from the phone, half-expecting to see her wearing the sexy lingerie set. She was not. She was dressed in shorts and a lacy blouse that he could see her bra though. She sat on the bed.

“I’m going to go out for a bit with Mary.” She said, “Don’t worry, ok? We’ll figure this out.”

“Thanks, Stac. I owe you one.”

She ruffled his hair, which he was finding that he did not really hate as much as he once did.

“You bet your sweet ass, you do.” She said.

Stacy left him alone with his thoughts, and left the house. Mary was waiting on the porch when she pulled up, looking sad. She got into the car.

“Hey, baby.” Stacy said, leaning over to hug her.

“Hey, Stacy. Thanks for talking to me.”

“It’s what girls do.” She said, pulling the car out of the drive. “Tough day, huh?”

Mary nodded and said, “I don’t know what to do!”

“Why don’t you start from the beginning.”

As they drove, Mary related the conversation with Trevor, and tried her best to explain her feelings.

“Ever since you… we did… what we did, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It was so beautiful.” She said sadly. “I feel so awful, though. Why was it so easy with you, and it’s so hard with Trevor?”

“Because you’re a lesbian, baby.” Stacy stated flatly.

“I… I am not!” Then she thought for a moment and asked, “Am I?”

Mary had never met any lesbians that she knew of. How did she know what lesbians were like? How did one know if they were a lesbian? Stacy had probably met lots of lesbians. She clearly liked girls, and Mary did know that there were lesbians in colleges.

“You check all the boxes.” Stacy said, nodding.

She stopped the car in the parking lot of Tara’s apartment. Mary looked up at the familiar building.

“Are we… going to do it again?” She asked.

“We’re just going to talk about your problem with Trevor.” Stacy said, shaking her head. “Tara’s working nights again, so I thought it would be easiest to do it here. Is that ok?”

Mary nodded, and they walked up to the apartment together. Stacy flipped on the lights and turned on the radio, then handed Mary a wine cooler.

“You need to take the edge off.” She said, twisting the cap on her own and flicking it into the trash.

Mary was quiet. She wasn’t sure what to say. How did one discuss their potential lesbianism with their boyfriend’s sister?

“What’s a relationship, baby?” Stacy asked, toying with a lock of Mary’s hair..

“What do you mean?”

“Just that. What is your typical relationship? The kind you see on TV or in the movies.”

Mary thought about it. It was an easy question, but she suspected there was more to it.

She answered, “A boy and a girl. They fall in love, have sex, have a family, and argue about kids or money.”

“That’s the Hollywood relationship.” Stacy said, nodding. “That’s only what you’re told a relationship is. That isn’t what a relationship actually is.”

“What is it?” Mary asked, curious.

“A relationship is whatever works for the people involved, in a way that satisfies their emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual needs. All of us are different, and every one of us has different needs. One relationship isn’t wrong because it’s different from what Hollywood or TV says it is. I could have a relationship with a man, a woman, or even both at the same time, and as long as all of us were happy in that relationship–if it worked for us and made us happy–there would be nothing wrong with it. What did I tell you about your life the last time we were here?”

“That I was the only one that had to live my life.” Mary answered.

Stacy nodded and said, “Your mother doesn’t have to be happy with your life. Your church doesn’t. Trevor doesn’t, and neither does anyone else. There are a lot of people in ‘real’ relationships who are miserable and hate their life. My personal view is that you should live in a way that makes you happy, not in a way that other people tell you will make you happy.”

Mary nodded slowly. That did make sense. How did it help her with her Trevor problem, though? How did it help her know if she was a lesbian?

“It’s difficult, if not impossible, to find one person that can satisfy everything that we need. I need a lot of sex, for example, sometimes slow and sexy, other times hard and hot. I love sex with men, and I love sex with women. I won’t ever find one person that can be a man and a woman whenever I need them to be. Right?”

Mary had to laugh at the image of biological impossibility, and she nodded.

“So, I choose to just be by myself, and pick partners that satisfy my sexual needs, whatever they might be from day-to-day. Hollywood would call that a slut, in case you’re wondering. Whatever. I like it. It works for me. It makes me happy. I can satisfy my own emotional and physical needs. I don’t need anyone else for that.”

“That makes sense.” Mary admitted. Stacy was so confident and brave, she thought, to live like that. “I still don’t know what to do, though.”

Stacy nodded and said, “You’re different. You have different needs. Start with physical. You need clothes, shelter, food. Those are things you need to stay alive. Right now, you depend on other people for those things. Your parents, Trevor, your church. It won’t always be that way. You’ll get older and you’ll rely more on yourself for those things.”

Mary agreed.

“You have emotional needs.” Stacy continued. “You want to be loved, accepted, encouraged. We all do. Some of us look inside for those things, and others get them from the people around us. You get them from the same sources as your physical needs, and that will never change. It’s who you are, and it’s perfectly fine. Does it make you happy?”

“Yes. I love that Trevor accepts me, and that he always encourages me, or that he doesn’t ever judge me for being who I am.”

Stacy nodded agreement and went on, “Sexual needs are some of the most complex, though. That’s especially true when you don’t have a lot of experience, and you don’t really understand what you need or want. How do you feel when boys touch you?”

“Scared.” Mary admitted, hanging her head. “Like I want to throw up.”

Stacy nodded, then added, “And girls?”

She laid her hand on Mary’s bare leg to emphasize the point. Mary blushed and answered, “Excited.”

“Now, imagine that you’re Trevor.” Stacy said. “Imagine that you have some beefy, muscled stud with a big hard dick, and he’s plunging his tongue into your mouth. All he wants to do is rip off your clothes and push that thick dick into you, then pound it into your body until he cums. How does that make you feel?”

Mary could easily imagine how it felt. “Scared.” She repeated. “Like I want to throw up.”

Stacy nodded and said, “And when you have a soft girl kissing you, running her sexy hands over your body. She’s warm and sensual. How does that make you feel?”

Stacy caressed her leg gently.


“You love Trevor. You love the wonderful person that he is, and you can’t imagine not having him in your life, right?”

She nodded. It was true. Trevor did tick all of her boxes, except the sexual one.

“Trevor loves you the same way. You satisfy all of his needs, except for one.”

Mary nodded again, while Stacy continued to slide her hand up her leg, toying with the hem of her skirt.

“There are other relationships like that.” Stacy said. “There are boyfriends, and husbands, who don’t satisfy the woman in their life sexually, but in every other way, they’re perfect. They love their partner, and they even enjoy seeing them being sexually satisfied by other people.”

Mary’s eyes widened. There were actually men like that?

“You mean they let their wives have sex with other men, and they’re ok with it?”

Stacy nodded, inwardly rolling her eyes at just how sheltered the girl was, but she continued, “Not just men, though. There’s women like that, too. Just because it isn’t what TV says is right, doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. Do you think it’s wrong?”

Mary thought about it. By Stacy’s logic, which made sense, if the people involved were all having their needs satisfied, and they were happy with it, then what was the real harm?

She shook her head and said, “I guess not. If they’re all happy.”

“So, if you can’t satisfy Trevor’s sexual needs,” Stacy went on, “then he will either need to be ok with that and happy, or someone else will need to satisfy them.”

Mary thought about this, too. She did want Trevor to be happy. She did not want to lose Trevor. She could not satisfy that need. Trevor, she knew, would not be happy in a relationship in which he did not get sex with a woman. He was patient, but he wasn’t going to have a happy life without sex. Someone else would have to give Trevor sex. Could she be happy if someone else had sex with her boyfriend? She had no idea. The thought had never occurred to her.

Stacy could see the conflict on Mary’s face as she struggled with the questions she’d put into her head.

“That’s… “ Mary started, stopped, continued, “I don’t know how to even talk about that.”

“That’s what experimentation is for.” Stacy said, grinning. “The thing about learning what you do and don’t like is that you never actually know what you like until you try it.”

“So, I should let Trevor have sex with another girl?”

Stacy shook her head and said, “No. Not just that. You have to be involved. It’s a relationship. If Trevor does it with another girl, and you aren’t there, then it’s just him cheating on you. He’d never do that. You know that. He’s too good. You would need to be there and encourage him. Tell him it’s ok, and that it’s what you want for him. Show him that you love him so much that you’re willing to give him what he needs, but that you’re part of the relationship, and that it’s something that you’re sharing together. If you don’t, then it’s just having two relationships at the same time. One will eventually take precedence over the other, and considering how much men like sex, which one do you think would ultimately win out?”

That was true, Mary knew, and it opened up a whole new box of terror in her. She couldn’t be happy if Trevor was just having sex with another girl when he needed it. Eventually, the unnamed fantasy girl would just steal him away, and it would be horrible.

“Relationships are so hard.” Mary whined, putting her head in her hands. “How do I do it? I don’t know any girls like that! And, even if I did, how do you ask someone to have sex with your boyfriend?”

“It would have to be someone you trust, too. Someone you both trust, that understands what being in that kind of relationship is all about, and who won’t try to break you up. She also has to be willing to take care of your needs, right? This isn’t all about Trevor and his penis. It’s about both of you.”

“I’m doomed.” Mary said, and Stacy could sense another round of sobbing coming. Then, Stacy could see Mary draw the conclusion that she had placed in the girl’s head. Naturally, Mary would be shuffling through the deck of girls she knew, discarding each of her church friends, and eventually settling on the only sexually liberated female in the deck. Mary raised her head, looked Stacy in the eye, flushed. Her mouth opened, shut, and then she looked away. The only card in the deck was the one card that she could never put on the table. It was altogether wrong. It went against everything she’d been taught in her life about what was and was not acceptable.

“Stacy… “ Mary began, then stopped.

Stacy cocked her head, her face a passive mask.

“What if… what if it was you?” Mary said in a rush, then shook her head. “I’m sorry.” She said, “I’m sorry! That was so stupid. He’s your brother. What the fuck is wrong with me?”

Stacy raised an eyebrow at the use of an expletive.

“Me?” She said, in mock horror.

“I think Trevor kind of has a crush on you.” Mary said, blushing. “The other day I found… something of yours in his room.”


“He had… some of your underwear.”

Stacy laughed and said, “That little pervert! I don’t think it’s me, specifically.” She lied. “He’s just a horny boy, and he likes big boobs and girls like the ones in porno that wear tiny panties.”

“Yeah.” Mary agreed. “You’re probably right.”

Stacy touched her hand and said, “Hey. It’s ok. I know he’s cute. It doesn’t matter that he’s my brother. I know a hot guy when I see one. Look, I’ll make you a deal. If you can talk him around to it, I’m willing to play around with you both a little bit. We can’t fuck, but it could be kind of fun to fool around a little.”

Mary’s eyes widened.

Stacy went on, “I mean, I won’t lie. I like things that are a little kinky, so I’m game to help you guys experiment a little. It’ll be like dipping your toes in the water, to see if this kind of thing is for you. That way, you don’t have to go all the way right from the start. You can start slow and see how it makes you feel.”



“But how am I going to convince Trevor?” Mary asked.

“Bring your new swimsuit over tomorrow, and you can leave that to me.” She said, grinning.

Chapter 17: The Toy

Trevor read the text from Mary again. It was such a simple question, one that he’d seen a hundred times.

“Can I come over tomorrow?”

No mention of their recent altercation. No explanation. Just that one question. What did it mean? Should he ask about the incident? Should he ask about her conversation with Stacy? He made the only reply he could and kept his questions for himself.

“Of course.”

She sent back a kiss emoji, so he guessed that Stacy had done something right. Now, he just had to wait impatiently for Stacy to get home. He paced his room, the buzz of the TV a background hum. Time crawled by. Finally, he heard the sound of Stacy’s door click shut down the hall. He restrained himself from going down to check with her. Soon, there was a knock on the door. He flung it open, and there was Stacy. She wore the black robe he’d picked out and, presumably, the rest of the tiny set under it. As enticing as it was, he couldn’t wait to hear the result of her conversation.

“Someone is eager.” She said, leaning in the doorway.

“Please don’t torture me.” He said, wringing his hands.

“But it’s so much fun!”

She sighed and let herself in, locking the door behind her. She motioned to the bed, and Trevor obediently sat down. Stacy set something down on the bedside table, but he was too anxious to pay attention to the little box.

She stretched out on the bed and invited him to lay beside her. He did. She ran her hand through his hair.

“Consider your Mary problem taken care of. With some stipulations.”

“What does that mean?”

“Trev. There’s no easy way to say this, but… you’re playing for the same team as your girlfriend.”

He looked at her dumbly.

“Mary is a lesbian, Trevor.”


Stacy nodded.

“Look, let me start over. Mary loves you. You love Mary. Right?”

“Yeah, but… a lesbian?”

“Mary loves you, but she’s not into sex with men. I know. What the fuck, right?”

“What the fuck!” He said, despairingly.

“That doesn’t mean she’s breaking up with you, though.”

“O… ok? Why not? Why wouldn’t she break up with me, if she’s not into guys?” His head was a whirlwind. It didn’t make sense.

“Trevor, what is a relationship?” She asked.

In nearly the same words, Stacy handheld him through the same logic she’d used on Mary. Trevor’s reaction, though, was slightly different. She could see his visible hardon in his pants as he considered sex with another woman, while Mary was there. The possibility that he could have a relationship with the woman he loved, get to have sex with other women, and watch other women with his girlfriend was immensely exciting. Of course, that would mean he wouldn’t be having sex with his girlfriend himself. Jesus, it was all so confusing. Still, Stacy’s work, and the influence of internet porn had made him far more open to the idea of kinky sexual acts, which he was (understandably) eager to explore.

“How is this going to work, though?” He asked. “Where are we supposed to find another girl that’s into this kind of thing?”

Stacy smiled and said, “Well, your girlfriend already has someone in mind.”

“Who?” He said, propping himself up on his elbow, eyes flashing with curiosity. Mary actually knew girls that were into this? What else didn’t he know about his shy little girlfriend?

Stacy said nothing, only continued to smile. Slowly, realization dawned on his face. This was one of Stacy’s favorite parts, watching people process their thoughts, draw conclusions, fight with themselves, and ultimately lose out to their base instincts.

“You?” he said.

She nodded.

“But… I thought you said… we can’t… “

“Trevor. We’re not gonna fuck.”

“Now I really don’t understand!”

“This is a little experiment for you two, to see how you both react to having someone else play around with you. It will just be like our lessons. Only, Mary will be there and I’ll be playing with her. How does that make you feel?”

She idly stroked his penis through his shorts and grinned.

“I think I know how it makes you feel.”

“I… I don’t know.” he said, his eyes staring vacantly past her, while he imagined what it would be like.

“You mean, you don’t want to have your hot sister play with your cock, and have dirty lesbian sex with your naked girlfriend at the same time?”

“Oh my God…“ he said, the image forming in his mind.

She unbuttoned his shorts with a deft hand, pulled the zipper down and reached inside his boxers until her hand was curled around his naked flesh. He gasped, remembered his breathing, and worked to get control. Stacy nuzzled her cheek against his and poured her seductive poison into his ear.

“You don’t want to watch me seduce your girlfriend, and get her to spread her legs for me? You don’t want to push your hard cock between my tits while she rides my face and cums for me, like a dirty little lesbian fuckdoll?”

Trevor’s cock responded to that image happily, jerking in her hand.

“Can we just forget the lesson tonight?” She said, her hand slowly stroking his length. “Can we just play for fun? Will you think I’m a slut, if I just want to play with your cock for pleasure?”

He groaned. It wasn’t for a lesson. It was just for pleasure. If it wasn’t for a lesson, it was incest and it was nasty.

“Would that be too nasty, baby?” Stacy whispered.

“It’s so nasty.” He replied, remembering his lessons.

“Do you think I’m a slut because it gets me hot?”

“Yeah. You’re such a slut.” He agreed and watched a tremor pass through her body.

She pressed her mouth against his, and soon her tongue was probing it, while her hand slid up and down his penis. The wet smacking of their lips sounded so sexy to Trevor as his mind conjured up any number of kinky images of Mary and Stacy writhing in passion together on his bed, touching, kissing, and licking.

Stacy tugged at his boxers, and he helped by shucking them off completely. His hands went to her body, feeling the soft cloth of the robe beneath his fingers, and the heat of her beneath that. He found the tie, tugged at it, and felt it come loose.

“You want to see it, don’t you?” Stacy asked, rolling his full balls in her hands.


Stacy sat up on her knees. She shrugged one shoulder free, and then the other, but held it around herself teasingly.

“Lay back.” she instructed, and he did.

Stacy straddled him, pressing her warm pussy against him, trapping his hardness between herself and his pelvis. She shrugged the robe off, and let it float away. Trevor’s eyes glazed over with desire as her breasts came into view, pushed up by the bra in a way that was obscenely pornographic. It wasn’t just sexy. It was downright slutty. There was no reason for it, other than to make a man want to pin you down and fuck you until he couldn’t get it up any longer.

“Fuck…“ he breathed and rested his hands on her hips.

She ground her pussy against him, and he could feel the moisture of it seeping through the crotch of the tiny panties.

“I feel like such a slut in this.” She said, whipping her hair back and running her hand up her stomach to cup her tits. “Fuck, I love the way it makes me feel.”

She brought her body down on top of him, slithering up his chest until her lips locked on his again. For long minutes, she humped his poor penis, her breasts mashed against his chest, while their tongues intertwined playfully. Then, with her hands around his neck, she continued to play with his mind.

“You picked such a slutty outfit for me, baby. Is this what you wanted? You wanted me to feel like the kind of slut that would fuck her own brother?”

“Yeah…“ he agreed, his hands cupping her ass as she humped him.

“It’s so tempting. I could slip these panties aside, and you’d be inside me right now. You’d be inside your sister’s pussy, fucking your naked cock into her like an incestuous pervert. Fuck, it’s so kinky.”

“I’m so hard for you.” he said.

“That’s so wrong, baby,” she said. “We can’t fuck. We can play like this. We can be naked and play together like this, so I can teach you, but you can’t fuck me. You can’t fuck your slutty sister, even if she wants your dick so bad.”

He inhaled her tongue as they kissed again, humping his cock back against her own motions.

“I know how bad you want pussy, baby.” She said, when she broke away. I know how hard your cock gets, and all you think about is fucking pussy. It’s going to be even harder when all three of us are naked together. You’ll have two sexy, naked girls touching each other, but you won’t get to feel pussy, and it will be so hard. I’m so sorry.”

Trevor’s hands were gripping her ass tightly, practically jerking himself off with her panty-covered lips.

“I can help, though.” She said. “I can help you relieve some of that stress, because I know it’s so hard not getting to fuck pussy. Do you want me to help?”

“Yes!” He pleaded.

Stacy reached for the little box, which he’d completely forgotten about. She moved down his body, releasing his trapped cock, which sprang back up, glistening with a sheen of her arousal and his dripping precum. Stacy wrapped her hands around it and coated it in the sexy mixture. While she stroked, Trevor watched her lick her lips, her eyes focused hungrily on it. She stuck her tongue out, just like the previous night, and tickled his cockhead with it.

“Oh, fuck… “ he groaned, remembering how amazing it had felt when she’d wrapped her thick lips around it and swallowed his cum.

“You got me so hot last night, that I couldn’t help myself. Do you remember?”

“Yeah… “ he groaned.

“You got your sister so hot that she put her lips around your cock and drank your cum.”

“Yeah… “

“It was so hot and slutty, feeling your sister’s lips around your dick, wasn’t it.”

“So hot… “

“It wasn’t for a lesson, though. It was for pleasure. It was dirty and it was just for pleasure. What does that mean, baby?”

“It… it was incest.” He said, and his dick jerked in her stroking hand. She licked the dribble of precum from the tip and continued to play her tongue around his crown. Then, she slipped her lips over his cockhead and he had to fight with his whole being to focus on his breathing and control. Stacy’s lips were tight around it as she nursed on his cockhead like it was the only thing in the world that mattered. Slow, wet. He watched her sexy lips cover it, making his head vanish into a warm sheath of pure pleasure like nothing he’d ever experienced. She released the tension of her lips and let a river of saliva ooze out of her mouth around his penis, then came up and began to work the sexy lubrication into his twitching shaft with her hand.

“I love your cock so much.” She purred. “Why won’t you let me suck it for you, baby? You’re so mean not to let your slutty sister suck it. I thought you were so jealous of your friend, when I let him fuck my mouth. Didn’t you want it to be you? Didn’t you want me to suck on your cock for you, too?”

“Ooooh, yes! Please… don’t stop!”

“Won’t your girlfriend suck it for you?”


“Your girlfriend wants pussy, doesn’t she?”

“Fuck! Yes!”

Stacy relented and placed her lips back over his head, suckling on it lovingly, but she wouldn’t go any further. Distracted by the headjob, Trevor did not see her hand open the box and pull out her surprise for him. His own hand twined into her hair, rested on the back of her head, and her pussy gushed with excitement. Had she finally done it? Had her teasing pushed him so far that he was going to just take her mouth? He did not, though. He was still too afraid of crossing that line without her permission. No matter. She moved to the next tease.

Pulling her lips off of him again, she slid up beside him and returned to jerking his wet penis, kissing him hotly as he groped her bulging tits through the sexy bra. Then she was back in his head.

“I brought a special toy with me.” She said, “Close your eyes.”

Trevor obeyed. Stacy fumbled on the bed, grasped her toy, put her tongue back in his mouth, and then he sputtered as something tight encased his entire cock in a sucking pleasure that was nearly as good as her mouth. He somehow managed not to cum as the thing gripped his cock tightly, moving up and down with the motion of Stacy’s hand.

“Does that feel good, baby?” she asked, and Trevor looked down at the thing.

It was a fleshlite, he saw. He recognized it from porn videos, but he never thought that he’d feel one. Fuck, it felt amazing! All the spit that Stacy had poured over his cock lubed the little sheath up like a wet, sucking hole of pure joy around his penis.

“Oh my god.. “ he groaned.

“I have a friend that makes them custom.” she said. “This one is special, and I’ve been waiting to find the right guy to give it to. You can keep it, since you can’t have real pussy, ok, baby?”

Trevor’s breathing came in rapid gasps as Stacy pumped the toy up and down his stiff cock.

“Do you know whose pussy it’s molded after?”

Trevor turned his glazed eyes toward her and saw her wicked grin. No. She couldn’t be serious.

“You’re fucking your sister’s pussy you little pervert.” She hissed in his ear.

“Gaaah!” Trevor cried and the cum rocketed from his testicles straight up his shaft like a mortar shell, coating the inside of the toy.

“Fuck yes!” Stacy hissed. “That’s so hot, baby! Cum in your sister’s pussy. Cum in it. Oh fuck!”

She groped her tits with her free hand as she held the toy down on his cock and let him drain himself into the incestuous mold. Stacy nearly came herself watching her brother buck his hips against it, fucking his cock into that little sheath while he imagined that it was her real pussy. Holy shit, was this fun, she thought.

Chapter 18: Couples Therapy

The morning’s yoga lessons, normally relaxing, could not shake Trevor’s trepidation about what was to come. It was a curious mix of feelings, he thought, being both terrified and incredibly horny. As he went through the forms with Stacy, he marveled at how relaxed she was. Then, his sister was an admitted slut, he now knew. Having sex with a couple together was probably something she’d already done. There was something different about today, though. Previously, after their lessons, Stacy had basically brushed aside any traces of them ever happening, until she roped him into the next one. Today, she had a giddy sense of excitement about her.

Because last night wasn’t a lesson, he thought. It was just for pleasure, and it was nasty. It was incest. Even after Stacy had left the room, carefully cleaned his new toy, and given it back to him, he couldn’t shake the feelings he was having. He really was becoming a pervert, imagining what it would be like to really feel his cock in Stacy’s pussy. His sister might be a slut, and even enjoy what they were doing together, but she’d made it pretty clear that there was a line she wasn’t going to cross, so he had to respect that. Still, if was torture of the most pleasurable kind.

Now, though, he was faced with this new dilemma. If his own girlfriend wouldn’t fuck him, and Stacy wouldn’t fuck him, was he condemned to a life of being cockteased and jerking off into a rubber pussy molded to feel like his sister’s? Would he never get to experience real sex? Stacy’s friends had been forward about the fact that they’d be willing, but then he’d just be a cheater. Why was having a penis so difficult?

“You can let it go now.” Stacy said, snapping him out of his thoughts.


“Dude, you’ve been holding that pose for so long your leg’s about to give out.”


He let his leg down and shook his head.

“Sorry.” He said.

She gave him a sly grin and asked, “Something on your mind?”

“Just thinking. You know.”

“Do you need to go upstairs and fuck your sister to take the edge off?” She asked, making him blush.

“That’s not funny.”

“That was hilarious!” she said and pulled him into a hug. “I know. I’m just a horrible tease. You hate it.”

His cock lurched against her leg, indicating that he did not, in fact, hate it.

“Go wash some of that stink off before Mary comes over.” She instructed.

He nodded and did.

The sight that greeted him when he went out to the pool was one from his fantasies. For a moment, he only stood and stared. Stacy and Mary were already in the pool, their lips locked together, making out in their bikinis. Trevor crept to the steps of the pool and glided down them slowly, as though stalking prey that might flee at the slightest sound. The two girls turned to him, breaking apart as he entered the pool.

Stacy leaned in to whisper something in Mary’s ear that made her cover her mouth and stifle a giggle. She turned her to face Trevor, resting her chin on Mary’s shoulder, her hands sliding possessively across her belly. Mary’s new suit was, surprisingly, the more revealing of the two that Stacy had purchased for her. It was barely two pieces of fabric over her naked body. Despite the chill of the pool water, Trevor felt himself responding to the two half-naked girls.

Stacy released Mary, and she waded toward him, embracing him, and giving him a kiss on the lips. There was none of the spark-filled sensuality behind it that Stacy had, but it was pleasant.

“You don’t have to… “ he started, “I don’t want to make it weird for you.”

She shook her head, “I’m sorry, Trevor. I never meant for this to happen, and I want you to know that I really do love you. Just because I don’t want to have sex with a man, doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”

Stacy joined them and said, “It’s only going to be weird if you two make it weird. You’re overthinking it. Sex isn’t scary. It’s fun. Come here, baby.”

Stacy took Mary again and slid her arms around her neck, putting their foreheads together and looking into her eyes. Then, she pushed in and kissed her as Trevor watched. He wasn’t sure what he’d expected to feel, but what he did feel was a sense of excitement, like he was a voyeur watching these two in an intimate moment. The two girls were clearly into each other, touching and kissing. He could see their excited breathing. It was a far different reaction from his girlfriend than when he kissed her. Mary held her hand out to him, and he came.

She stepped back and watched as Stacy switched her attention to Trevor. They looked at one another for one, awkward moment, and then Stacy planted her lips on his. She was reserved, as though she’d never done it before, and Trevor played it the same way. He felt Mary behind him, embracing him from the back, running her small hands over his chest as Stacy kissed him.

Stacy’s tongue slid into Trevor’s mouth, and Mary let herself moan. The two of them looked so sexy together, like they were meant to share this kind of experience. Their bodies were perfect, and they were both beautiful. Stacy pulled Mary back and switched again. Rather than standing like a stooge, though, Trevor asserted himself, taking full advantage of the moment. He cupped Stacy’s big tits from behind and groped them as his sister sucked on his girlfriend’s tongue. Stacy moaned her appreciation into Mary’s mouth. Stacy rubbed her ass against his cock, and from his over-the-shoulder view, he could see his sister’s hand under the water, rubbing Mary between the legs.

“Your boyfriend loves my big tits.” Stacy said to her. “Those big hands of his are turning me on as much as your warm little pussy, baby.”

Mary gasped at Stacy’s dirty talk. Even though she’d had sex with Stacy twice, now, it was still so exciting hearing it. Stacy tilted her head back and made out with Trevor again, while maintaining her motion between Mary’s legs. Mary marveled at her talent, to be able to divide her attention like that.

“I’m going to fuck your girlfriend, baby.” She said to Trevor, “Do you want to watch me make your girlfriend cum?”

“Yeah… “ Trevor readily agreed.

“Can I take you both inside?” Stacy asked, pulling Mary closer and stroking her hard nipples through her suit. “Can we go upstairs and all be wet and naked on your bed, so we can fuck?”

Mary, uncharacteristically reached behind Stacy’s neck and pulled her down to kiss her, reaching up to molest one of her tits, while Trevor played with the other. He slid his other hand down Stacy’s body and rubbed her slit through the bikini bottoms. Stacy moaned happily. Apparently, the word ‘fuck’ was just what they both needed to really get going.

The three of them left the pool with towels wrapped around them and made a quick dash up to Trevor’s room. While he quickly flipped through music, and picked some sexy random playlist, the two girls were already dropping towels and discarding their suits as they tongue kissed and touched. This was going so much better than Stacy had expected. She’d been sure there would be awkwardness, and that she’d have to shepherd the two of them through clumsy fumbling, but there was none of that. Trevor she could understand, but Mary was a surprise, even after Stacy had twice seduced her. The little girl was on fire.

Mary surprised herself with her ferocity. The moment she’d seen the two sibling’s tongues touch, it was like someone had lit a flame between her legs. There was something so sexy about watching her boyfriend being seduced and pleasured by the girl she’d given herself to, and the added fact that his own sister was getting him hot, the way she’d done to her, was like a powder keg of sexual energy. Being with Stacy had excited her beyond belief. Being with the two of them was even more so.

Trevor returned to his position behind Stacy and cupped her naked breasts in his hands. Mary covered his hands with her own, sending a shock through all three of them. Stacy finally pulled herself away and lay on the bed. Mary turned to Trevor, got on her knees, and tugged his shorts down, coming face-to-face with her fears for the first time. Her eyes went wide with shock at the size of it, every bit as frightening as she’d dreamed. She couldn’t imagine how that thing was supposed to fit into her. For a moment, her nerve faltered. Then, Stacy was there to save her.

Stacy hooked her legs around Trevor’s and turned him toward her.

“Tell your boyfriend to come shove his big cock between my tits, little girl.” Stacy ordered.

A hot knot of something dirty and exciting grew inside of Mary at those words. Little girl. She was a sexy lesbian with a little girl body, compared to Stacy. She couldn’t step up and be a woman for him, so a real woman had to do it for her. Her hot boyfriend had to get his cock off with his own sister, because Mary wasn’t able to do it for him. It was humiliating, but so strangely erotic.

Mary stood up and gripped Trevor’s naked ass. Her small hands ran over his chest, and she looked up at him.

“I know how much you need this. Go fuck your sister’s tits.” She said, adding sister in just to make it a little naughtier.

Trevor needed no further prompting. He straddled Stacy’s chest and pushed her tits together to form a nice channel to fuck his cock into. She heard, from behind Trevor, the sound of Mary spitting into her hand, and then she shocked them both by reaching around, and smearing the goopy mess into his cock shaft.

Trevor groaned as his girlfriend touched his penis for the first time.

Stacy said, “Fuck yes! Rub that spit into his dick so he can fuck my tits. That’s so fucking kinky!”

Mary got to her knees and sucked on Stacy’s nipples as Trevor’s cock bobbed closer to them. Then, the little redhead squeezed Stacy’s tits together so Trevor could fuck them, again delightfully shocking the two of them. Stacy felt proud. Whatever switch she’d flipped in Mary ramped her up to full-blown slut mode. Mary moaned out loud as Trevor pushed his cock between Stacy’s breasts. The little girl spit on his cock again and returned to sucking on Stacy’s nipples.

“How does it feel to fuck those big tits, baby?” Stacy asked, staring up at her brother.

“So good… “ he said, as he rested one hand in Mary’s hair. A week ago, if someone had told him that his shy girlfriend would be mashing his sister’s breasts together so he could fuck them, he would have died laughing. Today, it was reality, and it was wonderful.

“Your boyfriend loves my tits, baby.” Stacy said, putting her hand on Mary’s neck. “He can’t fuck your tits, can he?”

“Mmm mmm.” Mary agreed, trembling, her mouth full of nipple.

“He can’t fuck your pussy either, can he?”

“Mmm mmm.”

“Because his girlfriend wants pussy, huh?”

“Mmm hmm.”

“Your girlfriend’s a sexy lesbian that only wants pussy.” Stacy said to her brother. “Can I eat your girlfriend’s pussy for you, baby? Will you let me suck her pussy, please?”

Trevor surged forward and pushed his cock into Stacy’s teasing mouth.

“Suck on this first.” He said, completely overcome.

Stacy’s eyes widened in momentary surprise, and then smoldered as she looked up at him as though she’d won. He saw the look, knew it for what it was, and that she was right. He couldn’t take it anymore. He had to know. He had to know what that hot, sucking, filth-spewing mouth felt like. It was heavenly. Mary seemed just as surprised as Stacy, but then she was rubbing her twat as Trevor fucked his sister’s mouth and Stacy’s hands were gripping his ass, encouraging him.

Stacy lost sight of Mary as Trevor pumped his cock in and out of her mouth, his hand in her hair. Then, she felt the girl’s tongue between her legs, just as she’d taught her, lapping, sucking and fucking with her fingers. Stacy humped the girl’s face as her brother humped hers. Trevor was panting now, grunting like an animal as he pushed his control to its breaking point. Stacy was so hot. This was so fucking nasty! Being face-fucked by her own brother while his pussy-whipped girlfriend denied him sex so that she could lust after cunt was a near-10 on her slut-o-meter. She moaned around Trevor’s thrusting dick and came on Mary’s face.

“Ooooh fuck!” Trevor said, and held his spurting cock in Stacy’s mouth, forcing her to drink his cum or drown in it. She swallowed, shot after shot of incestuous semen, her eyes rolling back in her head as her own depravity set off fireworks in her brain. Trevor pulled his dick from her mouth with a huff and fell back on the bed, his hand over his face, breathing hard. Mary was up in a shot, burying her tongue in Stacy’s mouth, groping her tits while she licked out Trevor’s remaining sperm.

Did not expect that! Stacy thought, swapping the filthy snowball back and forth between them as she cupped the little girl’s ass in her hands and gave Mary her full attention. Now that Trevor was sated, he would have to watch his girlfriend surrender. And surrender she did, climaxing hotly on Stacy’s expert tongue three more times before she finally tapped out.

Trevor’s bed was a wet mess of chlorine, pool water, and bodily fluids as the three of them lay naked together cuddling. Stacy lay in the middle of the two naked lovers, right where she felt she should be.

Chapter 19: We’re Not Gonna Fuck

Well past midnight, Trevor lay on his bed working through his tangled emotions, and the long-term implications of what this odd new quirk in his relationship meant. What was a relationship? It was something that worked for everyone involved. It met their physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual needs. It made them happy. Mary made him happy emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Sexually? That was different. They wouldn’t have sex, but he couldn’t deny that watching her be sexually fulfilled by another woman wasn’t enjoyable. It had been. In that way, it was sexually fulfilling. He, though, would not be having sex with her, which was not fulfulling.

Mary had shown him, though, that she wasn’t completely unwilling to do things with him sexually. He remembered how hot it had been watching her spit on his cock, stroke it, and get him ready to enjoy an illicit boobjob from Stacy. She’d still kissed him, touched him, and become submissive to a girl that she perceived as hotter and more adequate to slake his lust than herself. That had been oddly arousing. He’d felt powerful in that moment, and as a wise man once said, power is the king of all words.

Throughout this whole experience with Stacy during the past week, she’d been leading him. She had been powerful. She still was. Stacy had become like a drug, whispering those enticing, pleasurable promises of carnality and wanton abandonment into his ear as she led him down the seductive road of sexual gratification. She’d done the same to Mary. That shy, reserved girl that had been afraid of wearing a swimsuit, only a week ago, was now a submissive pussy slave that enjoyed her own sexual inadequacy and was even excited by the idea of hotter women giving her boyfriend the pleasure that she denied him.

Was this how Stacy felt, he wondered. Was this what it was like being a slut, living in a constant state of near arousal, waiting for the next perverted boundary you could cross, and always searching for something a little more taboo to feed that ever-growing need for pleasure? If so, he had to admit he liked it. He liked it a lot. Yes, Stacy was a drug. His sister was a masterful cock-teasing dealer of the most wonderful feelings he’d ever experienced, and he was hooked.

Stacy wasn’t a long-term fix for his relationship, though. A couple of months from now, she’d leave and go back to college. There would be no other woman for him and Mary, and that was now the lynchpin that their relationship depended on. In order to keep it going, and fulfilling for the both of them, they would always need a third person to make it work. The idea was too overwhelming to think about at the moment. For now, he would take what was offered and explore his burgeoning sexuality.

A soft tap made him sit up. The devil was at the door, and he already knew he was going to let her in.

“Come in.” He called.

The door creaked open, and Stacy let herself inside, locking it behind her to signal her clear intent that this was not just going to be a sibling chat. He’d invited a cum vampire into his home, and it was an invitation he knew he’d never rescind. Everything about Stacy was the physical manifestation of a wet dream. Her skin was a flawless golden tan. That softly swaying black hair swished back and forth playfully with every light step she took, inviting you to just curl it in your fist, yank it back, and hold it tight while you took your pleasure from her.

His sister wore the tiny black set from the previous evening, making her large breasts swell invitingly. Those succulent, perfectly rounded globes of soft, pliable flesh fit her body to a tee. His eyes trailed down her flat, toned stomach, to the hidden treasure of that delicious sex between her legs, the source of his ultimate curiosity, and the one unexplored boundary that he was continually denied. He snapped his eyes back up to her face, which was in every way as incredible as the rest of her. Her lips, soft and thick, were like her Swiss Army knife for bringing her victims to heel. That wide, sexy mouth could completely invade your mind, filling it with so many animal ideas that everything you’d ever believed about morals, right and wrong, was slowly eroded to the point that nothing mattered to you anymore, except the things that only Stacy could give you. Once those ideas were in your mind, she’d use that mouth on your body in ways that made you beg to surrender to her, plead for her to control you just so that you could keep on being fed more filth and feel more pleasure.

She stood in front of him, her legs parted slightly, treating him to the visual stimulation of her sexy figure, and then knelt on his bed and crawled up it like a jungle cat. Trevor licked his lips, his eyes watching the deep cleavage encased in the bra as it jiggled so temptingly. Every worry and jumbled up concern he’d had in his head a moment ago seemed to vanish like so much smoke, replaced with that now-familiar longing to have Stacy’s honeyed poison rotting his brain and feel her hot, sensual manipulations of his body. She hadn’t even spoken a word in the few seconds she’d been in the room, but he was already hypnotized by just the thought of what could happen, and the memory of what already had.

She laid down and cuddled up close to him so that he could feel the heat of her, and said, “I had so much fun today. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.”

She kissed his neck, sending a shiver through his whole body. He slumped down, until he was on his side in the familiar position that had started his first lesson, looking into her eyes.

“Stacy… “ he began, fully conscious of having something important to say, but the nearness of her made it difficult to think of anything but touching her, and the feel of her tongue in his mouth. He blinked, then continued, “Thank you for everything.”

She beamed and reached out to stroke his cheek with the back of her hand. Trevor’s heart swelled with a feeling of love at the touch, even though he knew it was more the kind of touch one might give to a beloved pet. Without another word, she closed the gap between them, and those terrible, wonderful lips were gently pushing against his own, wet and soft, hungry, but teasing. There wasn’t even the mention of a lesson this time. No. This time, it was just Stacy taking him. Stacy was horny, and Stacy wanted to play with him. It was just for pleasure. It was incest. Trevor did not care.

Stacy broke their kiss and threw her head back, exposing her neck. On some instinct he didn’t know he possessed, Trevor felt that he should kiss it, so he did, sucking at her neck just below the chin. He felt a hot exhalation of breath in his hair as she gasped.

“Right there, baby.” She said, “That’s so nice.”

He moved his hand to the back of her neck and traced his fingers from behind her ear, down to the catch of her bra, fumbled with it as he devoured her, and then it snapped free. He was learning and allowed himself a little rush of pride. He moved one of the straps aside, working his touch down her arm as he pulled it free, and then palmed her naked breast as his lips sought hers again. This time, he took the initiative, and slipped his tongue into her mouth. Her little nipple yielded to his gentle pinch and Stacy moaned into his mouth, then he slid along her breast, down her side to her hip and toyed with the hem of her panties.

He broke their kiss and pushed her onto her back, taking hold of the other strap of the bra, pulling it off, and casting it away. Stacy’s dark hair splayed wildly across his pillow, and there was a look of pleasant surprise on her face as he took on a more dominant role this time, his newfound confidence urging him on.

He latched his mouth onto her right breast, sucking with his lips while gently nipping at her nipple with his teeth.

“Oh, fuck, baby… “ Stacy hissed. “That’s so good!”

Emboldened, Trevor hooked his fingers into her panties, and gently slid them down, releasing her breast, and kissing his way down her firm stomach, his hands sliding down her naked sides until they reached her legs. His mouth reached its goal and planted little kisses on her shaven mound. He peeled the panties down the rest of her long legs, and tossed them aside, then went to work. Stacy’s hands found his hair and stroked her lean fingers through it playfully as he lapped and sucked at her sweet pussy.

“That’s so hot, baby.” Stacy said. “This is so fucking hot! You love your big sister’s pussy, don’t you?”

He hummed into her wet quim, making her tremble with the added sensation.

“I love your sexy tongue in me.” She cooed, toying with his hair. “I want you to do this to me every day. Please, baby? Can we be naked like this and play with each other every day?”

“Mmm hmm!”

“You make me so fucking hot, Trevor! You make me think about fucking all the time, and I can’t stop. Your sister’s such a hot slut that all she thinks about is fucking her own brother. Is that too nasty, baby?”

Stacy humped her wet pussy against his face, making it difficult for him to keep up the rhythm he was working on her clit, while his fingers curled into her in the hopes that he could make her cum the way he had before.

“Yes! Fuck, yes! Just like that! Oh, fuck… fuck, baby! You’re gonna make me cum so… mmm… so hard… just… like… haaah! Aaaah! Ooooh fuck… I want your dick so bad!”

Trevor’s actions were suddenly and wetly rewarded with a powerful orgasm that had Stacy locking her legs around his head and fucking herself against his tongue as she groped her breasts, pinching and tugging at her nipples as she let the burst of pleasure wrack her body.

Trevor pried her legs apart, driven by instinct, no longer content with being teased by Stacy’s hands. Still quaking with the aftershock of her intense orgasm, Stacy’s eyes were closed. Trevor lined his cock up with her sexy little slit and pulled her legs back. Stacy’s eyes flew open in surprise, and then her mouth made a little O as her head bent back. Trevor pushed his full length into her in one long, slow motion, parting her wet lips around his cock, groaning with pleasure as his sister’s long-denied cunt yielded to him.

For a moment, Stacy just stared into his eyes, a look of utter astonishment on her face, but then it passed, and her hands were on his back, pulling him down to her, legs wrapping around his waist and pulling him in. She kissed him hard, licking and sucking her own taste from this mouth, then broke away and met his wild eyes.

“Do it!” She hissed. “Fuck! That cock feels so good! Do it, baby.”

Trevor pulled his cock back out just a few inches and sunk slowly back into her warm sheath supporting himself with his fists on the bed. He lowered his body, feeling Stacy’s big breasts mash against his naked chest. He nuzzled her neck and for a moment worked on getting into his mental space, his breathing slowing, getting under control, fighting against the urge to cum into that amazing feeling around his penis.

“Oh, fuck!” Stacy breathed. “Fuck, that’s so sexy! Why did it take you so long to fuck me, baby? I’ve been wanting it since I came home, but you wouldn’t fuck me.”

He began to move his hips, beginning a slow, rhythmic pumping into his big sister.

“Your pussy feels so good, Stacy!” He groaned. “God, you’re so tight!”

“This is so dirty, Trevor. We can’t fuck. It’s so nasty… “

“So nasty… “ he agreed.

“I wanted it so bad, but it’s so nasty… “ She answered back. “You pushed your big incest cock into your slutty sister, and now I’m going to want it every day. Can we fuck every day like this, baby? Will you fuck your sister’s pussy every day, just like this?”

“Yeah… “

“We can be naked and play with each other every day, and your girlfriend can watch us fuck!”

“Fuck… yes!”

“You won’t even want to fuck that little lesbian anymore, because you’ll have your sister’s horny pussy any time you want it, won’t you?”

“Yeah… “

“I’ll give you family pussy whenever you’re hard, baby. You can just take it. You don’t have to ask for it. I’ll be your sexy, incest fucktoy and you can pound this hot dick into me any time you want.”

Trevor’s pace increased as Stacy’s nails raked across his back, her seductive prattle painting the most wonderful images in his mind. In his imagination, he was already waking up with his cock hard and pushing Stacy against the wall, pounding his dick into her from behind. He was sitting on the couch, with her sexy lips wrapped around his hard shaft, and this time it was buried the full length in her throat until he came.

“That little dyke can eat my cunt after you fuck it so good. It’s the only way she’ll ever taste your hot cum, baby. Your girlfriend will only get what you leave behind after your cock is taken care of, and it will be so kinky!”

“Yeah…“ Trevor agreed, lost in his fuck lust as he put one arm behind Stacy’s head, and his other hand gripped her ass. He thrust into her harder, taking out the entire week’s frustrated teasing on the hot, gripping pussy that had been his sole fantasy for days.

“You can come back to school with me, and I’ll teach you so much more, baby. We can fuck so many hot girls and show them how to be little cock and pussy slaves just for us. You can have me every day, and we can share so much pleasure together. Please, Trevor… please come back with me, so I can have my brother’s fucking cock every day!”

“Fuck… Oh, fuck… I… I’m gonna… “

“Do it baby! Oh, fuck, that’s so good! Cum in me! Don’t pull out! Fucking cum in your sister you little pervert. I want you to cum in me!”

Stacy fucked him back just as hard as he was fucking into her, their bodies slapping together with a repeated wet “thuk… thuk… thuk… thuk…” Stacy plunged her tongue into his mouth and held his head in her hands, squealing as she came, her pussy contracting around his pulsing cockhead. Trevor growled into her mouth as he came, his vision darkening at the corners as hard bursts of semen filled his sister. The two of them humped and pumped each other, lips smacking until Trevor’s cock wilted and slipped out of her.

Still, they stayed that way, touching and petting, Stacy holding his head against her chest. He could hear the excited rhythm of her heart, unafraid. His was the same, now. No longer afraid. No longer nervous. Stacy stroked his hair lovingly, practically purring. Of course, she couldn’t leave off without something utterly filthy coming out of her mouth, and it shocked Trevor more than anything he’d heard this week.

“Fuck, that was good,” she said, and added, “I think you’re an even better fuck than dad.”

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