Temptation Ch. 04


Amy was sifting through a stack of books in her apartment. The front door had still not been fixed and she was getting really tired of waiting for the carpenter to come round. That meant she had to endure another evening of Nick half-clad body as he prepared for bed, as well as the smiling face of Nick as he lightly teased her about some minor details. He was annoying to say the least, and living so closely together was really getting on her nerves.

She was increasingly worried about her reactions to him — not to mention his new leading role in her nightly dreams and fantasies. The man was quickly getting under her skin, and she was sure she didn’t want such a man in her life. No, it was far better to spend some time away from the temptation and then he would simply be forgotten.

She looked at the cover of the book she was holding. She remembered this one. Far too cheesy for her taste. It was definitely a candidate for the garbage can or the second-hand shop. Maybe someone else liked that sort of pink-coloured-romances where the gentleman prince always won the princess on the last page.

“Huh, someone might actually still believe it worked that way in real life,” she chuckled as she dumped it into the garbage can where it landed with a loud bang, before reaching for the next one.

“Having fun?” Nick asked as he leaned casually against the doorway leading to her apartment.

“Enormously,” she countered. “I’m just sorting through some old books.” He came inside and reached for the book she had just filed.

“One night of seduction,” he read aloud. “Hm, is it any good?”

“Of course. You’ll like that one. It’s about an ill-tempered louse who wants to marry this heiress, and she dumps him for a carpenter. An excellent read.”

Nick stared sceptically at the book. “No, I don’t like pink covers.”

“What? You think a pink coloured cover makes a book worse?”

“Of course. Anything to sell the book, right? And pink makes stupid women buy anything. Even pink coloured shoes.”

“Male chauvinist pig,” Amy said teasingly.

“Thank you, I’ll take that as a compliment,” Nick smiled at her. “Now, this one looks more promising,” he said and held up one of the books from her pile of Erotica.

Oops, Amy thought. She didn’t want him to look at those too closely. Well, if the trick worked once it might work again, she thought. “It’s a good choice. You should read that one, Nick. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two?”

“Hah, you really think so? What makes you think I’m not an expert already?” he glared at her.

“There’s a difference between practice and theory, wouldn’t you agree? Besides, the male hero is bound to give any male a serious inferiority complex when it comes to the general equipment and sexual prowess,” she said smugly, and waited for him to put the book away as if he had been burned. Instead he read the back cover and was silent for some time.

Damn, Amy thought. Now he would discover her preference for romantica and she wasn’t sure that would necessarily give her an advantage.

“Look Nick. I have some macho novels by Clive Cussler that I think will suit you much better if you’re so keen on reading something,” she tried sweetly.

“No, thanks. I’ll stick to this one,” Nick replied as he dumped into a chair and started reading.

In confusion Amy tried desperately to look at the cover to discover exactly which book Nick had found so interesting. Unsuccessfully she finally gave up and instead tried to remember every book she had in her collection and try to remember if there were any books she wouldn’t want him to read.

Yep, she concluded, she had plenty of books that were too hardcore for her to want anyone else to read — or much worse, discover her enjoyment of. Damn, now she had really done it. Now Nick would have the ammunition to tease her for the next ten years or so about her choice of reading material and sexual tendencies. This was just great.


An hour later Nick was still submerged in the black book. The only difference was the frown that had developed on his forehead and as the time went by it was becoming more and more prominent. Finally Amy couldn’t hold back any longer and blurted out.

“Are you learning anything, Nick? Seems like the book was to your taste after all.”

“Uh hum,” she heard him reply. “Yes, it’s quite interesting actually. Never thought you were into groups though,” he concluded before raising his eyes and giving her a wink.

“Whatever gave you that idea?” she asked suspiciously.

“An interesting book, that’s what it is. How about BDSM? Do you like that as well?”

“What?” Amy felt her cheeks getting warmer. Of course she had thought about some light bondage once in a while and perhaps even the occasional spank, but that was nothing she wanted to discuss with a certain neighbour.

“None of your business, Nick. Do you seriously think any of my books contain all my preferences in the bedroom?”

“According to this font of information, İstanbul Escort you like having sex anywhere other than in the bedroom. That garden scene is quite interesting, by the way. I’ve always wanted to try the flowerbed, myself, but the sun lounger seems an excellent choice.”

“The flower bed? You’re practically insane. With all the twigs, weeds and pollen causing you to sneeze? If so, you’re braver than I thought,” she chuckled. “Not to mention the hard ground?” She laughed loudly just by imagining Nick crawling around naked in the nearest flowerbed, twigs scraping his bottom as his hair being filled with petals and greenery.

“Who says I’ll be lying on the bottom? I prefer being on top, by the way.”

“Thanks for the information, Nick, and it doesn’t surprise me at all.”


“Nope. You’re much too dominating to be willing to give up the control of lying on top all the time.” Nick didn’t respond, only stared at her. Oh well, since she had started she might as well finish her tirade as well, she thought. After all, he was a cop and cops rarely killed anyone, didn’t they? “Have you ever let a woman tie you up, for instance?”

He was still staring at her. His mouth had opened in surprise as he made an obvious effort to say something. She almost laughed at the unfamiliar display of having shocked him into silence for a change.

“No?” Amy prodded on. “Well, just as I thought. You really don’t know how to let yourself go, do you Nick?”

“So what? Nothing wrong with having a few other kinks are there?” he parried quickly. “Or are you volunteering to teach me the pleasures of BDSM? Tie me up and have your wicked way with me, for instance?”

“Do you really dare to give up the reins, is that it?”

“Why don’t you just try me, Missy?” Nick replied and leaned casually backwards in his chair as if expecting to be ravished at any time.

Amy was fed up with his tricks and taunts. He was just waiting for her to back down, leaving him the winner of their conversation yet again. Only, what if she wasn’t backing down, what would happen then? How would Nick handle that? Maybe he would learn to stay out of her way for a change? As if that would ever happen, she chuckled to herself. The man was a born nuisance.

Still, it didn’t hurt to try, she thought as she got up and slowly moved toward Nick’s chair. He was still wearing that cocky smile of his, daring her to prove her mettle, while expecting her to freak out at any time. He arched his eyebrow as she leaned her hands on the armrests of his chair and slowly bent closer to him.

Moving her hands closer to his, she put her hands above his and held onto his wrists as if portraying bonds that held him down, tying him to the chair and preventing him from touching her. He blinked as if trying to get an understanding of the unexpected events and as she moved her head closer to his and let her mouth follow the ridge of his chin she heard his sharp intake of breath.

“And would you enjoy being left helpless, then?” she asked softly. “To anticipate whatever I feel like doing with your body?”

She bent her head closer to his throat and suckled his skin softly just at the juncture of his collarbone. She felt a small shiver go through his body, but it was so small she wondered if she had only imagined it. She moved closer, motioning her legs between his and lifted her left leg against his thigh, rubbing her legs softly against his.

“Maybe I would simply try to discover where you’re most ticklish?” she continued and lifted her right hand to his face and touching his cheek with her fingers.

Rubbing them slowly down over his stubbles and moving her hand slowly down the front of his body. His thin shirt provided little protection against her warm fingers and she felt his smooth skin tempting her to rip away the clothes and discover the hidden treasures underneath. Still, she managed to keep herself in control as she slowly rubbed her fingers down his chest, across his stomach just as he caught another deep breath. She could have retreated now, she thought. Her message seemed to have penetrated his thick skull, and that cocky grin had completely disappeared from his face. But, instead of stopping and moving away the temptation was too great to resist, and she kept on even if that meant doing something she would regret later.

She moved her hand across the waistband of his trouser and continued downward over the hard surface of his jeans. The bulge meeting her wandering hand surprised her and she moved her hand around the bulgy area just to discover the extent and position of his cock. She followed the outer ridge of his hard member as she went exploring the tempting discovery, every touch accompanied by his soft groan as she slightly squeezed her hands around his hard member.

Venturing her hand slowly down his shaft she touched his balls underneath and started holding tighter around his cock as she moved upwards again. Suddenly his hands closed around Anadolu Yakası Escort hers and he held her hand away from his hardened cock.

“Stop that,” he said with a strangled voice.

“Why? It seems there was some sort of response, wouldn’t you say?”

Nick chuckled. “Any more response and I would come in my pants. Not very dignified.”

“But you can’t say you don’t like being tied after this. You find it arousing,” she demanded.

“Of course I do. Now, if you want to continue I suggest you get undress and ride me hard,” Nick said bluntly.

“You really can not stand being the submissive, can you Nick? Always handing out orders and expecting everyone else to obey instantly. But not this time,” Amy sputtered as she stepped a few steps away from him. “You just let me know when you’re ready to let go and start begging for some real burning for a change.”

He just glared at her. “What’s wrong with some good old-fashioned sex?” he asked.

“As long as you can be the one in charge, right? How incredible boring,” she concluded and made a graceful retreat back to her temporary room in his apartment.


Damn it. Why had she done all that? Amy thought glumly. What had possessed her to act as if she was the master seductress, and to Nick of anyone? Oh boy, she would never be able to face him again — ever. A man she considered almost as her own brother as well. Uh well, now she didn’t consider him family any longer. He seemed to have grown out of that role a long time ago.

She just hadn’t realised it before now — or more truthfully, before she caught him half naked and realised she wanted him. Oh my god. Nick? Of all people? The annoying friend of her brother who had loved nothing better than to drag her ponytail whenever he got the opportunity. Who had always ignored Jeff’s little sister and considered her a spoilt brat.

He was more like an old friend, she realised. And one didn’t behave this way with old friends, she was sure. Even though how much they tempted you to make all the wet dreams in the world an instant reality. Yes, even though. She had to gain some control over herself and start treating Nick as if he was Jeff — or someone totally uninteresting to her.

But, it had been fun to have the upper hand for a change. To rattle his core and watch his shock as she prodded and tempted him into responding to her touch. She should have taken advantage of the situation and unzipped his pants at the same time. Now, all she had left was an imaginary portrait of how large his cock must be to create such a large bulge in his pants. She had felt him through his clothes, and if what she had felt had been genuine, the real article was well worth the sight, that was for sure.

Damn, why hadn’t she just jumped into it and gathered some more material for those wet dreams of hers? Oh well, perhaps next time – if there would ever be a next time for them and as long as she didn’t regain her sanity in the meantime.


In Amy’s apartment, Nick was still sitting sprawled in the chair where she had left him. His cock still as hard as ever and his temper even hotter. Damn that woman, he thought. How did she manage to get him this riled up and then simply leave him? She had simply wanted to play with him. To taunt him with what he could never have, but always wanted. Maybe she knew? Had she found out how he felt about her?

He hadn’t suspected it before. He had tried to act nonchalantly around her. Not letting her know what his feelings for her were. Not before he saw a chance of her seeing him as anything else than an old friend. And maybe she did? No, she wouldn’t have left him like that then. He exhaled slowly.

She had been much too controlled for it to have been anything other than a game. A game of teaching him how to grovel before her. He chuckled in self irony.

If she only knew. He had grovelled before her for years. And now when he had her closer than he had ever experienced before, he had simply lost himself as if it was one of his nigh time dreams. Having her so close; touching him, fondling him, pleasuring him.

The reality was even better than the dreams had ever been. The scent of her as she kissed his throat — the sensation as she whispered sweet words in his ear. His cock had been ready and he had almost come in his pants just from the slightest touch of her hands. Why had she done it? To prove some stupid point or because she simply couldn’t help herself? He hoped for the latter but how could he be sure of her feelings? Maybe it was time to raise the stakes and make her see him as more than just Jeff’s buddy? To risk it all and maybe gain what he had dreamed of for such a long time?


Amy watched Nick sitting in front of the TV.

“Nick, is there a chance a can watch the CSI episode this evening?”

“What? With the game coming on? Only if you beg really well, honey.”

“What game? Another game? There’s always a game going on it seems. Well, Üsküdar Escort when does it end? My series doesn’t start before 11 pm.”

“Hmm, well, let’s make a deal. You can have the TV at that time as long as you do a slow strip-dance in front of me.”

“What? And for how long?”

“Long enough for me to get aroused, of course. And after that you could always…,” he let the rest of the sentence dangle in front of her.

“Jerk you off, is that it? Which means it would take several hours, or what?”

“If you like. I can certainly go for that deal,” he smiled smugly.

“No thanks, Nick. Seems like too much effort if you ask me. I would rather go over to Zelma’s place to watch TV.”

“What do you want to see those sissies for anyway? Those aren’t real cops even, just a bunch of toned actors trying to find the best angle to show their looks. What is wrong with the real thing?” he asked and lifted his arm and started flexing his left biceps. “May I remind you have a perfect example of the cop-species right in front you, and my muscles are real — not toned at the gym.”

“Thanks for the offer, Nick. You volunteer to flaunt some of that cop skin right in front me so I don’t have to watch the show then?”

“Sure, why not. If that’s what it takes.Protect and serve is our motto, after all.”

“Good, I’ll go for thatserve-thing any time. In fact, I’ll go for the sleazy actors combined with some fine dialogue, while you serve me some cold drinks,” Amy chuckled as she sank into the nearest chair.

“Hey, what happened to my striptease?” Nick asked surprised.

“Go ahead,” Amy replied. “Don’t let me stop you. You just flex those muscles all you like, only don’t cover the TV screen. And, I would recommend you finish before the newscast in 10 minutes. Quick-stripping, right?”

“Huh, I thoughtyou were going to do the stripping?”

“What happened to theserve in that motto of yours then? Doesn’t seem any need for me to do anything as long you’re wowed into that job of yours.”

Nick only murmured something unintelligible but stayed seated as they watched the newscast together.


A few more days passed and Amy wondered how she could stand another day in Nick presence. The man had no decency, whatsoever. Even with a guest around he rarely dressed accordingly and she almost got used to having a half naked Nick roaming around the apartment. Well ‘gotten used to’ was perhaps to take it a bit far.

She had learnt to hide her shocked expression, to close her mouth instead of drooling all over him and now she considered practising to only look him in the eyes whenever she saw him. What a loss, she thought. Such a sight for drooling, but she had to keep her head up and not give him the upper hand.

At least she had vowed to never let her eyes wander below the belt – that was strictly forbidden, although her wayward eyes didn’t seem to get the idea. Especially when she had a near collision with a very wet Nick as he exited the bathroom, only covered by a small piece of towel tied around his midriff. Her gasp was only answered by a big smile on the jerks face as he run his hands through his wet hair and winked at her.

“Show some decency, will you!” she snarled at him.

“My house, remember?” Nick said, still smiling.

“How about showing your guests a bit of discretion, then?”

“But Amy, you’ve grown up with your brother Jeff. And don’t tell me you haven’t seen a naked man before?”

“What? Are you threatening to unwrap the towel as well, Nick? With no thought as to my feminine sensibilities at all?” she said haughtily. “Only, just go ahead then,” she challenged him. “Go around naked for all I care. I’ll soon figure out if there’s any more warm water left in the building, won’t I?”

“What? You think I’ve shrunk?”

“If you haven’t already, maybe you should have lowered the water temperature a couple of more degrees. Might have done wonders to your inflated ego and increased your manners at the same time.”

Nick just snorted and laughed heartily as he went toward his bedroom.

That arrogant man was really getting on her nerves, Amy seethed inside.


Nick knew he was dreaming. He lay on his bed, naked, waiting for her to come into his room and fuck herself on his shaft. He watched and waited and suddenly he could see a slim figure coming toward him. She was dressed in a red coloured babydoll. The sheer fabric only barely covering her upper body and lifting her breast up high. He felt his shaft respond to the look of her body through the fabric. He could see the small thatch of hair between her legs and her erect nipples was visible through the thin fabric. He recognises her. Amy, he thought. Yes, of course it was Amy.

“Undress,” he ordered her and she obeyed instantly. Slowly unfastening the silk ribbons that held her dress together. Untying a knot at the front, the dress opened up and he could finally see her entire body displayed in front of him. She lowered the dress and it sank to the floor slightly hugging her ankles while she stepped away from it. She was pure perfection. A slim body with small curves portraying her sex quite clearly. Her breasts were high and her nipples were so erect they were begging him to suckle her.

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