Teenager and His Older Neighbour

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18 year old Rob had just left his all male school. He lived at home with his parents. Although he had zero experience with girls he had discovered the pleasure of self satisfaction. His neighbours who lived next door were a little older than his parents and were considered rather posh.

Although his parents called them by their first names Kate and Graham, Rob had always referred to them as Mr and Mrs Barratt. She was really sophisticated and very well spoken. What fascinated Rob about her was the really bright lipstick she always wore. In fact she was never seen without her make up on.

Rob found that when ever he spoke to Mrs Barratt he found himself looking at her lips rather than her eyes. He had never kissed a girl and her lips really fascinated him and despite her age he fantasised about kissing her.

Rob was in town waiting for the bus home when he saw Mrs Barratt walking towards the bus stop with bags of shopping. He went to her and offered to give her a hand. They stood and waited for the bus to come. As usual her make up was immaculate and she wore the red lipstick he loved.

When they got on they sat together and chatted generally. He loved the smell of her perfume. She called him Robert and he said she could call him Rob. She said she was quite happy kızılay escort using his correct name.

As the bus emptied out she said, ‘Robert can I ask why you look at my mouth and not my eyes when I talk to you.’

Rob felt himself blushing and getting embarrassed and said, ‘sorry I know I really shouldn’t.’

‘Its not an apology I want. I just want to know why,’ she replied.

Rob started stuttering, not really knowing what to say and then plucked up courage to say, ‘it’s your lips, they are really very kissable.’

‘Robert do you mean to say that you want to kiss me, someone who is old enough to be your mother. Do you kiss your mother on the lips,’ she asked.

“Of course not but I just love the look of your bright red lips and would like to kiss them,’ he replied.

‘To tell you the truth I really like wearing this lipstick as I notice other men looking at me. Mr Barratt doesn’t like me wearing it as he says I look like a tart. But in fact I like looking like a tart,’ she said.

They soon arrived at their stop and got off and Rob carried her shopping for her.

When they got to her house she asked if he would like to go in for a cup of tea which he did. They sat at the kitchen table and kolej escort drank their tea. Mrs Barrett reached for her handbag and took out her lipstick and applied it generously to her lips and said, well here you are, kiss me.’

Rob couldn’t believe it but he leaned forward and kissed her awkwardly on the lips. Mrs Barratt broke away and said, ‘wow you do need some practice.’

She told him to relax his lips and slightly part his lips. She leaned forward and their lips met and this time it was better for both of them. She realised that he wasn’t ready for tongues yet but it was a good start.

It was having a great effect on Rob as he felt his cock hardening. She noticed his cock through his trousers and could see he was getting aroused. To tell you the truth it was having an effect on her too. She reached down and stroked his cock through his trousers.

He said, ‘you need to stop that or I’m going to make a mess in my trousers.’

‘Better take them then and I’ll get a tissue,’ she replied.

Rob stood up and dropped his trousers and she went to her handbag and took out a handkerchief. Rob had sat back down and Mrs Barratt wrapped the handkerchief round the end of his cock. She leaned forward and kissed maltepe escort him on the lips and slowly rubbed him. In seconds he was cumming and spurting into the handkerchief and her hand.

She said he should go to the bathroom and as he went out she saw the spunk on her hand. It had been years since she had done this but she licked it up and ate it and remembered how good it was.

Rob went home and they agreed to talk in the morning. Kate was extremely horny and vowed that next time she tasted his cum it would be directly from his cock into her mouth.

She saw the cum stained handkerchief on the table. She took her knickers off and picked up the handkerchief and started licking it clean while she played with herself with her other hand. Sadly all of her sexual pleasure these days was from her own fingers and she knew exactly what to do. She licked all the spunk into her mouth and swirled it around. She loved the taste and texture of it and in no time she was having an enormous wet cum.

Later that night Rob couldn’t get out of his mind what had happened and after he found a photo of Mrs Barratt on her facebook page he pleasured himself while looking at her.

Back next door Mrs Barratt had trouble sleeping. Her husband was fast asleep and she could feel herself getting very moist in between her legs and had a sneaky little play with herself. The only thing that bothered her was whether Robert would be keen to have more fun with her. In fact Rob was having the same concerns about her.

I would love a female to write part 2 of this from a female point of view – any offers please.

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