Teasing Brooke Ch. 03


For this part of the story, I am deeply indebted to one of my fellow authors, Milene, who graciously granted me permission to use one of her characters in my story. I only hope my work is worthy of her faith in me. If you are looking for hot lesbian stories, check out Milene’s work; like her characters, she never fails to satisfy.


“Oh there you are, honey,” I heard Kevin say. I turned around and saw him coming through the patio door towards me as he pulled a white t-shirt over his muscular torso. He was wearing a loose pair of khaki shorts and he looked like he was now relaxed and ready for the weekend. I figured I’d be relaxed too if I’d just shot out a massive load of cum like he just did. “Are you ready to eat?” he asked as she stood next to me with his hands on his hips. As I looked up at that crisp white t-shirt hugging his rugged mature body nicely, I thought about that dormant monster lying in wait beneath his shorts and almost came again. I was ready to eat all right, but what I wanted was hidden behind those khakis.

“Yes Daddy. Do you think we can have something with a cream sauce?” I said as I looked up at him with a naughty look in my eyes. “I really feel like something with a nice thick creamy sauce.” Little did he know I was thinking about the big batch of semen he’d unloaded onto my picture.

“Oh, well….okay. I think there’s some shrimp in there. How about if I whip up some shrimp Alfredo?”

“That sounds yummy, Daddy. Can I help?” I asked as I leaned slightly forward in my chair to give him a birds-eye-view down into the deep line of my cleavage. I saw his eyes flick down quickly and then it seemed like he had to make a conscious effort to tear them away from my swelling chest and look back into my eyes.

“Uh….well….I don’t know. You can keep me company at least. C’mon, I’m starved.” He motioned towards the patio doors and I got up from my chair and walked slowly into the kitchen in my yellow high heels. I noticed he followed a step or two behind me and not beside me. I let my lush round ass sway provocatively from side to side and knew those faded low-slung jeans made my bum look real good. From what I’d witnessed through that bathroom window just a short time ago, I was sure Kevin thought it looked good too.

“Okay, let’s see. What are we going to need here?” he said as he opened the fridge and started poking around inside.

“I’ll be right back, Daddy. I forgot something upstairs.”

“Okay, sweetie.” As he started to pull various things out of the fridge and pile them on the counter, I hurried back upstairs to my room. I had to know for sure if what I had seen was correct. I opened my closet door and looked into my hamper of dirty clothes. Sure enough, everything that I’d been wearing earlier was sitting right on top of all the other stuff; everything except the white panties I’d been wearing! “You nasty bastard!” I thought to myself as I remembered him with my wet panties pressed against his face and that beautiful long black dick spraying his thick white cum all over my picture. I found what he had done to be incredibly dirty and kinky; yet I loved it!

Now satisfied that my eyes hadn’t deceived me, I made my way back to the kitchen. I saw he had a pot of water going for the pasta and was busy with some kind of white sauce in another pot while he also had a frying pan out for the shrimp. I climbed onto one of the high stools and leaned against the breakfast bar as he busied himself with preparations at the stove and counter.

“Daddy,” I said inquisitively as I leaned forward with my arms crossed beneath my breasts on the high counter. The action caused my big tits to rest on my arms and spread out to each side under their own weight.

“Yeah, honey?” he said as he turned from the stove as I spoke. His first reaction was to acknowledge my presence and then look back to what he was doing, but I saw him do a double-take as his eyes seemed drawn to the creamy expanse of tit-flesh almost spilling out of my tight yellow top and bra.

“Remember how we talked about getting me a car?” I said matter-of-factly as if we’d just been talking about it moments before.

He gave me a big smile and chuckled softly. “I remember YOU talking about it,” he said as he pointed at me with the spatula in his hand.

“Aaaaaahhh,” I said with an exaggerated pout, “I really need a car, Daddy. Do you know how depressing it is to take the bus back and forth to school every day? Do you know the kind of people you see on the bus and the weird things they do?” I smiled inwardly as I thought about those two boys on the bus jacking off over me just a short time ago.

“Hey, I rode the bus when I was your age. Your mother rode the bus when she was your age.” He paused for a second as he looked at me. I knew he could see the depressed and disappointed look on my face. His face softened a little and he seemed to have a more understanding look on it as he talked to me while he dumped the pasta into the boiling water. “Now Brooke, I remember when we did talk about it that your mother and I agreed that if you want a car, you have to make some form of contribution. Now, have you saved any money up since we last talked about this?” We both knew that I was terrible with money. It taksim escort always seemed to burn a hole right through my pocket.

“No,” I said as my lower lip came out in a major pout. “But there must be something I can do? How about if I just do more chores around the house? I can clean and vacuum as good as the cleaning lady, you know.” I was willing to do anything to get them to buy me a car…..and I mean anything. I thought of how much I’d love to suck Kevin’s big cock two or three times a day; even if they didn’t get me a car! Kevin stopped what he was doing and I could see the wheels going around inside his head.

“That….that thing you said about cleaning. You…..you’d do that?” he asked with a serious look on his face now. I couldn’t quite figure out why the change.

“Uh yeah. If it meant having a chance to get a car, sure.” He still had that serious look on his face and his mind seemed to be going a mile a minute. “Why, what are you thinking?”

“You know on my job how I need to help out my clients a lot?”


“Well, one of them told me just yesterday that his wife had gone to work in Europe on a lengthy assignment and his house has been a mess since she left. He even asked me for the name of our cleaning lady. I was going to send him an e-mail with her number tonight.” He looked at me with a bit of a smile on his face as I saw where this was going. “What do you think, Brooke? Do you think you could do it?”

“Sure. Absolutely!” I was actually a lot less sure than I was letting on but I figured, hey…cleaning…how hard can it be?

“Okay, great!” I could see that he seemed really excited and happy about the whole situation. I figured it was due more to the fact that he was helping a good client rather than helping me work towards getting a car. “How about if I give him a call and see if I can set something up. I know he wanted to get it done right away. How about this weekend? Is that okay with you?” I thought about what I hoped would be happening following our little visit to the “Lickity-Split” coming up.

“Yeah, anytime except tomorrow morning. It’s probably gonna be a late night and I’ll probably stay over at Alice’s.”

“Okay, while I call Ted, you drain the pasta,” he said as he motioned to the stove while he picked up the phone. I got out the oven mitts and drained off the boiling water as I listened to him make the call.

“Yeah Ted, it’s Kevin. You know how you were telling me you were looking for a cleaning lady? How would you like to give my daughter a try?” A try at what?….I thought to myself.

“Great! I know she’ll do a good job for you.” He gave me a look that said, “If you fuck this up, I’ll kick your ass!” I playfully stuck my tongue out at him.

“Okay good. So…tomorrow…say two o’clock?” He looked at me questioningly and I nodded in agreement. “Okay, excellent. I’ll drop her off tomorrow at 2:00. Bye.”

“Great, thanks sweetie,” he said as he came over and gave me a fatherly kiss on the forehead. “That would be great for me if you do a good job for Ted. I’d really appreciate it.” “Appreciate it enough to slip that long thick cock way up inside me?” I thought to myself.

“No problem, Daddy. Anytime you need anything, just let me know and I’ll give you a hand.” I pictured my own hands covered in glistening Vaseline sliding back and forth on that black monster and it sent a shiver of excitement down my spine.

“Okay, let’s eat.” He had quickly fried up the shrimp, poured them and the sauce over the pasta and cut up some fresh bread to go with it. It was delicious! At one point, when Kevin wasn’t looking, I used my tongue to push some of the warm creamy sauce from the side of my mouth so it ran slowly down from the corner of my lips towards my jaw-line. I left it there and the next time he looked over at me, I saw his eyes focus in on it instantly. I kept chewing on the mouthful of pasta I had and acted oblivious to the creamy white gob sticking to my face. He seemed about to say something right away but he kept quiet and looked at my face through the corner of his eye as he continued eating himself. I scooped up another big forkful and as I brought it up towards my mouth I saw his eyes drop back down to his own plate. I purposely jiggled my hand and felt a few gobs of the thick white sauce drop onto the upper swells of my breasts.

“Oh, sloppy me,” I said as I looked down at my chest. There were three good sized gobs of the warm sauce sticking to my smooth brown flesh while one larger gob had started to run down into my cleavage. As soon as I spoke, Kevin looked up and I saw his eyes go wide as he looked at my cream-splattered tits. It looked like somebody had jerked off and shot some of their cum onto them. He seemed flustered as he looked at the lewd site before him as I picked up my napkin and dabbed up the spots of sauce. He watched intently as I reached right into my cleavage and wiped up the slithering white cream.

“Uh….you….uh…..you have some there too, Brooke,” he said as he pointed to the same place on his own chin where the clinging drop of sauce was on mine.

“Oh dear, I’m such a slob,” I said as I wiped my face. Just then the doorbell rang. “I’ll get topkapı escort it. It’s probably Alice.” I dropped my napkin on my chair and strode seductively towards the front door. I could almost feel his eyes boring into me as he watched my swaying backside. Sure enough, it was Alice at the door. She was dressed in a little schoolgirl outfit with a kilt, white shirt, knee-socks and a little school tie. She knew this look always caused a large number of women at the lesbian bar to dampen their panties. Every time I’d seen her wear that, she always got a lot of attention.

“C’mon in, you skinny little slut,” I said to her playfully. “I’m just finishing dinner.”

“I love you too, bitch,” she said with a smile as she walked past me into the house.

“Hi Kevin,” she said as we entered the kitchen and she pulled up one of the chairs at the table.

“Hi Alice, what’s with the outfit,” Kevin said as he finished up the last bits of food on his plate.

“Everything else I had was dirty. The only clean thing left in my closet was my old school uniform,” she said as she reached into the serving bowl and pulled out a shrimp and popped it into her mouth.

“Yeah, right,” Kevin answered with a shake of his head. “You better be careful going around dressed like that. If you meet the wrong person, you could end up in a lot of trouble.”

“I can only hope,” she said and all three of us burst out laughing.

“I’ve been trying to convince Kevin that he and my mom should get me a car,” I said enthusiastically.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea, Kevin.” Alice said with a shake of her head.

“ALICE!” I burst out in surprise.

“So why wouldn’t that be a good idea, Alice?” Kevin said with a shocked smile on his face. I could see he was curious as to why my best friend would say such a thing. I was too.

“If she had her own car, she wouldn’t need to pay me the taxi fare I charge her for chauffeuring her royal highness all over town.”

“Aaaahh, I see,” said Kevin with a broad smile all over his face. “See Brooke, your best friend doesn’t even think it’s a good idea.”

“Some friend you are, Alice,” I said as I poked her in the arm. “C’mon, let’s go then. And next time, wear a nicer chauffeur’s uniform.” We got up from the table and said our goodbyes to Kevin and made our way outside to Alice’s clunker. Her car was an old shit-box but at least it got us from point A to B on a regular basis with no problems. We got into the car and she turned and looked back at the house to make sure Kevin was still inside.

“Okay, Brooke,” she said as she looked at me with playful grin. “Time to pay your taxi fare.”

“You’re still gonna make me do this?” I said as I gave a big sigh of exasperation.

“Hey, that’s our deal. Until you get your own car, you pay me the required cab fare for every ride I give you.”

“Oh, alright…..alright,” I said as I took one more look out the back window of her car to make sure the coast was still clear and then undid the button of my jeans and slid down the zipper. Alice watched with a pleased smile on her face as I insinuated my hand right down inside the front of my panties. As my fingers slipped into my sopping cunt, I could feel how wet I had been from watching Kevin’s lewd display earlier. I got my fingers good and wet and then withdrew them. As I held my hand up in front of her, she took it in her own hands and started to lick it clean.

“Oh wow, are you ever wet!” she said as her lips closed over one of my fingers and she sucked at it wantonly. “What got into you?”

“Nothing. I just hope there’s some sweet thing there tonight that likes black pussy. You can tell; I need it bad tonight.” She licked each of my fingers in turn and then turned my palm up to lick up the remaining traces of my musky nectar from there. This was the “taxi fare” she’d been mentioning to Kevin. I’m sure he thought she was referring to cash but I knew all along what she’d meant. This had started out as a little game we had played when she first got her car and now it had become a regular ritual. Even though we had decided to remain as just good friends and not lovers, Alice still loved the taste of my pussy and I felt a titillating thrill every time we did it.

“Friday night at The Lickity-Split,” she said as she started up the car and pulled out of our laneway, “I don’t think you should have any trouble finding what you’re looking for. There’re always lots of hungry ones out on Friday night.” We chatted all the way to the bar and as we entered, I wasn’t surprised to find the place already pretty busy even thought it was still relatively early. On Friday night it was always packed with women of various ages hoping to start the weekend off on the right foot….or the right tongue, more like it. Alice waved to a group of her friends gathered around a big table and we sauntered over to join them.

“So Brooke,” a big busty redhead said as she turned to me, “still sucking cock?”

“Yep. What about you Jackie? Still plugging holes in dykes?” Jackie was well-known amongst her friends for her artistic use of strap-ons.

“Well, how would you like to find out for yourself?” she said as she gave me a lascivious tesettürlü escort grin.

“Sorry Jackie, I’m not that desperate.” This brought a series of guffaws and chuckles from all the girls at the table; including Jackie and me. Alice lesbian friends were a good group and had taken me in as one of their own, even though they all knew I was not a “full-time” lesbian. They were regulars here in their little group and I think they all got a kick out of it when I’d join them every once in awhile for a night out. They constantly ribbed me about my desire for hard cock and playfully tried to get me to permanently switch to “the other team.” Our playful banter was a regular part of the time I spent with them.

Jackie was one of my favorites. She was a big buxom white girl close to six feet tall and solid as a rock. Her huge tits and classic hourglass figure made her a constantly sought after conquest by many women. She usually played the dominant role and often had parades of sweet young things lining up for her attention. Tonight she looked damn good. She’d worn a loose fitting white shirt tied in a big knot at her midsection. There were no buttons done up on the shirt above the knot. The open portion at the top of the shirt left little doubt to the size of those big voluptuous tits of hers. She had them jam-packed into a lacey white power bra that showed a big deep line of cleavage similar to my own. Below the sexy top, she had on a denim miniskirt that hung low on her wide womanly hips. There was a large expanse of teasing white tanned skin showing at her taut midriff. The long ivory columns of her gorgeous legs looked sinfully delicious as she finished off her outfit with a pair of tan cowboy boots. With the boots, denim mini and knotted shirt, she looked like the quintessential slutty cowgirl; a slutty lesbian cowgirl at that.

“Here you go, girl,” Alice said as she came back from the bar and handed me a beer. I took a long slug of the cool liquid as I turned and leaned against the bar as I surveyed the room. I let the power and sensual beat of the pulsing music wash over me as I looked first towards the dance floor. A few girls were already at close quarters as they let their hands wander freely over their partners’ bodies. From the looks on their faces, it seemed as if the driving sound of the pulsing music and the tingling rhythm of their swaying bodies had their temperatures rising already. I let my eyes scan the gyrating bodies on the dance floor and then slowly let my gaze wander up to the raised seating platform on the other side of the dance floor from us.

“Well…….my…..my…” I said to myself as I caught a young woman staring at me. As my eyes met hers, she quickly looked away. She was sitting with three other women at the table who were busy in a conversation amongst the three of them. My little friend who I’d caught staring at me reached for her wide brimmed cocktail glass and brought her little straw to her lips. I watched as those full red lips of hers locked down on the straw as she started to slowly suck. As she did, she looked back at me from the corner of her eye, as if she was checking to see if I had really caught her. I smiled directly at her and raised my beer bottle to her in a gesture that showed that “yes, I saw you looking at me” at the same time showing that I was happy that she was. I could see her becoming embarrassed as she seemed to blush from all the way across the room. She quickly turned back towards her friends. I was okay with that, for now anyways, as I could freely take a good look at what I had already picked out as my prey for tonight.

This young white girl was a tiny wisp of a thing. She looked to be in her mid-20’s and I’d guess she was probably about 5′-3″ tall and only around 110 pounds. She had straight shoulder-length dark brunette hair that framed her pretty face nicely. I was looking at her in profile as she sat on a high stool with her feet resting on the rail around the bottom. She had on a black dress with a high rolled collar that seemed to nicely emphasize her long regal neck. The dress was sleeveless and her long lithe arms seemed to flow gracefully into her small delicate hands. I was already picturing how nice it was going to feel to have those two warm hands of hers lifting and caressing my big round tits. The dress was of a tight stretchy material and I could see it followed the alluring lines of her body nicely as it flowed over a perfect little pair of tits. They weren’t real big, but they weren’t small either. They looked like a nice round handful and were in perfect proportion to the rest of her body. I then let my eyes wonder lower as the clinging black fabric nipped in nicely at her trim waspish waist. As I looked beneath the high table she was sitting at, I could see her long bare legs extending out from beneath the hem of her tight black dress. She was showing a lot of smooth creamy white thigh and I could tell that when she was standing, that little dress must have ended just a little ways past her pussy. Her trim graceful legs looked lean and slightly muscular; I’d be willing to bet she was probably a regular little “gym bunny”. She had on black high-heeled sandals. They had a number of thin leather straps which crossed over her tiny feet and a slightly wider one that wrapped around her trim ankles. The sexy shoes deliciously completed her whole alluring outfit. Her simple but elegant outfit was beautifully understated and looked more classy and sophisticated than any of the other women I’d ever seen in this place. To me, it just made her all that much more desirable.

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