Teaching Tara: Part II: The Kiss continues


Teaching Tara: Part II: The Kiss continuesMr Tanner’s kiss stayed on my mind all night. It felt so good. I couldn’t believe I’d let him put his tongue in my mouth like that…or that I’d put mine in his. I was looking forward to going over to his house the next day. I could think of nothing else the entire day.After school, I walked over to his Mr Tanner’s house and knocked on the door. He opened the door and welcomed me with a smile. “Hi Tara, I’m so glad to see you”. He took my hand and led me inside. He offered me a beer, but I told him that I had not liked it very much, “I would love juice if you have some”. “Absolutely Tara, go to the den and make yourself at home, while I pour you a glass.”I walked into the den, and sat down on the sofa. Mr Tanner soon followed and offered me a glass, I took a large sip, and was surprised that it was not the usual orange juice. “What is this Mr Tanner?” Oh it’s just a little something I put together, there’s a bit of alcohol in there, I thought you might enjoy it” “Oh, I do. It tastes much better than beer”. “I’m glad you like it Tara”, he said and smiled as he sat down close to me. “How are you today Tara? Did şişli escort you think about our kiss since yesterday and my offer to teach you other things?”I blushed a bit and said: “I liked kissing you Mr Tanner, I thought about it all night, and hoped that we would do it again”. Drink some more of your juice Tara, he said as he took a few swigs of beer. We chatted for a while, as I finished my glass of juice. I felt so relaxed. Mr. Tanner took my glass and placed it on the table. He leaned over and kissed me lightly. ”tell me what you want Tara”“I want you to kiss me Mr. Tanner”. I had barely gotten the words out that his mouth was all over mine. It was sweet and light at first, and slow as he opened my mouth with his tongue. We kissed for a long time, dueling tongues. At first his hands were on my face, but they moved my back. He held me tightly against him, and I could feel his hands rubbing my back and my butt. It felt good. After a while he pulled back and whispered.”Do you want me to teach you more Tara? Boys like to do more than just kissing, boys will love that you have experience”. “Oh, Mr Tanner, are you sure you don’t mecidiyeköy escort mind teaching me?”“It’s my pleasure Tara”. He began kissing me again, but this time his hands moved from my back to my breasts, his hands were strong. He pulled back and looked at me. “Undo the buttons of your shirt Tara”. I hesitated “oh, Mr Tanner, I don’t know”.“Let me undo the first one for you. I’ll stop if you want me to” He undid the first button and stopped for a second, then undid the second, and third. He opened my shirt. I was wearing a beige bra, not fancy or remotely sexy. I had fairly large breasts and needed the support of a good bra. “Oh Tara, you have beautiful breasts, you should not hide them underneath such a big shirt and ugly bra. Boys would love it if you wore a tighter blouse or t-shirt. And there are some lovely bras out there. You are beautiful.” I smiled at the words. Me, beautiful? Surely he was just being nice.Mr Tanner, leaned in and kissed my neck, and moved lower towards my breasts, kissing just above my bra. He reached his hand into my bra and pulled out my breast. I tensed, but he whispered:”relax Tara, this esenyurt escort is what boys like, and you’ll like it too.” His mouth moved lower, licking its way to my nipple. It felt scary and good. He pushed my bra down my arms and revealed both breasts, rubbing one, while kissing and licking the other. I closed my eyes, and enjoyed the sensation. It felt good.“It feels good doesn’t it Tara?” “Yes Mr Tanner, it feels so good. But we shouldn’t do this.” He stopped licking my nipple and pulled back looking me in the eye said: “If you really want to stop we can Tara, just tell me and I will.”“I like it Mr Tanner, it feels..oh I don’t know. I’m not sure I should”.“I’m not going to force you Tara, put your bra and shirt back on and you can head home. Give it some thought tonight, and if you still feel that way, I’ll understand. You know a bit more about dating, but I’m still not certain, boys would think it was enough. But,” he paused “if you change your mind, I’ll be here. Come back tomorrow and we’ll continue our lesson. But you must do something, if you come tomorrow.”“What is it Mr. Tanner?”“Tara, if you come back tomorrow, I want you to wear a tight t-shirt or blouse and most importantly no bra. I want to see how you look in a more relaxed wardrobe.”He got up and left the room. I pulled my bra over my breasts, still wet from his kisses, the nipples still hard. I quickly buttoned my shirt and left his house. Confused…

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