teachers delight


teachers delight
to stat this off i would like to give you some background information.. i am based in london which is where this happened and i was 16 at the time. the teacher who i got lucky with:) was blonde,around 5’8 slim but with huge boobs and and a nice tight ass, also please forgive me for any grammar or spelling mistakes.

it was the second last day to the summer holidays and i had science first, which i hated the most as i always got in trouble. so me and my friend walked in just like a normal day, messing around and being loud my teacher who wasn’t so happy kicked me out..

“why you only kicking me out this isn’t fair” i said

“stop being immature and grow up you will soon be going into the real world and this behavior is not acceptable,go and wait outside the class room before i call for ‘help’

even though i hated getting kicked out there was one teacher who i really fancied who was just around the corner she was the schools nurse but she also worked in a office which she was normally alone in, so me being a horny mother fucker i would keep walking past her room to get little but very satisfying glimpses of her, so i was just standing there watching her until she got up to get something i quickly looked away but saw her give me a little smile.. and right there my heart dropped but i had to keep myself under control as any teacher would really smile at students, so i smiled back and acted like i was walking past lol.
soon my teacher finally came outside and called me back in and that was it.. for that day

the next day was the last day until the holidays and normally all our lessons are spent doing fun activities and stuff, my last lesson was sports (P.E) and we were playing rounders, i was waiting for my turn to bat while day dreaming looking at girls in my class running around the posts with their boobs jumping up and down until my teacher shouted my name out for my turn.. so i go and get ready
i hit the ball far enough to possibly get a home run so as im running around i slip and fall forward ‘BANG’ i sc**** my knees and hands blood was leeking out aswell. there i was infront of everybody laying on the floor “what a way to end year i thought in pain”
one of my mates came to help me and take me to the nurses office..

“thanks man i appreciate for the help”

“naa dont worry b*o its cool” he replied

so he left me at the nurses office and left, everything thing happened so fast i didn’t even think about the nurse and that i will be seeing her. she walks in and i just stare at her dont know why but he looked even more beautiful today, her boobs looked so juicy they were literally popping out, i was so tempted to get up and start sucking on them but that was only a dream for me.. or was it?

“oh my look what happened to you” she said with a smile

“yh i fell while playing rounders not a good way to end the school year haha” i said trying my best to start a conversation

“well dont worry i will get all this mess cleaned up”

she began to examine the cuts on my hands and then started to clean them. she was so close to me i thought i was in heaven her soft and gentle voice and her thigh being right between my legs made me so horny my dick was literally begging to be touched. i thought to myself “i have to try something its now or never”
she then bent down to get a plaster and i quickly rearranged my dick to make it more revealing, she turned around and smiled.
while putting on my plaster she said
“is there anywhere else you may have hurt yourself” while holding one of my hands

“yes miss i also hurt my knees i think they are bleeding too” i replied like a baby

“well i think your going to have to take off your bottoms, we dont want to get them even more dirty do we?
dont worry its not embarrassing this is nothing new to me and you should feel comfortable”

little did she know i had a fucking boner, this is it i thought all these fantasies can come true even if i dont fuck her atleast she will look at my dick! but the problem was i needed help since my hands were in plasters and shit

“miss can you help me im having trouble taking my bottoms off”

“yh sure don’t you worry babe just stay still while i take them off okay?

“alright miss” i replied with an evil look in my face

she bent downwards to take my bottoms off and as soon as she did my dick sprung out like a bullet
“oh wow its not everyday you see this,i can see your quite excited hun”

my heart was beating faster than ever

“im sorry miss its just that i couldn’t control myself and you being so beautiful makes it even harder”

wtf did i just say i thought was i moving too fast?

“aww thats so sweat you’ve made my day! if im honest im quite flattered i can still make boys hard even at my age.. now i know why i always used to see you outside my office, it all makes since”

“you cant blame me your perfect miss, your every students fantasy” i replied

we both laughed for a second then she looked at my dick, she could see my pre cum dripping down then she looked up at my eyes and said
“you know for a boy your age your quite attractive if you dont mind and know how to keep a secret i can help you with that”
i felt my legs become weak i could even stand properly “did she just say that” i thought
she then grabbed my dick and started giving me a hand job

“you like that huh” she said with a smile

“yes please dont stop” at this point i started to touch her boobs and play with her nipples, the sounds of her moaning was making me go crazy i couldnt let myself cum so quickly so i picked her up and we both sat on the electric bed and then i proceeded to move my hand to her pussy

“ohhhh yess babyy make me cum ohhh yhh your naughty little boy”she said crying in pleasure while i fingered her

i then started to suck her boobs aswell i could feel her heart beating faster and faster

“just right there baby keep going hmm”

“ive always wanted to do” this i said as i kissed her neck while finger fucking her

she went on a doggy position and said” quickly fuck me hun we dont have enough time”

i went behind her took off her panties which were a yellow thong and sniffed them while fucking her from behind they smelt so good just like stawberrys, her pussy was so tight and soft i could feel a tingling sensation coming i leaned forward while kissing her back and started to fuck her even harder

“im going to cum im going to cum” i said as i grabbed her from behind and started to cum i could feel myself exploding within her, i made sure she got every little drop in her pussy.

we both layed back and kissed each other

“you really know how to please a women this is’nt the last time this will happen baby” my nurse said as she continued to kiss me and rub my penis with her soft hands

we both then quickly got ready and cleaned up the place and the cuts on my knees

“errm miss if you don’t mind is it okay i can keep your panties? they smell really nice”

“of course hun just don’t get caught with it okay” she replied blushing

we kissed one more time and exchanged numbers since it was the last day and fucked through out the holidays it was defiantly one of my best experiences in life and to this day we fuck, i also still have them yellow thongs after so many years haha.

hope you enjoyed this story, sorry it wasn’t that much detailed 🙂

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