TeacherI’m your teacher and I’ve only recently started working at your school, a bit younger than most of the teachers there. You love being in my class, looking over my body, my white shirt quite tight and slim fitted, you can see the shape of my pecs and you can see how tight it is around my arms. You’ve been in a hyper mood all class, talking to other people and being disruptive. I’ve been telling you off all class then towards the end you start talking while I am. ‘Right, from now all you call me Sir and you’ll be coming back after school to make up for what you’ve missed’ I snap at you, the veins in my neck bulging out and everyone looking quite shocked.I’ve always noticed you checking me out, your eyes running over my torso and also sometimes down over my crotch. Even in some normal trousers you can see the bulge around my huge soft cock, always intriguing you, making you day dream about what it looks like when I’m naked and how much bigger it gets hard.I’m sat in my classroom waiting for you after school. You come up and knock on the open door ‘Can I come in Mr Clayton?’ I hear you asking nervously. My head slowly turns to you slowly, you can instantly see the disapproving look at my face, I don’t answer your question, just saying quite bluntly ‘What did I tell you to call em earlier?’. As I wait for your answer I can see your nervous and I can see your long legs with some long socks on, your school skirt rolled up slightly. You shirts unbuttoned a bit, showing some of your cleavage, enough to tease but not too revealing. ‘Sorry Sir, may I come in?’ you ask and I nod, before telling you to close to door, the blind already down on the gaziantep escort bayan small window.When you walk in and stand in front of my desk you look down at me, I can see your eyes looking over my body still, my shirt unbuttoned a bit more now and you can see more of my smooth firm chest. “I’ve noticed you’ve been quite disruptive recently and I think we need to do something about this, we really need to find a suitable punishment and sort out your behaviour’ I say in my deep voice. I can see you looking at my slightly nervously, I motion for you to come towards me and as you stand beside me I grab your hair, forcing you to bend over my desk.I smile as you’re bend over, your skirt short enough that I can see your thong now and I reach down, squeezing your firm arse hard before grabbing your thong, ripping it off hard making you yelp. I push you down, slowly opening the draw next to my desk as I hold you there. I pull a ruler out of my desk, slowly running it up and down over your thighs before moving to the side slightly and slapping it hard across your arse cheeks, looking down at you “This is what happens if you’re going to keep being a bad girl” I say to you. “Tell me what you are, tell me what you deserve” I say dominantly before you admit being a bad girl who needs punishing. I slap the ruler over your arse a few more times before getting my huge soft cock out, taking your hand and putting it on my cock’ “I’ve seen you looking at my cock you dirty little school girl slut, now’s your chance to have it” I whisper into your ear as i lean forwards, biting your neck and shoulder as I slap the ruler across your thighs just behind your arse.After you’ve been playing with my cock and got it hard I run the tip of it up your thighs and then over your pussy lips, making them part slightly either side of the tip of it. I pull back slightly before pushing it in, every inch of you roughly slamming deep into your tight little pussy. “Well what a bad girl you are, your slutty little cock’s so wet, look’s like you’ll be teachers pet from now on” I whisper, my lips grazing over your skin as i bite and tug on your earlobe.No sooner has my cock plunged all the way inside your pussy, hitting against every sensitive spot inside you than I’m pulling it back out. I slap it against your pussy and clit, grinding over you a couple of times before I grind it between your arse cheeks, pushing them together either side of it, my hands briefly releasing your hair. I quickly grab your hair again, pressing the head of my cock against you, the head of it just pushing in slightly and then I pull hard back on your hair as I slam into you, leaving it deep in you for a bit before pulling back out, almost all of the way out of you but still inside you.I keep slamming in, pulling your hair hard to make your body jerk back onto my cock each time, and then slowly pull almost all of the way out in between. My other hand moves over your body, starting off squeezing your boobs, pulling your shirt and bra out of the way so I can play with your nipples, roughly pinching, twisting and pulling on them. Then my hand moves over your side down to your arse, squeezing your arse cheeks before spreading them and I spit on your arshole, rubbing it before pushing my thumb on. I tell you that your arsehole looks as good and as tasty as your pussy.I slowly stretch your asshole with my thumb and then a couple of fingers before pulling them out of your arse, I grab your hips and flip you over onto your back, not pulling my cock out of you, loving the feeling of your tight pussy twisting around it, your hips twitching and pussy spasming even more now than before. I pinch and twist your clit, ripping off your shirt and bra before I squeeze your tits some more. I pull out of your pussy slowly, your juices gushing out as I down and then I push into your arse. I slap your pussy as I start working my cock deeper and deeper inside your tight arsehole. Making it stretch out, making you moan even louder and I start to fuck it harder.I play with your pussy while I fuck your arse, My fingers curl up inside your pussy as I find your hard, throbbing G-Spot and my thumb flicks side to side over your clit and rubs little circles over it. I tell you to play with your gorgeous tits like the dirty little toy you are, telling you to be rough with yourself and make sure it hurts. My cock slamming hard in and out of you now.After fucking both your holes for a while I start to cum hard inside your arse. A couple of huge loads of cum shoot inside you before I pull out, cumming all over your pussy tummy and boobs. Just as I’m finishing cumming I grab your hair again, pulling you off the table and pushing your head down my cock. I make sure you take it hard, fucking your face, making you gag. Your eyes water, droplets of water running down your cheeks and your make up running as your hands move over your body, rubbing my cum into your skin as you taste your arse all over my cock. I pull out, telling you to finger your cum filled arse before licking your fingers clean

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