Teacher, Teacher


It was May, and I was a few scant weeks away from my high school graduation. It had been a rewarding year: I was cast as the lead in the fall musical, I had heard the week before that I was being awarded a free ride at the college of my choice with the Founder’s Scholarship. And the most amazing reward of all…I got laid by my student teacher.

Casey was at my high school for 8 weeks, teaching my senior English class and working towards her own graduation with a bachelor of arts in English and teachers certification. Short, blonde and beautiful, she was setting off woodies all over school. She was 21; I knew because someone asked her in class and she replied, a bit scornfully, in a way that wilted the poor guy and sent out the clear message that she was not interested in boys. Only men.

Okay, fine, I thought to myself. She’s unapproachable, but I can’t help looking. I mean, I have a pulse…and most of the time a hard on in her class. Looking was fair game, I figured, so I looked. As it turned out, my desk was ground zero for looking. She lectured from a high stool and podium in the front of the classroom. She would cross her legs and turn her knees toward me, in the front row, farthest to the left. Her skirts were short for a teacher (obviously she hadn’t bought her conservative teacher’s clothes yet), and I spent most of my hour looking up into the holy land, while trying not to be too obvious about it.

Friday night, I was performing in the All District Choir Festival, and I was recruited to be the narrator for a spoken word portion of the piece being performed. My parents took me to the performance, and to my suprise I saw Casey there. She sat in the first row, to the left of the microphone where I was speaking. As I recited my lines I notice she was looking at me. To be more specific, she was staring at my crotch.

“Great,” I thought, “she’s come to give me a taste of my own medicine.” I’m amazed I got through the recitation considering the distraction. But my discomfort in having my package stared at became something more. I was getting seriously aroused. I mean, she was staring at my crotch! My body, oblivious to my embarrassment, decided to give her something to stare at.

My cock rose up in my pants, swelling and reaching for my waistband. taksim escort Praying it wasn’t obvious to the hundreds of music lovers gathered in the auditorium, I glanced over at Casey. Her eyes, still fixed on my now bulging groin, widened and then moved up to meet my gaze. She smiled. What did that mean? Was she smiling because she had succeeded in embarrassing me, as I had evidently embarrassed her in class? Or was it something else? I knew I had to find out.

I retrieved my jacket and buttoned it up as soon as the performance was over. Maybe patrons 30 feet away had not noticed my hard-on, but up close they very well might, and the soldier insisted on staying at attention.

“That was quite a performance,” I heard her say from behind me. Turning around I found her only inches from me.

“Uh, thanks,” I mumbled. She fixed me in her confident gaze, and by most measures she seemed very self assured and calm, but I could sense something in her that wasn’t so calm. Something in her breathing that suggested uncertainty.

“Kyle, do you need a ride home?”

Oh my God, I thought. She wants to be alone with me. My mind raced as I tried to imagine the rest of the evening.

“Let me tell my parents I have another way home,” I said. “Don’t go away.”

After sending my parents home, I returned to Casey, who had fished her car keys out of her purse.

“My car is on the north lot,” she said.

Our conversation is a blur to me now. Something about her former boyfriend and college. She pulled into my driveway, just off the road and 100 feet or so from the house. She left the engine idling.

“Kyle, I know you’ve been watching me in class all semester. I could tell you were enjoying yourself.”

“Miss Anson, I-I apologize. I’m sorry, I nev…”

“It’s all right Kyle, and call me Casey, okay? I didn’t mind, really. Didn’t you find it unusual that I always turned my knees toward you”

“I just thought I was, you know, lucky,” I said. “I mean, no one else sat over that far, so fewer people would..”

“I did it for you, Kyle,” she interrupted. “At first it embarrassed me, but after a while it made me…Kyle, it made me…hungry. I knew it aroused you, and that aroused me.”

I topkapı escort found myself looking down as she spoke, lost in a confusion of emotions. Afraid to look her in the eye, ironically I found myself looking at her knees. Seated at the steering wheel, her shirt had ridden up her thigh nearly to the white lace underwear I had stared at in class. In the dim blue light of the dashboard, I saw her reach over and gently squeeze my thigh.

I turned to kiss her, and she yielded to me in a long, slow, wet kiss. Our tongues danced around each others lips. She gently bit my lower lip, sending shock waves through me. I kissed my way down the nape of her neck, and she began to moan and shift in her seat. Both her hands ran through my hair as she pulled my head down toward her breasts. I fumbled with the buttons of her blouse and reached behind her to unclasp her bra and release her beautiful, pert breasts from the cloth that held them.

She rubbed my face into her cleavage and moaned a little. Then she lifted my face to her’s and whispered breathlessly, “Is there someplace we can go more private?”

I suggested a unpaved road, barely more than a trail, that led to the creek near my house. Close by but definitely secluded.

As she turned down the road, I reached beneath her skirt and gently slid my fingers along her inner thigh. She became very distracted and accidently eased a bit too much onto the accelerator. I started to move my hand away, but she stopped my retreat and guided my hand further up.

Once parked, she was on me with an urgent passion that took my breath away. Her blouse and bra off almost instantly, she thrust her breasts once more to my face, and I hungrily devoured them with my lips and tongue. My hands worked her panties off and she urged my fingers to her hot, wet sex.

“Let’s get in the back,” she said, and we cartwheeled comically over the back of the front seat into the more spacious backseat. Her urgency eased, and a girlish little giggle came from her smiling mouth. Her hair was tossled about, her breasts pressed together between her forearms as she reached in front of her and started unfastening by pants. I had never seen someone so beautiful in all my life.

“That tüyap escort was quite a show you put on at the concert,” she teased, pulling my pants and boxers down.

“Glad you liked it,” I replied. “I dedicated it to you.”

She was silent for a moment when we were both finally free of clothes. She seemed to be having second thoughts, I feared.

“Kyle, I’ve only been with two other men,” she said. “My high school steady and the man I just broke up with two months ago.”

Sensing it was time for True Confessions, I told her my experience, or lack of it.

“I’ve only been with one girl…uh woman,” I stammered. The girl part was right. She was a summer camp fling. It was over rather quickly and not entirely satisfying for either of us I imagine. We seemed more intent on losing our virginity than enjoying the sex.

“What I mean to say is, I haven’t tried a lot of…techniques before, but I want to. With you. What do you want me to do?”

I didn’t know what to say. My one-time experience had been a quick, uninventive missionary fuck. This gorgeous blonde woman wanted to fulfill my Kama Sutra fantasies.

“69,” I said, finally. “I want to taste you, to put my tongue in you, and I want you to take me in your mouth.”

Without another word, she eased me back, so I reclined on the bench seat. She bent over and began to kiss my cock, with moist lips and wet tongue. As she continued the maddening bath of my swollen shaft, she pivoted around and placed her knees on either side of my ribs. Her round, taut ass and her thick, dark thatched bush, hovered above my face. Freeing my hands, I drew her down to me, lapping her vulva in long delicious strokes. Casey by this time had taken the length of my shaft into her mouth and was sucking me in and out of her mouth in a steady rhythm. I felt a lightness in my head and urged her down against my face, lapping and sucking furiously on her clit, plunging my tongue deep into her. She responded with wild cries of lust, muffled by the throbbing cock she sucked into her mouth and throat. As she drew my member deeper into her throat and massaged my aching balls, I felt her shudder as her pulsating pussy tried to squeeze my tongue. She thrust her sex hard against the bridge of my nose. Pulling my cock out of her mouth, she grunted her pleasure as she climaxed. As she gripped my shaft in her hand, I shot my jizm into the air. It landed on her tossled hair.

She spun around and kissed me passionately on the mouth. I could feel my erection pressing against her pubic mound.

“Oh, Kyle, I want you inside me.”

To Be Continued…

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