“Hey Tara! Good game!”

Tara froze. Her hands, reaching for her clothes, stilled but her heart beat raced upward to a height that threatened to make her faint. Her inner temperature spiked too, sending waves of heat along her upper thighs and lower belly. She swiveled her head to right just enough to catch a brief glimpse of Anna, who was nude but for her shower shoes and a white towel. Above that towel and below it Anna’s skin was golden and glowing from the shower.

Tara gulped and directed her gaze and attention back to the contents of her locker. “Thanks. You too.”

“Ah, it was okay.” Rustling sounds ensued. Tara peeked over again as she grabbed her crisp white blouse off the hanger and quickly pulled it on over her lacy pale bra. “Are you heading back to the office?’

Anna groaned. “Unfortunately. You?”

“Unfortunately.” Tara shimmied into her slacks and then grabbed her shoes. She dropped them one by one to the floor and kicked her feet out of the shower shoes and into the pumps. She found her bag and closed the locker, spinning the lock quickly.

Anna was dressed too. the pencil skirt she wore showcased her lean waist and the swell of her hips and the blouse rested against the pert curves of her high breasts, the jade hue of it contrasting nicely with her blonde hair and tanned skin. Tara studied her reflection in the nearby mirror. Her hair was a brownish-blonde played up by a great hairdresser and the length of it, just to her shoulders, was a good look for her. Her blue eyes were a little too wide and her mascara a bit runny. She set about repairing that quickly as Anna came to a stop before the mirror and began to run a brush through her hair.

Anna said, “We should be partners.”

Tara’s heart let out another powerful thump. Those were the words she had longed ot hear from Anna’s mouth—but she knew that what Anna meant was that they should be partners on the racket ball court. “We should be.” She didn’t mean on the court though.

Not that what she wanted was possible. Anna was a high-powered corporate attorney with the world at her feet, a great apartment, and a string of women dying to get into her bed. Anna was known as a player in the city’s lesbian circles and with good reason. It was also a well-known fact that Anna had recently sworn off dating for a while because she was heavily embroiled in one of the biggest cases of her life and she had no time or inclination for distractions, even when those distractions were skilled and hot lovers.

Not that Tara thought she was particularly hot. She knew she had skills but no way was Anna interested in learning what they were. Anna slid her lipstick across her lush mouth, painting those lips a ruby red before patting and blotting them with the lipstick.

Anna said, “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Of course. The gym’s about the only place I get to really blow off steam.” Oh shit. That had come out all wrong, even if it was true. She had been definitely lacking in the sex game lately. Her last serious relationship had blown apart at the seams and she didn’t have enough game in the bars to get laid on a steady basis, especially in a city filled with beautiful women.

Anna sighed. “Oh I know right? My life sucks so hard right now. I hate this case. It’s killing my social life. Well, at least there’s the in-house gym to work up a sweat in, right? I’ll see you tomorrow.” Tara gathered her things and tucked a stray strand of hair back behind her ear. The thought that maybe she should just try to seduce Anna came but she rapidly dismissed it. Anna knew she was a lesbian, they went to the same bars after all, and Anna had never tried to hit on her, or even seemed remotely interested.

But why would she be?

Tara was a paralegal, and she worked at the same firm that Anna did, but in a much lower position. Anna was drawn to violently successful women who wanted no strings sex and no relationship to clutter up their busy, ambitious lives. Anna preferred women she could take out, take home, and send away in a cab knowing they’d never dare merter escort ask for more.

Tara wanted more. Her crush on Anna had always been intense but it just kept growing instead of waning despite everything that she knew about Anna’s sex life and habits. Or maybe because of it. It was easy to want someone you could never have, after all. It made her fantasies more harmless because she knew that they’d never come true, she’d never have to worry about Anna breaking her heart. The last thing she needed was another broken heart!


Anna paused the next day as she stood in front of her locker. “Hey Tara, you still working for Jorgenson?”

“I am.” Tara was already dressed and she turned away from the locker, swinging it shut with one hand. “Why?”

Anna groaned. “My paralegal got shifted to a higher floor, and now too. I heard Jorgenson’s going on vacation starting tomorrow, if that’s true and the bosses will approve it would you be willing to work with me until he gets back or until I get a replacement? Oh wait. Are you taking your vacation at the same time?”

Tara’s heart raced below the skin of her breast. “I don’t get vacation for another few months.” And working with Anna, working for Anna? That was a thing she was sure she wasn’t willing to do. It was one thing to be around Anna here and there: at the bars and in the gym or in the hallways when their paths occasionally crossed, but to be around her all the time? “I’m not sure if I can though. He’s left me a long list of things that need to be done in his absence and I know you’re working a large case. I can’t let his things get behind and I’m not sure I could keep up with all the work you’ll need done.”

“Hm.” Anna’s teeth nibbled at her lips. “I might have a solution for that but thanks either way. Oh shit, I have to get going. I’m going to be late for a meeting.’

Anna streaked out of the gym. Tara gulped hard and looked down to see her nipples standing straight up in stiff peaks. How Anna could turn her on so much and so easily was beyond her, but she could and always had.

Which would make working in close quarters with her even more dangerous. No way did she want that job!

But she did want Anna.

“Only in my dreams,” she muttered as she headed out of the gym and back to the elevator. “That’s a woman guaranteed to do damage. I don’t need that in my life.”

The elevator was packed, of course and Tara squeezed into a small corner, her thoughts turning away from that conversation and Anna and back to all the work she had to do that afternoon.


Anna said, “Just take the desk there please.”

Tara managed to deliver up a calm smile even though she was feeling anything but calm. It seemed what Anna wanted, Anna got—and what she wanted was a very experienced paralegal in her office until she got assigned a new one.

Anna’s office was stunning. The floor to ceiling windows looked out over the city skyline and the floor was marble. Anna’s desk was solid teak and there was a valuable oil painting on the wall, a bonus that Anna had earned by making a corporation’s legal troubles fade out and away with her usual magic and intelligence.

Tara’s desk was tucked into a small ell of the room, around a flex wall that would give off the impression of privacy to clients. Not that Ana was seeing any that week. Her case was about to go to court and from there on out it was all just slogging through paperwork and building her case to be as airtight as possible.

Anna said, “I need, right now, all these files here on the corner of the desk to be gone through. I’m looking for…” She rattled off a short list of particulars. “Can you handle that?”

“Yes, absolutely.” Anna stared at the tall stack of files with a sinking heart. There had to be four doze files there! They were all very thick too, just what she needed on the first day of working for Anna, who had arranged for a temp to take over her duties for her boss while he was away on Vacation. “I’ll get started right mutlukent escort away.”

“Good.” Anna vanished behind the wall and Tara took a seat behind the much less impressive desk that she’d been given to work at. She sighed and picked up the first file, flipped it open and bent her head to the task but she could still smell Anna’s perfume on the air around her and that low burning lust she’d always felt for Anna came billowing back in, making her belly quiver and her skin prickle up into goose pimples.

She could hear Anna talking in low tones, probably to her client. Anna was using a soft and soothing tone and that tone slid past the wall, lodged into Tara’s brain. Her nipples stiffened a little and she groaned internally as she realized she’d lost herself in a sexy little fantasy about her and Anna and that wide and shining desk in there in Anna’s section of the office.

This was not going to do at all!

The files began to pile up and so did her notes. She tapped the notes into the laptop, making sure to sync the with Anna’s files on the same spreadsheets so Anna could open them with a flick of her finger. Time passed and Tara managed to keep her mind on the files and the need to get the work done, all up until Anna’s perfume came back to her nose again and Anna said, “Tara, I need some lunch and I’m pretty sure you do as well. Can you order something please?’

Tara glanced up from a file and found herself eye level with Anna’s amazing tits. Her face flamed and she quickly ducked her head. “Sure, what do you want?”

“There’s a great panini place on the corner and they know me. The menu’s in the drawer,” Anna leaned over her and Tara found herself unable to breathe as Anna’s body brushed against hers. It was an innocent little touch, Anna’s shoulder and side barely pressed against her arm after all, but that touch was enough to send wetness into Tara’s panties and to make her mouth go dry as Anna opened a drawer and pulled out a menu then set it down before Tara. “There you go. Just put it all on my account, okay?”

“Thank you.” Her boss had never offered to pay for lunch, not even when she had had to work through it. Her boss also didn’t turn her on so much that her panties flooded and her clit tingled and jerked either.

“Anna said “Sure,” and disappeared back behind the wall but the phantom warmth of her body and her perfume stayed behind on Anna’s skin and in the air. So did the excitement that had come up in her crotch and belly. Tara grabbed at her cell phone and stared at the menu. She was hungry, starving in fact, but she didn’t want a sandwich.

She wanted sex.

Specifically she wanted sex with Anna, and lots of it.

She managed to calm herself down enough to order the food and then hang up. Her legs squeezed together, pressing against her pussy and making her clit throb yet again. Tara glanced over her shoulder at the wall. Her hand dropped to her lap and she gave her a crotch a hard squeeze and cup, her fingers pressing down on that flesh below her panties and her slacks.

Anna called, “Tara, are you at the Wilder file yet?”

Goddammit! Tara’s hand jerked back up. The file Anna had asked about was the next one in the stack. “I’m opening it now.”

“I need that one in like ten minutes. Can you get through it please?’

There were at least forty pages in that file and her pussy was dripping and hot, begging for a touch and seriously distracting her. Her answer was a breathless little gasp, “yes!”


Tara took a deep breath, gritted her teeth, and grabbed the file, determined to get that done and then get to a ladies room so she could lock herself into a stall and take care of the issue.


Only that didn’t happen. She’d no sooner gotten that file’s notes on the things Tara wanted entered into that sharable doc than the deliveryman arrived with their lunches. Anna swopped out from behind the flex wall and said, “Oh thank God! I’m starved!”

Then she promptly added, “Can you otele gelen escort come into my office? We can work and eat at the same time. I need you to take some notes.”

Tara picked her bag of the desk and said, “Of course,” but her heart sank with every step. She had to do something about her wet crotch and her inability to concentrate. She took a seat across from Anna and Anna set their lunches to one side, leaned across the desk, and asked, “Why is it that you don’t find me attractive?”

Tara, taken totally by surprise, could only stare. “What? I mean what…what makes you think I don’t?”

Anna’s eyebrows lifted. “Well let me see. I see you in all the bars and you rarely even speak to me. I see you at the gym and you act like looking at me would break your eyes. So I’m curious.” “I do find you attractive.” Oh shit. She tried for balance. “I just don’t think I’m your type.”

That was not any better. She sat back, her legs pressing together, which just made her aching clit let out a thick pulse. She hastily shifted in the chair. Anna said, “Oh. And why not?”

“I’m not really a NSA kind of girl. I mean I can be, but it’s not really my style.”

Anna leaned over her desk. Her blouse opened a bit, exposing a triangle of firm and tanned flesh. “I see.

Tara, dizzy and confused and awash in lust had to force her gaze away from the shadowy cleavage exposed by Anna’s blouse and pose. She didn’t know what to say to any of that. Anna said, “I think you’ve somehow pegged me into something that I’m not.”

Tara gulped, “Say what?”

Anna shrugged. “I always seem to get hit on by women who don’t want more. I won’t lie. I’m no saint. But I do want a relationship more than you seem to think I do.”

“You do?”

“I do, and I also want you.”

She did? Tara couldn’t breathe. Her panties went wetter still. Her breath came out in a hard gasp. “I want you too.”

Anna moved so fast that Tara barely had time to register that Anna even had moved.

Ana was in front of her chair and then her lips were on Tara’s before Tara could formulate anything more than a barely coherent thought.

Anna’s lips were warm and firm but soft. They tasted of lip gloss and coconut water, and Anna’s perfume wafted to her nose again, intoxicating Tara. Anna’s tongue slid into her mouth and Tara shivered as she managed to lever herself up and out of the chair, her hands going to Anna’s hair to dig deep into those silky strands and fist them, bringing Anna’s face closer.

Anna’s breasts flatted against Tara’s body. Her breath left her lungs and her tongue teased Anna’s even as her fingers found Anna’s breasts, kneading the through the blouse and the silky bra below.

Anna’s hands dipped low, to the hem of Tara’s skirt and then lifted it. Anna’s finger pressed against the soaking lace and silk of Tara’s panties, her thumb expertly going to Tara’s clit, situated just below that fabric.

Tara gasped and her hips wriggled as she tried to get closer to that pressure, which just got stronger as Anna’s fingers dipped into the space between Tara’s toned thigh and the edge of the panties. Anna’s fingers stirred through her wet pubic curls, making Tara’s teeth clench as desire burst and exploded within her straining body.

She was going to come, and hard. Her hips arched upward as Anna’s fingers found her clit and teased it, manipulating it until heat and friction combined. Long, heated gushes of slippery and sticky juices spilled from her inner walls as her clit began to spasm in the first waves of orgasm.

Fingers slid inside of her walls, stroking and sliding past the caching inner and pink folds, driving her even wilder. Her clit shuddered and jerked, her hips arced upward again and her mouth hung open in a low gasp that she silenced by clamping her lips shut over that cry. The orgasm spiked and unspooled, leaving her legs limp and her ass cheeks taut as one final burst of come splashed from her body.

“Tara, Tara!”

Tara’s eyes flew open. Heat rode her cheeks and forehead. Her hand, still under her skirt withdrew and sticky fluids spilled onto her upper thighs. “Yes?”

Anna called, “I need that file please.”

Tara said, “Of course. I’m sending it now.”

She stuck her wet fingers in her mouth with a wicked grin. Fantasies were the best, especially when the object of them was sitting right behind her!

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