Tanzanian vacation

Tanzanian vacation
Just one of my horny fantasy’s for now…..

My husband and i mostly have our vactation or holidays in African counrty’s since im from Asia and my hubby from Europe its nice to visit it once a year.
So also this year and we planned a trip to Zanzibar Tanzania , First stop Zanzibar Town we stayed in a hotel there for 2 nights before we wanted to move on.
So after all the travel we got to the hotel and get to the chek-in desk to fix our room we got the key and a young boy to get our lugage to our room, i dont really know why
but the boy kept looking at me maybe cuase the short bleu dress i was wearing but i thought it was still decent looking more then looking sexy but i gues
for his age its something to get turned on by. We arrived at our room got everything in and i wanted to give lugage boy a tip, he couldnt stop looking at my boobs that for sure hihi
Wen i passed him he put his hand rigt on my ass squeezing a bit a was shocked n didnt know how to react to it i tried to pretend i didnt noticed it.
I took a while to come down and resume things normal again but it kept creeping in my mind. The night passed and the next day we went into Zanzibar, it felt kinda weird walking tru the hotel the next day
i could feel eye’s watching me everywhere and maybe it was my bad for wearing a tight tanktop push up bra and to yoga pants n high heels but it felt like alot of male hotel staff was looking at me.
Our day passed and we got back at the hotel same story with the guys there. We get back to the room and my husband wants to tk a shower took a drink in the meanwhile sitting on the sofa, i was watching sum tv
and someone knocked on our hotelroom i was just thinking roomservice or something like that. So i went to the door open it the only thing i saw was African guys in the halway and the hotel boy in front he only said we going to fuck you , i wanted to close the door but had no chance against so many guys i wanted to scream but they coverd my mounth and took me inside the hotelroom and all the guys where getting in. They pushed me to the middle of the room
i could feel one guy trying to push me over into the from i lost my balance and try to grab something only to grab a guy by his waist being right in front of his zipper with my face, he didnt waist any time to try and get his zipper open and cock out.
I could feel hands trying to rip off my to tight jeans of its so tight they couldn get it lower then just my knees i didnt wear a panty so they had full accses back there to my little pussy and ass, i could hear them cheer…
My husband must have notice he came out the shower but the moment he got out he was hold down be 3 guys tying him on a chair so he couldnt move and put a sock in his mouth so he couldnt scream. There were so many the whole hotelroom was full of them young, old, tall, short i only see African guys around me…
when that happend they guy right in front of my face had his took his cock out. And omg it was like a baseball bat if never seen any cock being so big and thick. He slapped it in my face,trying to focre it into my mounth but i try to kept it close, i could feel more and more hands all over my body, trying to pull up my tanktop popping out my boobies from my bra n then just ripping the bra into pieces so my boobies dangeling free.
i could feel a guy’s hands grabbing my ass wanting to lick my little pussy and ass. when his wet tounge touched my little asshole i got a shock a bit opening my mounth they guy in front took his chance forcing his cock in my mounth. i tried to push myself away but he just grabbed my head and slowly started moving his cock in and out my mounth its was wide open his cock was so tick at some point i started choking from it he took it out n told me to lick it.

More and more guys where getting close and loosing their pants some stripped naked completely, they where all coming around me touching me massaging my boobies all the time while they dangeld below me, i could feel warm cocks being rubbed against any free space a guy could find, and my ass was getting licked while i was licking a cock in front of me.

I tried to look at my husband sitting there helples while his wifey gets abused by all these African guys, while i looked at him one of them was licking my ass and pushed his finger inside of my little asian pussy i was shocked i closed my eye’s n let out a little moan….

I could hear a big cheer around me what did i do, before i know it all my clothes had been ripped of and i was naked completely myself, they started lifting me up and bring me to the sofa even then they couldnt stop touching me or trying to push fingers inside my little pussy wich was getting soaking wet from it.
They put me on the sofa and two of them opend my leggs holding them, guys came stand behind the sofa with their big bclack african cocks slapping my face, i dont know why but i just opend my mouth n started to suck on the first one i could get, omg i was really getting horny getting abused in front of my hubby, while i was sucking the young boy from the hotel came stand between my leggs and again omg what a big black cock i didnt know his excact age i just hope he was over 18.

He pushed his huge musroom against my little asian pussy trying to push it in, my eye’s rolled away when i felt my pussy getting streched by his huge cock i was moaning while sucking another cock, i couldnt stop moaning feeling it slidding deep inside my pussy i could feel it inside my belly i never felt that before i was shocked i could take such a big cock. i couldnt stop moan n say omg omg all the time when he was startig to bang my little pussy with his massive black african cock, i ketp cumming right in front of my hubby on an another cock while sucking one cock after another that was offerd to me…
I could feel the boy going faster and faster ready to cum himself, he kept pounding my little pussy hard and deep, i begged him pls not to cum inside of me but when i was doing that another guy next to my face exploded his cum straight in my face n at the same time the boy cam with massive amounts of cum deep isndie my belly i could feel it being sprayed hard inside of me, i felt so ashamed towards my husband but i couldnt help it i was actually starting to enjoy his big black cock sliding deep inside of me stretching my little pussy…

He took his cock out and withing seconds i could feel another hard cock trying to split my pussy in half, i felt cocks around my face everywhere i started to grab some jacking and sucking of 2 cocks at the time, while that massive cock was sliding inside of me omg it felt so good i wanted more i started moaning again i couldnt care anymore i felt such a little slut with all these big cocks around me trying to use me in anyway they could.
I felt i got banged hard and deep they guy i was sucking was rdy to cum he didnt warned me and it exploded into my mouth i couldnt swallow it all it was to much, at the same time i felt another load of warm cum being sprayed into my little fuckhole, he took his big cock out n there was loads of cum dripping out of my pussy my little pussy was gapping i loved it.

They turned me around so i was sitting on hands and knees on the sofa with my ass high in the sky, i got a shock when i saw that the hotel room door was still open i could see guys comming in and going out again omg how long will they do this to me, i didnt have time to focus on it. i felt one of them trying to push his huge cock against my little asshole omg i could only grip the sofa and moan all the way when his cock was sliding inside my asshole deep till his balls touched me my eyes just rolled away I starded to begg him to fuck me with his big cock! there where some cocks in front of me so i hastely started to open my mouth n suck as many as i could. I never had such a big cock in my ass i could feel him bang me hard pushing me to the front everytime he hit my ass.. I lost it a bit after i moment i could feel cum slide on the inside of my leggs and already another guy banging my ass hard being them yes pls yes pls i love your cocks….

I couldnt do anything anymore they already fucked me silly.. some of them lifted me up and one guy sat underneath me with his cock pointed up, they lifted me right onto his cock sliding it in my ass again them another came stand between my leggs, omg they going to try to fuck me in both my holes. he didnt take it easy and pushed it in hard and deep i could only scream i was being ripped apart by these big african cocks. i felt one cock slide in while the other was going out and they banged it in hard guys where trying to force their cock into my mouth…it was to much i fainted i didnt know what happend after that i only know i felt so many cocks being rammed into me i felt so many guys cum on or inside of me.. i woke up the next morning i could still feel cum everywhere i was almost stucking to the bedsheet. My hubby was ko i went to hv a shower and thinking how much i enjoyed being a slut

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