Tanya’s Pleasure


Tanya arrived at my house at around 5:00 pm. She was wearing a short skirt, blouse and jean jacket and hear slender legs were fully exposed below her skirt. She was wearing high heels that accentuated her awesome calves. I was hot for this girl.

She came inside for a few minutes and then we jumped in my car and headed for a club we like to go to. I had a cooler stashed in the back so she leaned over the seat to get us a couple of beers. My hand roved the backs of her legs and over her small ass.

“Hey, pervert!” she giggled, moving a little closer so my fingers could brush over her thong covered pussy. She squirmed back into her seat and popped the beers and we drove the 30 miles making small talk.

We arrived at the club and Tanya threw her jacket in the front seat before we went in. She looked hot, with her white blouse unbuttoned to her midsection and her lace bra clearly showing her cleavage made my cock stir as we walked across the parking lot.

Tanya was a free spirit and she grabbed my hand with a mischievous smile on her face and pulled me towards the club. It was crowded inside, just how I like it, so we went straight for the bar for drinks. We both ordered Long Island Iced Teas, and I knew the fun was just getting started.

Tanya always bragged about how she could outdrink me, but it was just boasting. At 5’1″ and 98 pounds, she didn’t stand a chance against me. At 6’3″ and 195 pounds, I could hold a lot more alcohol than she, but it was fun to let her tease. As we waited for the drinks, Tanya slipped her hand back and stroked my cock through my pants. I was in heaven and glad the crowd hid her frisky playing.

I paid for the drinks and Tanya turned and innocently looked up at me while putting her pouty lips on the end of the straw, like she was ready to give it a blow. I laughed at her and we moved through the club looking for a table. We put our drinks down and headed to the dance floor.

We danced and drank for a couple of hours and when she had enough she put her arms around my neck and I pulled her hips to me.

“I want you naked right now” I told her, grinding her pussy into my thigh as I controlled her hips. I looked down at her, the tops of her breasts spilling over her bra, and my cock went rock hard, pressing into her stomach.

“Let’s go,” she winked and we headed towards the door, her hand stroking my cock as we moved through the crowd. It was raining when we walked out.

“Wait here”, I suggested.

“No way, I love the rain”, she said and headed for the car. The rain soaked her blouse and her strawberry blonde hair hung in streaks kağıthane escort around her face. I unlocked the door but didn’t move aside.

“Take off your panties before you get in.”

“You are a pervert!” she giggled and hiked her thumbs under her skirt, sliding her thong to her ankles. She bent down and handed it to me, “I shouldn’t even wear these, anyway,” she said as I moved aside and opened the door. She flashed me her trim pussy as she swung her legs into the car.

“Like what you see?” she asked, catching me staring.

“I love it,” I replied and she strechted her legs forward, flexing her thighs while lifing her skirt to give me another peek. I closed her door and jumped into the driver’s seat. God was I ready to be home with this girl. Tanya was soaked so I turned on the heat to warm her up.

“Take off that wet shirt,” I suggested.

“Ok,” she replied, slowly unbuttoning it as I drove out of the parking lot. She wriggled out of her shirt, breasts overflowing her bra as she bent forward to free her shirt from her arms. I reached over and caressed the tops of her breasts, tracing my fingertips along the top of her bra and she moaned a little.

“God I want to fuck you,” she said. She raised her hips and unzipped her skirt, sliding it down her legs and kicking it to the floor. Tanya sat there in her bra and high heels letting the air from the heater rewarm her body. My fingers traced along her leg from her knee to just below her pussy. Her high heels came off and Tanya lifter her right foot up to the seat, tipping her knee towards the window and exposing her beautiful pussy to my reach.

“You are such a tease” she giggled as my wandering fingers avoided her pussy. Her left foot came up and she stretched her leg across my lap, her sexy foot with perfect toes and arch resting right on top of my cock. She worked her toes over my cock, making me hard enough to almost break the zipper on my pants.

“I think I’ve found what I want”, she said, again giving me her best pout and wicked smile.

“Don’t stop”, I said, “It feels so good.”

“Get it out, then,” she said.

I started loosening my belt and opening the front of my pants, her foot never leaving my cock if she could help it. The rain continued as we drove down the highway and I let the car slow so that I could slide my pants and boxers down to the floor. My 7-3/4 inch cock stood straight up with precum dancing on the tip.

Tanya slid her toes underneath my cock and caressed the underside of my cockhead. Her toes massaged my balls sarıyer escort and then she took my hand from her thigh and licked my middle finger. She pursed her lips on the tip and then drew my finger into her mouth, previewing for me the performance she would give my stiff schlong later on. Her foot continued to massage my cock, her toes caressing its purple head, her soft arch stroking the lenght of my shaft. I could hardly take it. Those bare legs and feet just drove me crazy, and Tanya knew it.

She took my finger from her mouth and guided it to her wet pussy. She used my finger like a dildo, rubbing it all around her clit and pussy lips. I was intrigued by the way she used my fingers and images of her masturbating while I was away raced through my head. She stroked her fat lips with my fingers, using her free hand to spread her pussy and my fingers to flog her clit.

Her left foot was still in my lap, precum glistening on my bulging cockhead and smeared on her sexy foot. She turned completely sideways in her seat and brought her right foot up to my cock and released my right hand.

“Drive, I don’t want to end up off the road.” I didn’t argue and for the next several miles her tiny feet fucked my schlong until I was delirious. As we neared my house she slid back into her seat.

I parked in the garage and Tanya opened her door and got out, dropping her bra in the pile of clothes on the floor of the car. She stood completely nude in the garage, the light on the ceiling creating long shadows below her gumdrop sized nipples.

“Let’s go,” she giggled and walked into the rain towards the house. I had to catch up after shedding my clothes. In the middle of the yard she reached her arms up and around my neck. I kissed her, exploring her mouth with my tongue. Suddenly, she jumped up and wrapped her legs around me. She hiked herself up, pussy level with my stomach, and made me look up to her. My hands went up to her ass and she attacked my mouth with hers.

“I want you to fuck me NOW!” she pleaded and I made my way into the house, Tanya still humping my body. We were wet and slippery from the rain and the water drops glistened on Tanyas legs and breasts. Her nipples were at full attention and I licked and sucked my way to them. I was nibbling and biting Tanya’s nipples, sucking hard on them and driving her wild.

Once in my bedroom I dumped her onto my king sized bed. Her 5’1″ frame looked tiny on such a big bed. Her arms were stretched out above her head, breasts and nipples pointing skyward. Her feet were spread sefaköy escort apart, legs bent at the knees. She was inviting me to her pussy and I wouldn’t refuse.

My cock had never been more hard and she looked at it with envy as it swung in front of me. I took her left foot in my hands and kissed her toes, nibbled up to the top, then licked and kissed her sexy arch and ankle. She giggled with pleasure and I continued to lick, suck and nibble my way to her slick, wet pussy. I sucked her puffy lips into my mouth, my tongue teasing every crevice of her hole. She lifted her hips to me and my hands spread her pussy and ass. I plunged my tongue deep into her pussy and she suddenly went stiff with an orgasm, her stomach and breasts quivering under my tonguing.

“Fuck me Frank,” she gasped and I kissed my way up her body until my cock was at her pussy. She reached down and grasped my cock, her tiny hand not able to reach all the way around it and started rubbing its head all over her pussy. She rubbed it vigorously over her clit and then placed it between her dripping lips and pulled me inside her. She was so wet that I went deep inside until I ran out of room. A gasp escaped Tanya’s lips as she took my massive meat inside her. She wrapped her legs around me, using her feet on the back of my legs and ass to spur me on.

Our pace quickened as we kissed, fondled and fucked. Her pussy adjusted to my size and she moaned, as I stroked in and out of her. “God you are huge!” she gasped.

“I want you on top,” I said and as I moved off her to change positions she moved down to my cock with her lips. She winked and plunged her mouth onto my wet schlong. It felt incredible as her tiny mouth fucked my cock. She couldn’t fit more than 4″ of my cock into her mouth but with her hands jacking my shaft and her tongue torturing my cockhead I was soon close to orgasm.

“I’m going to come, Tanya,” I gasped and she increased her speed on my shaft. With a powerful suck she made me come. I screamed as I began to shoot my semen into her mouth. Tanya slurped and sucked, driving me wild with her hands and mouth. It was too much to swallow and it leaked from her lips, running down her chin and my shaft.

She swallowed what she could, then took her tongue and licked up my cock, collecting my semen on her tongue. She climbed up and deep kissed me, my cum still in her mouth, on her tongue, lips and chin. My cock was still rock hard as I reached down and lined it up with her pussy. I rammed it up into her making her cry out with pleasure. My hands went to her hips to hold her as I jackhammered my hips off the bed and plunged my meat into her slick box.

Tanya’s nipples were in my face and I sucked and bit on them until she started to orgasm. She screamed my name as wave after wave of pleasure paralyzed her body. She passed out on my cock, and we fell into a deep sleep on top of the covers.

That was a night I hope to repeat with her again soon.

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