Talk and Action Ch. 09


He was startled and gathered himself when suddenly Nalini appeared on the screen and asked, “Yes? Did you call me?”

It brought Sunil back to the present. Fortunately she could not spot what he had exactly been doing because as his need soared Sunil had turned off the camera at his end.

She was now back with him, called back by him. It was as if she had heard the cry of orgasm from his heart. Or had she?

“Stay here,” she said and vanished.

Sunil stared at the empty screen, fixed on the static view of the empty bed. He had a hard – on. He pulled it out with a sense of urgency. He stroked himself hoping that he could finish cumming before she returned. His body ached with his erection and desire. His mind burned with the idea that right there in that bed he could see, Nalini had been imaginatively fucked by her husband and she was not telling exactly how.

Meanwhile, after washing up, Nalini prepared to return to her friend. Just as she was about to leave the bathroom, her mobile phone rang. It was an unknown number, not saved on her phone. She picked it up.

It was a female voice.

“Ma’am,” said the young sounding voice. “I am speaking from the maths department at the University.”

“Yes, tell me,” replied the professor’s wife. She helped her large breasts into the cups of her bra. They never fit her correctly. She had tried various brands and stores. It was the size of her mounds and the location of her nipples. She had given up after several tries. Finally, she settled for a type that showed off the upper slopes of her sumptuous breasts.

Her tailor helped make blouses which allowed her to switch between playing modest and voluptuous with ease. She slipped on one of those now. Today she was in ‘voluptous’ mode. She plumped up her breasts, pushing them upward and together. The deep cleavage made her look like a bouquet on offer.

She had asked the professor to send one of the students to “help” her. She was hoping it was the submissive one. He was suave and genteel. He was also very respectful of her. And it allowed her to do things with him – he simply obeyed her, taking his own pleasure as it came.

She liked the other guy, too. The wrestler type was just a rough fuck – but his thickness was a novelty in itself.

“Sir said you needed help at home,” said the voice at the other end. Nalini had expected male help. That would have meant her first choice, the submissive, genteel, pleasurable student; or the second student who had aggressively intruded her privacy – the wrester student. She had plans for either and she did not intend to share those with Sunil.

“‘No man,” Sunil had said. That was easy for him to say, but her hunger and her on-simmer cunt had her hankering for more and more sex. The afternoon with professor was a bonus. (Though she now had work to complete in clearing up her kitchen as he had interrupted her in her chores.)

“Yes,” she said, wrapping the saree, phone tucked under one ear. She admired her own body for the manner in which she seemed wrapped like a sexy gift. Turning her head around she caught sight of her own sumptuous ass in the saree. It was this rounded gift which the professor had caught sight of in the kitchen. And taken her in a manner that surprised her. Twenty five years after marriage and they were opening new frontiers.

Nalini turned around. The chiffon concealed the breasts optimally – not entirely. She could see through and spot her elegantly wrapped breasts. If anyone wanted to ogle her, he could. She knew her body so well that she knew where to look for her own nipples.

She hugged herself and squeezed herself and felt a frisson of pleasure. She was in love with how she looked and felt, for the first time in her life. She had always been made to feel like an ugly duckling by her own family.

But now she knew, felt, that she was sexy and bewitching. Her conquest with the boys, with her friend of childhood years and the new found sexual activity of her own husband – the wooly headed professor – told her emphatically that, yes! she had all the oomph a woman needed

And she was a on a roll with that.

With the final wrap she stood at a profile angle and looked in the mirror. Her ass curving out and her breasts thrusting out in front, she realized her cousins and aunts who criticized her looks could not have been more wrong. She was, in one word, sexy. She smiled at herself, biting her own lower lip and smiling. Sunil was waiting for her.

“Ma’am?” said the voice in her ear.

“Yes? Oh, yes,” she snapped back to reality. “The professor sent you for some work.” She thought of the filing of financial papers in which the professor took absolutely no interest. “When are you coming?” she asked. “Now?”

She thought about it a bit. One of the boys was welcome any time. This girl? What was she going to do with a girl? But she could not now refuse the help without having to answer questions from her husband. “Ok,” she said küçükçekmece escort to the student waiting at the end of the line.

Meanwhile, she did have Sunil waiting. While her pussy was purring for more, she had no choices to act on. It was a bad draw today, unless one of the other boys stopped by unannounced as that wrestler-boy had.

She marveled at her new levels of need. Within an hour or so of some wild fucking and tonguing she felt she needed more. But if the student was a girl, there was very little to be had. This was most unexpected. She decided to give the student a quick run down of her requirements and let her go that day and get back to Sunil.

But nothing prepared her for how Sheela looked. Nothing prepared her for the lurch she felt in her heart and tingle in her pussy at the sight of a sexy youg woman. For that is what the female student, Sheela, turned out to be.

The young twenty year old was petite. The t-shirt she wore was tight and while the breasts were smaller than Nalini’s they had the full hardness that only youth could boast. The breasts were clearly outlined and the t-shirt neckline plunged to reveal slopes of her pert, full tits and the vale in between. Proportionally, she was just a smaller version of Nalini.

If Nalini was buxom and large in the chest, this girl was filled out given her size and height. Nalini found her sexy. Is this what her husband dealt with in the university on a daily basis? She wanted to touch her, feel her. And she wanted to show this girl how to suck on her. Nalini felt a wanton, strangely maternal lust towards this young student.

Nalini tried to keep her mind on the straight and narrow, reminding herself that the student was perhaps her own daughter’s age. But when Nalini showed her some papers and Sheela leaned forward those hard pointy breasts pressed against Nalini’s arm. It made her lose focus on the work and she looked sideward at the girl’s breasts. She could feel her breath.

Just as Nalini wondered if she was imagining the student’s innocent behavior to be deliberate, the girl leaned heavier on Nalini and the crotch of her jeans lodged on Nalini’s hips.

It could be that she was naïve as Nalini herself. Or she was being mischevious- as Sunil?

“You are good at this,” she said looking up at Sheela. Her eyes took in the girl’s face. She was a nice, chocolatey brown. Clearly the girl knew how to select her colors carefully, whether in dress or cosmetics. Her darker skin seemed like an advantage. The complexion was smooth, creamy. She felt her throat catch at the thought of silky, liquid chocolate smoothly sliding down her gullet.

“I think I have a particularly difficult set that I have never been able to crack, which perhaps you can,” she pushed Sheela away and stood up.

Standing to her full height and swaying naturally to the new found sexual rhythm of her body, Nalini led Sheela to the bedroom, where the computer was on with Sunil at the other end. Before Sheela could notice anything, Nalini went to the computer and minimized the screen so that while Sunil could see her, her own screen did not show him up.

When she was close to the computer monitor Sunil could see her navel. He noticed the sensuous manner in which Nalini had tucked the saree under, revealing the curve of her tummy and navel itself. When Nalini turned to face the student, Sunil was treated to the view of Nalini’s sumptuous ass.

That ass had been the focus of Sheela’s eyes. They just focused naturally on the beautiful woman in front of her. Sheela admired the professor. The man was pure brain and obsessed with his work. He fumbled over everything and needed lots of help. And something in that helplessness attracted her to the senior man.

And now his sexy wife. She was beautiful. She liked how voluptuous and sensuous the woman in front of her was. She wanted to be like Nalini. She wanted to be this overtly sexual and luscious.

“Here,” said Nalini, handing her a cover of disorganized papers.

As Sheela took the papers she looked into the bag. The younger girl was shorter by a head. Her head was near Nalini’s breast as she looked down into the cover. The aroma of the young girl filled Nalini’s nostrils and she felt drunk and heady. Her already bubbly pussy was aching for attention and the focus of her attention was the girl in front of her.

She just knew that she wanted to make love to her. And she instinctively knew how, even if she had never been with a woman before. Sunil had taught her that her cunt could be pleasured by a tongue. And he had not told her that it could only be a man’s tongue. In fact, she KNEW it could be any tongue. But she was unsure about making the student do this.

Nalini found herself thinking differently about the girl’s virginity than she had about the guys. When she thought about the boys, their virginity was a hard turn-on for her. When she thought of this girl, küçükyalı escort she felt a maternal caring.

“Come and sit down,” said Nalini to her, gently, softly. She took the younger woman’s small hand in her own and led her to the bed.

“Where are you from and since when are you with the professor?” she asked, gently clearing Sheela’s face of the flowing locks. Sheela felt herself tingle at the touch of this beautiful woman. Her eyes dropped to Nalini’s large breasts and she was perplexed when she felt the need to touch, feel and may be bury her face in those mammaries.

Sheela’s real attraction was to the professor. Quite the confused man, lost in his own world, he had a rakish charm. And somewhere the imp in her thought there was a man in those rumpled clothes she would like to let out and loose. Her boyfriends and other friends did not see the power of the man’s intellectual prowess. She found his command over math attractive. And his seeming innocence and naviete at all things sexual, seductive. He seemed immune to any suggestion or temptation.

And now this ravishing creature, the man’s wife. Sheela had noticed every aspect of the older woman. Her large rolling ass must be inviting to every male, considering that she herself felt she could take a large bite of it. And those beautifully wrapped breasts. She was torn between her jealousy of this woman and the idea that her husband was probably not paying Nalini that much attention.

Sheela had heard of lesbian love. But her journey through the jungle of male sexual attraction had itself proved confusing if not bruising. She found the boys in her age group awkward and inexperienced. And she felt instant lust at the sight of the professor. But nothing prepared her for the warm hunger she felt on seeing ‘madam’, the professor’s wife.

Perhaps, it was Nalini who was less clear between the two about lesbian love. All that Sheela knew was that her boyfriend was hopelessly inept. The lack of experience and the over-eagerness for sex – raw sex – left her cold. The professor’s wife seemed so warm…

They talked of her arrival at the Unviersity and other minor facts even as Nalini left no opportunity to touch the girl. Sometimes her hand was on the shoulder, at other times on her knee.

Finally, hot and flushed, Nalini felt the need to push ahead with her prey. “You are so beautiful,” she said softly, hands going on the young woman’s back. She did not pull her close. But the other woman could not pull away, either.

“You must have many guys chasing you!” she said teasingly.

“They are all boring!” said Sheela, her eyes wandering to Nalini’s bosom.

“Why?” asked Nalini. She gently applied force so that the younger girl’s face was now closer to hers than ever before. Once again the aromas of the woman filled her nostrils. Was it some delicate perfume? Was it the natural smell of the girl? Whichever, it was intoxicating to her.

“They are so rough. Crude. Hurried,” whispered the younger woman into the older woman’s lips. She moved faster than the hand at her back. In contrast to the words ‘rough’, ‘crude’, ‘hurried’ Sheela moved gently, brought her face to caress Nalini’s softly and said nothing more.

Nalini’s hand moved from the back to the side and she felt the woman’s breast. She paused to see if her move was welcome.

“Oh, Madam!” shivered the young girl. Her hand claimed Nalini’s breast quickly, aggressively. The young woman squeezed hard, betraying that youth in itself is hurried, whether male or female. Sheela in fact, admired the large breasts and wanted to touch them, feel them, own them.

If the professor’s wife had not provided her the opening, she felt she would have gone mad with desire for the woman. Now that the older woman had touched her first, she wanted to leave her in no doubt, lest Nalini draw back, leaving her hungry, thirsty and bereft.

She mimicked Nalini’s actions on her breast, only quicker, to make sure the other woman got the signal. They gently rubbed their faces together cheek on cheek, cheek on forehead, lips on skin… till finally the lips grazed.

Nalini parted her lips to offer Sheela a wet kiss. Sheela gratefully took it. They kissed. For both of them, the first lesbian kiss was a revelation. Soft, voluptuous, searching and as exciting as their first kiss ever. The kiss of a woman just seemed more meaningful.

Tongues searched each other out, snaking, dueling and soon both women were panting in desire. Nalini’s pussy was aflame and she wanted to undo her saree and bare herself to the younger woman. ‘I will teach her to suck me to orgasm if I have to,’ she thought to herself.

But the younger woman had her own ideas. Her kisses changed to small stabs and pecks all over Nalini’s face and she continued to kiss down the neck and into the valley of Nalini’s deep cleavage. She kissed every spot on Nalini’s breast till she found exactly where the nipple maltepe escort was. Then, as if searching out a gem embedded in a rock, her fingers searched and she tried to trap it between her thumb and forefinger. Her other hand desperately searched for the hooks of the blouse. Her mouth wetted the blouse enough to make the nipple show up as much as it would.

Nalini threw her head back in pleasure. Her own hands were under the girl’s tee shirt. Deftly she undid the bra. Her other hand roamed the front of the girl’s chest as best as she could in that position. She was gentle, tender yet demanding of the young girl. She wanted pleasure and fully intended to give it. But without scaring the kid.

Sheela, on the other hand, bit at Nalini’s nipple in desperation. Nalini threw off the pallu of her saree and opened her chest to the young woman. “You seem to know what you want,” she panted.

The girl brought her face to Nalini’s face and said, eyes glistening, “Who would not want these beautiful breasts! Sir is one lucky guy madam!”

Hands trembling, fingers shaking, Sheela undid the hooks of the older woman’s blouse. The excitmenet she felt far exceeded anything she ever felt with a guy. This was a warm, full-blooded woman. Look at how she stroked her! Look at how gently her hands worked her body and drew gasps from her. She was loving, delicate and exotic.

The flaps of Nalini’s blouse hung loose now and the next obstacle was the bra which was hooked at the back. In frustration and haste, she pulled the offending garment over the breast, her own need taking precendence over Nalini’s discomfort. Nalini’s large breast was squeezed out the bottom, the flesh cut by the elastic of the bra.

“Wait, wait!” cried out Nalini as Sheela bit down on the nipple poking out.

Nalini pushed her away and reached behind to undo the bra. Sheela got onto her knees on the bed and peeled off her tee while Nalini peeled off her blouse and pulled off the bra. Both women were topless. Sheela leaned and slapped her taut breasts against Nalini’s cushiony breasts. They smiled happily as they looked down and pressed the flesh together. Sheela took care to bring her pert nipple against Nalini’s large grape-nipple.

And when she bent to suck her breast, Nalini wrapped her saree around the younger woman, holding her in a warm embrace. Sheela sucked in as much of the breast as her mouth would take and then used her tongue to tease and toggle the nipple.

With her other hand she held and squeezed the body of the breast as if willing Nalini to feed her. Nalini rocked back and forth. She held the young girl tenderly to her breasts. She felt beautiful, as Sheela sucked gently, if hungrily. She felt as if milk had flowed from her. She would have to ask the girl if she had felt anything.

But she did not need to. Sheela squealed in delight and moaned in pleasure as she felt something flow. She was not sure what it was but she was delighted that she had caused something to flow in the woman she so suddenly and so intensely desired.

Sunil watched the live lesbian action on his computer and his cock was once again at its fullest. He wanted to be there. He wanted to be there for the moment when – surely! – both women would need a male for pleasure?

He masturbated and drank in the unfolding scene.

Nalini rocked her body back and forth as Sheela’s lips sucked her and set her body on fire. Unseen by Sunil, she slipped her hand down Sheela’s body and went past the band of her jeans. She reached the coarse pubic hair but was deined further access. She rubbed and ground her hand against the crotch searchingly, wanting to find Sheela’s pussy.

Finally she pushed the younger woman back on the bed. She hovered over her. Her face was radiant. Her left breast was reddened with Sheela’s ministrations. Her breasts hung over the student. The student grabbed the objects of her fascination and milked her like she might have milked a cow.

“You know,” said the student huskily, “it is not only the professor who is lucky. You are lucky too, to have the professor.”

Nalini arched her eyebrow at the girl’s confession. “Oh, so you want him, is it?”

She lay on the girl, face to face and enjoyed her breasts and body feeling the firm, taut woman’s body beneath. “How many of you girls have a crush on him?” she asked.

“Most of us,” replied Sheela, thrusting her hips upward and grinding her crotch against Nalini’s thigh.

“You want him here?” asked Nalini. She shocked the younger woman by slapping her crotch hard and asking, “In your cunt?”

The student was suddenly scared. She felt she might have said something wrong. She just started back into Nalini’s glowering eyes where the maternal gentleness seemed replaced by an aggressive wife.

“Let us see how long you feel the need for a cock,” exclaimed Nalini. She shimmied down to Sheela’s crotch.

“What are you doing?” exclaimed the girl.

Nalini buried her face in the crotch and nuzzled her. The girl gasped and thrust up at the face involuntarily. Her breasts felt the need for touch and she grabbed her own breasts, pinching her nipples.

Then Nalini drew back and unhooked the button of the jeans. She allowed her palm to grind into the girl’s crotch. The girl shuddered. “What are you doing?” she asked.

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