Tales of Alynthi – The Dukes Pride


The 27-year-old Lady of Suthglow found herself in a trance of euphoria as she bounced atop the taut 22-year-old blonde serving boy’s cock in her bed. Viola found herself taking to sex more often since she tasted the joys it offered, the sheer taboo of being unmarried made it all the better, even now as she fucked her father’s manservant in the morning, she knew there was a risk her father would wake and find her, though she didn’t care, the thought of being discovered made it even more arousing. Her cunt felt an emptiness as she fucked the skinny servant on her bed. Closing her eyes she returned to the memory of her brother by law taking her in the drawing-room, the way his chest glinted from sweat in the firelight, the way his veiny cock thrust into her virgin flower, the sheer feeling of his toned arms wrapping around her as he took her. Lost in thought, Viola found herself quickly moaning aloud, enough to disturb the birds outside her windows as she frantically fucked herself up and down on the serving boy, her cunt spasming as she squeezed around the boy’s cock, coaxing the boy to orgasm after her.

Viola sighed as the Ecstacy left her, she rose from the servant as she got up from her bed, throwing a robe over herself as she fixed her hair, before going to the dining room to eat her breakfast, leaving the servant to recover from her usage of him. Her maids didn’t dare say a word, or take a look, despite knowing what she was getting up to, the Suthglow servants knew what would happen if they shared gossip about the von Hordrens, the punishment would be deadly if about Viola. Her father joined her later, showing no signs of having realized what Viola was doing. As The old general sat at the other side of the table, Viola eyed the blonde servant carefully creeping out from her bed chambers with a flushed expression, his cheeks rosy. “Good morning Papa, how did you sleep?” Viola chirped, signaling for one of the servants to pour her tea.

“I slept quite well, darling. Have you any plans for the day yet?” Parker replied while spreading the blackberry jam across a halved roll of bread, his lips pursed in thought.

“Well, nothing set in stone, papa. I was considering paying a visit to the Count de Calfton- Don’t excite yourself, It hasn’t anything to do with courtship really.. Merely business.” She replied as she lifted the porcelain cup with its saucer, sipping the black tea as she finished speaking. The Duke looked to his daughter before looking off to the side as he pondered what she’d meant.

“That young count- he’s, in the season currently, isn’t he? Marie won’t stop going on about him and her daughter to- well, anyone.” He stated as he began to eat his jam and bread.

“Yes well, after I’ve spoken to him, briefly. I suspect I’ll simply return, perhaps read in the gardens for a time. There isn’t much to do today, papa. Sometimes it makes me envy your work.” She replied with a sigh as she popped a madeleine cookie into her mouth.

“Don’t you worry your head with that nonsense, dear. Work is for men. And I should hope you’ll find some way to cope without my company, this… Idiotic war with Preznin is going to take much of my time into the North.” Parker said, his tone turning more serious as his face turned grumpy.

Viola noticed her father’s mind wander, and tried to distract him from the coming battles. “With any luck, the Preznin’s will surrender Alexander’s wife, I’m sure even they know it’s not worth the trouble. It likely wasn’t even on their king’s demands, though I wouldn’t count him smarter than his dimwitted subjects.” She quipped.

“They won’t, dear, Cassandra won’t be returning to Alynthi. This war is for pride only now.” The Duke commented as he finished inhaling his breakfast. Removing the cloth from his lap, Parker walked to the other end of the table where his daughter was, before giving her a peck on the lips as he brushed her hair back. “I must go, love. Try to open yourself to the possibilities, hm? I’m sure you’re day will prove eventful. Don’t worry another thought about it.” He remarked with a smile before stepping out. Viola pondered his former sentence, she couldn’t understand why her father didn’t believe Cassandra would be returned, it all seemed quite pointless to her. “Men’s pride…” She quipped to herself as she stared off in thought while she finished her breakfast.

Viola returned to her chambers in the evening quite disappointed, upon calling for the Count, she was told he was off with her niece. She despised the fact her vengeance against Marie would need to wait, though she knew even with the war, the season wouldn’t be over for some time still. Viola’s mind wandered about Frederick still as she walked to the royal gardens. She’d hoped she’d have another chance to Ankara Travesti experience the bliss she found with Frederick, and while it seemed like she was close to finding him, she never could. Part of her worried he was avoiding her, perhaps her sister discovered the affair…

Viola’s maids were made to wait outside the garden doors with the guards as she wandered through. The Royal Gardens were for the royal family exclusively, however, due to her father’s influence with the armies, she went where she pleased. She was annoyed to find Prince Alexander seated on her regular stone bench, her pace slowed as she approached him, she was about to give him an earful to move until she saw the young Princess Anne playing in the flowerbeds ahead of him. Rarely did she feel sympathy for anyone, however, she knew the pain of growing up without a mother and decided she’d be merciful and let the prince keep his seat for now. Instead, Viola joined him on the bench, resting against the cushioned back as she opened the book she’d brought with her.

Anthony looked at her with an annoyed expression as she sat down, without bothering to offer a curtsy least of all. “You’re ignorance knows no limits does it? You’re not allowed, nor wanted here. Lady Viola.” Alexander declared, his pointed stache covering the frown crossing his face.

Viola did not bother to even look at him, she simply sighed and dismissed him as a nuisance, before crossing her leg as she continued to read her text. The Prince was in no mood for her behavior and signaled his younger sister to take Anne away. It was now Princess Charlotte’s turn to be annoyed, though she obeyed, picking up the young child as she left. Viola took notice as she read the prince was not leaving with his daughter and glanced ahead to the balcony overlooking the city as she waited for him to speak his nonsense. The prince rose from the bench, facing her as he looked down at her, suddenly he slapped the book from her hands across the path.

“I am in no mood for your games, Viola. Damned be your father, I want you out of here.” The prince nearly shouted. He scrunched his hands together into fists, digging his nails into his palms as he waited for her to leave. Viola instead chose to raise from the seat without looking at him as she walked over to retrieve her book. Alexander watched as she bent over to retrieve her book, for a moment he felt a stirring in his loins quickly dismissing it as she began to walk back to him.

He maintained his displeased expression, however as she returned he studied her crimson gown. Her beautiful physique distracted him when she slapped him across his face. He was stunned and watched her as she sat back down, acting as though nothing had happened. His pain subsided as he looked down at her dress while she safely read her book again. He hated the effect she was having on her, most of all the disrespect, but it’d been so long since he’d been able to act on his lust with Cassandra’s kidnapping.

Viola felt panicked, while she refused to look up from her book, she was uneasy at the fact he’d not reacted for so long, she knew he was watching her and it made her uncomfortable. She wondered if the guards would help her if he tried to beat her. To her relief, the Prince sat back down, in silence. Seeing she’d been victorious, she decided to not speak again, returning to her book. As Alexander looked around the garden, he kept his jaw clenched as he tried to swallow his pride.

The Prince finally began to speak again, crossing his leg over his other, resting his hand on the ankle of his boot, and the other on his knee. “What is it you’re reading?” He asked with a low tone as he tried to be civil.

“The Tellings of Kolispen.” She replied in a less hostile manner, exhaling the tense air she’d held back in her.

“I’m surprised someone else has read it, not many care for the Elven history.” He added with a slight chuckle as he recalled his old lessons. Alexander brought his hand to his face as he stroked his pointed mustache.

“They’re fools then, It is not only Elven. Currently, I’m reading about the god in the mountains.” She explained.

“The giant with one eye… He was a trickster you know, he made the city believe he was the god of giants, that he fathered orcs.” Alexander began, explaining in further detail. “The legends say the elves feared him so much, they’d bring him offerings, including women.” Viola was intrigued by the last piece of information, however, she didn’t show it.

“You’re spoiling it for me.” She said plainly as she closed her book. The prince only rolled his eyes, his smile remaining. Viola looked at him as she seemed to see him in a new light. He was only 3 years senior Ankara Ucuz Escort to her, though he looked more mature than she did, she admired his pointed mustache and chiseled chin, even his dark hair was quite gorgeous. Viola was unsure if she’d wish to be kind to her inferior, so she rose from the bench, setting her book down as she began to walk through the gardens.

Alexander eagerly followed the temptress as he admired her bosom once more. Viola had purposely clasped her hands together far from behind her back as she perched her bosom for his sights. “You’re pleasant company when you’re civil behaved, Lady Viola.” The Prince said, averting his gaze from her chest as she looked to him, taken aback from his- compliment.

“A pity,” she said as she stopped by the balcony, looking out at the city as she set her defenses up again. “I am far from well behaved, and you’d be a fool to expect much from me. What you like, is my pity…” She said smugly as she looked across the city.

The prince’s smile faded, though he still held an amused expression as he faced the city, keeping his gaze on her. “I suppose in your mind, pity is a high afford…” He retorted, glancing about the empty gardens before turning back to the city as he began to unbuckle the studded belt around his regal tunic. “As long as you wish to be improper.” He quipped, before moving the skirt of his tunic up, grasping his cock as he stuck it out the railings.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” She replied with a gasp, she glanced at his cock before looking away as he caught her wandering gaze.

Smugly, Alexander grinned and answered her. “Well, I’m taking a piss! Since you prefer informal behavior.” He bluffed, having only wished to make her uncomfortable. Viola’s eyes went wide as she smacked him multiple times on his arm.

“Don’t you dare! That is horridly repulsive! I am a Lady!!” She replied, making sure to smack him extra hard one last time, being stopped as he moved his hand from his cock to grab her wrist, letting the tunic fall back over his semi-hard cock.

“My mistake, your strength fooled me to believe otherwise.” He replied with a cheeky grin, before letting her go as she stormed off to the grass. Viola was flustered, normally she’d been able to control men with ease, but he seemed almost resistant to her games now, she cursed herself as she realized why. Her prowess was being thrown by the growing heat between her legs. “Forgive me for my mistake…”

Alexander began as he approached her once more, having left his belt behind at the balcony. “It is clear you are a lady… And I am grateful for your pity, though my manners forget themselves in my wife’s absence…” He replied as he stopped next to her, resting his hand on her shoulder. Viola turned to him as she looked into his eyes. Alexander barely remembered he had a wife at that moment, lost in attraction to Viola as he leaned in to kiss her…

Viola closed her eyes as she kissed him back, the feeling she’d felt with Frederick returning as she stopped herself only to look about the gardens. Alexander had gently moved his arms around her as he held her lower back, gazing into her eyes when she returned to him, seeing the garden was empty. Her hands crept under his long tunic as she rested her hands against his bare hips. The Prince wondered if she’d done this before, having shown no signs of nerves. His mind whispered in obsession to know if she’d been deflowered.

Alexander carefully guided her to the base of a tree as his cock bounced against his royal tunic. He pulled back from her kiss as he brought his left hand to her cheek caressing it with his middle and index fingers as he combed his fingers through her thick brown hair until he held the back of her head. “Not a single woman in these lands could match your merciful pity… Or your beauty.” He cooed to her. Viola looked into his lust-filled eyes before glancing to the garden doors once more, the thought of being discovered thrilled her.

Viola moved her hands from his bare hips to the bottom of his tunic as she slowly lifted the fine fabric from his torso. “My father would geld you if I told him how you’ve behaved towards me… ” She whispered to him as she pulled the tunic over his head, admiring his muscular stomach, the Prince was oddly muscular and quite skinny compared to his father or the other noblemen due to his training in the army. As she freed him from his tunic she let it fall to the ground as she observed him. He was now standing almost fully nude before her in the middle of the gardens as his cock pointed to the Lady of Suthglow like an angry weapon, his only remaining article of clothing being his tall leather boots.

Alexander Ankara Yabancı Escort grasped hold of her pointed crimson sleeves before she moved her hands under his, interlocking them as she slowly moved him back to the sunlight. Viola parted her lips as she spoke seductively to him. “I don’t quite care for your attire, your Highness… It looks quite uncomfortable.” She spoke as she moved her hands to his shoulders, pushing him down to the ground. The Prince sat on the black earth without care as his cock throbbed against his stomach, he hastily untied his boots as Viola kicked her slippers off to the side.

The young von Hordren stole the prince’s gaze when he’d only managed to get his last boot halfway untied when she slowly peeled her crimson gown from her. Alexander watched her breasts under the cream corset when she bent forward to move it past the ruffles on the bottom of her corset. When Viola rose back up, the Prince gawked at her in awe as the sun gleamed across her gold and white undergarments. Her womanhood was covered by a white silk bow that matched the half skirt covering her behind. The Prince got on his knees as he tucked his fingers under the top of her sheer white stockings at the top of her thigh as he slowly pulled them down, one by one.

The Prince was completely intoxicated by this sexy, vain woman in a way his wife never had, a way no one had. He spread his legs apart as he pulled her down into his lap, the prickly hair on his thighs tickling her bare ass as she rotated her upper body to face him. Viola brought her hand to her wet pussy as she began to play with herself while the prince slowly unbuttoned the front of her corset. Alexander flung her corset away from them as he trailed a row of kisses up her round stomach, leading to her right nipple as he teased it passionately. Viola moaned aloud as his right hand replaced hers at her pussy, his meaty fingers tenderly massaging her entrance, slowly moving deeper as she held his head in her hands.

Viola felt galvanized as the prince pleasured her. Unlike her brother by law, he was quite slow and soon brought her to orgasm on his hand. The prince moved his mouth from her nipples as he kissed her moaning lips. She panted and moaned as he lifted her from his lap, before slowly descending her onto his cock. “Dear god- oh! Oh, that feels different!!! Oh its- Ahhh.” Viola moaned out louder as her sensitive spasming cunt was pushed apart around his cock.

The Prince was shocked by her intense reaction after making her cum, even more so when he felt himself slip inside of her with ease and without pain. It was clear she was not a virgin by her great joy and lacking maidenhead. “You truly are a naughty girl, Lady Viola… Tell me- who’s fucked you before me… One of your father’s knights?”

“Mmm- no-.. Ohh..” Viola tried to resist his questioning, not wishing to give him the satisfaction until he began thrusting in and out of her dripping hot cunt.

“Come now, my lady… We’re both sinners now… Who is it that cajoled the mighty prude Viola-” He began, stopping as he grunted while picking up the speed of his thrusts “Von Hordren..”

Viola had failed to hold back when he seemed to give her a break, pulling out from her almost entirely until he plunged the full length of his royal prick. She moaned wildly with his grunts as she panted out an answer. “My- brother by law… Baron Frederick..” She said in a breathy voice, stopping to laugh as she pushed her breasts against his masculine hairy chest. “And I’ve been fucking my papa’s servants since.” She shot with a grin, as she kissed him once again.

Alexander was shocked and incredibly turned on by her confession, causing him to thrust his cock quickly in her as she matched his thrusts. He felt her orgasm around his cock a second time, though he’d still been far from finished. They parted their lips as they both moaned in elation as Viola squeezed his pistoning cock tightly, she was spent as she came a second time, the intense sensitivity of her cunt only growing as her moans grew louder. He grabbed hold of her left breast, squeezing it in his hand before letting go as he hugged her back to him, falling back into the damp dirt as he fucked his cock vigorously into her. Viola’s moans grew closer together at the increasing speed, failing to match him as she laid limp atop of him, crying out in ecstasy as she came a third time.

The Prince felt her climaxing again on his cock, this time it too much, his speed slowed as his balls slapped against her ass, before falling back as he plunged his throbbing cock as deep into her as he could when he shot waves of his seed into her, flooding her completely in jubilation as his cum drained around him onto his balls.

After the Prince recovered, he hugged the spent lady in his right arm. He used his free hand to drag the clothes into the sun before laying Viola down on them, moving behind her as he embraced her under the light. The two watched the city across from them. As they whispered sweet nothings among one another. Unaware that someone had witnessed their adultery…

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