Taboo Eve in the bedroom


Taboo Eve in the bedroomAs Eve led Lee into her bedroom she knew there was to be no coming back now. She turned around and faced him pushing him slowly onto her bed.Lee fell back onto the bed with his feet still on the floor with his huge erection pointing to the sky. Eve knew this was what she was wanting desperately. She fell to her knees in front of Lee and started to lick his shaft. This made the young lad shiver with excitement. Slowly licking up and down his cock. This lasted for what seemed an eternity then Lee experienced the best feeling in the world, she put his cock in her mouth and started to suck gently on it. Eve got faster and dirtier bobbing her head up and down faster and faster sucking and dripping saliva out of her mouth which was running down konya escort his cock onto his balls. She knew the young lad would not last long, this being his first time. Eve was well versed at doing this and could tell by the way Lee was tensing up he was getting close. She worked her head faster and tickled the inside of his legs with her nails leading up to his balls then as she touched them he exploded his hot cum into her mouth. Lee kept pumping and pumping his hot seed into her mouth, and like the pro she was she never dropped a single bit swallowing every last drop.Lee was exhausted all he could do was thank his mother and smile.Eve got onto the bed with him and lay at his side smiling back at him. She lent malatya escort over and kissed him like a lover not a son for the first time. she knew a young lad like Lee would soon be up for his next installment, turning him into a man. after 15 minutes or so groping and petting Eve could feel Lee was getting hard again. This time she climbed on top of him kissing him all the time. She knew she would have to do most of the work with it being his first time. Eve backed slowly and guided his cock into her wet and waiting taboo pussy. despite its size it entered into her with ease. She broke away from his kiss and sat upright on his hard cock. Eve rode him like a grand national winner. Fortunately making him cum manisa escort earlier meant she had him hard for longer this time. Eve rode and rode and lost count of the orgasms she had with her son. She continued to ride him until she felt the tell tale signs of his legs stiffening again. she increased her speed until he came deep inside her love hole, the same one which she gave birth to him through. It was only at that last thought of it was where he had come from did she feel guilt for the first time. She jumped off his cock and apologised to Lee sobbing saying she should not have allowed that to happen, she repeated how bad a mother she was and would never forgive herself. Lee tried to console her but she begged him not to and further begged him not to tell anyone. She promised him it would never happen again and hoped he would forgive her. Lee left her room as his mother had requested glancing back at her hugging the duvet. Eve could not get out of her mind how bad she was for doing that, but also that it was the best sex she had ever had. She was so confused…….

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