Susan the drunken racist gets her come uppance

Susan the drunken racist gets her come uppance
I did not get back from work yesterday evening, i was starving hungry but unforunately Susan had consumed quite a lot of wine and was very drunk.
I wanted to eat so i told Susan that we were going for a meal.
I took her to our local indian restaurant and luckily even though it was quite late the owner agreed to serve us as we were regular customers.
As always the meal was superb even though Susan was being very annoying as she was so drunk, Susan being drunk was not really a problem as i had already deceided that i was going to have some fun when we left the restaurant.

We finished our meal and i told Susan that i was going to the toilet then on my return i would pay the bill then we were going to find some friends.
On my return from the toilet all hell appeared to have broken loose.
Susan was ranting and raving at the waiter who had stayed behind to serve us.
she was calling him a paki bastard and other such things, adding that being a paki bastard he was not fit to lick the shit off her shoes, and with that she launched herself at him slapping him several times.

the owner of the restaurant managed to get between them and i grabbed hold of Susan and frog marched her out off the door. with the owner telling me never to come back as he would not tolerate racist behaviour.
To say i was angry with Susan was a massive understatement, i got her in the car and took her home.

once i got her inside i deceided that she had to be punished, so i sat on the sofa dragged her across my knee and began to spank her, Susan was soon pleading with me to stop, but i was absolutely fuming and continued to spank her.
I pulled her skirt up and then her knickers down and continued to spank her naked arse,
I suppose i probably spanked her naked arse about a hundred times. her arse had turned a bright red and Susan was sobbing with the impact of every stroke of my hand.

I eventually tired of this and pushed her to the floor in front of me and standing up removed my trousers and boxers and told her to suck my cock.
Susan hates doing this but when she is drunk she will do anything, and i held her head and fucked her mouth until i filled her mouth with my cum.
with that i told her to get upstairs and get to bed which she did.

The next morning i could not believe that Susan had used such racist language to the waiter at the restaurant,
i had never heard her use language like that before. And her being a teacher at a private school made it even more suprising.
I liked using that paticular restaurant, so i deceided to ring them up and offer them my appolagies for Susans behaviour.

The owner answered when i rang i told him who i was and said how sorry i was for Susans behaviour the previous night.
He was very angry and told me that he was going to the police to report her for racism.
I immeadiately thought that Susan will loose her job if she was to be covicted of such a serious offence.
I told him that i had punished her severely when i had got her home, hoping he would change his mind.
He asked me what i had done to punish her, and i told him that i had spanked her very hard.

I then went on to ask him if i could bring Susan to the restaurant and she could tell them how sorry she was.
He agreed to this and told me to be there in one hour as the waiter would be there then.

I woke Susan up noticing as i did that her arse was still rather red from where i had spanked her.
she could not remember a thing that had happened and when i told her what she had done, her first words were omg i could lose my job.
to which i replied yes you could very easily. and went on to tell her that we had to go up there so as she could appolagise. I told her to get dressed and when she came down she was wearing a knee length skirt and a white blouse.

We got in the car and i drove up to the restaurant.
i knocked on the door and the owner let us in relocking the door once we were inside.
The owner called out to someone out the back and the waiter came walking in.
Susan immeadiately began to tell him how sorry she was.
The owner stopped her and told her that behaviour like hers had to be punished, and he was going to the police to report it.
Susan’s face visibly paled at this, but then began to say do you think that the police will believe his word against the word of a respectable teacher.
At this the owner told her sit down and when she did the waiter went out to the back and came back in with a trolly on which was a television and a video recorder.

She was then told to watch the television, unbeknown to myself and Susan they had cctv footage of the whole event.
As she watched it Susan began to sob quietly to herself.
The owner switched the television off, and with a look of triumph on his face said
now who do you think the police will believe.

Susan began to plead with him not to go to the police, say that if he did she would lose her job.
To which he replied for such racist behaviour she had to be punished, and walked to the phone.
before he could pick it up Susan blurted out please anything but the police, and went on to say she would do anything if he didnt go to the police. she could wash up or something like that as her punishment.

The owner looked at her then said
There is something you can do as punishment for her behaviour.
Susans face lit up at this lifeline being thrown to her.
And she said i will do anything to stop you going to the police.

To which the owner said, i am very glad about that as i have deceided that myself and my waiter will be giving you a good spanking as your punishment.
Susans face dropped at this and said there is no way that you two are going to be spanking me. for a start Charlie wouldnt allow it

At this the owner said right the police it is then and walked back to the phone,
Please dont ring them Susan wailed,

At this point i said to her surely it is better to be spanked than to have a crimminal record and no job.

when she realised that she had no option she said very quietly to the owner ok you can spank me just please dont go to the police.

The waiter pulled a chair into the middle of the room sat down and told Susan to get over his knee. Susan gave me a pleading look, and i said to her, you have no option Susan its a spanking or the police.
At this she d****d herself over the waiters knee and the spanking began.
I had never seen Susan being spanked when she was sober so this was a massive turn on for me.
For the next five minutes the waiter spanked her arse and Susan was pleading with him to stop. Eventually he did and the owner took his place and she was told to get over his knee.

He said to Susan this is how we treat racist bitches like you, and then pulling her skirt up around her waist began to spank her knicker covered arse.Susan was crying out with each spank and pleading with him not to hurt her.
He must have spanked her 15 times when he stopped and said to her for your final part of your punishment you will be spanked on your bare bottom you racist bitch.

Susan attempted to get up on hearing this but was being held firmly by the owner, she pleaded with me to stop them to which i replied if i do they will ring the police.
At which the owner said “Yes we will”

Susan knew she was beaten so meekly said ok

the waiter moved in and pulled her knickers of then the real spanking began

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