Susan and Kate


This is my first go at writing for Literotica. Feedback is always appreciated, though if you want be a critic, keep it constructive or don’t even bother. Want to thank everyone that contributed. If you want to add more to the story go ahead but just let me know when you do.


“Who the hell can that be?” Susan thought, “Well, they’ll just have to wait.”

But the ringing continued persistently. Susan realized she couldn’t continue and the magical moment had been lost. Angrily, she made her way to the front door, stopping briefly by the large hall mirror to check her reflection. Susan was not an unattractive woman, but unfortunately she just didn’t seem to make the best of her good looks anymore. Maybe it was being married for over twenty-five years? Whatever it was, with her dated hairstyle and dreary clothes she could pass you in the street and never be noticed.

Catching herself staring, Susan quickly turned away and made for the front door. When she opened it she found her annoyance subsided almost at once, for she found herself staring straight into the gorgeous face of a pretty young woman.

“Kate!” Exclaimed Susan with some surprise and delight “What are you doing here? Are you alright?”

The young woman was a complete contrast to Susan. Dressed in a fashionable navy blue jacket and matching skirt; her golden shoulder length hair blew across her exquisite features as she smiled mischievously back. She seemed slightly unsteady on her feet and was leaning against the doorbell.

“I’m sorry to call on you out of the blue like this Susan.” Mumbled Kate, her words slightly slurred, “But I’ve been to the office Christmas party and I appear to have drunk a little too much. I was in this area so I took a chance you’d be in.”

Susan was now alarmed by Kate’s appearance.

“Would you like a cup of coffee? Something to sober you up?”

“No, not exactly,” The young girl continued, “You see, actually I have an ulterior motive to see you.”

With that, Kate casually revealed a handbag that had been slung over her left shoulder. It was a beautiful large, expensive Burberry designer bag, made all the more unusual because of its exquisite deep red colour. It was also stuffed so full with something that the it almost seemed ready to burst open. Susan gasped when she saw it and her heart almost missed a beat.

“You’d better come in.” Was all she could manage to say as she let the young woman unsteadily glided past her and into the hallway.

Once inside Kate seemed far less intoxicated. Purposely, she made her way straight towards the stairs. She paused; and placed the handbag carefully on the floor. Next, she took off her jacket, which she let fall to the ground. As she climbed the stairs she unbutton her blouse and removed that as well. Once at the top, she turned to look down stairs at Susan. Kate gave the older woman very wicked and sexy grin, then unfastened her skirt and let it fall around her legs. Carefully stepping out of the garment, she disappeared into the bedroom.

Susan found herself trembling. Slowly she approached the stairs, picked up the red handbag and followed the trail of clothes. She felt nervous and apprehensive as she stood by the door of the bedroom. Looking up, Kate saw Susan standing by the doorway, nervously admiring the young woman’s slim and sexy figure, now only covered by a bra, panties and black stockings.

“Well, I presume we’ve got all afternoon, but are you going to spend most of it simply standing by the door?” Kate said mischievously, with a broad smile appearing across her face.

“No. It’s just, well it’s just…I was right in the middle of decorating the tree …” Susan suddenly stopped. She gazed back at the half naked younger woman and suddenly both of them started to uncontrollably laugh. What an absurd thing to say!

“Forget about the tree.” Kate laughed, “You’ve got me to attend too!” And with that she sexily walked over to Susan, placed her hands either side of the older woman’s face and brought her lips gently towards her own. Slowly they began to kiss, tenderly at first, then more urgently, passionately pulling each other closer. Susan found her hands beginning to wonder over the body of her lover. Kate suddenly broke away; laughing once again she pushed Susan towards the bed.

“Now stop that! Your getting me much too excited and I have things to show you. Pass me my bag” Kate giggled.

When she opened the large red handbag the contents tumbled out, scattering all over the white, and pristine bed cover. Susan gazed down at the pile of objects before her in disbelief and increasing lust. There were several types of dildos and vibrators of various sizes and colours. Kate beamed in pure delight.

“Well. What do you think? All bought off the Internet,” She said proudly.

“I don’t know what to say.” Susan replied. Then a sudden horrible thought crossed her mind. “You did bring batteries with you?”

There was a sudden silence. Then both women once again beylikdüzü escort burst into fits of uncontrollable laughter. They began to hug and then kiss. The laughter eventually giving way to moans of pleasure. But once again Kate pushed Susan away and held her at arms length.

“Hey Susan, come on. Get those clothes off. I want see you naked and ready for a wild passionate time. I’m only slightly drunk, but you know that alcohol makes me feel really horny.” Kate giggled.

“Oh, I know what a horny little mare you can be with a bit of alcohol inside you.” Susan joked as she hurriedly removed her own clothes. “In fact, I think it was the drink that made you come on to me in the first place. But I’m glad you did, you’ve really turned my world upside down. For the better though.”

Susan soon found herself lying in the middle of the bed. Various plastic and rubber sex toys surrounded her naked body. She couldn’t help noticing the strange odour they gave off, it reminded her of the smell of bubble gum when she was a child. She found it slightly off putting and hoped the odour wouldn’t linger in the bedroom.

“Found any toy you fancy using yet?” Kate asked mischievously as she climbed onto the bed.

“I don’t know. There are so many. They smell a bit funny, if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Kate agreed. “But once they’re covered in your pussy juice…”

“Oh, Kate you do say the funniest things!” Susan laughed, putting her arms around her and holding her close.

Susan felt Kate’s breasts gentle touch her own and she glanced down between their two naked bodies. A sudden feeling of regret past over her as she compared her own middle-aged body with that of her younger lover. The realisation that now with its wrinkles, lines and stretch marks, her body had seen better days. Once, she had been like Kate was now, young, naturally beautiful, tanned and confident. But now, she just seemed full of doubts.

“Kate. What do you see in me?” Susan found herself asking as she let her hand trace its way along the young woman’s body. “I mean, you know. I’m so much older than you. Don’t you want someone your own age?”

“I’ve got someone my own age. Or have you forgotten.” Kate replied with a wicked smile.

“Oh God! Why do I open my big mouth? We shouldn’t be doing this. It’s wrong, if we’re discovered. How could I do this?” Susan began to panic.

Kate moved herself quickly on top of the older woman, pushing her down into the bed. Clasping her hands either side of Susan’s face she placed her lips over her lovers’ mouth and then began to kiss her passionately. Forcefully. Lustfully. Until Susan, inflamed, ardently began to return the kiss with equal vigour. Their hands began to touch and caress and they’re legs intertwined. At last Kate broke away. Both women began to catch their breath as they hungrily prepared themselves to quench the desire that burned within them.

“Which one do you want?” Asked Kate as she leaned over and grabbed a set of brightly coloured vibrators from the pile on the bed. “Thin, long, thick or short?”

Susan glanced at the incredible choice she had to choose from.

“I really don’t know? I mean, you choose. Surprise me. But please, please hurry up and fuck me. I’m desperate to cum!”

“Susan! I’m shocked! All good things come to those that wait. You should know that” Laughed Kate as she began to grind her body sexily against her lover. “Lay back and let me work my magic!”

With that Kate leaned over and began to kiss Susan’s neck. At the same time she turned on two of the vibrators and let them run slowly over the older women’s breasts, forcing her nipples to become even more erect and sensitive. Susan let out a groan of contentment, closed her eyes and spread her legs as wide as she could. This was going to be good.

Gradually, Kate moved down Susan’s body. Kissing and stroking gently, letting either her tongue or the vibrators bring new sensations. No part of Susan was left untouched, hands, feet, arms, legs, breasts, tummy, outer thighs, inner thighs and finally Susan’s very wet and open pussy.

Susan gasped out loudly as she felt Kate’s tongue push its way between her sweet labia. At almost the same time, she felt a vibrator being gently held against the hood of her clitoris, which sent tiny waves of pleasure through her body.

“Ooh yes! That’s beautiful.” Susan moaned as she began to pull hard on her own tender breasts.

She instinctively began move from side to side on her back, desperately trying to guide Kate’s tongue further into her. But Kate would have none of it! She held off giving Susan the orgasm she so urgently needed, while managing to bring her to the edge time and time again, until Susan thought she would go mad.

“Please! Please! Please! Oh God please! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me now!!” Susan wailed as she gazed down at her sensual tormentor.

The young woman’s face was now coated in beyoğlu escort pussy juice as she lapped at Susan greedily. Then, judging the moment just right, Kate let one of the vibrators push its way deeply into Susan’s drenched folds while letting her tongue busily brush over the older women’s now erect clit.

“Ohhhhhh!!! Yessssss!!! Ohhhhhhh!!” Screamed Susan through clenched teeth as the most amazing and welcomed orgasm ripped through her body.

But Kate had not yet finished with Susan. As she reached a second orgasm, Kate mischievously aimed a second pencil thin vibrator between the quivering cheeks of Susan’s bottom. Before Susan knew what was happening she found herself letting this pulsating invader deep into her anus, while still accommodating the other vibrator in her wet, wide open pussy.

With skilful manipulation Kate aimed one vibrator upwards and the other downwards until Susan realised she could feel both throbbing side by side, with just her pussy wall keeping them apart. She watched with a glazed expression as Kate once again let her tongue slide over her stiff engorged clitoris, sending her over the edge for a final earth-shattering climax. Susan was now totally and utterly delightfully spent.

The two women held each other close. Both were covered in sheen of perspiration, it had been quite a lovemaking session. Susan was still recovering as she felt Kate reach over her body to select another sex toy. It was now the older woman’s turn to pleasure her younger lover and Susan was determined to show Kate just how good she could be.

“Oh Kate, that was so wickedly divine. You drive me wild, you really do.”

“I know.” Kate grinned back. “And now it’s my turn to choose. I feel like a kid in a candy store. Which one shall I go for? Oh wow! How about this one?”

Susan gazed at the young woman’s choice of toy with a slight feeling of unease. Kate had chosen a very large jelly cock. The head and shaft seemed almost too large for any average female to possibly enjoy.

“Goodness Kate, don’t be silly. That monster’s too big! It’ll split you in half.” Susan protested.

“No it won’t. Come on, I’m dying to cum and this one will do the job nicely. Besides, we’ve both had kids, We’ve been stretched much wider than this.” Kate said, as she waved the magnificent jelly cock provocatively in front of Susan.

“I may have been, but you haven’t. If I remember you had a caesarean!” Susan retorted.

“Ok, well this huge monster should prepare me for the next baby I have then” Laughed Kate as she handed the large object to Susan.

Reluctantly the older women took hold of the toy. It might have been designed to look as lifelike as possible, but no man Susan had slept with had had a cock resembling this one. In fact, she was sure if they had revealed this sort of giant between their legs she would have run a mile! Apart from anything else it was a hideous shade of purple, had a very large circumcised bulbous head and a shaft that had every kind of petruding vain you could think of sticking out of it. And some sort of screw top appeared to be attached to the base.

“You put hot water in that end.” Said Kate, reading Susan’s mind. “It warms the thing up, so you don’t feel like your fucking an ice pole.”

“Never mind that! This thing must be over 12 inches long! I can hardly hold onto it! It’s hideous Kate!” Declared Susan with some alarm.

“It’s 14 inches actually. Look, I know I can’t possibly take all of it, but I do want to feel full and satisfied! Now, come on Susan, I’m a mare on heat here. I want a right royal fucking and your going to give it to me. Please, it’s my choice.” Kate pouted.

“Oh alright. You really are… Oh I don’t know. I just hope you can walk at the end of all this. I don’t want to end up taking you to hospital with that thing stuck up you.” Giggled Susan mischievously.

“Oh, how will I explain THAT to the doctor” laughed Kate. “I’ll have to say I slipped and fell on it by accident!”

Susan pulled herself off the bed and made her way to the bathroom. After running the hot water, she carefully filled the sex toy and screwed the cap back on. The jelly cock felt nice and warm in her hands, however, still not convinced she wasn’t about to do permanent damage to young Kate, she grabbed a bottle of baby oil from the medicine cabinet and warmed that up as well. When she returned to the bedroom she found Kate on her back in the middle of the bed, her legs were splayed apart and her fingers were busy holding a vibrator to her pussy. She was clearly ready and excited by the thought of things to come.

“You want me on top?” Enquired Susan.

“Oh hurry up Susie.” Kate groaned. “I’m nearly there. You know what position I like. Take me!”

Susan knew this was an invitation she couldn’t refuse. All doubts flew from her mind and passionate, uncontrollable lust took over. Quickly she jumped on the bed and purposefully straddled her own naked body bizimkent escort over her young lover, making sure that she lowered her own pussy directly over the young woman’s face. Kate was now pinned down, helpless and trapped, a position she adored to be in.

Susan let some warm oil dribble over her fingers. Grabbing the jelly cock she carefully worked some of the oil over the large purple head. Finally, she let her oil coated fingers easy apart Kate’s pussy lips, spreading them wide and opening her up. Susan smiled to herself as she noticed how the young woman’s clit pushed itself out, inviting her to touch it. Carefully Susan allowed both her thumbs to tease and cover it in warm oil. The muffled groans let Susan know she was doing the right thing and she gasped as her own pussy felt Kate’s tongue lap at her.

“Ok lover. Here we go.” Susan whispered.

Taking hold of the jelly cock, Susan rested it against Kate’s pussy lips. Very, very slowly she used one of her oil soaked hands to push back the labia and introduce the bulbous tip of the monster cock. Kate instinctively pulled back her legs are far as she could, giving Susan the opportunity to push the jelly cock into her. As she had expected Susan met with some resistance, but by now she was so turned on by the situation her desire drove her on to complete what she had started.

Susan dripped more oil over both Kate’s pussy and the purple cock, angling it as straight as she could. She began to easy the giant head once more between the wide-open lips of her lover’s pussy. The muffled cries of pleasure told her to continue.

“Oh yes! Oh Kate yes, this looks so amazing! I know you can take it honey!” Susan began to say in encouragement.

As she pressed the jelly cock further into Kate, Susan noticed with delightful lust that the giant head of the sex toy was indeed slowly sliding its way past the lips of her lover’s pussy. Inch by inch she pushed it forward until the head at last disappeared inside. It looked deliciously, obscenely, wonderful.

Kate’s muffled groans of pleasure encouraged Susan to work frantically. Using the large head of the jelly cock, she began pushing it faster into the now gaping pussy of her younger lover. Her hands were now covered in a mixture of love juice and baby oil and she noticed with lustful delight how sodden and wet this made the bedclothes. Leaning back, Susan also enjoyed the wicked sensation of entrapping her lover, slightly suffocating her and forcing her to lick her pussy as Kate gasped for air.

“Oh Kate. Yes! Oh! Baby!” Susan moaned.

However, Susan felt she had now teased Kate enough. She began to ease her own body forward, so to allow Kate a brief moment of freedom. Staring down, Susan was slightly alarmed to see how overcome Kate appeared to be. Her eyes were shut tight and her face flustered and bright red; her once golden hair was now matted and soaked in sweat and pussy juice. However, this brief respite appeared to be the last thing young Kate wanted.

“No! Don’t stop! Smother me! Smother me again! Please, I’m nearly there!” Kate begged.

For a split second Susan almost asked her if she was sure she wanted her to continue, but rightly thought better of it. Throughout their relationship Kate had taught Susan to stop worrying if everything was all right and enjoy the shear spontaneous pleasure of their lovemaking. Annoyed with herself for not doing this, Susan immediately placed her thighs either side of the young woman’s face and again lowered her hot, dripping pussy over Kate’s expectant mouth.

This time Susan showed no mercy. She pounded the head of jelly cock in and out of her lover’s now gaping, open pussy. All the while she made sure that she was pushing down over young Kate’s face. It was a glorious feeling. She bit her lip to stop herself from going over the edge. All her concentration was needed to finish Kate off.

The jelly cock now moved easily in and out. Susan’s hands seemed almost a blur. She heard the muffled cries of joy. Faster and faster, working it faster. Building up her lover’s climax. Watching as her young body strained and heaved beneath her. Then it happened. Kate’s whole body seemed to suddenly stiffen. Her hands tore at the bedcovers, her legs and feet became rigid and she almost managed to push Susan off her. With a cry of pure ecstasy, Kate let the biggest orgasm take total utter control of her. It was deliciously depraved.

At last it was Christmas Day. Usually a time of piece, goodwill and also total mania in the kitchen! As Susan busied herself preparing the family feast, her husband John, knew from past experience to keep well out of her way while this ‘ritual’ took place. However, as he cautiously brought his wife a glass of wine he was pleasantly surprised. Far from being in a furious frenzy, he found Susan happy, serine and in a very pleasant mood.

“Oh, thank you darling. How very thoughtful of you. Merry Christmas!” She said

“Oh, and a merry Christmas to you to. Is everything all right? Do you need a hand?”

“No, I’m fine darling. Everything’s fine. No worries at all. Actually, if I’m not mistaken, that’s the doorbell.” Susan continued, “They must be here now. You better go let them in”

“Oh, right. I won’t be a minute.” Her husband excitedly said as he hurriedly disappeared out of the kitchen.

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