Ashley was standing in the hallway when Kris opened the door. The look in Kris’ eyes was unmistakably predatory. She closed the door and pushed Ashley hard against the wall, pressing her body tight against Ashley’s. She purred in Ashley’s ear, “Honey, I’m home…” and instantly claimed her mouth in a kiss. This was not just a ‘hi, how are you?’ kiss. It was rough. It was possessive. Kris took Ashley’s wrists and held them above her head with one hand while they kissed. The other hand was free to roam and began to tease Ashley relentlessly. Kris’ hips were grinding into Ashley’s and her hand was cupping Ashley’s breast, flicking against her nipple with her thumb. Ashley moaned into the kiss and arched her hips toward Kris. This elicited a growl from Kris. She wanted Ashley now more than ever.

Both women’s pulses quickened with their breathing. Kisses turned to nibbles when Ashley moved from Kris’ mouth down to her neck. Quickly, she bit down hard on the soft flesh of Kris’ neck causing Kris’ whole body to jerk and a deep moan to escape her lips. She let Ashley’s hands fall and began walking her backwards toward the couch. As their feet made steps through the room the girls began undressing each other–one shirt off, then pants..a sock here…bra over there. The two were insatiable. Once they reached the couch, Ashley pushed Kris down on the cushions and tugged off the last remnants of her clothing.

The touch of skin on skin was hot. Ashley straddled Kris’ hips and began grinding down against her. Kris’ face flushed and her hips bucked hard against Ashley’s. She grabbed Ashley’s hips pulling her closer while her mouth sought out Ashley’s. When their lips met again, their bodies were on fire. The kiss was as rough and demanding as Ashley’s hips against Kris’. Kris’s body and her mind wanted the same thing, but had two different ideas about how to get there. She sat up on the couch, pushing Ashley backwards and ended the kiss. Reluctantly she rose to her feet and took Ashley by the hand, pulling her up. Without a beşiktaş escort word, she walked down the hall toward the bedroom, lightening flashing in her eyes.

In the bedroom, Kris pushed Ashley roughly on the bed and crawled on top of her. She reached in the bedside drawer and pulled out four lengths of rope. She began at Ashley’s left hand and tied it to the bedpost. She repeated the gesture on her other hand and each foot. Once Ashley was securely tied, Kris slid up to her right side, grinning devilishly. “Comfortable?” she asked. Ashley didn’t make a sound. With her right index finger, Kris slowly circled Ashley’s nipples, teasing but never touching them. She traced a slow, swirling line from one nipple to the other, down between her breasts and to her belly button, hovering just a bit lower and then trailing back upward ending with a sharp flick of her nipple. Ashley groaned and pulled at her restraints. Kris smiled letting her hand trail back down below Ashley’s belly button.

There, she teased and tickled, moving closer and closer to Ashley’s dripping pussy. Kris’ fingers lightly brushed Ashley’s inner thigh, circled upward for a moment then back to the other thigh. Goosebumps covered Ashley’s body as she fought to attain more contact with Kris’ roaming fingers. Just as Ashley closed her eyes, Kris slowly ran one finger over her pussy, slipping to barely brush against her clit. The result was a full body spasm. Ashley pulled harder against the ropes and tried to arch her hips. Kris kept eye contact with her, smiling the entire time. Ashley craned her neck wanting Kris to kiss her, to hold her, just to be closer to her. Instead of kissing her, Kris leaned down and flicked Ashley’s nipple with her tongue at the same time her finger brushed Ashley’s clit again.

In a surprise move, Kris blindfolded Ashley with a scarf from the same drawer she’d gotten the rope from. After the scarf was tied around Ashley’s head, Kris kissed her softly as she slid off the bed. beşyol escort Ashley was left alone on the bed not knowing what would happen next. Ashley heard a rustling on the other side of the room and then felt Kris on the bed again. She loosened the ties on her ankles so her knees could be bent and then tied them again, locking her in that position. From her left ankle, Kris began kissing up her leg, licking and teasing her skin. Ashley moaned and squirmed more and more the closer Kris got to her pussy. Kris lingered just above Ashley’s knee before moving to her inner thighs. She moved slower there and finally stopped between her legs, sliding her tongue slowly up Ashley’s pussy, dipping in and circling around her clit slow at first, but then faster with sharper flicks of her tongue. She felt Ashley’s body begin to shake and her muscles tense. That was her cue to stop.

Kris kissed over to her other thigh and back down more slowly than she’d kissed up the other leg but she kept her hand placed softly against Ashley’s pussy. Her hips ground up and down trying to increase the pressure but Kris’ hand remained still. She kissed back up Ashley’s legs, alternating from one to the other, over her hips and then to her stomach. She kept her body up away from Ashley’s which caused her to groan and squirm even more. Ashley wanted to feel Kris’ body against hers. While Kris kissed between Ashley’s breasts. she knelt between her legs. Ashley gasped when she realized why Kris had gotten off the bed. Kris was wearing the strap on. Kris teased Ashley by pressing her hips against hers, then moving away again all while she kissed and sucked on her nipples. Kris kissed up to Ashley’s collar bone and then to her neck and whispered, “I want to fuck you til you scream.” Ashley answered with a groan and a shudder. Kris wanted to take her right then, but she resisted the urge. She kept teasing. She’d push her hips closer to Ashley’s each time letting her feel the strap on, trying to make her beg beykent escort for it. Ashley whimpered softly and pulled harder at her restraints. Kris only smiled and kissed down her neck, whispering against her skin, “Beg for it.”

Ashley wasn’t sure what to say or do. She managed a whispered, “Please…” but that made Kris stop altogether. So she tried again, “Please fuck me.” Kris’ hips pushed against hers and she entered her but only for a brief second. Ashley heard Kris laugh softly. Becoming more and more frustrated she demanded, “Fuck me, bitch!” She heard Kris gasp and felt her shudder softly. And then Kris pushed her cock deep inside her. She started off slow. always pausing before pushing back in. Ashley’s hips matched every thrust she made and her moans and cries were music to Kris’ ears. As Ashley’s moans intensified and her body began to tense, Kris sped up, going deeper with each thrust, grinding her hips against Ashley’s before pulling out and doing it all over again. Soon, Ashley’s body began to shake and Kris stopped again. She kissed Ashley and grinned. She was answered with a growl from Ashley.

Kris kissed from Ashley’s lips down to her neck then quickly slammed her cock into Ashley. She gasped and squeezed her thighs together, urging Kris to do it again. Kris began fucking her harder but with slow strokes. Ashley was on the edge and Kris was keeping her there, teetering. She sped up and with one final thrust, Ashley threw her head back as wave after wave of pleasure hit. Kris never stopped, never slowed her movements. Ashley slowly came down but quickly came again. Each time she’d come her moans got louder, her body shook more. The pressure of the strap on had Kris on the edge, too. She reached up and pulled the blindfold off Ashley’s eyes. She looked deep into them, pleading for her to tell her to come. She enjoyed teasing Ashley but there were times when she needed Ashley to take over.

Finally Ashley whispered in Kris’ ear, “Come, slut.” Kris’s hips bucked and her muscles began to spasm. She felt Ashley coming with her while she rode out the feeling. Exhausted, the two collapsed together on the bed. Kris reached and untied Ashley’s hands and slowly pulled out of her to snuggle up against her, walking her fingers around Ashley’s stomach.

After a few moments she giggled and asked, “Wanna go again?”

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