Surprise Sleepover Ch. 01


I step out of the bath. I’m light-headed, the water was too hot and the room is full of steam. I feel really relaxed now. I take a warm towel from the radiator to wrap around my body and a second which I use for my hair.

In the bedroom I dry off. I rub cocoa butter over my breasts, stomach and bottom adding a little extra over the now exposed, shaven flesh of my mound, before slipping into vest and shorts pjs. The brief sensation of my fingers gliding over my skin has brought my nipples to attention, but I ignore it. Barefoot, I wander downstairs to the kitchen where I pour myself a glass of wine before taking a seat on the sofa and scrolling through the TV guide. Its a little after 9.30, too early for bed and I want to delay the masturbation session I have planned until later when there’s a chance you’ll be online to chat or share pictures with. I find something to watch, total chick flick which I’ve seen before (a perfect distraction) and settle down. A few minutes later my phone beeps. The sight of your name on my screen is exciting and I hurriedly open the message.

“I’m 2 minutes away. Are you home?”

I tap a reply..

“Of course I’m home. You’re coming here????”

My heart is pounding, I can’t believe you would just turn up, I almost think you’re joking but decide I can’t risk it.

I sprint up the stairs to check myself in the mirror seeing my hair is a mass of damp unbrushed curls, I have no make on and am wearing pjs. I consider my options, I clearly don’t have time to get changed and put make up on so I settle for moisturiser and lip gloss. Im hastily picking up the towels on the bedroom floor when my phone beeps again.

“I’m here, come let me in”

I run back down the stairs again and open the door. My still racing heart leaps as our eyes meet and you produce a megawatt smile for me. “Hey you”

I step back to let you in and I can see you assessing me, eyeing up how much flesh I have exposed but also how flustered I am by your surprise appearance. As you pass me you brush your lips against mine. It’s only the briefest second, just long enough for me to smell your aftershave. You stroll inside towards the kitchen, removing your jacket as you go. You içerenköy escort glance at the television as you pass through the living room and tut loudly at the chick flick on the screen “you don’t expect me to watch that, do you?”

Closing the door, I follow you into the kitchen and watch you hang your jacket over a chair before grabbing a glass from the cupboard and helping yourself to my wine, making yourself at home. I tell you I wasnt expecting to see you and might’ve made more effort if I’d known you’d be coming round.

“No point dressing up for me Princess,” you say taking my wrist and pulling me in for a kiss. “If anything, I’d say you’re a bit over-dressed.”

I laugh and try to push away from you but don’t put up much resistance when you hold me tighter, mostly because the tensing of the muscles in your arms is irresistible. I relax into you again as you wrap your arms around me properly, kissing me slowly and snaking a hand around to squeeze my ass.

“Nice Pjs” you say “I have to be up early but I thought I’d come for a sleepover, if that’s ok?” I nod the and tell you that sounds like a good plan to me.

“Great” you say, letting go of me “I brought my toothbrush and everything.” It’s only then that I notice a bag youve brought with you, on the floor.

“Oh really? Confident i see. What else you got?”

“I was going to show you later but as you ask…”

You start taking all your things out of the bag – t-shirt, boxers, toothbrush, the usual stuff. But then you produce a tub of Ben and Jerrys, your iPod and bar of Dairy Milk.

I laugh when I see what you brought with you. “All the essentials for later” you say.

“And for now?”

“Now, I thought we were watching some girly crap and drinking this wine, but you can have this chocolate.”

You throw the ice cream in the freezer, kick off your shoes and we go back into the living room together. We chat through what’s left of the film I’d been watching, sat snuggled up on the sofa, sharing the chocolate but as the film ends you declare that it’s bedtime.

Upstairs you put your IPod on through my dock, strip down to your boxers and kadıköy escort we climb into bed. You won’t tell me what’s on the playlist but I’ve got a fair idea. We kiss all the way through the first couple of tracks- some snow patrol and something I didn’t recognise.

“I think the ice cream will be ready to eat now” you say, pulling yourself up to sitting and grabbing the tub and spoon from the bedside table. You feed me spoon after spoonful, only occasionally taking any for yourself. When I tell you that you should have more of it you say you’re waiting till I’m done.

“I’ve had enough then.”

“Right, my turn it is!” And I know what you have in mind.

Putting the tub down, you kiss me, push my vest up over my breasts and pull it off as I raise my arms in the air compliantly. You pull the duvet from my legs and order me to lie down and roll over on to my front. I comply.

I feel you shift. The iPod stops abruptly before stirring back to life with Luke Sital-Singh’s Fail for you. I’m facedown, eyes closed, both my hands behind my head, holding my hair off my neck, just as you have asked me to.

I can feel you looking at me, hear your breathe, slow and steady. I’m waiting for you to touch me for what seems like an age while you take your time studying me. You drag your eyes down over me, looking at my hands in my hair and think that on another occasion you must remember to tie them there, a classic surrender pose. The thought is distracting. Slowly you take in every detail of my neck and naked back, noticing the small amount of breast visible to you pushed against the mattress. The curve of my ass is hidden from view in my pyjamas, for now at least.

Finally you’re placing your warm hand on the back of my neck, squeezing gently before you start stroking with your fingertips over my back. I feel my nipples tighten as a wave of goosebumps wash over me.

Without breaking contact, you move to straddle me. My thighs are squeezed together creating a welcome pressure between my legs where my arousal is already starting to build.

Moments later, you pause your stroking and I feel your weight on me and your kartal escort breath on my neck before you kiss me and my tummy is filled with butterflies, as so often happens.

The heat of your bare chest against my back feels perfect. So much so, that I’m disappointed when you take it away again.

That’s when it happens. The first sensation of melting ice cream being poured directly from the tub, hits me between my shoulder blades. I jump at the wet cold burst against my skin and laugh, I feel it start to slide down along my spine before a second dose is delivered just a little lower. You move a little and then your mouth is on me, licking and cleaning me with long luxurious strokes, sucking the ice cream from my skin. I struggle to stay still. “You taste good Princess, are you ready for more?” You whisper in my ear and I nod as much as my position allows.

Clearly satisfied that I am enjoying the experience, you scoop some ice cream from the tub onto my back, sliding it up and down my spine with your fingers before licking it up again. The feeling is both exciting and soothing. You do this several times, venturing a little lower each time until you can go no further, at which point you encourage me to lift my hips a little so that you’re able to wiggle my pjs down and off. You push my legs apart and reposition yourself between them. I know that you are just looking at me, exposed and I wonder if my shaven pussy is visibly wet, even in the low lighting. I register the ending of Why I was born by Gene on the iPod and I’m momentarily distracted in trying to work out from the intro what the next track is but I don’t have long. My concentration is pulled by the freezing sensation of ice cream running down from the cleft of my ass, followed by your fingers, followed by your tongue. Second time around there’s more and it runs over my tight entrance and down to pool with the wetness of my pussy. I gasp as you trace it’s path with your tongue, licking at my pussy only briefly as I raise my hips before returning your attention to my ass. This time, with the melting icecream on your fingers you work at my tight hole, slowly and gently until you’re pushing into me and I’m panting and pushing against you. Eventually it’s hard to know what sensation is fingers and which is your tongue and I’m desperate to roll over, pull you forward and drive your cock into my neglected, dripping sex.

Luckily for me, you much prefer to be able to see my pleasure on my face and you are equally desperate to see my breasts and have them in your mouth.

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