Super Soaker ~~~~~


Super Soaker ~~~~~It was 1992. I will never forget, it was a mild summer day and unusual blue sky in Washington State. I was 14 at the time. Just got done playing a backyard football game with the neighborhood military k**s like myself, and like after every game we headed to our houses for drinks and snacks. As I sat on my porch a friend of mine came upon me with his Super Soaker (a recreational water gun that was popular in the 90s) manually pressurizing it or pumping it for the air pressure needed for the range and force of the next jet stream of water. Well as he did this he was imitating jacking off… and as I sat and watched him my “then” innocent mind dimmed the lights and started the reels and I pictured myself doing that with my dick in my hand and not a Super Soaker of any sort. That very second, minute, hour and day a star was born…After about a half hour or so outside being bored I headed in the house. My parents and newborn sister were upstairs, my little brother (10) was still outside. “WoW”, I had the whole living room to myself. “Could this be the time?” or was I rushin? No, I’m American, haha, side joke. But anyway… on my knees in front of the TV with my dick out and shorts slid down a bit and remote in my hand, Escort “Ooh! “Ooh!” Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s -Big Butts- video was on MTV, wow how perfect!So I started stroking him and it felt so good. This would be the first time I ever busted a nut, so this feeling I got from jacking off was a once in a lifetime feeling. It felt so great, I was unaware of my surroundings totally. But don’t worry I didn’t get caught, and never have to this day. After so many strokes (there was no concept of time) out it came and the feeling was cumpletely indescribable. I felt so good and like a had a new level of happiness and excitement to my life. Kind of like I had powers of a hero, haha. But wait! I got to get up and slide my shorts back up, “Oh No!!!” Looking down at my shorts and on the floor in front of me was a huge mess, I was so unprepared. No towel, sock, worn shirt or nothing that I now know to use to clean me up. Oddly, I did take the time to smell the white stuff that was all over my fingers and left hand. Also, oddly I felt slight slumber and blissful (yawn). Thinking fast I walked quickly to the bathroom, glad that we had one downstairs, and closed the door and wiped myself with toilet paper (something I never do anymore. That was a one Escort Bayan time thing, I hate picking off all the toilet paper that sticks, haha. Then I went back and wiped the floor, the toilet paper served mighty well there. The sun was halfway down and the family and I were having dinner and the house atmosphere was back to normal but not I. I was a happy camper. My mind was flooded with “Again!” “When?” “Cum On! Go to sleep you people!” (My family) But as I finished dinner I thought I heard the microwave “Ding” but it was that mind of mine…It was like I faded out and into a gymnasium with the fans chanting, “Take a bath! Take a bath! Take a bath!” But it was only around 6 or 7pm maybe, kinda early huh?I took the longest bath ever, haha. And found out that it clumped up a bit in water but still felt just as good. Then later I mastered doing it quietly, as I owned the top bunk, bummmmmerrrrr. But still enjoyable. I snagged every monthly Jet Magazine that my step-dad had subscribed and jacked off to the “Beauty of the Week” for months thereafter. I quickly modified and mastered my techniques and learned to access my surroundings to remain ninja like. I wanted to remain in stealth and better at not leaving wipe towels Bayan Escort all around for my mom to find, would of been embarassing. So I got one of my newborn sister stuffed a****ls and cut a hole in it between it’s stuffed part, yet sturdy legs. I’d rub the soft fluffy stuffed a****l up and down against my standing stiff dick while on my back being not only quiet on the top bunk but right before my load shot out I’d put my dick inside the stuff a****l making it to where I didn’t need to wipe with towels, socks or worn shirts…PERFECT!!!! Then I’d toss the stuffed a****l, which was some fluffy dog by the way, into my closet that was shared by my brother and I. It’s been almost 20 years now, I’ll be 34, March 8th 2012. I still love it to this day, even though I get handjobs more than I jack off myself. I only like jacking off to porn or tributes and all, but if no porn is available then I prefer someone else’s hand. During these almost 20 years I’ve jacked off when at the workplace, in front of female friends who like it and just about anytime/any place. There’s an old saying “A bird in the hand is worth two in a bush”. Well to me “A dick in the hand worth it!” Haha, I tried to think of a rhyme (sorry). It builds up tolerance and of course is satisfying. And isn’t it weird that of all the things in the world… a Super Soaker??? Really!? (No one in my family would of ever told me how great masturbating/jacking off is.) Thank you all for reading and/or commenting:-D

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