Sunshine Funtime


For the second evening we three had met in the bar of the holiday hotel after dinner. The couple were Mark and Nancy from the Midlands. We were all on “sunshine” breaks on a Mediterranean Island. , Mark was going to play two rounds golf with friends from another hotel every single day and Nancy was determined to go home with a tan which would be the envy of her friends. I was there to lie in the sun for a couple of weeks as an antidote to a year on the North Sea oil rigs. We got along famously and the drink flowed as we got to know each other. Mark was at the bar when Nancy asked me why she had not seen me at the hotel private beach where she disported herself daily. I explained that I went up the coast to the nudist beach every morning.

“I don’t know if I could do that.” She said, “Strip in front of other people.”

I suggested that she would never know unless she tried, and she was welcome to come with me in the morning. It was clothing optional and she might look out of place if she was not at least topless, but, she could do as she liked.

“I’ve no problem topless.” She said, and was about to say more when Mark returned with the drinks and the subject was swiftly dropped. Before the end of the evening I let Nancy know that I would be leaving at 10 in the morning, if she wanted to come, we could meet in Reception.

She met me in the morning and as we motored to the beach I explained that I was a “holiday” nudist, mainly because it seemed silly to me to put on clothes to bathe. What I didn’t say was that I love viewing the naked female form and any nude lady has a beauty of her own. Also, after a long cold year up north and a messy break up some weeks previously I was as horny as hell and since sex usually involved taking off one’s clothes, starting nude seemed to me to be a way of dispensing with some of the preliminaries. Silly me!

I had brought extra towels and since we were early we claimed a space towards the end of the strand where it was never too busy. I put up a wind break which would also serve as a sunshade if the heat became unbearable

I stripped off, lay on my back and let the sun’s rays start to do their work.

Nancy, somewhat diffidently, stripped to the lower half of a bikini taking some time to cast aside her bra. I began to appreciate just how beautiful she was and my mind was already wondering how far I might go with her. Her hair was jet black reaching below the shoulders, the skin well tanned although her ample breasts were less brown. I could not help but notice, well I am a full blooded male, that there were more that a few crisp curly hairs escaping from the sides and top of her brief costume.

Thinking to have a first touch, I suggested the old ruse of application of sun tan cream and was a bit deflated to be told that she had taken care of that with a day long preparation before she set out.

Before long we had our first dip.. Once the water was over our waists, I asked her if she would do something for me and she agreed to take off the one garment she was wearing.

“Wow! I never believed it would feel so good! This is amazing! I have never had these feelings before. I’m an immediate convert!”

I thought to myself “Aye, skinny dipping is one thing, but how will she feel out of the water?”

I need not have worried. She walked out of the water and when we reached our towels maltepe escort said “Do you know the air on my skin feels almost as good as the water.”

While we drank some wine I studied her again. Her bush had fluffed up, with a little discrete combing from her fingers. It was so thick that one might have taken it for a thong, but for the thin line of black hair which reached up to her navel; there was only the suggestion of pussy lips under that luxuriant growth. Her belly had a gentle swell, her butt was firm from serious exercise and her breasts were asking for attention, nipples each like a mini hard on.. She saw my looks and said “Like what you see?”

“You are one of the most beautiful, desirable women I have ever met. Mark is a lucky fellow. I -“

“We’ll talk about that later. I want you to take me along the beach to see what the well dressed nude is wearing this season.”

We walked the beach and she explained that she wanted to trim her pubic hair and was looking for inspiration. I said that I would love to be her coiffeur and with a glint in her eye she said that it might be arranged.

After our walk she decided that she had had enough of the sun and we dressed and made our way back to the car. I noticed that she didn’t bother with panties or bra and filed that little titbit away for future reference.

During drinks at the bar that evening as Mark gave us a hole-by-hole account of his day, I had a crazy thought that with luck I might be doing the same by the end of the week. Our outing was never mentioned and I felt encouraged that we had a secret together. She managed to whisper to me “Tomorrow, again?” and I was quick to nod a “Yes.”

Just before ten the following morning I received a call from Nancy asking if I could come and fix something in her room. I tried to cover my surprise when she opened to my knock quite naked. She gave me a quick kiss and moved over to the bed. Laid out on a towel were all the accoutrements for a shampoo and set,. brush, combs, scissors, and a razor with a can of foam.

“I want you to style my bush.” She said. “I want a heart shape, and, in case I ever wear panties or a thong again, I want you to trim all around, my groin and ass. And if I am going to show myself off on the beach I want the boys and girls to see my lips too.”

I immediately marched to the door and opened it. “Hey, I didn’t mean……….” I took the Do Not Disturb sign, hung it on the door, shut it, locked it and returned to her, laughing.

“Nancy I am going to enjoy this. Are you quite certain?”

“Yes and while you are doing it I will tell you about me and Mark. I should have told you yesterday but I had a lot on my mind and I knew it could wait for at least a day.”

I had her lie on the bed, her legs over the edge, a towel underneath She told me where to find KY and I brought it to the bed with a handful of tissues. I sat between her legs on the dressing table stool which was just the right height for my purpose. “Trust me.” I said. Although I didn’t quite trust myself. I opened her legs until her vagina was shining in front of my eyes. It was already moist but I spread a liberal amount of jelly between the folds. And taking a large dab on a finger, gently worked it inside. I looked up into her smouldering eyes.

“It would be easy to forget what I am here for.”

“I pendik escort know, but please get started. You’ll get your reward..”

I scrunched a wad of tissues and eased it into her tunnel.

“That’s for safety.”

I lifted the scissors and started. I trimmed the long hair to about half an inch. As I worked she talked.

“I wasn’t born yesterday, you know. From the first evening we met I know you have been wanting into my panties. I must say you got those off pretty quickly.”

She went on to explain that she and Mark had had their wild moments, had tried the group scene, and each new that they would periodically be tempted to stray. They valued their marriage but were quite realistic and each agreed that a little fun on the side would do no harm if they set down one or two rules. They would never stay away overnight with a temporary partner and they would not fuck. If they wanted to they could recount their adventures to the other but this was not a fixed rule. That left plenty of scope for lots of fun.

“You mean you each could do anything except the ultimate?”

“Yes, but there is an escape clause which I will explain if we should reach a certain stage.”

Intrigued, I said no more on the subject except to remark that it was a most remarkable, but, sensible arrangement. I thought to myself, everything but fucking could be fun.

I got a piece of paper and with the scissors cut out a heart shape about three inches deep by two and a half wide. I told Nancy that I would copy this shape with the bottom of the heart just above the top of her slit. I sprayed foam over her mound, put my template in position and started shaving very carefully. Removing the paper I was pleased with the effect. I had left the line of hair up to her belly button and the heart looked as if it was suspended on it. Her vulva shone, glistening and inviting. I then shaved all the hair from her groin, got a sponge and mopped up. I eased out the soaking wet tissues and held them to my nose. This was an entirely new fragrance to me and I inhaled deeply. I looked down at her and said, “That looks good enough to eat.”

“You can have a wee nibble now, but you’re not finished you know.”

I kissed her full on the lips as if it were her mouth..

I felt her tense, then relax, lying back on the bed, eyes closed.

The lips were shut tight and I took them in my mouth, sucking gently, then worked my tongue between them, swirling it around. They appeared to enlarge in my mouth and I began to taste that essential essence of woman. Nancy squirmed got herself a little more comfortable; I heard a content sigh and warmed to my task.

Managing to separate the lips, I took one flap of flesh into my mouth, sucked hard on it and then let her feel my teeth as I pulled it away from her body. “Al dente” indeed, I thought; soon I was damned near chewing! I reached over and just touched the very top of her clit with the tip of a finger. It was as if I had thrown a switch. Her hips rose from the bed, her mound forcing my face upwards. She writhed and squirmed then her legs were holding my face in a vice like grip. The heat was palpable and the moistness was not all due to my perspiring forehead.

“Stay just like that, honey! Let’s calm down. We have all day.”

Eventually we disentangled and kissed, smiling almost kaynarca escort sheepishly at each other.

“We should really have a shower, but, the sea will take care of everything.” She said.

Nancy slipped into a button-down dress, nothing else but a pair of sandals, and we were soon on the beach again.

This time we arranged the wind breaks on three sides of a square, anyone wanting to see us would have to make a conscious effort to do so.

There was no modesty as Nancy stepped out of the dress, I shrugged off my few clothes, then we rushed into the water. We cavorted like children, cleaned off all traces of our brief adventure, swam a little, and made our way back to our little haven.

There were giggles and sighs as we oiled each other up, all over, except for my cock and balls.

“Don’t like the taste of that stuff.”

During the course of all our play my cock had ranged from semi-hard to a raging erection and Nancy had watched the changes with something akin to fascination.

“I’m so glad you aren’t cut. I have a little treat for you.”

My glans had forced its way out from the protection of the foreskin, ready for action. She cleverly manipulated it back into the hood and held it like that with one hand. Head bowed, she licked the very tip, her tongue darting in and out of the tiny hole. She looked in to my eyes.

“Salt!” She said

Then the fireworks started. She eased her tongue between my foreskin and the glans. My cock twitched as I felt the almost rough surface of her tongue on the tender flesh. She circled all round the knob, and made the return journey, then quickly round and round. She cupped my balls which were tight up against the shaft. She fingered each individually as if gauging the size, and traced the stretched seam underneath. Her tongue crept into each crevice on the underside of the glans. I swear I could feel a pulse on her tongue beating in time to the pumping of blood in my cock.

I could only take so much of this and warned her of the impending explosion. I jerked and twitched and bucked forcing the length of my cock into her mouth. Her teasing became a sucking motion and I was milked dry. There was no question of cleaning up this time. She had swallowed every single drop. I lay back, exhausted.

“Wow! Where did you learn that?”

“We all have our secrets.”

An hour was spent, sipping wine, sunning, chatting, kissing and generally getting to know each other even better.

I was happy enough with our adventures and would have been content with a guiltless holiday fling except that I was intrigued by Nancy’s reference to an “escape clause”. We all enjoy the thrill of a full blown fuck and I thought that with luck this might still be on.

I asked her about her enigmatic remark.

“So far we have done nothing which would have concerned Mark.” she said.

She explained further. They had used condoms during the first few months of their relationship. Mark had always insisted that using condoms was not real intercourse. It was like washing your hands with gloves on. There was no real feeling. Nancy extended this theory to the extent that using a condom was not really intercourse at all. There was none of the meeting of flesh, none of that essential togetherness of a full throttle fuck, no mixing of juices; it was not the real thing. There was a barrier. So, ergo, using a condom was not the ultimate. The solution for us was obvious.

“We still have a couple of hours before Mark is due home” she smiled.

The only stop we made on the way back to the hotel was at the Supermarket, where I stocked up on the necessary prophylactics.

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