Summer Nights Wrestle Ch. 02

Public Sex

There I was on the brink of living out a fantasy that had plagued my mind for years…I was about to wrestle Isaac nude. All those fantasies I had were finally here threatening to beat my ass on the mat. I had so many variations that had played out in my head over the years. In some I would dominate Isaac and others he would dominate me. Right now…in this moment…I didn’t care which way it went. I just wanted to feel his body in a struggle against mine for dominance. I resolved myself to let it go as far as he would take it as I did not want this opportunity to be wasted.

I was suddenly awoken from my thoughts to the feel of Isaacs hands in mine in a test of strength and found myself quickly being forced to the mat. My moment of wandering thoughts had already put me in a bad position. As my knees hit the mat he released my hands and I found myself in a front headlock and quickly saw the world spin as Isaac rolled backwards flipping me over him and onto my back with a loud thud. The wind knocked out of me, all I was seeing was stars and next thing I knew I felt Isaac on top of me and my arms pinned above my head. Isaac was staring into my eyes with those beautiful blue eyes with a total look of mischief and a smirk…”You ready to give or you want more punishment?” he said. I began to struggle trying to find footing with my legs and feet but he quickly grapevine my legs stretching them outwards drawing our bodies tight together.

Even though I was losing badly I was in heaven. As Isaac increased the pressure I could feel our cocks grinding against one another having their own wrestling match as his cock worked mine over pinning it. As we both started to sweat it provided a slick lubricant as our hard cocks continued to grind. I was in heaven. Despite the humility of Isaac completely dominating me, I had a burning lust welling Fikirtepe Escort deep inside begging for release. Isaac pushed my hands together above my head and gripped them by the wrist with one hand, and with his free hand began pinching and twisting at my nipple again asking if I was ready to give. I flailed wildly and my legs and wrist finally broke free of Isaacs python like grip catching him off guard. I got out from under Isaac and quickly mounted him from behind and put him in a headlock.

I had Isaac face down on the mat finally in a position of dominance. My cock slick with sweat was sliding in between his as cheeks as he struggled. I could feel a tingling deep inside. I wanted to take Isaac right then and there…teach him a lesson for challenging me. The fantasy was short lived. Isaac pushed up with me on his back, grabbed my arm, and flipped me once again clear over his shoulder and I landed with yet another thud. Dazed and seeing stars yet again, I finally regained my senses in time to see Isaac grinning standing over me, one foot on either side of my chest. His rock-hard cock jutting out in front him, he lowered himself pinning me in a schoolboy pin. There was a lust in his eyes matching what I had felt moments before during my brief control. He once again said, “Ready to give up?” As I opened my mouth and began to say, “Fuck You” he grabbed my hair with one hand, and with his other guided his cock right into my open mouth.

I had never sucked a cock before much less had one thrust deeper and deeper with each stroke until to my surprise I had taken his whole cock inside my throat. Isaac groaned and grunted with each deep stroke telling me how good I was at sucking his “Winner Cock”. I half heartedly mumbled in protest enjoying the sweet salty taste of his sweat and precum mixing in my mouth. Fikirtepe Escort Bayan Despite the enjoyment I still wanted to try to win, I tried bucking Isaac off practically gagging myself but finally succeeding flinging Isaac off to the side. I laid face down for a moment coughing from nearly impaling the back of my throat with Isaac’s cock.

I heard a shuffling across the mat and saw Isaac’s shadow envelop me before I could even react. Isaac had mounted me just as I had done to him and put me in a headlock. I was about to try to push off the floor when he rolled us both onto his back and grapevined my legs from behind. All I could do was hold on to Isaac’s arm with both hands hoping to break free. As he once again stretched my legs apart, I could feel his rock-hard cock sliding between my ass cheeks, drenched in sweat and saliva from the merciless throat fucking he had given me moments before. I was so turned on my own cock was rock hard and throbbing, obscenely swaying side to side as I struggled to free myself. As I quickly tired arching against his python like grip I began to drop back towards Isaac and froze when I felt his cockhead, which was pointing straight up at my descending ass find its way right to my back door. For a moment I felt Isaac pause as well. I think we were both stunned by what was happening and what was about to happen.

After what seemed like an eternity frozen in time, I felt Isaac applying pressure to the grapevine hold stretching my legs apart once again and as he did, I could feel the tip of his hard cock straining against my backdoor. Slick with my saliva and sweat it started to push its way in. A part of me wanted to stop, but another part of me was deep in the throws of animalistic lust and didn’t care what was about to happen. With I pop his cockhead finally broke my Escort Fikirtepe defenses and started sliding inch by inch into my ass. As it slowly plunged balls deep into my ass Isaac and I both simultaneously released a guttural moan.

After a few moments I was able to relax and Isaac, keeping his arm around my throat and legs trapped, began slowly fucking me from below. I could feel his rock hard cock swell with each withdrawal and each penetration. My back arched as he kept head and legs restrained while thrusting his cock upwards deep into my ass. I was in a frenzy as my cock would flap back hitting my stomach with each of Isaac’s thrusts. I could feel a tingling welling up inside my cock and started seeing strands of precum oozing from the tip of my cock as Isaac was hitting my prostate expertly with each thrust. I wasn’t going to last much longer. I could hear Isaac’s groans and grunts and his hot breath in my ear and then heard him growl, “Fuck I am going to fill your ass with my cum!” as his pace quickened. Suddenly with one final deep thrust tenting me towards the ceiling he screamed “Fuuuuuuuck!!!” I could feel his cock spasming and pulsing deep inside of me as wave after wave of his hot cum flooded my ass. Suddenly, the tingling I had felt earlier was a raging river breaking free through a dam. My cock exploded shooting strand after strand of hot cum all over my chest and face and into Isaac’s open mouth as he lay behind still shooting cum inside me.

We lay there on the mats motionless, covered in sweat and cum, gasping for air for a bit. Isaac released his hold on me and eventually I rolled off him as his cock popped out of my ass with a loud thud as it slapped his stomach. I laid face down on the mat next to him exhausted and we looked at each other and laughed. “You have no idea how long I have fantasized about wrestling you like this Isaac”, I said. “Well, we have to have a rematch sometime then.”, Isaac said in reply. “You’re on, but I need to learn some moves so I have a chance of winning next time!”, I said.

And that my friends is what started me on my road to a dark wrestling obsession.

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