Sugar Baby Ch. 03


Eating lunch with Annie, I replayed my first date with Tim. Once satisfied that all the details were out in the open she changed the subject to Desmond.” Are you still hooking up with that sex crazed booty call of yours?”

“As a matter of fact, that sex fiend, Desmond is his name by the way, was over last week.” I blushed as the words left my mouth.

“You dirty little whore!” Annie slapped my arm before beginning the interrogation.

Intentionally I withheld much of the detail and changed subjects to torment her, “Tim is coming back next week. I’m still deciding if I will meet him again or not.” Although I fully intended on meeting him, I couldn’t stop myself from trying to get Annie roused.

“LYNN!!! Dammit, you have to meet him.” Annie’s pale flesh began to color causing me to laugh out and confess that I had only said that to get her upset. It was evident, in Annie’s mind at least, that we were going to be sugar babies together.

“You do know that he will want sex this time right?” Annie looked serious so I responded with a knowing nod. “He’ll be testing the waters too Lynn! He will want to know how freaky you are before he decides whether you are compatible or not.”

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Freaky? How freaky am I?”

Annie didn’t laugh, “What would you do if he decides to pee on you?”

I was just sipping my coffee and Annie’s words made me choke, “Pee?”

“If you are lucky it will only be pee! Guys like some sick shit Lynn.” Annie was dead serious.

I put my cup down and whispered, “Did you let someone pee on you?”

“I didn’t let him Lynn! He just did!” Annie was agitated by the memory. “I’m just saying that you need to set some ground rules as early as possible to protect yourself from that type of thing.”

“Did you like it?” I stared at her with a straight face.

Annie raised an eyebrow, “Being pee’d on?”

“Yeah.” I kept my straight face. “Tell me you liked it bitch.”

We busted in to laughter, finished lunch and went our separate ways.

Lynn:What day/time would you like to meet next week?
Tim:Tuesday I have an overnight.
Tim:Definitely. I will call you in the morning. Okay?
Lynn: I’m looking forward to it.

I woke to my phone buzzing incessantly on my dresser, “Hello?”

“Did I wake you up?” Tim’s voice was apologetic.

“It’s okay. I was just getting up anyway.” I made my way to the kitchen and started the kettle as we talked through the standard formalities in any friendly conversation.

Tim’s voice became serious, “Lynn, I’m really attracted to you.” He cut me off when I tried to interrupt with a thank you, “We need to clarify each of our expectations of this relationship.”

“I’m a busy man and I don’t have time for head games or chasing girls down at bars. I have physical, emotional and sexual needs that I am looking for you to fulfill.” His voice was soft and genuine sounding. “What are you looking for?”

My mind raced wildly. Clearly ‘money’ wasn’t the correct answer; or was it? After a long pause I responded, “I want someone to spoil me, treat me like a princess and respect me. I need to feel like I’m the only woman in the world when I’m with you.” I was pleased with my response and the fact I didn’t have to say money.

“Perfect. I want you to be my girlfriend in every way when we’re together.” Tim caught himself and chuckled, “Minus the drama of course.”

I laughed, “I can definitely handle that.”

Just when I thought I was clear of the hard questions he posed another one, His voice went serious again, “What do you need from me Lynn?”

“Anything you can do to help me out would be appreciated.” I was not putting a price on myself.

Tim’s soothing voice returned, “I will give you an allowance every month to help you out day to day while I’m away. How does $1,000 month sound?”

I gasped in to the phone, “wow. Thank you.”

As the conversation came to a close I asked Tim if he would spend the night at my place.

His voice was intrigued, “You sure Lynn?”

My voice smiled, “You’re my boyfriend right?”

It was set; on Tuesday Tim and I would go on our date and return to spend gaziantep rus escort the night together in my little apartment. I had some serious cleaning to do before he arrived.

On Sunday night I received an email from Tim; the subject just said ‘girlfriend’ and the rest of the email was blank. Unsure what it meant I went to the next unread email; it was an electronic fund transfer from Tim.


The security question was ‘who are you to me?’ I typed in ‘girlfriend’ realizing the purpose of the previous email and the selected my account information to deposit the $500 dollars before texting Tim.

Lynn:Thank you. I will find something extra nice for you.

Tim:You are welcome baby.

I called Annie and arranged to meet her at the mall after work on Monday. We met in the food court and grabbed a bite to eat before going shopping. We decided to shop from the inside out and made our way to Victoria’s Secret.

We were on a shopping spree. I put eight pair of the tiniest cheeky panties in my basket, a pair in each color; Annie followed suit at the thong table. At the bra section I hunted for the pink, white and black bras that would match my panties.

An employee popped over, “Are you ladies finding everything alright?”

I had been struggling to find the pink bra in my size, “Do you have this in a 34B?” The salesperson took the bra and headed in to the back to check stock.

“Bitch!” Annie pushed me. “Wish I had bigger boobs.” Annie held her hands over her small 34A breasts.

I smacked her ass, “You don’t need titties Annie! You got this smoking hot ass.”

It was sleepwear time; I settled on two that I thought Tim would enjoy. The truth was that I certain he would enjoy me standing in a room naked. I held the first outfit up; it was a black two piece silk shorts and cami. The back was fully open and the shorts fit loose and rode nice and high to reveal my cheeks. Pulling the second outfit I smiled; it was a sheer white lace babydoll with a hem that ended just below my bum.

The remainder of the shopping was focused on bare necessities. I bought some new Egyptian cotton sheets and a nice set of matching towels for my bathroom before we called the night a success. Annie drove me home and stayed for a bit before heading home.

As with most work days, morning came way too early for my liking; to say I wasn’t a morning person would be putting it lightly. I got ready for work and did the zombie walk to work.

I found myself getting extremely excited about spending time with Tim as the day crawled on. Towards the end of my shift I received a text from Tim letting me know he had landed and was looking forward to spending time with me. My heart began to pound in my chest.

At home I showered and shaved myself smooth before slipping in to the pink bra and panties. A tight hot pink A-Line skirt that stopped above the knee and a frilly floral blouse with a plunging neckline finished the outfit. I opted to not wear stockings and slipped on a pair of matching hot pink open toe heels.

A quick glance at the clock told me that I had about 20 minutes before my date would arrive. I opted to leave my hair straight and let it fall naturally down my back. With a knock on the door, Tim had arrived right on time.

I opened the door and my heart raced as I looked him up and down with a smile. He looked unbelievably handsome in my doorway wearing his pilot uniform.

Throwing my arms around his neck, “Hey!”

His big arms took the invitation and wrapped around me, “You look amazing Lynn.”

I was thankful for the heels because it made me just the right height for him. In a smooth motion, Tim caught my chin and lifted my lips to his. A soft kiss of my lips was held for a moment before we broke our embrace and I invited him in.

Tim left his suitcase by the door and made himself comfortable on the couch at my suggestion, “This is a cute little place Lynn.”

“I call it home.” I smiled and sat close beside him. My heart attempted to beat out of my chest and my hands went cold due to my nerves. Sitting there I took it all in, his attentive eyes, his hand in mine and the smell of his cologne.

“I got you something.” Tim pulled a small wrapped package from his jacket.

I tried to be calm but the excitement in my response came through, “Thank you!” I tore the wrapping off and opened the box to find a white gold necklace with a diamond heart.

“Do you like it?” Tim raised his brow.

I beamed, “I LOVE IT!!!” I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

“Let me help you put it on.” Tim stood.

I stood with my back to him. Tim sensually moved my long hair until it fell over my right shoulder, “You smell amazing Lynn.” I could feel his breath close to my neck as he inhaled.

His voice whispered in my ear, “Intoxicating.”

Tim then proceeded to fumble with the delicate clasp finally releasing the necklace letting it fall in to place over my collar bone. His big hands fixed my hair as I stood admiring the necklace. His lips kissed the back of my head; slowly he began to trace until his hands covered mine.

I released the necklace and guided his hands down to my belly. Tim pulled me back in to him and kissed the side of my head using his lips to reveal my ear. His mouth nibbled the tender lobe as his hands slowly, very slowly, made their way up my stomach.

Tilting my head I closed my eyes offered my neck and lobe to his hot mouth. His slow moving hands never halted until they both covered my breasts. I gasped as he squeezed them firmly. Pushing my chest in to his hands, he responded by kissing and sucking at my neck wildly while grinding my ass.

Tim guided me to the couch, “lean over the back.”

I leaned over the back shivering as his hands brushed over my hips and ass. Tim squeezed my ass firmly, “I think we should have dessert before we go to dinner.”

I lowered my face to my folded hands on the back of the couch and nodded.

My heart pounded in my chest when his hands caught the hem of my skirt and began to slowly slide it up my thighs. His lips kissed my flesh with every inch that he revealed. I looked over my shoulder to see his lust drunk eyes when the hem was pushed up to my waist.

“Jesus Lynn, you are gorgeous.” Tim wasted no time pushing his face in to my pussy through my panties. His hot tongue licked and sucked at me, tormenting my pussy as it ached to be free of the thin fabric. I could feel my panties moistening with a combination of my juices and his mouth.

I gasped as he sucked my clit through the fabric. When I couldn’t take anymore I reached down to push my panties to the side giving him the full access I needed him to have.

Tim’s voice was firm, “Keep your arms up there!” He then proceeded to dine on my silk covered pussy building the torment deep inside me. Eventually, Tim pulled my panties down to my knees in a single motion.

“Come here baby,” Tim gave my ass a gentle slap.

I turned and watched him unzip his pants. No instructions were required as I knelt on the floor in front of him. His hand disappeared in his pants and pulled his rock hard tool out, “You want to suck this big cock baby?”

I nodded and bit my bottom lip causing him to step closer to me. As his swollen cock moved closer I kissed the head before running my tongue across the underside. Tim stroked his cock and guided it over my tongue while my hands remained neatly folded on my lap.

When his swollen head had been teased enough, he pushed his cock in to my waiting mouth. I moaned in appreciation as the soft flesh of his cock slid over my tongue and fucked my mouth.

Salty fluid slowly flowed from his thick cock causing me to drool profusely. I sucked and swallowed all he offered as he began to fuck my mouth. Tim tangled his hands in my hair as his cock plunged in and out of my mouth.

“Mmhmm baby! You are a hungry little slut aren’t you?” Tim panted his words.

I stared up at him trying to smile as I nodded my head with devilish eyes. It didn’t require much more sucking and Tim’s cock began to pulse in my mouth.

Tim’s voice pleading, “Swallow all my cum baby. Take it all!”

His cock erupted flooding my mouth with his gooey juice. I continued swallowing until his balls had released all their deliciousness. With a slow stroke of my hand I squeezed the remaining cum from his shaft before removing it from my mouth.

“Good?” I smiled up with a devilish grin.

Tim flopped on the couch beside me with sweat rolling down his temples, “Good? That was fucking unbelievable. I have never had my cock sucked like that Lynn.”

He lay gasping for air with his flaccid cock hanging out the front of his slacks. I climbed on to the couch and snuggled in to him while he caught his breath. His big hand squeezed my breast as we kissed.

“Play with that little pussy for me.” Tim’s eyes focused on the hand covering my pussy.

We continued kissing as I lay spread eagle with my leg over Tim’s thigh. One of his big hands mauled my breast while the other held my thigh holding my legs wide open. I slowly rubbed my pussy.

Sucking cock always made me incredibly horny and Tim’s was no exception. My pussy was drenched and quickly coated my fingers allowing them easy access to my waiting pussy. Probing two fingers deeply I returned to my delicate bean and tormented it until an orgasm started to build deep inside me.

As I worked myself I felt an explosive orgasm rising to the surface. Tim slowly fucked my mouth with his tongue coaxing me to cum the entire time. Bucking my hips I buried the two fingers deeper in me letting the palm of my hand continue the torment my magic button as my orgasm washed over me.

I lay spent with my fingers still buried in me. Tim reached down and grabbed my hand pulling my fingers to his lips. Through euphoric eyes I watched as he sucked them in to his waiting mouth. Licking each fingers as his mouth encircled and sucked my fingers clean.

“That is a delicious little pussy.” Tim smiled at me.

We opted to stay in and ordered Chinese food. I had fully anticipated that Tim would take me when we went to bed but it didn’t happen. We spooned all night as he held me tight. When morning came I awoke to his deep breathing.

I watched him sleep for a few moments before slowly moving my hand to his soft cock. I had full intentions of making the best of this morning. Instantly upon wrapping my hand around him, I felt his cock twitching to life.

Keeping my movements subtle, I felt his cock slowly stretching to life. When his cock was fully hard I lowered my face under the covers and sucked him in to my mouth. Gentle hip movements told me he was enjoying himself.

When his cock was drenched with the wetness of my mouth, I wasted no time and straddled him. I watched Tim suspiciously as I lowered myself down and began working his hard cock deep in to me. His cock and hips were awake as I slowly worked myself up and down.

I needed another orgasm and I intended on having one. With his cock buried in me I slowly began slowly grinding my tender clit against his pelvic bone. It didn’t take long before an orgasm started to build. I braced myself on his chest as the intensity grew deep within me. Tim’s hips began to buck pounding his cock up in me. Our eyes locked on one another.

“Cum with me, ” His words were a mere whisper.

Clearly I wasn’t the only one who was close to exploding. I began riding his cock harder, slamming my clit against him until my pussy exploded in to a gushing orgasm. His big hands held my hips down keeping his cock buried inside me as he unleashed pulse after pulse of hot cum deep in me.

Collapsing on his chest I tried to catch my breath as his heart raced in my ear. My pussy throbbed as his cock slowly softened and retreated from my pussy. I rolled off his chest lying beside him on my back staring in to his eyes, “It felt so good feeling you shoot your cum in me.”

“I don’t think I had an option.” He smiled, “You were on a mission.”

“A girl knows what she needs.” I slid over and kissed him before getting up and heading to the washroom to clean up.

After a soapy shower with Tim, it was time for him to head to the airport. We stood in my doorway kissing until his taxi arrived. I was surprised at the feelings of sadness that developed when his taxi arrived.

“I’ll see you again soon beautiful.” Tim kissed my forehead.

“You better.” I squeezed his ass as he headed out, “Call me when you get home.”

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