Sue’s New Beginning


Sue was sitting at her desk in her dorm room. She was staring at her books, unable to concentrate. She had not been paying attention when Mr. Limpkins had been teaching her about this. Truth be told, she was thinking about taking off his pants right there in front of everyone. She had been envisioning unbuttoning his black trousers and pulling them down. In her daydream, she had knelt before him as his erection had popped out of his underwear. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. She looked down at what she wore. She was wearing a lacy brace and panties. Her boyfriend was supposed to have come over, but he said he had to study. Ha, she laughed to herself as she rose and pulled on a black, silky robe. His idea of studying was smoking pot all night and then cheating to pass the tests. She looked at her books as she heard the person knock again. She went to it and opened the door. Her best friend in the world, Darla, stood there. Slung over her arm was a basket.

“A gift? For me?” Sue giggled. Darla leaned in and kissed Sue on the lips. After they had kissed for a moment, Darla broke the kiss and walked in.

“Yes. I know that Josh bailed on you tonight.” Sue closed the door behind her and set the basket on the table.


“It looks like you were anxiously awaiting him.” Darla said, setting her bag on the floor as she plopped onto the couch. Sue smiled and looked in the basket. She picked up a big, thick dildo shaped like a cock.

“What’s this?” Sue asked, eyeing Darla with confusion.

“I thought that since Josh bailed, you could still have some fun.” Darla stood and walked over to Sue.

“I thought we could have some fun together.” Darla whispered in Sue’s ear.

“Darla.” Sue laughed, pushing her away. “You know I’m straight… And a virgin.” Darla began to suck her ear and Sue let out a small moan.

“Not for long, my love.” Darla said. She went to her bag and pulled out a DVD. She put it into the player and Sue gasped as she saw two women kissing on the screen. Darla whispered in Sue’s ear.

“Do you like what you see?” Darla asked. Sue nodded, to captivated by the screen to say anything.

“Darla.” Sue whispered.


“I feel excited. I feel like I feel when Josh kisses me.”

“That’s good. I wanted you to feel that way. Now, I’m going to do something and I want you to just keep watching the screen.” Sue nodded and Darla led her to the bed. Sue lay on the bed, her eyes transfixed on the screen. On the screen, gebze escort one of the woman was slipping on a strapon. Sue moaned and felt her pussy tighten. Darla slowly took off Sue’s robe and then slipped off her panties.

“Wait!” Sue said. Darla looked up.

“I told you to watch the screen.”

“What are you going to do?” Sue asked.

“Sue, how old are you?”

“Darla, you know I just turned 18 last month.”

“How long have we known each other?”

“Since we were kids.”

“Would I ever hurt you?”


“Good. Then don’t make me hurt you. Lay still and I will make you feel good.” Sue nodded and turned her attention back to the screen. On the screen, the woman with the strapon was fucking the other woman good. Sue was turned on she was dripping wet. Darla knelt in front of Sue and slowly opened her legs. Sue gasped as the cold air of the room touched her most private of areas. Darla inhaled the sweet scent of Sue’s pussy and shivered as she saw felt desire rise within her.

“Eyes on the T.V.” Darla commanded.

“Yes.” Sue whispered out. Darla put out her tongue and gently swiped at Sue’s pussy, tasting her sweet nectar. Sue gasped and moaned. Darla licked her up and down, moaning against Sue’s pussy as she licked her.

“You taste so sweet.” Darla whispered as she pulled away and pulled Sue into a sitting position. She undid her bra so that she was nude. Darla pushed Sue back on the bed, no longer trying to be gentle.

“Oh Sue!” Darla cried out as she laid on top of her. She took Sue’s face in her hands and shoved her tongue deep into Sue’s mouth. When she broke the kiss, Sue tried pushing Darla off, but Darla held her.

“What did I say about fighting me?”

“Let me go! It felt really awesome, but I’m not ready for this!” Sue cried out. Darla ignored her and moved down to her breasts. Darla plucked at the pink little nipples and then bent her head and suckled on them. Darla suddenly got up and retrieved her bag. From it she pulled a pair of handcuffs.

“What are you going to do with those?” Sue cried out. Darla jumped on top of her and grabbed her wrists and handcuffed them to the bedposts. Now that Sue couldn’t get away, Darla stopped the movie and picked up her phone. She clicked on a saved number and soon the line was ringing.

“She’s ready.” Darla said. She listened for a moment and then smiled. “Hurry. I’m so wet.” She whispered into the göztepe escort phone. Darla clicked it off and turned the movie back on. Sue was watching it and despite herself she was getting excited.

“I have another surprise for you.” Darla said as she knelt in front of Sue again.

“What?” Sue asked warily. Darla began to lick her pussy again and Sue moaned. There was a knock on the door.

“There’s your surprise.” Darla said, standing and wiping off Sue’s wetness from her lips. She went to the door and poked her head out.

“Anyone around?” She whispered. The other party said something. It was a man. The door opened and Darla and the man hurried in. The door shut behind them and the lock was turned. Sue looked in fear as she saw a man approach.

“Mr. Limpkins?” She asked in surprise. Mr. Limpkins didn’t respond. He undid the belt that held his slacks up and then unbuttoned his pants. As they feel around his ankles, his erection popped out of his underwear. Just like in my daydream, Sue thought. But unlike in her dream, in real life, Sue was not a willing participant.

“Mr. Limpkins, please help me. Please let me go. Tell Darla to let me go.” Again, the teacher remained silent.

“Darla.” Sue glanced over at her best friend. “Please don’t do this.”

“Tom, get on with it. I want to fuck her, too. I’m so hot and horny. Her pussy tastes so sweet.” Mr. Tom Limpkins looked down at the fresh flower before him. No man had been inside her. She was a ripe fruit just waiting to be picked. Tom knelt over Sue. He eyed her body that was on display for him. Darla got into the bed and laid next to Sue.

“Sue, you got me so horny! I am so wet for you right now!” Darla put her finger inside her and the put her wet finger inside of Sue’s mouth. “See?” Tom ran his fingers over Sue’s body and he saw as her body responded. He knelt in between her legs.

“Tell me you don’t want this.” Tom said, taking his thick cock in his hands. “I’ve seen how you look at me in class. I see how you’re not paying attention, you’re probably day dreaming about me fucking you.”

“No! Mr. Limpkins! No! I am a virgin!” Sue said. Tom smiled down at her.

“not for long.” He whispered, shoving his tongue deep inside her. Sue fought against the metal holding her, but to no avail.

“No!” She whispered when Tom broke the kiss. Tom rubbed her pussy and felt that she was dripping.

“You want it.” Tom said. haramidere escort He rubbed his dick along her slit, getting it wetter. Then, without warning, he plunged into her hole and felt as her hymen broke.

“You weren’t lying! You really were a virgin!” Tom said as he groaned. Her tight, little snatch almost cut off circulation to his big long cock. She was so tiny and he so big, he almost couldn’t fuck her. Almost. Tom rode her hard, not caring that she was begging him to stop. When Tom grunted and came, Sue began to cry. He pulled out of her, gasping for air.

“Darla, that’s a good girl. Give me a minute and then we’ll fuck, too.” So they sat in silence with only the sounds of Sue quietly crying and the scenes being played out on the T.V. Then, Tom tackled Darla, shoving his wet cock into her and riding her hard. He pulled her hair and called her a dirty whore then slapped her face. Darla was screaming in ecstasy. When Tom came a second time, he got up and put his clothes back on.

“Make sure she knows what will happen if she talks.” Tom said in a gasping voice. Darla looked at Sue and knelt between her legs. She licked up the mixture of Tom and Sue.

“She won’t say a word. She will lose Josh if she does.” Darla reached up and unclasped one wrist from the handcuffs. Tom left the room without another word. Darla reached into her bag.

“Sue, I have loved you since I first met you. I have wanted to be your girlfriend for months now and I can’t stand to see you go out with all those losers. Like Josh. He is a epic loser. Now, lay back and let me love you.” Darla slipped on her strapon and gently probed Sue’s hole. Sue was tender to the touch and gasped.

“Shhh, shhhh. It’s ok, baby. I love you.” Darla whispered as she plunged the rubber dick into Sue’s tight pussy. Darla moaned as the strapon vibrated her pussy. She rode Sue until she heard Sue come.

“Yes, baby, yes get that nut. Get that nut all over this dick.” When Sue had come, Darla withdrew from her and took off the strapon.

“I’m going to undo your other hand now. I want you to love me back.” Darla undid the other hand and Sue rubbed her wrists.

“Get out!” Sue demanded. Sue stood up and found her legs were shaky. She grabbed the dildo from the basket and chucked it at Darla.

“Take this thing and get out!” Darla took the dildo and slowly fucked herself. She watched as Sue watched her. Sue was caught between her desire and the horrific way she had just been used. She watched as Darla rode out her passion to the end, gasping out Sue’s name as she did. When Darla had recovered, she rose and quietly went about gathering up her things.

“Just leave it all.” Sue said, a small smile on her face.

“I knew you’d come around.” Darla said. Darla kissed her and then left, leaving Sue wishing for more.


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