Subject of Desire


“Sir, we’re running out of options. Utilizing performance enhancement drugs and other trinkets is no longer cutting it. It is becoming more difficult for Subject 4 to achieve a climaxed state. He nearly broke out of his binds the last time we attempted to have him release. Not even those blow-up dolls will suffice anymore.” A young scientist said to his chief. Clearly, a matter laid heavy in his mind inferring from his tone and worried complexion.

The chief understood the young scientist’s worries, “I know it’s been getting harder for you to look for solutions to Subject 4’s needs. Which is why I’m looking for potential candidates to be his companion.”

“But sir, his endurance is too great. No one has been able to keep up with him. The last time we did that, the woman passed out just a couple of minutes in. The guards had a difficult time getting her out.” The scene was still fresh in the young scientist’s mind. He shuddered and pitied the poor woman whose unconscious body rocked back and forth as the beast fucked her.

“Which is why I’m looking at other departments.” The chief responded.

The young scientist took a moment before he realized the hint in the chief’s tone, “Are you sure about that sir? I’m not certain a male would be able to suffice with our particular specimen.”

“Unless you plan to offer yourself up to Subject 4 this is our best course of action.” The young scientist turned silent. He was terrified of being in the same room as the beast for fear of his cherry being popped.

“Do you have any idea who can fit the shoe–or rather, take the cock this time sir?”

“I already have someone in mind for that don’t you worry.”



“Gimme that fucking fat dick. Pound my ass. Just like that.” A young man, whose face defined youth but was truly in his young adulthood was mercilessly being penetrated by a roughly the same age soldier as his cheeks reddened from the continuous claps of skin.

This boy was named Cody and the soldier–irrelevant to the present situation. They barely knew each other prior to their hooking up but their attraction toward each other was enough to insinuate their current situation.

They passed by each other in the hall and the younger male entered an empty office room while keeping his gaze on the thuggish-looking brute dressed in his military camouflage uniform. The soldier understood that look well enough with his experience and promptly entered that room minutes after as to not be suspicious.

When the two were in the room, their intents were understood and didn’t require any boring foreplay before beginning to strip the other of their confining clothes as they kissed with erotic passion.

An unforetold amount of time passed and their situation evolved to the sight the reader could imagine now. Cody laid on his back, a moaning mess as one of his legs was draped over the soldier’s wide shoulder as he rocked his hips against the submissive’s needy hole.

“Who batıkent escort knew the chief’s son was such a slot for some military cock. Look at you. Begging for my fat fucking cock in your tight ass.” Cody was too busy getting fucked to even respond to his degradation. But nonetheless, it stimulated him further.

Cody turned into a moaning mess as the cockhead hit his g-spot with each consecutive thrust. Each collision would send electric sensations which in turn would make him tighten more to which the hung soldier kindly responded with more vigorous movements. Not only did Cody think it was the best lay he’s had so far, even the soldier thought so as well.

I knew I should’ve tapped this ass sooner. My god, it’s so tight I feel like my dick is gonna get ripped off. If Cody were to hear his thoughts, the only thing he would be sure of was that it would stroke his ego.

The young man’s eyes flickered to his partner’s body. The brutish soldier was terribly fit, his body could be categorized into the heavily cut section. Even without a pump, his veins were like tree roots–spreading across his body. He still had his camouflage jacket on, folded to his biceps as it was stretched to its limit with his bulky biceps. He had tattoos that stretched from his left pec all the way to his arm like a sleeve.

He could rank the soldier in his top ten of hunky lays.

“I wonder what the chief would say if he saw his son right now. Come on say it for me again. Tell me how much you love my cock pounding your tight ass hole. You better expect to walk with a limp when you get out of the room.” Not gonna lie, it turned Cody on.

“Shut up and fuck me hard. Of fuck yeah! Just like that. Destroy my hole!” His panting grew restless as time flew by. He was beginning to not care if his organs were rearranged or if his channel might be bruised or bleeding. The fuck was too good and he had been too deprived of sex since he came to the military facility with his father, the chief–in command of every matter that happened on the base.

“I’m getting sick of this. Come here.” The soldier hoisted the bottom by the waist as he rearranged the position of Cody’s legs around his waist. Now he carried Cody as if he were weightless and the young man locked his hands behind the soldier’s neck. All the while his cock never left its sheathe.

Cody barely had the time to collect himself before the soldier began to mercilessly pound inside his hole and turned to a moaning mess once more.

“You’re lips are too fucking beautiful to be left alone. So why not give them a dance partner.” Cody was taken by surprise when the soldier crashed their lips together. Very few of his hookups liked to kiss. The ones that did, were all his best lays and this time with this soldier, it was soaring up the ranks.

Their tongue mended together, sucking and swirling around each other. It was turning from passionate beşevler escort to dominant as the soldier was soon overtaking him in the waltz of tongues. Cody didn’t mind him being dominant, on the contrary–he was loving every second of it.

“Fuck I’m getting close. Fucking god, your ass is so fucking amazing. I’d fuck it forever if I could.” The soldier’s climax was approaching as his thrusts turned less frequent but heavier with each subsequent movement of his pelvis. Not only the soldier but Cody too was close to reaching an orgasm. The continuous abuse of his prostate helped build up the fucking he needed to finish.

“Yeah gimme your fucking cum. Put that fucking seed in my ass.”

“Oh, baby. I’d give you my kids every fucking day of the year.” He held on to the younger man’s body closer as his nostrils inhaled the heavenly scent of his sweat. His unblemished skin was too tempting and too close not to leave a mark.

Cody gasped out when the sudden pain came but gradually turned into pleasure. He knew the soldier was leaving a hickey, most likely as a souvenir for the occasion. He let out more gasps at twinging pain in his buttocks. The soldier was spanking him now.

“Bob that ass up and down. Didn’t you want my cum? This is the quickest way to do it.” Cody was left helpless–with no other choice but to do his best to gyrate his pelvis. He could feel it go deeper in his channel as he pressed down all the way to the thick shaft as it stretched his tunnels. He felt by the end of it all, a fist could fit inside of him.

The soldier grunted “Grip that cock tight baby. OH FUCK! I’M GONNA CUM! I’M CUMMING!” With a few last heavy thrusts, he could feel the orgasmic sensation of his piss slit releasing his life-making seed. He could feel it gushing out like a water gun with each stream.

Cody also orgasmed at the same time as the soldier, his cum spewing out of his manhood as it decorated the soldier’s chest and abs like frosting on a cake. It added a cream flavour to something sweet.

The soldier and Cody fell to their side on the leather sofa, embracing each other’s sweat-soaked bodies as they lay limp, muscles void of strength as they didn’t have the effort to even move a single limb. The two looked at each other with pleasure-filled eyes and satisfied expressions. Their faces drew close as they once more came together for a tender kiss.

The two pulled away “You are by far the best person I’ve ever had sex with, my entire life.”

“I’m honoured you think about me that way.”

“Oh, I’m thinking about you in so many ways.” He closed his eyes as he drew in for another kiss to which Cody responded in with his open mouth. The soldier started to once more stroke the insides of Cody’s channel with his half-erect cock still seeping inside.

“Seems like someone’s ready for round two.”

The soldier chuckled in response “I will be if you give me a couple of büyükesat escort minutes.”

“Can’t wait for it.”

The two resumed ten minutes after the soldier got enough rest. This time they tried various positions around various locations in the empty office space. Against the wall, over the desk, on top of the wooden table, etc. The soldier fucked more roughly in the initial phase and Cody wreathed in the pleasure. He has already gotten his injection of the day but he was eager for a second and larger dose. And this time he received on the other end as he swallowed the soldier’s cum in its entirety. The soldier was pretty happy to say the least as he filled the young man on both ends, full of his cum. He wouldn’t be surprised if Cody really got pregnant after.

They collapsed on the floor, high on sex as the temperature in the room was higher than what the thermostat indicated. The soldier was taken by surprise when Cody took his dick to his mouth just as he panted restlessly without having the slightest strength to stand up. He couldn’t do anymore and left most of the work to the needy man. His endurance didn’t last much the third time, so it didn’t take long before Cody managed to solicit a third load from him. He tried to put some effort but his fatigue didn’t allow him to, letting Cody take immense pleasure from fucking himself on the military cock.

The two cleaned themselves up, giving each other a long gentle kiss before deciding to exit the office. They stood behind the door just moments before leaving.

“You are insatiable, you know that?” Grabbing Cody by the waist as he pulled him closer.

“No, I’m afraid no one has ever described me as such.” Cody said with a knowing smile.

“Well I loved every second of it and I was wondering if he could do it again?” The soldier said with a hopeful look.

The smile on Cody’s face grew deeper “Are you kidding? There’s no way I’ll pass up on a good dick and hot bod like this.” One hand cupped the soldier’s bulge while the other explored his now-clothed body.

The soldier chuckled before diving in for another yet chaste kiss. “Here’s my number and you can hit me up anytime for anything. ” He slipped a slip of paper to Cody’s back pocket and taking advantage of the opportunity by giving the plump ass a nice a fondle. He felt a bump on the rift between Cody’s butt cheeks and smiled knowingly before he left.

Cody left the office soon after, staggering in his walk as he tried his best to tread properly.

Damn, he really meant it when he said I’d walk out of here with a limp.

He returned to his living quarters for a proper rest. When he tried to sit on his bed, his entire body nearly jolted and he remembered he left with another accessory than just love bites on his body.

He entered the bathroom, stripping of his pants as his ass faced the mirror. The image reflect in the mirror showed that a pink toy was engraved inside his ass. It was a butt plug. A parting gift from the stallion soldier who told Cody to keep something of himself inside of him for a while. When the little trinket left the confines of Cody’s sphincter, it only took a moment before a white viscous liquid leaked out of his anus. He reached down with a finger collecting a sample before sucking it off with his mouth.

Still tasty.

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