Stuff of Dreams


Upon the back of her eyelids floated lines of text, overlaid with flickering images conjured by her imagination of the actions spoken of therein. Unbidden, her hands begin to roam over her body. A ticklish caress over the outer edge of her breast sends shivers through to her very soul. The lightest graze across her nipple brings it springing to taught attention, on its own reaching out for more. The soft smoothing of her palms over her stomach sparks the fires of heat lying dormant in her stomach. As the soft urgency begins to grow in her body, her fingers return more and more often to her tightened nipples, squeezing softly at the sensitive peaks. Each gentle pinch brings her body arching up off the bed as shimmering sparks shoot through her body. As one hand slips lower, she can feel the heat radiating from her body, a burning manifestation of the fire in her center. Silky moisture greets her fingers as they slide within her throbbing body, beginning to stroke deeply within herself in a faded echo of the strokes of a lover.

Suddenly, she feels the soft brush of lips against her ankle. Unwilling to open her eyes and break the spell, she tracks the motions of her lover’s lips and tongue over her skin. Long forgotten nerve endings spring to life as the heat of his breath and the damp soothing çekmeköy escort of his tongue caress her skin. His hands massage quivering muscles as he slowly journeys up the sleek length of her legs. His breath begins to come quicker as his own desire is fueled by the soft, husky moans of his lover. Her thighs fall open as he travels upward, his panting breath curling about her center like a caress. His lips pass over her in an exquisite torture as they nip lightly at her belly, causing her to squirm in anticipation on the bed. A shaky laugh sneaks past surprised lips as the soft curls of his goatee tease her ticklish sides. The laugh dissolves into a low purr as one of his hands curls around her breast. His palm molds her flesh to his whim as he plays her body like a master musician. Her body becomes tense as she feels the hot curl of his tongue around her waiting nipple. The urgent pull of his mouth sends sparks through her. Her hands curl into soft fist in her effort to keep them at her sides, not wanting to risk this precious stolen moment. She moans softly as she feels the sudden withdrawal of her body.

Feeling the bed shift with his movements she growls softly as she feels his tongue begin to slide over her clit. The cevizli escort suddenness of his caress brings her right to the brink with a single touch. She can feel the vibration of his soft moan of pleasure against her throbbing flesh, as his mouth is flooded with the first taste of her. First one and then two of his finger sinuously slide into her body as his tongue draws moist circles around the taught bud at the center of her raging desire. Feeling the urgency in her taught and trembling body, he speeds the smooth slide of his fingers and suckles softly at her body. Her lips part and a rough cry is torn from her lips as the soft roar fills her head and her body clenches as the storm of her climax sweeps through her. He savors each squeeze of her body around his invading fingers, each tremble that claims her pleasure wracked body.

His fingers slide from her as his body moves up to press her to the mattress. His throbbing length slides slowly within her waiting warmth, feeling the lingering clench of her taught passage around his swollen shaft. Her legs wrap tightly around his plunging hips as her body lifts towards a second peak without relaxing from the first shattering climax. Her fingernails dig softly into his shoulders erenköy escort as her body writhes beneath him, arching up to meet his thrusts with wanton abandon. With a press to his shoulders, she rolls him to his back without separating their merged bodies. Her lips pressed to his, she arches her back to slowly caress his length with her body, holding them both at that delicious pleasure plateau in endless rapture. All too soon, the undeniable drive of desire is lifting his hips to meet her, wordlessly begging for release. Lifting up until she is sitting over him, she runs her fingers through silky hair and over breasts that lift with every gasping breath. Her lower lip is caught between her teeth as she fights against the greedy demands of her body. Helplessly she leans forward to curl her fingers around his shoulders as she begins to ride him in earnest. Every swift plunge of her hips brings them both to the fragile edge of the cliff. With one final plunge of her hips, his hands grasp a hold of her hips, holding them flush against his own as she feels the warms spill of his liquid passion deep within her. In sweet response, her own body is caught once again in the glorious maelstrom of release. His name a soft litany as is caresses her lips. In satiated exhaustion, she collapses across his chest, her breath slowing to match his as the rampant tides of rapture begin to recede.

Tenderly, he slides her to his side, where she curls within her dream lover’s embrace. A tender smile flits across her face as this passes through her mind in a moment. The quiet of the night split only by her soft sigh as she rolls to her side in the empty bed.

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