Student Life Part Eight


Olivia and I were having fairly regular sex, mostly on weekends. It was pretty vanilla stuff, given her lack of experience. But we were trying a few new positions, a few new quirks to expand our sexual chemistry.We had tried various positions, but she favoured doggy. One lazy Saturday afternoon I was fucking her hard but decided to step things up a notch. I wet my index finger with the copious juices coming from her pussy. I started to rub it around her ass hole. Getting no objection, I gently penetrated her ass with a finger, still reaming her tight hot little pussy. I thought she might not enjoy it, but from her reaction, I think the opposite was true. Her ring began to ease and I was able to add another finger into her anus.My thrusts we increasing in pace and depth. She started shouting, which was unusual for her. The walls of the digs were thin and did little to stop sound travelling from flat to flat. I was fucking her pussy with my cock, and, with the same rhythm, my fingers deep in her ass.Finally, my balls tightened, and I could feel a satisfying ejaculation deep inside her vagina in seven or eight large spurts. We lay down on the bed and kissed and cuddled. It was a chilly day and I grabbed the duvet and covered both of our naked bodies. We didn’t talk as we recovered Yozgat Escort from the fuck.She was the first to speak.”Your finger in my ass felt awesome,” she said. “Will you fuck me up there?”I was surprised at her request. Anal sex wasn’t that common, and women were never great fans of it. I’ve started many dates where the first sentence uttered was, “I don’t do anal.”I got a tube of lube and spent the next twenty minutes working it into her ass. When she was loose enough I told her to suck me again. She did her usual bang-up job and within minutes I was harder than iron. I squeezed a thick blob of lubricant on her hand and she smothered it all around my cock.I like to do anal with a girl on her back, legs over my shoulders, but I decided that might be a bit rough and deep for the first time.Instead, I positioned myself behind her, in a “spooning” position. I aimed my cock at her ass. I felt resistance, despite the lube. With more pressure, I started to enter her ass. She gasped as I penetrated her. I waited a minute before pushing again. I was now halfway in. I pushed again and was soon fully inside her. She cried out. I stopped and asked her if she was ok. It was obviously a little painful, but she told me to continue. I started to thrust into her, slowly Yozgat Escort Bayan and with care. Very gradually I increased the tempo, enjoying the tightness of her anal orifice. Her occasional moans became less sounding as if from pain, and more about pleasure. I was now fucking her hard and thought about moving her onto her back and raising her legs to really penetrate her deep and hard. But before I could reposition her I started to cum, really really hard. It was one of the more satisfying orgasms I could remember.Anal sex became a regular ingredient in our sexual pantry. After one session of mixed sex; oral, vaginal, and anal we were both in recovery mode. I had poured us both a glass of white wine, ice cold from the fridge. Olivia looked me straight in the eye.”Can I ask a big favour,” she said, with an emphasis on the big which made me shudder with fear. I waited in fearful expectation.She continued, “I have a friend at school called Alison. I’ve told her all about you. All about what we do. All about what you do to me. All about what I do to you.”I began to get an idea of what was coming.”She isn’t the best-looking girl and hasn’t got a boyfriend like you to fuck her. She is very jealous and wants some bedroom action.”I suggested that a girl Escort Yozgat who was ready to fuck could easily find someone to oblige.But apparently, Alison didn’t want any old guy. She wanted me. And Olivia was willing to “lend” me out to her not very good looking schoolfriend. And not just leave me alone with Alison to take her cherry, she wanted to be in on the action. A three-some! Wow!A few months ago, when I’d first met her, she wouldn’t say “boo” to a goose. Now she was suggesting a three-way tryst. Wow!I said, “Absolutely not. And that’s FINAL.”After a little discussion, a date was set for the following Friday!We all met at the busy lively pub half mile from the house. In the dim light, Alison didn’t look all that bad. She was tall, and had quite a nice figure, including a decent pair of breasts. Her face was quite masculine looking, angular, and aquiline. Her light brown hair was cut in a boyish bob which didn’t help reduce her masculine look. She wouldn’t be seeking a career in modelling. We had a few drinks to help banish any inhibitions. I spoke with Alison and told her that if she changed her mind, whenever that was, she should just say it. She nodded, but without too much conviction. I kept repeating this mantra as we made our way back to the house. We had a strategy to avoid being seen by Rose. Olivia would go into the house first and ask her mother to give us a bottle of wine. As she fetched it from the kitchen, Alison and I would sneak past and up to my flat. The plan worked perfectly (well done to Olivia for her tradecraft).

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