Stuck in bed

Stuck in bed
So… I thought I would tell you guys my story. It’ll be a short story, I’m afraid. But it’s to the point and 100% true. Let me know your thoughts and maybe I’ll share some more.

This happened some years ago, I was having the worst case of the flu you can imagine. Stuck in bed with nothing to keep me company but my laptop. Now, a good and trusted friend my laptop is, but after less than a day, I had had enough. After all, I figured, I knew how to shake this off. I’ve never been one to take any kind of pills or d**gs. I work out and eat healthy, and here’s the thing guys; if you’re still quite young and you want to grow up and have a really big cock, that’s what you need to do. Work out and eat healthy. Trust me on this, it will do the trick. I’m living proof.

But anyways, there were lots of natural things I could take that would burn that virus right out of my system. So I called my sister into my room and asked her to go shopping, for vitamin C, green tea, honey, garlic… Stuff like that.
She came back about an hour later, and she brought a can of warm water for the tea. So I sat up in bed and gobbled down a big cup of tea with a couple of table spoons of honey in it, took the vitamins, and chewed as many garlic cloves as I could handle. She looked at me the whole time, and said; “You know, you should take some real medicine.”

“This is real medicine,” I said. “By tomorrow, I’ll be back on my feet.”
“You’ll stink like a trash can.”
“Maybe, but I won’t be sick anymore.”
“No way,” she said. “Everyone whose gotten this virus has been under for two weeks. At least. You think you can get away with just a day? Dream on.”
“You’ll see,” I said.
“Whatever,” she replied.

Now that has to be one of the most annoying words in the English language, right? Whatever.
Especially when it is said by a teenager, as if the true meaning of the word is “you’re an idiot and everyone knows it and that’s the end of the discussion. I win”.

“Wanna’ bet?” I said.
“Cool,” I said, and started to pour myself another cup of tea. “For what? The usual?”

The usual was just that. The usual stuff that all siblings put on the line in a bet like that. I would have to clean her room, and she would have to wash my car. Or she would have to do my laundry and I would have to do her homework. Or something like that.
She grimaced.

“Boring,” she said. “Let’s make it interesting for once.”
“If I win,” she continued, “if you wake up tomorrow and you’re still sick, even just a little…”
She paused for a second and gave me a mistrustful look, as if she suspected I would cheat.
“Then you have to… let me use your car. For a month.”

“Hah!” I said. “No way, not gonna’ happen. You don’t have a license. You’re not even old enough to drive.”
“I can drive,” she said.
“Not legally.”
She just shrugged.

And that’s when this idea popped into my head. I don’t know where it came from, or why I didn’t just chase it off right away. It was just there, and I grabbed it.

“Fine,” I said.
Her eyes widened. “Really?”
“Yeah,” I said. “Fine. You’re right, let’s make it interesting. If you win, I’ll give you my car for a month.”
I watched as this huge smile grew on her pretty little face.
“But if I win,” I continued. “You have to give me…” And this time I paused, trying to give her the same look. “A blow job.”

Her smile disappeared instantly and was replaced by a look of half shock, half disgust.
“Fuck you!” she just said, and left.

I laid back in bed and grabbed my laptop and a few more garlic cloves, feeling pretty good. I mean, sick as a dog, but feeling good about myself the way only a big brother can when he has finally rendered his little sister somewhat speechless. I’m sure some of you know what I mean.

When I woke up the next morning however, I felt awful. I felt as if someone had poured molten lead on my face. My throat was sore, my nose was clogged and my head ached along with every muscle and joint in my body. I reached for the cup with now cold tea that I hadn’t finished before I fell asleep, and that’s when my sister walked in.

She had put her hair up in a knot, and was wearing one of her long t-shirts, the kind where she could be wearing panties or hot pants or shorts or just nothing at all underneath, it didn’t matter because it didn’t show anyway.

“So, how do you feel?” she said slowly.
“Actually,” I said, sitting up half way, resting on my elbows. “I feel great.”

She just looked at me, then she walked over to my bed and pulled the covers off me, crawled up in the bed between my legs, got on her knees and pulled my cock out.
I wear wide boxers, and they were a bit askew, so she didn’t even bother to pull them off, but just dragged my cock out through the right leg of them, and put it in her mouth.
The whole thing didn’t take two seconds, and I didn’t have time to react in any way.
Hell, my cock didn’t even have time to get hard, and she put my entire limp meat in her mouth and started sucking.

When it finally started to get hard, which of course didn’t take long, she took it out of her mouth and just stared at it for a few seconds, almost in awe. Then she started to stroke it, using both her hands, and put it back in her mouth. Just the head of it this time, which was almost all she could take it seemed. She kept stroking it with her hands, and sucked on the head like an expert, letting it go in and out of her mouth now and then, her head bobbing up and down, then back in so she could suck some more.

My head started to spin, and I thought about saying something, making a bad joke or something, but then I thought; you know what, if this is really happening, then just let it. So I kept my mouth shut.

She kept doing it that way for several minutes, and it felt great. She did everything right, using lots of spit and making sure her teeth was out of the way. The she started to lick up and down the shaft, letting her tongue run all the way from the tip to the root and then back up again. Up and down, sometimes letting her tongue go sideways, sometimes using just the tip of her tongue and sometimes the whole front of it.

While she was doing that, she grabbed the head of my dick with one hand, squeezing and massaging it softly. Every now and then she would plant these wonderful, wet kisses on my cock, then she went back to licking it like it was her very favorite lollipop.

I looked down at her and saw that her shirt had slid down to her shoulders, revealing her back and her ass. She was wearing a thong, and her perfectly rounded ass pointed straight up and was almost glowing in the light of the rising sun. I moaned involuntarily.

Several minutes later she let go of my cock and put her mouth on the underside of it and used her mouth to push my cock against my stomach. She had her mouth on the frenulum, where the head and the shaft meet, and sucked hard, sometimes letting her tongue flicker over the spot from inside her mouth, then sucking hard again.
It’s a trick not many girls know about, and I couldn’t believe how good she was at giving head. How many times had she done this before? I was sure that she had never done anything like this, (and, of course, knowing what I know now years later, she never had), but how was she this good? Maybe the skill really just comes naturally to some girls.

Then she started to rub and squeeze my balls. Not hard, but just right, sometimes pulling at the skin a little or scratching it lightly with her nails.
After a while, she took her mouth off of my cock and grabbed it with one hand. She stuck the middle finger of her other hand in her mouth and covered it with spit. When she was done, she gaped over the head again, and as she was sucking it I could feel her hand between my thighs and under my balls. She put the tip of her finger right on my asshole, and slowly pushed it in. Not much, not even half an inch, but just right, moving it in and out just a little every so often.
Whiles she was doing that, she went back to licking the shaft, pushing it against her mouth with her left hand, licking, kissing, sometimes even biting it delicately.

She then took it in her mouth again, in and out, up and down. A couple times she tried to deep throat it, but like I said I’m big and she couldn’t even get half of it down. But she tried, and then she just let it go in and out of her mouth like that for a long time, sucking, jerking me off with one hand and fingerfucking my ass with the other. Deeper now, I thought, maybe even all the way in, I couldn’t tell anymore.

And that’s when I realized what had happened and how she was this good, how she knew all this stuff.
She had been up, maybe all night, doing research. Studying.

That thought, my sister staying up all night reading about this, watching videos of it, maybe even practicing on… something… That thought sent me over the edge. I came hard.

She kept the tip of my cock in her mouth, taking it all as she jerked me off faster. And she dutifully swallowed every bit of it.
When I was done, I was breathing heavily, wheezing.
I looked down at her and she looked up at me. She was still holding my cock, as it slowly laxed in her hand. I couldn’t tell what her expression was saying. It wasn’t really a smile, but it wasn’t anything else either. Satisfaction? Maybe a little. Even pride, in a way. Some of it was that “did I do good?” puppy look, but most of it was that same “whatever, you’re an idiot” – expression.

But I can tell you this; when she used her thumb to wipe off one last drop of cum that was running from the corner of her mouth and then stuck her thumb in her mouth to suck it clean while staring into my eyes… I have never, before or since, seen a girl look as sexy as my sister did right there and then.
And then she got up and left.

And that was it. Nothing more ever happened after that. Well, practically nothing, but that’s another story for an other time. Everything went back to normal, like it hadn’t even happened.

I fell asleep again I think, I don’t know for how long. When I awoke, I took a long, hot shower. And when I got out of the shower, believe it or not, I felt great. Still a little sick but not nearly as bad as it had been. Whether it was my natural remedies, or my sister’s natural skills that did the trick however, I can’t tell.

I went downstairs and realized I was home alone. I went in to the kitchen, and the very first thing I saw was the bowl on the counter, where I always leave my wallet and my car keys.
The keys were gone, and instead there was a yellow post-it note stuck to my wallet.
On the note was just one word, written in my sister’s way too c***dish handwriting with the usual tiny heart to dot the I;

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