Stuck and Almost Caught

Amazing Ass

My name is Brian and I’m 18 years old and a senior in High School. I’m a pretty decent looking guy. I have played sports all my life and am currently on the football team. I am about 6′ 2″ and weigh 220lbs. There is one thing odd about my anatomy, but we will get to that in a minute. I have never had any trouble getting girls, just keeping them.

You see the problem I have is my cock. It’s thick, about 2″ across and long, at least 10″. There is one thing about it though that makes chicks a little scared. It’s the size of the head. The tip looks normal but it flares out to almost 4″ wide with a prominent ridge or corona.

Most girls I have dated can’t get it in their mouth. They usually want to try to get it in their pussy. For some when I try to push it in their opening they just scream “Stop” and can’t take it. The ones I can get it in won’t let me go too deep because they say it hurts. I think I have only been able to get half my cock in one chick.

Being the typically horny teenager I am always looking for opportunity to get some. Unfortunately I think word has spread around school about the problem with my cock.

One day while I was mowing the yard I noticed a new family moving in across the street. They had a couple of younger kids and a daughter that looked very young. As I watched them unpack I had to be careful while I was mowing because I couldn’t take my eyes off the daughter. She was wearing a tight tank top and some of the tightest shorts I have ever seen. She was only about 4’10” with apple size tits and had the most muscular legs and butt I have ever seen on a girl. I immediately guessed she must be into gymnastics. I was really sweating and I knew it wasn’t just from the mowing.

She saw me looking and smiled and waved at me. My heart skipped a beat and I grinned and waved back.

When my Mom got home she went over and welcomed them to the neighborhood. At dinner Mom gave us the details.

“Brian did you see the new family across the street?”

“Yes Mom I did.” I said as I concentrated on my dinner.

“Their oldest daughter is named Amy and she is 18 and an exceptional gymnast. They moved here so she can train at that new gym. She wants to go to the Olympics and they said she just might be good enough.”

“That’s great Mom.” I said as I choked a little and had to get a drink. A gymnast. Oh Lord that was one of my all time fantasies.

“Well you should go and introduce yourself to her. I am sure she doesn’t have many friends here”

“Sure Mom I’ll do that soon” I said.

That night as I laid naked in bed all I could think about was that tight firm ass and those muscular legs. I stoked my huge cock. The head was as big and swollen as I have ever seen it. I imagined trying to get it to fit in Amy’s pussy. I stroked faster and faster and finally shot a long rope of cum that flew and hit my headboard. I was sweating and breathing hard and as I came down off my orgasm high I went to sleep thinking of Amy.

A couple of days later when I came home from school nobody was home I changed into a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt and sat down on the couch to watch some TV or play some video games. The sudden knock on the door startled me. I got up to answer it and when I opened the door there stood all 4′ 10″ of hard bodied dream girl. I was speechless and stammered trying to say something.

“Hi” she said. “My name is Amy. We just moved in across the street.”

“Uh huh” was all I could manage.

“I wonder if you could maybe give me a hand? They just delivered a big crate we had shipped here and nobody is home yet and it’s too big for me to move into the garage by myself.”

“Uh sure.” I said with another goofy grin on my face.

“You’re Brian right? You look pretty big and strong. I bet you could lift it all by yourself.”

Did she just look at my crotch when she said “big?” Did she already know about my reputation with the girls at school?

As aydınlı escort we walked across the street all I could do was watch her tight ass. She was wearing a pair of shorts that had “Juicy” stencilled on the back. I almost bumped into the crate in the driveway. I was able to wrestle it up the driveway into the garage without too much trouble. She watched me with a sly smile and when I was done said “Oh thank you so much. I don’t know how I could have done that myself. Come on inside and I will get you a cold drink.”

As we walked into her kitchen I noticed they still had quite a lot of unpacking to do. As she opened the refrigerator she bent over and I had a perfect view of that perfect ass. Not only were her shorts splitting those ass cheeks but I could see the outline of some puffy lips too. My cock was swelling quickly. She retrieved a couple of sodas and as she crossed the room to hand me mine I could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra and had perfect puffy nipples that rode high on her pert tits. Blood must have been rushing into my cock because I felt a little light headed as I leaned on the counter.

“I’m sorry there’s not too many places to sit, we are still getting settled. Why don’t we go down the hall to my room we can sit down in there”

Can this really be happening? Nobody’s home and she’s inviting me to her room. Right about now I would follow her anywhere. Her room was a typical teenage girl’s. She had some of her trophies and medals arraigned neatly on her dresser. Also there were some pictures of her competing. I stared at one that showed her doing the splits as she did a hand stand on top of a high bar.

“Why don’t you come over here and sit down?” she said. As I looked up from the picture I saw that she was sitting on her bed leaning back on her elbows. Her legs were slightly parted and I had no problem seeing the outline of her pussy. As I crossed the room I thought about what to do. I didn’t want to scare her off, but it was her that seemed to be moving this train along.

As I sat on the bed she raised up and whispered in my ear.

“My family won’t be home for awhile. Since the first time I saw you I made up my mind I was going to have you.”

As I turned toward her she kissed me shoving her tongue in my mouth and pushing me down on the bed. I stripped her top off and reached for those perky tits. I sucked on those puffy nipples and knew they must be sensitive because of how she was moaning. Since she weighed well less then 100lbs I easily picked her up and laid her down on the bed. As I pulled those tight shorts off her I found she wasn’t wearing any panties. She had the perfect body. Tight abs that led to muscular thighs. She had no sign of hair on her pussy. Probably because of those tight leotards for competition.

As she opened herself to me I noticed something that surprised me. Sticking out from those moist lips was the biggest clit I have ever seen. It was as wide as my index finger and about ¾” long. As a dove in I wondered to myself if this was a side effect of her workouts. I started licking around it as she moaned and when I finally took it in my mouth it seemed to even get bigger. I had shoved 2 fingers up inside her and could tell she definitely wasn’t a virgin. As I stroked the roof of her vagina and continued sucking her clit I knew her climax was approaching.

“Oh God, Oh God, I’m going to come.” she said. “Fuck don’t stop”

I could feel her pussy starting to spasm around my fingers.

“Look out, here it comes. Shiiiiiittttttttt”

She was nearly crushing my head with her thighs but I hung on. Suddenly she released my head and a huge gush of fluid shot out of her. I had never experienced that before and was kind of shocked but I knew exactly what had happened. She had squirted all over my face.

As she came down off her orgasm I stood up near the bed. I still had not taken my shorts bağdat caddesi escort off and my big cock was straining to get out. As I was pulling my shirt off I felt her trying to yank my shorts down. Just as got my shirt over my head I heard her say, “Oh my God I have to have that in me.” As my shorts came off my cock came out at full attention, huge head and all.

I was on my back on the bed now and she was working my cock with her mouth. She was doing her best but she couldn’t get the whole head in her mouth. She had both hands on my shaft, though they wouldn’t fit all the way around, and she was licking my glans getting it as wet as possible. When she was satisfied that it was wet enough she straddled me with those powerful thighs. As she rubbed my huge cockhead over her pussy lips and swollen clit I said “I’m sorry but I don’t think it will fit.”

She looked me in the eyes and I saw the competitive nature in her rise up.

“I’m going to make it fit.” she said. I had no doubt she would find a way.

Her pussy was wet from her orgasm and she had lubricated my cock with her spit. I guess her pussy had loosened up some because she must have found the right angle because it started to go in. I couldn’t believe that I was actually penetrating this tiny girl. She took a deep breath and I could see the concentration on her face. Her muscular thighs were trembling and I could feel my cockhead slowly stretching her opening. Then all of a sudden with what I swear was an audible pop it was in.

She was breathing hard and sweating and I said “Oh my God you got it in.” She smiled and nodded her head. I couldn’t believe what happened next. She started to work those thighs and her perfect ass to try to get more and more of my 10″ cock in her. As she ground and worked I could feel her tight hole slowly take me in. She must have loosened up even more because she was able to sink lower on me. Finally I hit bottom, but still had 2″ of cock left to go in.

“I want it all.” she said and I saw that look of determination again.

I grabbed her ass as she rode me. Her stomach muscles were rippling. I could feel my cockhead banging her cervix. For most other chicks this was always uncomfortable. She was use to pain in competition and didn’t slow down her efforts. Up and down she went. Each time my glans would slam against her canal opening.

I didn’t know how much longer I could last but I was going to try to hold out if she was that determined. She came down hard on my cock and grabbed my legs with hers and pushed as hard as she could. I could feel something happening. My cock seemed to go in another inch. She was getting tired I could tell so I rolled her over on her back. I continued the onslaught and each time I hit bottom I would stop and press. Each time I would do this it felt like I was going in a little deeper. I felt my orgasm building and I wasn’t sure I could hold it back. I decided to give it 3 more strokes. She was grabbing my ass with her strong hands and had her legs spread as wide as possible, pulling me in.

Stroke one, gritting our teeth bearing down. Stoke two, I feel something giving way. Stroke three, bang. It was like a gunshot. I felt something like never before. I opened my eyes and looked down. I was all the way in, buried to the hilt. I looked at her face and there was a wide eyed look of astonishment. Her mouth was opened in an “O” and we both knew something very strange had just happened. I felt an extreme tightness just behind my glans. Her vagina started rippling with powerful spasms and I lost it. I started spewing my load in huge globs. She was coming, soaking me with her spray. Her eyes rolled back in her head and I thought she passed out for a second. I kept shooting and shooting and finally we both started to come down and slowed our breathing and held tightly to each other. Two people who had just experienced bostancı escort the ultimate orgasm.

She is pretty small and I am pretty big so I didn’t want to crush her laying on top of her. I pressed my body up off of her and started to pull out. Except nothing happened. I pulled again and she said “OW”. I stopped and thought “What the hell?”. I remember back to the last moments before orgasm and realized the only way I could have gotten all the way in was to stretch her cervix enough for my huge glans to actually enter her womb. I looked down and I was still buried to the hilt. If my glans had pushed past her cervix then it was now constricting the blood in my cockhead. The ridge was swollen and if I thought going in was a miracle, coming back out looked impossible. It was like a one way plug. I tried pulling out slowly then a little faster, nothing was working. I looked at her.

“What are we going to do?” she asked with a little fear in her voice.

I said “Give me a minute, let me think.”

I tugged a couple of more times and I knew I was hurting her. I had heard of dogs getting their knots stuck but this was something different. I kissed her and tried to get her to relax. Her cervical ring felt like a vise on my cock. If my glans was as swollen as I think it was it was the size of a small apple. As I tried to pull it out the ridge was so pronounced that she said it felt like her insides were being pulled out. After about ten minutes of trying I rolled her over on top of me and had her press on my chest with her hands and asked her to get up on her knees. It felt like my cockhead was being pulled off.

“Stop Stop, wait.” I said.

Now I was getting nervous and right then something happened to make us even more nervous. We heard the front door open and Amy’s Mom called her name.

“Amy? Where are you? We’re home.”

What the hell were we going to do? I was in bed with their daughter with my cock stuck in her pussy. Panic was setting in and I did the first thing that came to mind. I wrapped my arm around her and told her to wrap her legs around me. I got up from the bed with her still impaled on me. She weighed practically nothing and I made a dash for her closet. I closed the door just as her mother walked in the room.

“Amy? Hmm I guess she’s not here.” her mother said.

I was standing in the closet with her arms and legs wrapped tightly around me trying to not make a sound. When we thought her mom was out of the room she whispered in my ear.

“I love your big cock, but we had to find a way to get it out”

I knew she was right and there was no way I was going to let her parents see us like this or make a trip to the emergency room to get separated. She was a gymnast with strong arms so I had her grab the clothing rod in the closet. She did and unwrapped her legs from around me too. I slowly let my weight fall away from her and concentrated on pulling my cock out. She was concentrating too. Willing her cervix to relax and holding on to the bar as I pulled. I heard her whimper and I knew tears were coming to her eyes. It seemed like nothing was happening. I tried some quick short pulls think that would stretch her again. I heard her Mom call again and I knew that any minute now she would check the closet. I stood up and kissed her and whispered in her ear “here we go, hold on.” I guess since things were quiet and we were concentrating the swelling in my glans went down a little and her cervix relaxed just enough. Just when I thought how could this happen, as suddenly as it had popped in, it finally popped out. I had been virtually hanging there by my cock so when it popped out I fell to the floor. She let go of the bar and fell on top of me laughing with tears of joy. I told her to hush that someone might hear, and then held her close and breathed a sigh of relief.

“MMMM Brian I just love that cock. I bet with practice this can get much easier.” she said.

“Amy I loved this as much as you did, and I bet with practice we won’t get stuck as often, though I already miss being that far inside you. By the way, I dumped a pretty big load directly into your womb, you are on the pill right?”

“No I’m not. I sure hope I don’t get pregnant. Do you think I could?”

Crap, now how do I explain that one? Well I guess that’s another story.

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